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    Franz, I know what you are missing. I miss it too but it had to happen some day and it has happened. The Heritage brand has lost it's Mojo. The old timers were the Mojo and it is gone, along with it's best guitar builders who created that Mojo. Now Heritage Guitars is just another business. You can still get a nice guitar from them but it ain't the same. I drove 11 plus hours to visit that factory -so many times. I made great fiends. Now I don't even have a desire to ever darken their door steps again with my shadow. While many on this forum will defend the new Heritage brand I don't like it. They can keep their plaza. I sure as hell will not be visiting their bierhalle.
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    First post as I recall. Anyways now soon a Heritage owner. 2015 H-530. Should be here next week.
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    Yeah, so I keep telling myself that I'm gonna switch to all heads and cabinets, and make all kinds of weird plans that end up with me needing to own 10 different cabinets for various amps, situations, etc etc etc. And then I give up and just get a combo. Well, it happened again. I had been thinking about picking up a real "Rectifier" for some time now. I have a Maverick, which is technically a Dual Rectifier, but it's not THAT kind of Rectifier. This definitely is. It's also got one thing that I really do like having in an amplifier: reverb. I just like... spring reverb, and don't like having to plug in some type of unit to an amp to get it. The typical "rectifier" doesn't have reverb, or tremolo for that matter. If you want reverb you had to go with the Rect-O-Verb, but that doesn't have the Tube Rectifier option, which is one of the big reasons for getting it. The other options were the Tremoverb, the Roadster, and the Road King. Well, the latter two are just insane amps, with 4 channels, tons of switches, tons of tubes, and that many more things to go wrong. So, the Tremoverb it was. It's also got the kinda unique "channel cloning" feature, which allows you to have two of the same channel, so you have two of the 4 total modes dialed in at any given time, along with reverb, and tremolo (which is fun but of questionable usefulness). I was on the lookout for a head, but then a combo popped up locally, original owner, in great shape, with some extra goodies and the original hang tags. Perfect for an OCD idiot like me. Original casters, footswitch, manual etc. Also came with an aftermarket custom footswitch that uses the external control jacks, so that you can turn on/off reverb, tremolo, efx/ etc. Not sure how useful that will be for how I'll be using it, but it is nice to have. Mesa Boogie has a history of either having a minimal footswitch, or something huge with a ton of buttons. Currently the amplifier is set up for EL34 tubes right now, and it's got a set of "7" rated Groove Tubes EL34 -R2 tubes, which are the same as the "Svetlana" brand of power tubes made by New Sensor. Preamp tubes are a mixture of the original Beijing China 12AX7 tubes, Groove Tubes 9th Gen Chinese tubes, and some Russian. Currently it sounds really good, but loud, though it's got an overall master volume that really helps tame it. Now I've got to decide if I want to keep it running EL34s, or switch it back to 6L6GC tubes. Pretty much all my amps right now have EL34s, so I was looking for something different.
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    Buzzzzzzz.... "I hear a lotta buzzing Sound like my little honey bee I hear a lotta buzzing Sound like my little honey bee She been all around the world making honey But now she is coming back home to me Sail on Sail on my little honey bee, sail on" Muddy Waters
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    My incessant plucking at the headstock aside (try it, it's fun! sounds like chimes, too!), I am still a fan of the guitars themselves. I had the H-127 out two days ago. The H-137D (original run, not the pretender with P90s series) is almost always close at hand. The H-127 through the Lyle/Rob Vibrolux, by the way, is second only to the combination of same amp and #3 son's G&L Skyhawk (also original series, with the sickle headstock; well, he continues working that one off, so I guess it's still 68% mine, but you all know how these things go). That amp is magical. But I digress... I'm firmly in the camp of, "yep, the old Heritage has passed", but I'm not firmly in the camp of "this is clearly a bad thing." A quality guitar is a quality guitar and I'm a sucker for value. The "old Heritage" pricing model was a gift, insofar as the absurdly low cost of really well-made new examples artificially depressed the secondary market. The lack of consistency (noted by Rob) also contributed to a non-artificially depressed secondary market. Finding the really well-made units in the used market was an adventure, especially back in 2007 or so. I think for the better part of a couple years the only buyers of used Heritage guitars were me and Brent (mostly Brent)! I'm fortunate to have had the opportunity to get to know the original crew and the good folks of the HOC. At a point pretty early on in the HOC, though, the guitars became a secondary concern for me. I hope the new guard find their own mojo and a sustainable business model too. The Heritage heritage would be a helluva thing to lose completely.
