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Recording set up.




I generally don't do much recording now. I know I should, but I prefer a live performance, and it's done, however good or bad. I was asked by a pal to do a jazz rhythm track to compliment his Hammond B3.He's making a C.D., so when he sells it, shortly, he'll have a record of how great it sounded. All the instrumental work was done, even an original guide track I'd put on, but it was an ad lib track that was O.K., but could be better. So, I listened & wrote a chart, that I hope compliments the arrangement. What to use ? Well, I was going to take my 575,but at the last minute, I opted for the Gibson L5,because we are both Jimmy & Wes fans, and when I played in his organ band, that's the guitar I played. Decision 2...what amp ? Well, again I had my Fender London Reverb lined up, but last weekend, it developed a fault on the input. I can't believe it.. I only bought it in 1985/6.So,I pulled out a trusty Fender Tremolux head I have, mated it with a smaller Fender 2 x 10" cab and Bingo.. great sound...Jimmy & Wes roar again ! The job was done in 2 takes, then the reminiscing started. The studio was Fairview in North Cave, East Yorkshire, U.K. This is the studio where Mick Ronson ( who I knew) did his early recordings,Heatwave (Boogie nights etc) demoed their first album & singles, with Rod Temperton, Trevor Bolder ( Spiders) Bill Nelson ( Be Bop Deluxe) and many more used to record. So, the owner Keith Herd & I go back right to the beginning ,50 years ago. He's compiling a C.D. of some of the best tracks, which will be released shortly. So, today I had a different project. A couple of friends round to learn some of the Great American songbook....Night & Day, Under my Skin, I Remember You, My Funny Valentine, and Milton Nascimento's 'Bridges' were chosen. Me on guitar, this time the Heritage 575,through a Guild acoustic amp, my Tremolux was used by the keyboard man on his Nord setup, and our vocalist. Yes, we need a bass & drums, but we are working arrangements currently .So, more recording on a portable to hear what works. Tomorrow, I'm in a Rock 'n Roll band, playing a local pub. This is a pub I first played on Monday, May 6th,1963..true.I have my diary. It's a great venue for me, as I was resident there for a couple of years, all that time ago....and....there are still some of the customers who used to watch my band of the day ( Tony Martin & the Mods) play there. Incredible.



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Nice blog post Pete, will look forward to hearing the tracks when complete. It's great to have played the actual guitars you write about. See you next time I come to Hull.

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that was interesting to read!


any chance of a sampler, to hear how things turned out?


I'm a fan of B3's

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