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    My recollection is that the first 30 members were given "Charter Member" status out of the blue. I secretly--well, not so secretly now--harbor the suspicion that the Administrator had managed to drink himself into oblivion (yet again) and was feeling something strange. As he looked over the swelling membership roll, his heart grew three sizes that night. Due mostly to chronic alcoholism, high-carbohydrate diet and a sedentary lifestyle, naturally. In his stupor, however, he confused the physical pain of an impending myocardial infarction with "true feelings" and wanted to do something nice for those who had wandered in. Thus, the "Charter Member" was born. There were a small number, possibly as high as three, of non-original Charter Members who were later bestowed with the honor. To continue my fictional fantasy of what might drive the Administrator's seemingly irrational behavior, I believe the criteria pretty much boiled down to "was this person fun to drink with?" and/or "have they done something special for the HOC". Now, indulgences I happen to know something about. For I, too, am an (Internet) ordained minister! I would love to share the story of how a single-malt fueled "Hey, this seems like it'd be funny" activity turned out to be my proudest moment in life, at least as judged by my mother. Or how I did, in fact, suggest to my father, over dinner, that if he wanted to finally take action on that long-simmering thing with the woman from across the street, I could ensure his eternal salvation for the paltry sum of $100. I might really enjoy that, too. But, my therapist says it's better not to dwell on these things.
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    Here's my 555 with a Roy Clark neck.. I just realized I haven't taken any new pictures since the day she followed me home.
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    Put guitars in the hands of kids, treat them with respect and instill a sense of belonging and comradeship in them and you can pretty much guarantee a future supply of expendable income coming through the door. Not only that and better than that, its pretty cool to relive your initial love of guitar watching them be overwhelmed when you let them plug a cool guitar into a cool amp and play their stuff. For me that was the best part of working in a guitar store. Striking up a conversation with a kid then grabbing the object of his or her desire off the wall and letting them hold it and play it, wide eyed, grateful, speechless. Some of those kids are now 24-28 and some still in contact. Some gig regularly, some went to the conservatory and now teach, some have put out cd's and toured. They still buy guitars and amps 13yrs later and they will for life. I cursed them made then guitar consumers player for life. Old coots already play and buy, you dont need to worry about them, they kinda take care of themselves. Some old guy pulled down an expensive guitar off the wall for them to play when they were kids and theyve been afflicted ever since. Or you can do what you want.
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    3 535s 3 owners. Even in this podunk little town they are all the rage. ;^)
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    I can sell you indulgences. After all, I was ordained by an Internet church. I have a special package deal. For $50k, I'll absolve all past and future sins. This is the deal of a lifetime. I only accept cash for this. And only small, unmarked bills.
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    This is Natural acts... Can't have a 170 thread without this hottie...LOL Checkout the one piece top! I was told she was the last.
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    did you say black 535? photo credit BSchuneman Studios.... Actually, I believe the consensus was that this is actually a 545 (535 neck/555body)
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    This is my 1971 DR504 modded to DR104. I installed the EIC inlet, though I do have the original power cable. Note the 4 EL34 tubes. And a glimpse of Dave Reeves wiring artistry. MASSIVELY LOUD. Just waiting for Mr. Gilmour or Mr. Townsend to visit.
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    I'm assuming you mean black Heritages. I have a black Millie DC.
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    Hell, yeah! Millies cut like a Tele and sing like an LP.
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    I had to think about the question for awhile. it made me realize i don't have a favorite model, not even a favorite among those i own. I can take any one of them to a gig and be confident it will play and sound great. I'm most comfortable playing the double-cutaway guitars 'cause i like to get way up to the 22nd fret. but the sound and feel of the single-cutaway guitars keeps me picking them up and using them at gigs, too. and the newest single-cutaway Millie with the Bigsby is just fabulous fun. I have acquired 8 Hertiage instruments and every single damn one of them is an inspiration to play and a delight to look at.
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    Heritage has produced both 1 piece top and back guitars. It's never been standard because of, likely, wood supply. Even riff sawn lumber is nearly quarter sawn toward the edges. I cannot recall ever seeing a Heritage neck with cathedral grain.
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    I have always loved the Seth Lover Neck pup (warm yet clear) but the Seth Bridge has always been too bright & strident for me. I know I have said it over and over .... but Throbaks are the bomb. The PG-102 without the magnet flip is what I have in my 3 Semis and I have never thought of switching them out.