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    Objectively speaking, the Gibson headstock is "silly." I mean, what the heck does an open book shape have to do with guitar? They built it into a highly recognizable trademark, though. Heritage's headstock is plain, but hardly "ugly." Anyone who is "playing the headstock shape" is stuck on a brand image and probably not reachable. For everyone else, I think the new Heritage is largely on the right path. Look, the founders were going to retire eventually; change was inevitable once that happened. It's just as likely the whole thing could have disappeared, but instead we have a deep-pockets guy who actually wants to make the company survive and thrive. The old Heritage of under-the-radar, cheap custom-quality guitars is gone forever, but that model was never really financially viable and certainly not in the current era of boutique guitars.
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    Hello all !! I'm Patrick (aka Dex) LOL. Been an admirer of Heritage guitars for many years. Finally purchased my 1st one today !! It's a 1989 H-535, and I am thrilled !! Here's a couple pics from the guy I bought it from. I'll get around to making my own and posting soon. Anyway, glad to be aboard and looking forward to comparing notes and such with y'all. Later
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    Maybe the first track that alerted me to the possibilities of the wah-wah pedal was Get A Little from the Mothers of Invention's Weasels Ripped My Flesh LP. For me, Frank Zappa had a way of using effects that was just a little bit different - other great examples are his use of the Mutron III on the solo in Inca Roads from One Size Fits All, and the Oberheim Sample and Hold filter on Ship Ahoy from Shut Up and Play Your Guitar. The Line 6 FM4 has a setting called "Obi Wah" which recreates that effect. That's why I bought one...
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    @FranzMohamitz Once upon a time, many years ago, we had a thread about the Heritage headstock. It got ugly. The thread was no gem either. I remain intrigued by the notion that guitarists play with their eyes, and won't consider a given brand because of something as non-critical to playability and tone as headstock shape. I mentioned it only to amuse myself. Which I try to do as frequently as practicable. It was not intended as a commentary on your original question, which remains valid, 'though any answer I might give would be speculation.
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    Congrats, Franz. Nothing new here, but this thread addresses core "issues" among the faithful, and you've managed to draw out some of the HOC "heavyweights" to respond. Though nothing new's been plowed up, there's a lot of essential truth and insight, as well as a bit of scar tissue, on offer here. Thread's a pretty fair distillation of the alpha and omega of The HOC since the transition to the new ownership. And my $.02 regarding your question: "I'm simply curious as to why they don't seem to want to talk about any of the recent improvements that have been made to the build process, it just seems to me like it would be a smart thing to do towards clearing the air with anyone who's previously had a not-so-great impression of Heritage guitars." When I joined The HOC twelve years ago, Q.C. (and build time) was perhaps the "Big Issue." Pretty basic stuff (like bad nuts) was a consistent gripe with new guitars; little things do mean a lot. However, I can't imagine a potential customer responding positively to an ad campaign which is based on the idea that, "The new guitars are better (and more expensive) because we're not screwing up the easy stuff anymore!" I don't think a new Heritage is necessarily better than an older good one, but I suspect that high quality is much, much more consistently achieved. And, as has been stated above, as the the boutique builder market expanded (and boy has it!), Heritage guitars were underpriced. And that simply wasn't sustainable.
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    Heritage had these illustrations at the recent Kalamazoo Fretboard Festival ( photos by Katie) I don't remember seeing these exact ones before, so I thought I'd share. And, just for kicks, an old version...
