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    Hey everyone! Thought you would all enjoy reading my recent interview with the great Rendal Wall that was just published. If you play guitar or even just enjoy music in any way, you owe a huge debt to this great man. For quite some time I have wanted to document Rendal's experiences and his amazing life, so it was a definite honor for me to sit down with him for this great interview recently. Thanks for all of your knowledge Rendal and everything you have done for the guitar. You truly are a living inspiration my friend. - Todd Beebe, Chicago, IL https://bg.buddyguy.com/rendal-wall-guitar-wizard/
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    I'm no expert, but I've used this technique 4 or 5 times now in various guitars, and it works well enough that I have no reservations about removing pickups from a semi-hollow or fully-hollow guitar. I made this video after purchasing a Gibbons ES-390 that hummed more than any guitar I've ever owned, and I've owned and built a few P90 guitars, so it's not like it was my first rodeo with those pickups. Thought I would pass it along to you guys. YMMV. Happy to answer any questions. How I replace pickups/harness in a semi-hollow guitar: https://youtu.be/yJgBYFvP9fk Original Gibbons ES-390 wiring harness: https://youtu.be/95S_XZt-n_w
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    https://guitar.com/news/Gibbons-and-heritage-clash-over-redacted-court-filing/ <<<<<<LINK an excerpt from the article..... According to this latest filing, which is dated 25 March 2020, after the original suit was filed, Heritage approached Gibbons to request that the original document be released without the redactions – the law dictates that both parties must agree before this could happen. Heritage thereafter asked Gibbons if it would consent to filing of an unredacted version of the Complaint. Gibbons refused without explanation. As a result, Heritage is forced to bring this motion seeking the Court’s permission either to file the Complaint in unredacted form, or alternatively to file an unredacted version of the Complaint under seal.” While it’s unclear what Gibbons objected to about the documents being released unmodified, without their consent, Heritage decided to appeal to the court to allow them to release the documents, or have Gibbons explain why they wanted them to remain redacted. “As the party who wishes to have information kept from public view, Gibbons bears the burden of justifying the need for such secrecy,” claims the Heritage complaint. Advertisement
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    Yes thanks that was interesting. He sounds like a great guy. A life well led for sure.
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    ...and now a short presentation of my second Heritage. About 1 year ago I was just looking for a damned cts pot for a custom wiring to put inside a LP Custom Studio (ash made)... when I get into the shop I couldn't believe my eyes: an h-147 was on the stand just in front of me! Wow... the owner of the shop just took the guitar and put it on my legs for a quick test... the h-147 was equipped with aftermarket pu (a PF Voodoo 59 at the neck and a Gibbons Classic 57 plus paf at the brigde) but I was simply shocked by this experience. The body of the h-147 is slimmer than a standard LP but the weight is about 3.9kg (more than many recent LP), the sound is so big, deep. The guitar had also its original hard case and pu (a couple of lovely schaller golden 50 that i fitted on another LP). So... I went to the shop just for buying a cts pot (6 or 7€) and I bought a 1300€ guitar... I had to wait some days ti bring it home because I had to announce very softly to my wife my new toy... 😅
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    Hi! Finally i did it! I'm Nico from Rome, lucky owner of 2 incredibile Heritage guitars: A beautiful h-147 (1988) A very rare h-160 v (1987 superstar style) Always in search of a special guitar for my collection! Nice to meet u and thank you for all the knowledge you gave me in these years about heritage guitars
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    M-Live Kalamazoo. Local article. https://www.mlive.com/news/kalamazoo/2020/03/heritage-guitars-takes-Gibbons-to-court-over-trademark-issues.html
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    In the blink of an eye our world has changed. Stay safe and vote in November. vbnmw, y2kc
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    The neck is very important to me as well. The greatest sounding guitar with a 60s neck will just have to be passed by. I think Heritage should offer different neck sizes without an up charge. The wonders of modern machinery can make this a reality. A cnc neck carver could make a number of different patterns. You might have to wait for the guitar to be built but a guitar with all standard appointments and one of maybe 4 neck shapes should be offered at the base price. My 2 cents.
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    These articles were in a news feed. And yeah, may not be an official response. Mostly just wanted to share. I think it's a positive that the new Heritage is taking this approach to Gs harrassment, tho'.
