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a different practice

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Normally we practice as a full four piece, but today was a little different in that Terry, our drummer called me today full of flu and not only that, his home was bugled on Thursday night while he and his wife slept in their beds. In truth, he just needed some time to unwind and rest. So, undaunted, Dave, Shaun and I decided to practice and just kick some songs about that Dave did in his last band and just concentrate on guitar and bass parts.


It was actually time well spent, and we didn't have to play as loud as we normally would. On top of that, Shaun and I got a nice surprise, Dave turned up with a full PA and a brand new mixer, saving us a lot of money. Now what I can't understand is why singers do not want to spend money on anything but a mic, yet here we have a guitar player who has spent money on some nice PA. Mind you, he was earning in his last band for eighteen years.


So today we kicked the following numbers about to see if we want to progress them to completion.

  • Won't get fooled again
  • Substitute
  • The last time
  • Keep on Running

I think we will get them all to gigging standard, but I turned my nose up at Born to be wild, but it was pointed out to me that Bikers like it. I don't know about that one, it seems a bit cheesy to me.


On topic that came up is when do we start looking for gigs. I have always wanted everything right before I even think about looking for gigs but I am being pushed in this situation to start looking before I think I am ready to look. I have to remember that I am one of four band members, but I am sure Shaun will come down on my side because he saw what happened when one previous band members pushed us to play before we were ready. When I gig I want the people watching to be impressed and enjoy what we do.

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you might consider "When I Come Home" (Spencer Davis Group) to that list. neat overlooked song, easy to play, vocal harmonies.


there are tunes that are way overplayed & "Born To Be Wild" is right up there. around here it's "Mustang Sally" and has been for years. still, it's good to be able to play those at gigs for those times when a rowdy crowds clamors for 'em...

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I totally agree with you about Mustang Sally, it really is overdone to death. I have not heard the track "When I come Home", I will have a listen to it on you tube. I just can not summon up the mental effort to play Born to be Wild.


Thanks for reading and for the reply.

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Many thanks Randy, I am trying to make it interesting to those kind enough to read. I am looking forward to writing about actual gigs.

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