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  2. Looks like Pete built himself a H157 Double Agent. The modded block inlays on that one are slick!
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  4. I asked Ken about it and he says its a 535. My guess is he like the throwback to 60's ES-335 that were trapeze tailpieces?
  5. Is that H535 actually an H530? It has an H530 tailpiece.
  6. Some of you may know, but one of my other favorite guitar companies is Reverend Guitars. Their CEO (Ken Haas) is a Heritage fan and has been linked several times this year purchasing Heritages to support another company he runs, Railhammer pickups. Many Reverend models have different variants of Railhammer pickups, but their booth at NAMM features a pair of beautiful Heritages. Trans-black 535 Custom and a 157 LE. check it out!
  7. Its too bad they got rid of the prototype rack. There was so much history on that rack alone that was worth looking into.
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  9. believe it or not GFS makes a really nice mini hum, I would imagine theyre firebird pups are too. I spent years looking for a replacement for my 71' SG Jr. Im a big fan of mini hums in general and all of my Tele's have a mini in the neck. Lace also make some nice mini hums. The other folks have noted the boutique ones, so just a little extra to think about. Ive tried all but the Klein's. The GFS lil 59 may actually be one of my favs of the whole group. Hard to believe, I know, but it was full and fat with out mud in the neck. The bridge was meh and a bit trebley.
  10. Lets us see or hear?!?
  11. I need to break out the old sales catalogs. There were so many models at first that now are no longer made.
  12. I think the name "Hypothetical Heritage Museum" is perfect.
  13. That's a shame. A plain shame (as Frampton would say). And I'd get my teeth cleaned at that dentist office any day of the week. It's very impressive what they have done there. But of course you wouldn't know, since you've chosen to stay away!
  14. I thought all 150's were popular. I have 4 of them so they certainly are with me!
  15. I knew you were wrong soon as I read your comments. But I wasn't about to argue. Didn't want you driving all the way down to Florida to put a Bama whoopin on me.
  16. As much as I'd love to entertain that idea, they couldn't afford me.
  17. Back to the topic. For a true Heritage Museum there should be one of each model they made. IMHO Probably impossible but it would be nice. Marv told me one time that when they first started Heritage they tried everything to see if it would stick. Obviously Corporate Heritage took the top selling models and made them the Standard series. Makes business sense. https://web.archive.org/web/19981201071755/http://www.heritageguitar.com/company/model_history.htm
  18. Yes indeed. The H-140 body wasn't as wide at the H-150 also. 12.5 inches.
  19. Love the 357, That is the Firebird model, correct?
  20. As always, you've done a wonderful job providing a well thought out and rational response to an admittedly romanticized view of the "golden era". The brass at Heritage should truly consider hiring you as a kind of "Mark Agnesi" of brand ambassador. They need one, desperately! I'm totally serious.
  21. You can install industrial grade air filtration & dust control systems in old buildings, happens every day in cities across the country.
  22. You're right. Its not the same. Average quality and build methods have improved. Opinions may have changed of the factory and owners, but I suspect not because they cleaned up the shop. I think it has more to do with the once inspiring mass hiring that later turned into the subsequent mass layoff heartbreak. I believe fewer of us buying new Heritages because of company policy changes rather than a clean and healthy work environment. (Anyone in manufacturing can tell you, nearly all the changes were absolutely necessary for the safety and well-being of the employees). Myself, I'd love to buy a new Heritage, but with a H150 and H535 in my stable, there really isn't a model they make now I just gotta have. I really like the Harmony's they make now, but I'll just wait a few years for used ones to hit the market as I really don't need anymore guitars right now (No, I'm not sick. I just have too many other obligations my money is being redirected to from the guitar slush-fund).
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