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    A headline about Heritage that we would not have guessed we'd see... EXCLUSIVE: GIBSON SUED BY HERITAGE OVER FRESH TRADEMARK THREATS
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    Well this is a great thing to sink my head into instead of that other thing. I say GO HERITAGE GO! I hoped that the new Gibson would be different but they seem to be going harder into being who they are than ever. I was pissed when they targeted Kestrel Guitars over the “V.” I applaud Heritage for meeting them in the alley with a baseball bat. I will probably never buy any Gibson other than a Vintage one but really I cannot afford them either so that is out. This also makes me want to focus on a new Heritage even more as the guitar to but if I’m in the market. The new Heritage owners have big money behind them. I hope they do not care about the economics of the lawsuit and go for it to win regardless of cost.
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    What a bunch of Gibson they can my We had a saying in Kalamazoo after the company left. If it wasn't made in Kalamazoo it's just a cheap imitation.
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    Here is the Gibson CEO, from the article: The first PR move Gibson made after the takeover was the "Play Authentic" video threatening pretty much everyone and anyone!!! This is a masterclass in how you can talk out your mouth and your *** at the exact same time..while sleeping just fine at night, I guess the money soothes the soul.
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    I agree. Seeing Jim, Ren, Bill and Marv is always a high point of the annual trek north.
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    on the Heritage FB Page today.. the link to the story they posted failed when I tried copying it here. anyway, if you are on FB go to the Heritage FB page or simply click on the photo and a link will open. ty.
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    Hi my name is Jeff but my friends call me 1sty. My last name is pronounced "first" just spelled differently. The first thing I want to do is to thank everyone who helped me with my problem. The problem was after I bought my Heritage STAT I couldn't find anything else close to it online (other than the body style). I thought I got scammed but came here to see if I could get some answers. Th ed people on this site are the nicest, friendliest, and most helpful compared with any other site I've been on. Thanks to everyone who reassured me my STAT was real and most concluded it was a "one off" which put my mind at ease. Thank you all again!!
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    Thank for the smile.
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    Hello, I just posted a quick loop-video on YouTube of my duo Gramm Art Project (https://grammartprpject.com) looping Johns Scofields "A Go Go" (using a Heritage Prospect Std). Everything is live, just a qick and dirty recording, but I like it (and I hope you enjoy it, too!!! Sure, comments and likes are very much appreciated ;)). HERE IS THE VIDEO: A Go Go (Loop-Cover by Gramm Art Project)
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    Wow, that's a great interview. Pretty amazing musical life he's led.
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    Nice! I had an Express and it was NICE. Had it been the plus with the graphic eq I might have hung on to it!.
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    Very nice and calming to busy minds. Nice layers that go beyond just straight guitars. I have to admit I didn't recognize the song for a while and that was good. It just kept building . I enjoyed it and the effect it has ... it was a nice journey to a good place.
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    I knew this guitar where I was 14... in the far 1994. A friend of mine bought this guitar and was always in trouble with its khaler bridge 🤣 I've studied heritage's story and I was really impressed. Where on 2015 I found this guitar for sale at 480€ I bought it without any doubt. I had a Les Paul Standard at the time and there was no comparison with the h-160v. My h-160v is note perfect, has no solid case, has an aftermarket hb (a very noce sounding SD Jeff Beck) but anyway it's an incredibile sounding instrument.
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    I can't say that I remember hearing a live version of this tune before... it's very nice. Or should I say.. it's groovy, man. Looks like a 535 to me.
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    You could have brought it to me a would have done it while you wait!!! And I wouldn’t have charged you a dime. Just sayin... Thats a beautiful Heritage!!
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    I know those gold tops with P-90s can be very attention seeking and hard to set down. I've been giving my 535 more love lately, too.
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    If you get an offer anywhere near $850-950... TAKE IT in heartbeat!
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    I've got necks all over the place for thickness, but the one thing that I can't play are the ones with a deep V, and I can't play PRS SE type necks. They seem to be wide and fat with shoulders that just don't feel natural to me. I don't need a baseball bat. My hands aren't that big. Many of you have played my Milli, 535 and 140 at PSP. Kuz, LK and Yoslate have played the 525. Those necks feel very comfortable to me.
