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New Years eve 2014



Well,nice to be back where I started from.Hope you all had a great New Year's Eve. I was playing bass with a Rock a Billy band.It was one of those gigs where the young 'uns are telling me how the songs they are about to perform go,I was thinking 'No they don't ',but I was all ears,because I have to know how THEY do the songs I have been listening to for over 50 years. All went well.We were playing a venue that I've played on & off for over 50 years.It's about to close & become yet another supermarket.Another gig vanishes into the mist of time.I left the gig limping.I'd been paid,and sat on my wallet ! NYE.always a good paying gig .

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I laughed at the punch line. Sucked me in on that one! Glad you had a good time. It is amusing to hear my sons and their friends talk about songs that have been re-released as covers as if they're the original. I can't imagine playing in a band with that sort of disconnect.

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Ha! Gotta watch those full wallets. Glad you had a fun gig - sad to see a long standing venue close.

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