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    I think I have it figured out...….I hope this works
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    Yeah, TN doesn't charge State income tax but they garnish your wages any chance they get! The miss runs a tiny online business on Etsy, they have a monthly state business sales tax that needs to be filed on time all the time. Most her sales are out of state, well one month she somehow missed something and owed a few bucks (under $50) yet she continued to file with no issues for a year and we were never contacted. Boom, state mind-bogglingly "estimates" she's $1,500+ short and garnished 50% of wages for two pay periods (without ever attempting to resolve the issue via letter/phone/etc) for apparently mis-filing one month, they couldn't even release the hold for the second pay period after contacting them. After re-filing and paying a couple bucks it took about 4-5 months to get the $1500 in wages back. Free loan for them. Guess what happened: the accountant later finds out she didn't mis-file anything and she paid the proper amount for that month. We opened a claim with the state and spent more time than moneys worth it to get the 50 bucks back. Oh, and don't get me started on my "speeding ticket" case, holy **** that was something else. ****ing crooks EVERYWHERE you go. Don't believe the PR campaigns, same spiel different affiliations state to state as cronyism is more common than apple pie. You get had one way or the other and sometimes when you pay a higher this or that..it actually pays off, sometimes not, lol. Sorry for the derailment, lol.
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    Well, I picked up the little feller this week and it sounds wonderful! I have a new 40 year amp! I had a JBL speaker put in and the problem was an output tube cathode bias cap short, and needed a new tube. I wonder if that had always been the problem because it never sounded like this before. Looking forward to putting some more hours on the beast!
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    Update. I never liked "naked" humbuckers, so I added covers and changed the pickup rings. What do y'all think ??
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    Ha... yeah maybe I should ask Marv if he'll write it on for me.
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    I can relate. I have a 4x12 cab in my basement that's been sitting in the same spot for over twenty five years. It's last gig was in 1988, the year I got married. Hmm. Coincidence, I'm sure.
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    Nicely done, Slate! Not too much Wah...Just enough to get the message across.
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    DB, a lot of us feel that way.
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    +1 thanks for all the work you spend on this place!! I'll buy you a pint of Lowenbrau, sometime
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    I asked Chris Merren about this ( he makes top quality transformers for Neve consoles, Marshall amps, McIntosh audio gear, and is a huge vintage Marshall enthusiast ) surface rust isn't a big deal, since everything happens inside the windings & near the core. But you can use a treatment called "Mar Hide one step" that the navy used on their battleships vs rust: it actually reacts with rust to form a plastic & also seals I used this on a '65 JTM100 power transformer about 15 years ago, it is still going strong & there has been no rust, ever since
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    Wah and vibe, always seemed to me to be essential. Nope. Never were for me as it turns out. I like the vox wah.
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    I finally read the manual for my Bartel Sugerland (12 watt) amplifier. Hmmm cable into another amp? Say what now. I just happened to have another amp sitting around doing nothing to try this out. A Mesa KingSnake (100 watts). It worked! The dogs began to howl all over the neighborhood. I still can't hear anything and the police haven't shown up...yet. Good Times.
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    Once had a 525 (it now lives with TalismanRich)with a W serial#.....it had the same thing.
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    I think it looks overly complex. Looks like they extended it just to get the words on it. Im going to get mine out of the cupboard and smash out an open G chord. This threads inspired me.
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    How could anyone not like this headstock?
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    Here is a pic of my 170 - it's not a light guitar.
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    That headstock sucks! With the possible exceptions of the models I've seen
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    Ha.. no , not yet. It's gonna take more than one award. I hope to post the article when I find a good copy. It's an interesting read.
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    Looks like Heritage just won a Platinum award from Guitar World for the H-150 that they tested.
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    50% down has been SOP for as long back as I know. I purchased a few used Heritages and did a LOT of reading here before I made my custom order. I've never encountered any options list from Heritage.
