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    Show n Tell: Your Heritage 'Hot Rod' Over the years I've had the opportunity to play and own many Heritage guitars, from an Academy Custom, Sweet 16, Golden Eagle, H150, H157, Millennium, etc., etc. Each brings something unique to the tone table. However, one of them stands out for its tone, feel, sexiness and plain old mojo. I call it my 'Heritage Hot Rod'. Its an H150 that you've seen here before. I'm not sure if its the White Limba body and neck, or the SD Blackback pickups. But every time I pick this baby up and plug into ANY amp, she screams! And I can't help smiling from ear to ear. Here's my Hot Rod. Now, let's see yours.
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    From picking up the top at NAMM with Jim D. to Designing with Pete F. My #1 - My money pit.... LOL
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    I've got a couple of really nice H-150 CM's that I modded with Unicorn stickers under the switchplate.....which really took the sound of their Throbak DW-102b's to the next level!!!!
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    I have 3. They are all great. From left to right: 2013 Millennium Ultra Pro - I removed the stock '59s and put in a set of Seth Lovers 2011 H-150 - This currently has a set of Mojotone 59 Clones in it with Alnico 2 magnets 2000 Millennium SAE - This has a set of Mojotone 59 Clones with Throbak Alnico 4 magnets
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    Here's some old guy trying to play this thing.
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    This Heritage was once lost, but now it is found.... I bought this 535 Custom from Eddies in St. Louis. It was broke in 3 pieces when I bought it. I repaired it and its easily the best sounding and playing Heritage I have had in the last 10 years. It sports Seth Lovers, Tone pros, locking Grovers and Blocks! The best $650 I ever spent!!! 1 by brent HENDERSON, on Flickr IMG_7629 by brent HENDERSON, on Flickr IMG_7630 by brent HENDERSON, on Flickr IMG_7639 by brent HENDERSON, on Flickr IMG_7640 by brent HENDERSON, on Flickr IMG_7643 by brent HENDERSON, on Flickr IMG_7645 by brent HENDERSON, on Flickr IMG_7649 by brent HENDERSON, on Flickr IMG_7656 by brent HENDERSON, on Flickr IMG_7657 by brent HENDERSON, on Flickr IMG_7682 by brent HENDERSON, on Flickr IMG_8361 by brent HENDERSON, on Flickr
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    My first (real) electric was an L4CES. I sold it and ordered this custom build - how lucky we were to have that custom opportunity. Once I learned the gibson was veneered plywood back and sides, while the Heritage was solid wood, It became necessary. The untouched photo above was taken at PSP by the stellar Mrs. KBP810. The two shots below are the new conifer top and buttery aged top. This guitar has consistently produced a grin when placed in close proximity to 4x12 cabs fueled by high-gain amps. That's why she's my Heritage Hot Rod!
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    2003 H-535 Custom with SD Phat Cats.
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    2010 H150 GT with Tyson Tonelab P90s. This guitar sustains and sings and sounds great acoustically. The wear is all from my hands. The neck is fat and the wear is much like the top wear.
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    Quite the loaded question. 535/335 has more neck access, the millenniums have typical solid boy neck mount and heel unless you are talking a DC. ES styled guitars are laminated woods and the Millenniums are solid woods. The Millenniums tend to be brighter and more resonant, 535s will catch feedback quicker. Three brand new Millies I have for sale.
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    Due respect to PK, the ES339 is constructed like a smaller Semi-hollow 335/535. The exterior dimensions are similar to Millenniums however. The Millenium's construction is closer to a CS336/356, with a Mahogany center core. (see image below). Millies are Semi-Solid. 535's are Semi-Hollow. Its tone is closer to a solid body than other semi hollow body gits.
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    FZ! I saw him in concert in ~1970 at the Boston Tea Party behind the Fenway Park Green Monster. It was also the Flo & Eddie line up. Amazing being upfront ~10 feet from FZ. with tix $4 each.
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    Actually, trying to IP troll shapes of wood designed 70+ years ago is the very definition of being anti-innovation. But, Mark Agnesi now gets to be a company tool. Gibson lifted the open book headstock from the public domain when they started using it, it was not their design by any stretch. When Gibson drew up the Les Paul body the most popular "solid" electric guitar in the world was the Bigsby and it's no wonder their two dimensional single cut shape is near identical to the Bigsby give/take a few millimeters here and there. If I was a lawyer I'd be happy to go to court with Gibson and show the public all the examples of old world instruments the open book headstock, and the bigsby shape, and all the other stuff they didn't invent. Gibson ALWAYS read/reacted to the market from the early A-Mandolin days to going toe to toe with Stromberg/Epiphone on archtops to conceding to build solid body guitars only because another guy was actually selling them really well up to building shredder guitars in the 80's etc etc etc etc. Always getting in a hair behind to gain market share.
