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    I forgot so many finger move so trained hard then I call back some moves. Now I stay home so can't use amps but Heritage's big sound helps me
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    Before Marv moved to K-Zoo he grew up across the road from this rail road depot at Chase, AL. I took this photo of myself at the depot with the custom 357 he made for me. It was so beautiful that I was afraid to play it and it hurt to let other people play it. I wasn't worthy of that guitar. I hope a better man than I plays it today. That is a Marv Bird.
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    This one made its way to New Zealand a few years back. As gorgeous now as it was then...
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    Here is one of their latest beauties.
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    Signed...Sealed...COA #04... Getting ready for shipping today!!
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    My three stars again
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    This is not the one I play the most (that's a toss-up between the Mille and the H535), but it's my best looking Heritage.......
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    Did somebody say scrap? Sometimes you get scrap from a custom Heritage build.
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    Stumbled on this article.. it's got a great variety of photos. Some people that folks here will recognize. We've probably seen this before, but it's been a while..... Pics of Aaron Cowles, Pete Moreno, Ted McCarty, Maudie Moore...etc Gibbons Guitar gone, but the Heritage continues.... https://www.mlive.com/news/kalamazoo/2015/03/when_the_Gibbons_guitar_co_left.html
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    There are so many beauties here! I'll have to cheat and post two. My H-357 and my H-150. I worked closely with Marv on both of these. I was fortunate enough to be able to pick out the wood for the 150 at the factory with Jim and Marv when I picked up my 357. They both turned out wonderful.
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    Thanks Fred. Great stuff. Here is a little video on J.P. Moats.
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    Older models were actually built in the old building 225 Parsons, painted in the old Booth (used in 59 LPs), most will have gone through a post builder complete setup and have a certain mojo, different years had different necks and specs ... New builds are to a higher standard, better out the box. A lot less options with models and features but now a factory custom shop to facilitate anything outside the norm. In the ol days many of our friends at the factory earned a living making us special guitars, now the guitars are more cookie cutter, less of our friends and original owners are there now and the profits go towards the new corporations. And of course want something unique, money talks at the custom shop. As a former dealer, the factory is very standup, offering upgraded warranty on dealer owned unsold merch... Many off our orders use to be customs, I can tell you my Ol' guitars are stellar, Jay was very verbal that many times his merch' had a date with his plek. The factory now uses one. No way to go wrong!
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    Well, a little something arrived yesterday and as Josh has already stated, "It is all that and more". Just a few crappy cell phone shots.
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    Here's my 155 Millennium DC from 2016.
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    Trying to fit in some actual playing time between WebEx meetings hasn't been easy, but so far I love it. The frets are perfect, the intonation is spot on, the neck is nice and full like I like it. (Not Marv 357 big, but normal Heritage big) I like the Mojo Tones, they are ssssooo quiet, but I need to get them dialed in. Separated at birth by thirty four years?
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    Thanks for running our PSP. Nice work!!!
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    Well I'm glad you pulled through your medical crisis!
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    This one I named El Diablo. Millennium Pro DC. It has SD Joe Bonamassa signature set in it.
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    Only Heritage I have owned is my H150. My favourite, or the nicest Heritage I played was a H555. It wasnt the visual of it, a bit too blingy for my taste back then, it was simply a really wonderful guitar to play and a stand out in that decade of playing very many nice and high quality guitars. My own H150 is strange bird. Ive never really played a LP type guitar like it. Even other H150s Ive played arent like it. Its way to heavy but the feel and response is just so different. Ive never been sold on the colour of it and the weight of it is annoying. A few construction/assembly flaws draw my eye to themselves and I wonder what they were doing in the factory that day for them to happen and then again pass at QC check. Ive been on and off about it since 2007. I even listed it for sale but after hearing one guy play it I took the listing down. I doubt I could ever find another guitar like it because nothing has passed through my fingers like it even when I was in an environment where I had guitars moving through all day every day year after year. It was a big regret not buying the H555.
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    I've posted these shots years ago. While I was at the factory picking up my H-357 Marv and Jim walked us through the shop and somehow I wound up picking out a back, top and neck for another build. I'm still not certain how those sly old dogs pulled that off The top The back The neck
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    I can see where this thread is heading...
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    In the last few years some people have been making some great vintage sounding Firebird pickups, with the right coil orientation and reflector plate, which to me, are the only things that should reside in a Firebird other than maybe a vintage P90... http://onamacwindery.com/products/minihumbucker/firebirdvintage.html https://www.mojotone.com/Pickups_x/HumbuckerPickups_x/Mojotone-Johnny-Winter-Firebird-Pickup https://www.kleinpickups.com/p-226-firebird-pickup.aspx https://www.curtisnovak.com/shop/firebird/
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    ElJay's 357 had Firebird pups in it.