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    I could be wrong, but I'm of the opinion that the increased prices are what is needed to turn a profit. The new owners have spent a significant amount of money to relocate the manufacturing area while they refurbish the old building. Those expenses include "environmental" improvements which were sorely needed for the employees. That money will need to be recouped, or the brand will go away. These are still not made with CNC machines, they are all hand built, just as a Gibson custom shop would be. Your friend could buy a Les Paul Classic or Special for a few hundred less than an H150. A Traditional is a few hundred more. If you want to get up to custom shop model, you'll fork over at least $1500 more than an H150. The old Heritage guitars were true bargains in years past. You got a great guitar at a rock bottom price. Thats not a sustainable practice. Now you should get a great guitar at reasonable price. Compared to a lot of the boutique builders, they're still a bargain. Again, that's just my opinion.
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    Gitfiddler is right on the money. With the current setup, ordering a new Golden Eagle is not going to be cheap proposition. All custom orders are now 50% down which is pretty daunting for a high dollar archtop. There are several available on Reverb and Gbase. If you've played them, then you know what you're looking at. That's an advantage. Good luck, whatever you decide.
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    I need to add mine here.. finally got mine of h535 ALSB with AF serial number. This was in stock more than 2years at the shop. Few knows what heritage is here in Japan.. but I was obsessed by how this guitar looks beautiful and pulled my trigger out of it! nice to meet you all😉
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    You should have heard some of the stories that Jim Deurloo was telling about SGs that came off the like and had the necks pop as they were being strung! ... and, yes, the presence of the truss rod cutaway just weakens and already weak point further.
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    I have had this guitar at Pete Moreno's shop for about 4 months getting it restored. Nicks and dings drop filled and a wooden bridge built so I can go back and forth between string changes. This guitar plays great sounds great, it is just plan G R E A T !
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    A fixed 1 piece neck's headstock break will have a glue line across all those exposed fibers. I'd wager, if one repaired a headstock and dropped the same guitar the same way, it wouldn't break at the glue line. We've tested many a glue joint (most on purpose), none have failed along the glue joint. The weakest joint is end-grain to side-grain; e.g., scarf joint.
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    I've seen a neck with a headstock break that was in five pieces. Close enough?
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    Let me add that if not for headstock breaks and the price decrease when selling a guitar with one....I'd probably not have been able to buy a couple of my favorite guitars!
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    Pricing may be tough as Dave mentioned. You've got a rare bird there. I'd suggest doing some Google searches for sales of Heritage HTF guitars and see what you come up with. Here's an old catalogue page showing Heritage acoustics and their features.
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    We are eternally grateful for all you do. Thank you, thank you, thank you. I owe you a beverage at the next PSP!
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    While that may be true most of the time, there are still options. Musicians Friend is alway putting out 10% or 15% off coupons in their marketing emails. When the last one came in, I check the eligible list and Heritage guitars were on there, which means that you could knock about $350 or so off an H150. Sweetwater isn't carrying Heritage at this point, but if they eventually do, that might be good. I like Sweetwater better than MF. I've also bought things from Sweetwater at a discount by telling my rep when I've had the 15% off coupon from MF. He checked and came back with a price match on a pair of Rode M5 mics. Most time Rode mics aren't discounted. Nothing is ever written in stone! As for the "tax free" issue, a lot of online companies have started to charge sales tax. You know that free ride was going to end eventually. There's too much money at stake for the state governments. For a state like Tennessee, it about 9% for state and local taxes. They use it instead of taxing your wages like most states do.
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    Wow Rich, I did not know that. I wonder if that means pricing will be more flexible? If that is true, perhaps Sweetwater will begin carrying them too?
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    I'm sure the confusion is from the fact that Heritage Vintage Sunburst and Gibson Vintage Sunburst look nothing alike. What Heritage calls Vintage SB has very little burst color to it. Gibson Vintage Sunburst is more like Heritage Old Style Sunburst, black fading to golden, sometime with a hint of red. So many colors from which to choose, how do we ever decide?
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    I would think that Mercury Magnetics would know a little bit more than "another guy" who thinks your transformer is going to rust through and die, like a '57 Plymouth. Unless you are seeing rust flake off in chunks, and you're going to be playing in rainstorms, I doubt you have anything to worry about for at least the next 50 years or so.
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    ALSB = Almond Sunburst. ASB = Antique Sunburst. ASB:
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    What a contrast. Eleven Beauties and four Beasts.

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