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    On Monday my favorite is my H550. This one has all the detail upgrades and the week just goes better if I play it before beginning the week. On Tuesday my favorite is my H575. It is a single PU with a trans-black and red wine finish -- silky custom. On Wednesday my favorite is my H576. Fairly well blinged out and the most versatile of the bunch. I just sit down and help it make marvelous sounds. On Thursday my favorite is my H 535. Beautiful natural flamed finish. Week is getting long and it is time to be a little more assertive. On Friday my favorite is my H150. Bitchin' gold top that just needs to let the world know that the weekend is almost here.
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    1992 H-150CM My H-157 is flawless and more on a par with the PRS Private Stock guitars than the Gibson historic or custom guitars. I have a PRS Private Stock and have owned many Gibson "historic" series and "custom" guitars. If you want an instrument that is made in the same manner as the best Gibson offered in the late 50's and 60's, then buy a Heritage. If you want a guitar made to *copy* the same manner as the best Gibson made in that era, then buy a Gibson. Heritage doesn't need to find an old Gibson and measure it, etc. to make it as it was done then. They just go into the shop and build a guitar.
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    Gary Moore tone? Gary Moore was one powerful player and his tone was in his hands. Like all great players it did not matter what guitar he was playing. There is a Youtube video with him just sitting and going through a bunch of guitars. That tone was magic and I understand why you are chasing after it. Any solid body Heritage with humbuckers would be a great starting point. Damn that guy was good! y2kc
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    What i do is look for (in any brand of electric guitar) is: 1st look for the weight, and 2nd neck shape I find acceptable and then ask the seller/store how that guitar sounds. To me any guitar over 9.25lbs is a deal breaker regardless how good it sounds. I know there is a enough great guitars out there that it has to be lighter than 9.25lbs. I have custom ordered guitars from Heritage (and other luthiers) with weight limits on them. BUT, if weight isn't an issue for you, then just ask the seller/stores to describe the tone of the guitar you are interested in. Don't tell them first the tone you are looking for, let them describe the tone to you (so they don't just agree with the tone of the guitar you want).
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    My favorite Heritage is the one I happen to be playing at any given time.
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    it's a '15 in ASB! Here's a couple more
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    go bold with gold, the north woodsman said, as his friend assessed his new mistress grasping the neck and nodding approval, for it’s girth did ably impress “Needed another?” some might have asked Not aware of the common disease “GAS” takes no prisoners, the man knew well For he’d long ago buckled his knees to the maladies endless unsettled nature he’d long since surrendered resolve and yet on occasion you’d still hear him mumble “I’m good. No more. I’ve evolved” Yet into the Quilter Steiner’s cable does “click” He grins and says “get thee behind me” With a twist of the knob justification wins “This bad boy’s sportin’ P90’s”
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    Hello from Texas. After spending the weekend at the Guitarlington show helping my buddy, who happens to be a Heritage dealer, and next door to the Heritage booth...well, it happened. I now own a new 535 "Old Style Sunburst." I'm 62, and have had over 120 guitars. (That includes the ones I bought just to flip, back in the day) I've got to say, this is the most excited I've been about a guitar in quite some time. I just can't stop playing it. It's a lot of fun.
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    Worry not Grasshopper. SD Phat Cats.
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    I love telling folks about Heritage. Here in Santa Fe we have tourists from all over the world and lots of guitarists see my guitars and ask after them. I get to tell the story of how Heritage came to be and how awesome the instruments are. It's almost as rewarding as playing them. We often have players sit in and I enjoy letting them play my guitars. I love to see their smiles and hear their impressions of the Millies. This pic is from our show last night at The Cowgirl BBQ, one of the restaurants most frequented by visitors. They have live music 7 days a week. I'm grateful to have these instruments to play and the good health to be able to do it 3 or 4 nights a week. And I'm blessed to live in a beautiful place where I have the opportunity to make music.
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    Here is a little ditty I have been working on.
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    https://reverb.com/item/4777176-hertiage-h-170-2002-antique-cherry-sunburst?gclid=CjwKCAjw-NXPBRB4EiwAVNRLKkeRrmze-vzoyY6yXxjg6UMA3p484hONrnECNFWDIi9FdE3KL7EhThoCPSkQAvD_BwE&pla=1 Hertiage H-170 2002 Antique Cherry Sunburst "Hertiage" H-170 ? It makes it hard to find when it is misspelled.
