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  2. Hey Monica, what is that finish called? Vintage sunburst?
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  4. I originally bought this H-150 from Brent. I had it for a while. Then I sold it to Kidsmoke. He had Pete Marino do some work on it, and then sold it to a mutual friend. Today I traded an SG for it + some cash. I should have it back in a week or so. These are Kip's pictures. This one weighs about 8.5 pounds. It's a 2012.
  5. Well, I picked up the little feller this week and it sounds wonderful! I have a new 40 year amp! I had a JBL speaker put in and the problem was an output tube cathode bias cap short, and needed a new tube. I wonder if that had always been the problem because it never sounded like this before. Looking forward to putting some more hours on the beast!
  6. So there really is a best in you? Just kidding Dave....
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  8. Found this on the Web. https://www.tapatalk.com/groups/tapatalksupport/end-user-tutorial-user-preferences-and-settings-t41435.html
  9. Right. It seems to be happening when I open Tapatalk on phone. I'm not sure how that browser stores cookies. I don't see a setting that controls it.
  10. First rehearsal with it this evening. Most definitely delivered the goods. Bigsby B12 arrived today and will get installed Sat.
  11. BTW, I forgot to mention,,,,,,, She has a Duncan JB in the bridge and a Duncan '59 in the neck. Also, on the back of the pickups "JBJ and 59NJ. Gotta love it !!
  12. Update. I never liked "naked" humbuckers, so I added covers and changed the pickup rings. What do y'all think ??
  13. Ha... yeah maybe I should ask Marv if he'll write it on for me.
  14. The definitely haven’t had an issue with the stamper since around 2011! 😆
  15. Yes after I sent them a pretty upset email telling them I would write about this on different forums, they responded immediately. The whole experience has been a PITA. Just the fact that they refuse to sell custom orders through dealers is very frustrating for me. I have a nearby dealer, would’ve been so much simpler than to shop something from the other side of the world. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  16. So did they ever get back in touch with you? They haven't made a social media post in over 2 weeks so maybe the whole spring break thing wasn't a joke after all.
  17. It's my H-140CM.. I think it's a 1989. I've got a photo of the label somewhere. We discussed this way back when I got it. I don't know how many were done this way, maybe they were having an issue with the stamper....
  18. Yep, what Mr. Seacup said. Cookies are used whenever you want a web site to remember who you are. Most commonly when you are loading up an online shopping cart and the web site needs to remember everything you have in your shopping cart until you are ready to go to the checkout sequence. All of the different web browsers (ie Firefox , Internet Explorer, Chrome etc.) have ways to make changes to how cookies are handled. If cookies are set to be blocked 100% or deleted upon closing the web browser, certain web site functionality will be lost. You can also tell the browser to always remember specific web sites (pretty sure Firefox allows you to do that in the settings). There are also a lot of third party applications (programs/software) which go to town on wrecking cookies. Overall, cookies are very useful but they have gotten a bad reputation. Go through all your security settings in your web browsers and any third party security software you may be using to make sure that your computer does what you want it to do. Above all, remember this... "C" is for cookie, and that's good enough for me.
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