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    It's a custom made Eagle from 1990 with some really neat appointments. It's kind of like a mahogany Johnny Smith.The rumor is that it was originally made for producer/engineer/musician Bryce Roberts. He had a studio not far from 225 Parson St for many years and also worked for Chess and Motown. I can't confirm his ownership but dot markers and unbound "f" hole looks/sounds like his style. I first met him around 1970 and knew of him up until the early-mid 90's when he skipped town (Kalamazoo) with another mans wife. He was quite a character and one of the best damn jazz guitar players I've had the pleasure of meeting. He's been dead for quite some time now. I mentioned his name to Ren once, Ren gave me a long hard look with a wry smile while nodding his head and said nothing. The guitar has a lot of mojo and when I first touched it I knew it was meant for me. It's a grave guitar. My son the jazz guitar player will inherit it.
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    Here are my two 'Hot Rod Heritage Guitars' My #1 Millie re-loaded with HRW Pickups. Love this thing. Added a pickguard and 'LaFond' Model just like 'Les Paul' Model at the headstock (to keep me from selling it). The other is a custom 555 3"" hollow body loaded with Lollar low winds. It also has a 25 1/2 scale length (Fender friendly).
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    2 of my Hot Rods. Got to pick out the top for the 157W with Pete, what a cool experience. Saw it about a month later as the paint was curing during one of the factory tours. I have some others Heritages as well, truly phenomenal instruments.
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    Thanks, Steiner, but "Quilty 575" isn't a 'hot rod'. Guy's 'Money Pit' ticks all the hot rod Heritage boxes for me. Quilty 575 is more of a Cruiser...a low rider with tuck n roll interior. Smoothness and comfort are her forte.
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    I feel very fortunate to have Grand Master Jim D. Signature on it, I was very blessed to be shopping at NAMM with Heritages wood master. Wish I had done the build for my 49th before the Golden era ended... I had abalone inlays planned among several other cool things it turned out I couldn't afford a year later.
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    All Pre-Plaza Heritages... Custom 555; Upgraded wood package, Faber locking ARB & locking Aluminium tailpiece (not pictured), Throbak PG-102s (no magnet flip), Kluson Deluxe Tuners (not pictured) 535 P90; Upgraded wood package, Faber locking ARB & locking Aluminium tailpiece (not pictured), Lollar P-90s, Kluson Deluxe Tuners (not pictured)
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    This Heritage H150 I call The Mick Taylor guitar because I use it to get some of the lead tones I heard listening to the Mick Taylor era Rolling Stones.... It has been modified with a FABER Tone Loc ABR bridge and lightweight tailpiece, and a RS kit for caps and pots. I also put a poker chip on it and some reflector knobs. When I bought this guitar it didn't come with pickups as the seller wanted to keep what was in it. So I found some good ones The pickups are a custom set wound for me by David Plummer of Zhangbucker fame, they are part of his Pure Handwound series which he truly winds by hand (no machine). They are low output and more than a bit microphonic in a highly musical way! It's a very pretty sounding Les Paul style guitar. My H150 is featured in this song I wrote, the chorus fills are at 1:25 and 2:15, and a little solo at 3:00... https://soundcloud.com/daniel-weldon-1/blink-of-an-eye
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    Been seen here before, but here’s mine!!!
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    Welcome aboard, Chinzilla. Nice H150, very distinctive wood patterns on that one.
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    This weekend I am proud to be traveling to California for my son Jeremy's graduation from UC Santa Cruz. He is graduating with a computer science degree and will be working for Facebook. I have twins (Jeremy and Jason) They both play guitar so what better gifts than birth year heritage guitars. I got them almost birthday guitars. One guitar was Born June 6, 1989, One was Born June 7th, 1989. They were born June 8th, 1989 Proud of them both .
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    GIBSON LOSES FLYING V TRADEMARK CASE IN EU COURT "In the judgement, the court declared that while the shape of the Flying V guitar “was very original when it was released on the market in 1958, it cannot however deny the evolution of the market during the following 50 years, which was henceforward characterised by a wide variety of available shapes.”"