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    Oh, yes, indeed. Especially the prized Brazilian rosewood from the north side of the Amazon, with it's rich vintage tone, elegant grain, hint of cinnamon and blackberry, and smooth finish. Paired with pure Upper Peninsula maple, harvested by scruffy Yoopers, and we have the perfect neck of blended North and South American tone wood. If the rosewood/mahogany neck is your preference, don't despair. A perfectly balanced flavor will be attained by a cap of Northern Michigan maple, preferably from a tree grown on the south slope of a hardwood ridge facing a swamp. Obviously, an Autumn harvest would provide more sustain. But everybody knows that as well. ;-)
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    I have not heard of anyone being disappointed with their 535, and wishing they had a 335 instead. I have heard people who were disappointed with new 335s. The 535 is a bit thinner, and I find that more comfortable than a 335.
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    A Heritage H555 is a custom shop product!
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    Will, I owned one several years ago. Nice enough amp. It was like a Blues Jr., but all grown up, and housed in a great looking, vintage-like tweed cab. To me the Blues Deluxe RI is like a super model...all pretty and sexy on the outside, but a real drama queen that takes forever to get ready for the dance. Mine had a decent tone out of the box, but I goosed it with better tubes and a Weber AlNico speaker. THEN it really sang! At the time I was playing with a rather loud 10 piece band, and it was a bit under powered unless miked. Overall the downside of this line of Fender amp is how cheaply they're built. The input jacks are crap and fail often. The internal PCB is susceptible to failure, and amp techs hate working on them. Even installing an upgraded speaker is a major PIA due to the poor fit of the chassis to the cabinet. I quickly tired of all the dough I was putting into it in order to make it...something it wasn't...and sold it to a very happy young blues player. That's when I started buying Heritage and '80's Fender Rivera-era amps. Happy now.
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    I'm hoping this gives a better sense of what she sounds like playing some blues.
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    Sorry for the multiple pics. Cant seen to get rid of them or delete the post... (at least it's nice to look at!)
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    Crazy things happen when you put diesel fuel in a gasoline engine...... I am glad to hear you now using the correct "fuel" and the product still works..... "Per the directions you can use a 9v battery or any 9v & 18v DC as long as the center pin is negative. You can keep the 9v battery installed and it won't drain the battery as long as a DC power jack is plugged in. A full manual comes with the purchase of the pedal." Remember ... the manual.... and the internet are you friend.... when you are unsure. Glad you are digging it, El Numero.
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    Oh! Sell it 3/4 of the way through the lease... Slick.
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    Gary Moore, Live at Montreux playing his Heritage Signature H150. My drummer used to complain that I didn't play LPs. He once brought up this very vid to show me the tone I needed to go after. I politely pointed out Gary was playing a Heritage H150. 'nuf said!
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    Thanks for the nice comments! I've had it for a year. It was a 60th birthday gift from my brother and his wife. They got it as a replacement for a 335 that I had back in the 70's and foolishly sold! My brother lives near Kalamazoo and on a tour of the factory he had the chance to talk with the folks there and became friends with Ren Wall. Ren helped my brother pick out this beauty. Everyone at Heritage that was there signed the tag on the inside. It's a '15 in ASB, and how it went unsold for a year is a mystery to me!!!
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    That is a sweet 150. I used to have one just like it. So did Kuz. Hope you enjoy it.
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    I keep looking for a double cut two humbucker solid body guitar that isnt a PRS. Ive spent lots of hours over the last few months. I get frustrated every time I look, no Ibanez, Yamaha, ESP, Hamer or anything I like the look of. I scour ebay looking for older and vintage MIJ guitars and everytime I take this trip it ends with me realising I have 3 double cut two humbucker solid body guitars. But theyre bolt ons. Which doesnt really bother me at all. They sound fat and chunky. One, a 78 Ibanez, is very much a LP sound alike even with the bolt on neck. I doubt I would gain anything by getting a set neck guitar. A week later, there I am again searching for a double cut two humbucker solid body guitar, 67 tabs open including Japanese yen to Au dollar converter tab. Its basic insanity. You can call it whatever you want, call it the pursuit of "art" or whatever higher calling you need to get you over the line. I havnt picked up the guitar in weeks, really, I had a jam but only because I had to, it was fun on a social level, musically, it was fun but I wasnt in to it. I haven't had a real interest in playing for a while but I just closed the usual 30-40 tabs looking for a guitar to buy that Im not really sure exists. Why am I doing this? Well, its a nice distraction, I guess. I dont watch TV.
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    I guest my favourite color...
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    Love it, especially with the JCM900
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    Birthday "gig" outdoors in beautiful Santa Fe was a benefit for St. John's Methodist Church. They called it the "Holy Ghost Weiner Roast". The sunlight really brings out the flame and makes 'em look like they have the same finish. And yes, that's "Mm" for Mmmmillie.