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My Life as a Forum Member



As some have noticed, I have not logged any posts on the HOC for most of September. (Thank you to Tully, Slammer, Koula901, and Steiner for asking me if everything was ok). I recently came to the conclusion that I spent way too much time on a forum discussing guitars, amps, and gear, rather than actually playing, practicing, and learning guitar. I’ve been a member of the Heritage Owners Club since the 9th of August, 2010. At the time I’m writing this passage, I’ve logged in 3,427 posts. 3,165 have been discussing various subjects on our forum. I decided that I must become a better guitar player first instead of a better critic.


I’ve dedicated the past few weeks to learning songs I’ve thought about, but never actually took the time to learn. My goal was to have a complete set of songs that I could sing, play rhythm, and play lead to. I figured one set of songs is eight or nine songs for a 45 minute set. I thought if I can stretch out some solos, I could extend out some of the songs, but I haven’t gotten there yet. Learning solo’s has been so far the trickiest part of my learning process. Since I have a blues rock orientation, I wanted to stray from songs that have the standard “I, IV, V” formats. Like all rock songs, the roots of the blues are there, but mostly in the soloing minor pentatonic scales. I’m trying to put together some recordings with backing tracks to demonstrate my progress. My Line 6 Pocket Pod didn’t allow me to do both.


My goal was rather lofty as I quickly learned. Being a husband and father of two, I cannot neglect my family to pursue my musical interests. I found I only learned five electric songs and one acoustic during the past few weeks. The solos on the songs are shaky at best. But I still jam to the songs every night. I think I’m getting closer and closer to getting each of them right too. I’ve been meaning to learn more, but I usually only have about an hour each night to play. During the evenings, I can use my amp, but without the proper effects and backtracks being heard, I cannot really perform the songs correctly. Typically, those sessions are ½ hour or so and I’ll play my blues covers during that time. My current song list is as follows in no particular order:

  1. All Right Now- Free
  2. Jenny Jenny (867-5309) - Tommy TuTone
  3. Jessie’s Girl- Rick Springfield
  4. Layla (Electric) - Eric Clapton
  5. Bad Case of Loving You- Robert Palmer
  6. House is a Rockin- Stevie Ray Vaughn
  7. You and Tequila- Kenny Chesney

I spent a lot of time trying to learn all these songs, I had many more I wanted to learn, such as Takin’ Care of Business, Just Got Paid, Boys are Back In Town, Run to You, Hold on Loosely. Which perhaps, I’ll learn those songs next month, time permitted again. Perhaps next year, I’ll make another attempt at joining a band, but from the feeler’s I sent out, there are many songs out there that decent paying bands play, that I need to learn if I’m going to succeed. Since I was a boy listening to Foreigner, AC/DC, Aerosmith, Led Zeppelin, Leonard Skynard, etc., I’ve always wanted to play guitar in front of an audience. Only much later in life did I realize it takes a lot more than courage to get in front of a group of people, it takes time, patience, and talent to prepare for that moment. I’m putting in my time and I hope I’ll have the opportunity to do what I’ve wanted to do for over 30 years. The patience and talent is still something I hope to develop as I go.


As a footnote to this blog, I also wanted to point out how difficult it is to break the habit of being on the HOC nearly every moment I’m in front of the computer. Generally, I’ve only logged on to answer a message from another member. Other than that, I’ve stayed away. I recently caved in and logged on to see Mr. Brentrocks has picked up a gem of a Gold Top 150 which I offered to trade my ’85 Amber 140 for when he chooses to part ways with the Gold Top (as we all know he will! :icon_sunny: ). Today I also posted my Pocket Pod being for sale after witnessing just how incredible the new Peavey Ampkit is for learning, recording, and as a live multi-effects software through my iPod.


While I didn’t look to hard into it, I suspect many were glad not to see virtually every new topic with me leading the way in responses when they log on. I put on my status, “What is was, what it is, and what it will be”. I wrote that because what I was is a forum junky, what it is, I’m guitarist, what it will be is a musician. I hope I haven’t missed much and I also hope to keep any offensive postings off the grid.

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FWIW, I was worried about you as well Josh. Glad all is well. You have a point about spending too much time reading / posting about things guitar and neglecting actually playing and or learning. I've had that thought many times myself. Sometimes it is just easier to zone out in front of a computer.

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FWIW, I was worried about you as well Josh. Glad all is well. You have a point about spending too much time reading / posting about things guitar and neglecting actually playing and or learning. I've had that thought many times myself. Sometimes it is just easier to zone out in front of a computer.


Thanks! I'm glad I'm not the only one concerned with their ability to play rather then post...

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Well doggone it Blues, bless your heart. I need to do the same thing man. Its hard to kick the habit but you did, so maybe I will too. I will lay off for a few days then get right back on it. Yeah, you were leading the way for a while, so maybe when you return it will just be much more tempered. I can learn from this. Good luck in your foray, I have the same goals. I need to focus more though. Good luck it will pay off. Cant wait to hear those new songs next year!

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Ah, so THAT's where you've been, Josh! Good read on this blog entry, thanks for writing it up. Interested to see how it unfolds as those are good goals. Fully can relate to them and to the time conflicts in getting there. Not sure if it fits in your project plan, but (imho) taking lessons with a good teacher is time and money very well spent. They can really accelerate the learning process, helping to set a practice routine and lessons that best moves you where you want to be.


Good luck on your journey! Keep those tubes and guitar warm!

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FWIW, I was worried about your absense as well. Didn't want to intrude.


I've had some of your thoughts as well, I agree that forums in general (guitar, amp etc) can be habit forming and it is easier to visit them than put in the work on our instruments. Sounds like you have a good plan. Don't be a total stranger either.

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BTW- I just picked up the AmpKit Link for my iPod. I'm hoping to records some of my progress tonight if all goes well. My amp is in for some more hot rodding by KBP.

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I accidentially clicked on the green and red numbers 1 & 2 on the bottom of your post. I thought it was to click for more info..... But, a box came up saying "Reputation given" and by my name it had a red arrow pointing down. I have no idea what that means and wanted you to know that I see your reputation in a very positive way. I hope I didn't do something to make the earth stop rotating.

Your blog, excellent thoughts DB. FYI, I have always followed your posts with great interest. You are honest, open and enjoyable - I hope someday we'll be able to meet. I agree with your thoughts. Sometimes we can become so caught up in technology that we forget the things that are truly important. It is easier to post on this forum that sit and practice in a disiplined way. Your blog reminds us all that we need to control the technology around us, not allowing it to control us.

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DB, I accidentiallly might have clicked on the above button at the bottom of your post thinkng it would lead me to another page. I hope I didn't give you any bad impression or anything like that. It said "reputaion given" and by my name it has a red arrow pointing down - I have no clue what that means. Sorry if I did something wrong.

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Nice blog, Josh. Looking forward to hearing about your progress. Really hoping you find a group of like minded musicians.

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Good luck, it takes a lot of work and I think we all spend too much time on the PC so maybe your priorities are just more inline than the rest of us.


IMO, dedication an work are more important than just sheer talent, if you put in the time the only problem you might have is the nervousness of getting on stage, and you can get past that.

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