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    Pics as requested. The antique natural is a nice finish but all things being equal (tone & price) it wouldn't be my first choice. More important is the tone- rich, creamy and woody with that P90 bite! I'm really surprised at how well this performs in the realm of rock & roll and the clean tones are just plain fat and juicy!
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    Ah, good ol' FZ! One of the first LPs I bought was Chunga's Revenge, which , although credited as a Frank Zappa solo album, featured a few tracks by this version of the Mothers. One of them, The Nancy and Mary Music, was a live recording culled from a pair of concerts which were later released on the Road Tapes Venue 3 CD. That track made a great impression on the teenage me, featuring as it does some scorching guitar from FZ and some out-there electric piano work from George Duke... To return to the main point of this thread, that's a fabulous guitar!
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    Cool. Thanks a lot. Stew Mac had replacements for schallers but not Grover’s. I do like that these are listed as “Motehr” of pearl......
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    Solid mahogany. Aron Cowles told me he remembered tap tuning it when he worked at Heritage and Pete Farmer remembered doing the headstock inlay.
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    I got the 355 bug in '79 and picked up a new one. Over the years, I've acquired 19 of them. I love them all, but sometimes when buying used, I have to "re-do" the wiring modifications (done incorrectly) to go from stereo to mono. Then, earlier this year, I thought I'd add an H-555 to my collection. My current Heritage line-up is an H-575 Custom from late 90's as well as a THE ROSE/Johnny Smith, a Roy Clark model, a Kenny Burrell Groove Master, and a Sweet 16 (and formerly owned an H-550 now gone). So of course........adding an H-555 made sense right? That's when I discovered that Kalamazoo has discontinued that model. Guess I'll have to go on a deep search to find one to bring into the fold. But I know I'll find one, and based on my other Heritages, I'm sure it'll be great.
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    @Steiner: OK, don't tease us with a close-cropped photo. Let's see more of your gorgeous H575 Mahogany. It must be as close to an L4CES Mahogany (my favorite Gibson archtop) as Heritage could do.
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    If these are the guitars you put in my hands, they truly deserve the unicorn distinction!
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    Good catch Fred! I'd actually forgotten about the circle route being unique to the 150's. Another "hot rodded" feature on both of these "unicorns" is that they were both built with a couple of really old (60's era) Brazilian fingerboards. Best guitars I've ever played!
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    Gibson made a Jimi Hendrix signature strat. The very thing theyre trying to police, they did. . Im sorted with guitar gear for a couple of life times. Stockpile of tubes and strings(I hope the sealed packets are as good as they say) I dont care what Gibson does, I was never going to give a cent to Henry J and I wouldnt give the latest lot of dickheads a cent either if I was in need of a guitar
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    Not really, just pointing out that this last Gibson blunder won’t keep anybody from buying that Les Paul, 335, Firebird, etc they’ve dreamt of buying.
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    I find it both amusing and puzzling that consumers and manufacturers are feuding over designs first introduced over 60 years ago. To put that into perspective, in 1958, when the V first appeared, it was cutting edge and trending. Nobody was concerned about guitar design from the 1890’s, 60+ years their predecessor.
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    Alt shites! Don't worry. I am sneaking up on you.
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    Thanks for the heads up. I just bought it. Now for the waiting game.
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    What's not to love? The 13.25" lower bout fits real well for practice while seated; something I tend to do more now that I've attained the 39.5 yr old benchmark... Hey we've got something in common, I like Millie's and I'm 39 1/2 too.
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    I love my Millie. If you are considering a purchase, MM is the man to buy one from. He only ordered Millie's with special upgrades and he is a first class member and person.
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    Still mourning the sale of my DC... Sometimes hard decisions have to be made! This is a Brand New 155M, Plaza Era I sold to Steiner... Maybe a PM to him for his thoughts, he is very much a purist!
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    Agree with all of the above. Also note that the H535 is constructed with laminated maple (multiple layers, like plywood) and resonates much differently than the solid-wood front and back caps (I believe) on H155. As Gitfiddler noted, that resonance makes the tone quite a bit different, especially at higher amplifier volumes where the H535 will feedback more easily than the H155.
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    Fantastic! I was hoping you would get that model. Congrats!!! Speaking of Victoria's, I put an "New In the Box" NOS Altec 418b into my Victoria Regal II and I think my heart skipped a beat when I blasted the first chord through it... I own a ton of amps and this is my FAVORITE hands down, it would be the last one that I would ever sell!
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    My 555 prior to fitting the Duesenberg trem.

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