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    I will say that I really like the Dirty Lemon color on that one. I hope we can get up close and personal with one at PSP! I don't remember the name for sure... Edwin? There was a guy that was supposedly hired that had worked for Gibbons's custom shop, and was going to do relicing work for Heritage. I would guess that's who is getting the guitars for treatment. As for climate control in the spray booth, the biggest issue with nitro lacquers seem to be blushing of the color, or fogging of the lacquer especially when humidity is high. Low humidity is good for spraying. I learned this from working with guys who make nitrocellulose packaging inks. Nitro can be pretty tough, I once formulated a lacquer to use on the bottoms of slotcars to keep the brass nice and shiny. Worked like a charm, and didn't wear off after thousands of laps and dozens of crashes. The new spray booth is super nice for keeping the fumes out of the main room, and keeping the dust off of the finish. Having control over conditions is a good thing.
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    Yes they do. They'll breakup a bit sooner. 6l6 dissipate between 25-30 watts, whereas 5881's are around 24w. Doesnt make a ton of difference, but it gives me a bit more volume knob to play with. I believe the first jcm 800's came with 5881's, like the first run of them, I believe. They had a hard time sourcing el34's as I recall. Your Vintage sound 20 has 6l6's?
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    Ah, I see what you're saying. I thought you meant it in regards to the design of the guitars. Nah. This is a pattern by Gibbons. They went after Kiesel too, a totally different market/design and ownership as well as being another small builder in America. They continued the lawsuit against Dean guitars too, to which as of last summer Dean has filed to have some of Gibbons's USA trademarks cancelled altogether (which has happened in the EU as of last fall) so keep your eyes peeled. We also don't know who else they're going after if people have signed agreements etc. Behind the scenes, in the Heritage filing and the Dean filing there's some good dirt. Gibbons telling Heritage they'll "outspend them in legal fees" or Gibbons calling every Dean dealer personally threatening to sue the dealers for stocking the guitars etc.... I mean, anyone who has been to the Heritage plant in the past year or two knows they're not poised to in any way to take over market share in the guitar world! As for "son of billionaire" well last time I looked up the info Bandlab as a whole didn't have 1% of KKR's (private equity owners of Gibbons's debt) annual revenue. When Gibbons sends letters to a guy like Bartlett or Yaron etc no one complains, Gibbons is trying to loosely apply trademark to anything with humbuckers & 4 knobs in the past decades.
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    Beautiful. Did they ship it with a bottle of "artesian water"?
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    DB, it was many years ago but I remember that the guy had to use mounting rings for the DiMarzios, they didn't just drop in. I used to call that guitar Sh*t brown, it was all go, no show:) That was my friend playing the other Les Paul, a very early KILLER Les Paul Deluxe. His name is Bill Lancaster, unfortunately, he died in a plance crash not long after that pic was taken. He got stationed in Turkey, and he was flying in an Air Force plane that got hit by some lightning that brought it down. We both had plans to win our local Air Force Base talent contests so that we could meet up at the finals which was to be in Florida. We both did win our respective contests, but I couldn't go because their was no one trained that could do my job in the Hill AFB Pharmacy as manning was low. And he was killed right after. What a bummer, as when we got out of the Air Force, we were going to join up in Alberquerque (where my parents lived), and put together a band that would tour the USA. We had unbelieveable musical chemistry and no one I've played with since has worked as well as he did with me. I think of him often!
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    As TRich stated above, Heritage neck profiles varied widely over the years, but most of the early archtops had relatively thin or medium thin necks. Most of the early Golden Eagles were built to owner spec which makes it impossible to give a general answer about neck depth/measurements. I've handled many GE's over the years and each and every one had a different neck profile. If you are considering buying one, I'd recommend checking with the seller for specifics.
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    Since the necks are hand carved, there will be fair amount of variation in the necks, depending on who was rolling it, and if a customer asked for a thick or thin neck. The standard thickness has varied over the years. Even today, the neck is hand carved, so it won't be as precise as a CNC neck where you can dial in X inches thick and Y inches wide with a Z profile. They have some reference templates but nothing will be exact. Also, you won't find records that show that Serial# XYYYYY was carved with a thick carve .910 at first fret or anything like that. They MIGHT have a build sheet with comments on custom orders somewhere in a box but good luck on finding that.