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    Damn straight. To hell with rock 'n' roll, grow up and play jazz. Hmm. That's a lot of work. Where'd I put that pedalboard?
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    According to Polo, $1000.
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    Soon I will be doing something with these blanks I have had for awhile.
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    My favorite Heritage guitars are Millies. The natural finish Millie is a Pete Farmer build from January 2019 and the sunburst finish Millie is a Marv and Jim build from March 2011.
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    ...because, it makes the sound i hear in my head, it feels just right, and it is gorgeous.
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    I remember checking out the American Eagle at last years PSP. Is it Bolero's? An absolute drop-dead gorgeous guitar! JP went all out on that one.
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    The free MONO M80 soft case for the upcoming H-137 HOC arrived at my door today! Heritage has been keeping buyers up to date via email and photos during the build process. Classy!
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    I couldn't afford a pedal board, so I put my pedals on a board.
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    Pete Farmer is THE MAN you will not be disappointed one of these days, if I can scrounge up some $$ I also have a special project I want him to build
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    A small sample before I got carried away with the heavy customization! (And Plaza Told me top stop! LOL)
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    Like many people here, the first Heritage that I owned, an H150, I bought from Brentrocks! And it was a good guitar, with pretty righteous sustain, but wasn't quite as resonant as I usually like, and it was a bit heavy at 10 lbs. So I sold it, and waited for the next Heritage to come along, hopefully one that was a bit lighter. I eventually found one that was 9 lbs even, in kind of an orange tinted burst (I call it Tangerene). It already had matching RS CTS pots, and RS PIO caps in it too! A few weeks after I got it, I had a bone nut installed, along with a really serious fret dressing, done by a very good friend of mine. I also installed a pickup switch ring, vintage amber colored switch-tip, and some Gibby reflector knobs with pointers, just because I like the way they look! And, oh yeah, when I bought it, it didn't have any pickups, which was fine with me, because I had heard of a guy that was truly hand-winding pickups (NO MACHINE AT ALL) and I wondered if it was hocum. His name was David Plummer and his company is called Zhangbucker. So I bought a set of his humbuckers that were based on his lower output Pagey set, but were totally hand-wound. Winds up, the pickups were perfect for this guitar, and soon as I plugged it in, I was hooked. The guitar just sang with double tones and a really good midrange! I was in the middle of recording a CD, and this guitar wound up being the one I used most for the electric leads, because it blended so well with my acoustic guitar. Since then, I bought another H150, and then went on a run of buying a bunch of Historic Gibby LPs, so I put the H150 into storage for a bit. But recently I pulled it out of the case. and I still like it as much as the day I put those pickups in it. And although it already had a complete hardware upgrade on it when I bought it, a Faber master kit, with locking lightweight ABR, locking lightweight tailpiece, and inSerts, I also wanted to experiment with different bridge inserts, so last week I put the FABER BSWkit into it, and it's even more wonderful. It's just a great Les Paul style guitar. And although it's the guitar used for all the fills on this song, you can really hear the tone of it @ 3:00 during the solo... https://soundcloud.com/daniel-weldon-1/blink-of-an-eye
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    Mine (number 5) arrived today! But I am at work at the beach club and the box is sitting in my hallway! At least Fedex delivered it before I left for work; I didn't want that baby sitting on my porch!
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    Mine arrived today no worse for the extra miles it put in to get here! Beautiful looking guitar - the stinger is perfect for it! Didn't have a chance to play it but hopefully tomorrow. Pics will follow but it looks exactly like Josh's
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    Stinger's just the right touch! Gorgeous guitar! Great spec. Those turned out just right! Pete's a whiz!
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    Thanks, Tim. Not a coiled cord --I haven't had one of those in quite a while-- but a very long straight cord. It was a bizarre and sad moment back in early March: had a great band, lots of seniors, including several who had been in the band since their freshman or sophomore year, a couple of good gigs under our belt and a couple the kids were really excited about nailed down for the last weeks of the semester, then, at our last rehearsal before Spring Break, the kids got the announcement on their phones that they were not coming back after the break. We played a couple of our favorite tunes, and that was it. I'm still not over it. I was a little surprised that the ensemble was not cancelled for the coming year, but it's going to run. I'll have some kids on campus, and some participating remotely. It's going to be a challenge, but I try to model the ensemble on a working band, and so just like working musicians we'll have to figure out how to reinvent how we prepare and "perform." Sorry for hijack.
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    Excellent playing, Busu san! And best wishes for your continued health and recovery.
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    Back in the day, all we had to tune from was the harmonica player.
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    I knew you had good taste, Pressure, but those are beyond lovely.

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