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    Well I've had these pedals for a bit now and I wanted to really try them out before I posted about them. That said, I am really really loving these two. First off.... The REVIVAL DRIVE CUSTOM by Origin Effects... Okay this was an expensive pedal??? Yep it's the most I've ever paid for one @ $600! Is it worth it??? To me it is. This pedal in my opinion is the best overdrive pedal I've ever heard in my life! Is it complicated??? Yep, it really takes a bit to learn how to use it. Fortunately the guy who invented it does a series of instructional videos showing you what each control does and how the controls work together. What makes it such a great pedal? Frankly it doesn't just sound great, it's the first overdrive pedal that I've ever used that sounds and FEELS like an actual amp. Why I did I pay so much for a pedal??? Because I do a lot of gigs where I drag an amplfier along with me so that on the few songs where I use overdrive on my slide guitar playing I want it to sound like my acoustic is more like a hollow electric playing through a cooking amplifier. And that's where this pedal shines!!! So what's so cool about it? When I plug this pedal straight into an acoustic amplifier I can make it sound like any Marshall amp that I want, along with any Vox, or a Tweed Deluxe! Really??? Yes, REALLY! Now instead of dragging my Princeton Reverb and a Mythical Overdrive to a gig I can take out a small pedal board set up just for my electric stuff. And on that board I will include this second pedal... The CABZEUS by GFI systems... So why do I need this pedal in the Revival Drive Custom is damn cool? Because it gives me the option of changing speaker types/tones for the Revival Drive Custom. Does it sound good? Yep. And this thing really sounds like a mic'd up speaker. It does simulations of many different speaker types, mic positions, and a few other specialty things, along with providing a very natural sounding Reverb. The other night I was trying out the new Gibson R4 that I just got so I went out to my car, got one of acoustic amps that I've been using at my smaller gigs (Genzler Acoustic Pro Array), and plugged the Gibson into these two boxes, and then into the amp. Frankly I lost hours just playing my guitar and having fun. And I just wasn't playing dirty slide guitar. I was playing all sorts of diferent types of music/tones, and not once, did it sound like I was playing solid state acoustic guitar amp. It sounded like the real deal! It would take me hours to teach people how to run these things, so here's some links to give you an idea. These guys show the basics of what they do, and watch Pete Thorn turn his solid state power amp into a Marshall Plexi...
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    The big G could "live and let live" when Heritage's focus was a diverse line up. Now that it's basically all ES's and the single cuts big G can't resist the urge to IP troll where it doesn't even have merit. I always try to separate what the company/place does from appreciating an actual guitar but, seriously, what a bunch of losers at the helm of Gibson.
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    fantastic! thanks for the post.
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    was about to post the same, nice and lengthy
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    Great Post. Thank You! In the last few years I have learned so much more about Ren and his Family. He is just salt of the earth. Someone should help him write a book about his life. He is a Wealth if information and has led a amazing life. I am so happy he came through his recent health challenges.
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    OMG !! That is amazing. It's a lengthy interview and covers an amazing cornucopia of topics. Gibson Modernes , PLEK machines, the variety of jobs Ren had at Gibson and Heritage, HRW pickups, etc.. etc.. Those that have had the pleasure of spending any time with Ren have always said that we need a book of all of his stories... he never runs out of amazing tales. It's so good to see some of his legacy put into print. .. 5 stars for this one... thanks.
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    the action is now fine tuned, those tools gave the right help interesting how I brought the setup very close playbility has improved after properly fiìxing the action E-to-E strings what a beautiful tone she's got I'm a lucky man
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    Wonderful take! You give "A Go GO" an Uberjam feel. That Prospect sings a good Sco tone, too.
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    I put aluminium tailpieces on ALL my stoptail tunematic guitars. For me, there was a very noticeable difference. They were more open & airy sounding, more alive sounding with slightly more sustain. More overtones is maybe the best way to put it. ALSO, there is a big difference in weight (believe like 5-7oz). They used aluminum stoptails back in the golden era of the '50s & '60s, and I try to replicate that magic elixir on all my new guitars because I don't have $200K laying around .... but I might have $40. It's not voodoo, it is a major difference in tone. But some people like the thicker tone with fundamental tone but less overtones. But if you want the original open, clear "Burst" tone, I think the aluminium bridge is definitely a factor in achieving it.

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