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    Okay, here is my new H-535 -- The most beautiful guitar I have ever owned. Sorry if the picture is not the best. Scott
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    at first I thought it was crappy: but after some thought, I think it is the only way to get Heritage into higher visibility with the larger population of guitar buyers people like us are a very small percentage I can't count the number of guitar playing friends who I have tried to "convert" to Heritage, who don't give the brand much credence, because they don't see them in stores beside GIBSON & FENDER and what about the even larger percentage of non educated, casual guitar buyers? ( like kids' parents etc ) G & F still hold sway over anyone who is only *marginally* familiar with guitar. Because they are everywhere. ( all that free marketing from 1950-1980 or so didn't help either ) at least now, everyone will be able to compare them side by side, and see for themselves
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    @Zguitar: Great example of 'natural' relicing! Play it like you stole it. Guitars are made to be played and enjoyed. They're made of wood, so s*it happens. Check out jazz master, Henry Johnson's well worn pickguard on his signature Heritage archtop.
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    Plug a cable in, switch to the pickup and read the resistance (volume wide open). If its near zero, you have a short, if its got an open spot, you'll see very high resistance. You might try moving the wires around on the harness. When I was rewiring my 535, I used the vintage braid wire, and somehow, the ground braid managed to hit the tab on one of the pots and the pickup went dead. Pulled the harness and everything read fine. I put shrink tubing over the cable to prevent that from happening again. PS, I would be glad to come down and do the rewiring. I'll only charge you $150/hour plus travel expenses. Oh yeah, when I rewired my 535 it took me something like NINE hours. You might have a nice bottle of bourbon there as well, just to calm me down when I have to take the harness out AGAIN!
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    Yes, it is really funny, but expensive. I will post pictures of the two I just dealt for when I get them. I have to wait to get the Switchmaster back and sent it to Chicago before they will mail me the 575. And the Eagle seller asked me if he could keep it until Jan 2 to mail to minimize the time the guitar will be out in the cold. Of course I said that's fine. The Eagle looks almost as nice as the 535. But don't tell anyone, all my activity yesterday is still a secret from my wife!! Living dangerously in my old age! Happy New Year, Scott
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    I ordered my Custom 555 (Pre-Plaza) with a 1.75" nut width and it is exactly 1.75". If yours is not the width you ordered it, I would return it. But that is just me. My charge was maybe $100 for the wider nut in 2008. To charge you a $1500 upcharge for a wider nut is laughable and yet another reason I have for not buying another Heritage or any need to go back there. Bottom line is.... times have changed. Only my opinion, your opinion may vary. I am sure their new guitars are great but so are my Pre-Plaza honeys.
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    New Heritage Guitar Day. Finally got around to taking some proper pictures. This one even sounds better than it looks! I ordered this while I was recovering from OHS last year. The color and truss rod cover reflect my feelings through all this.
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    This should heat things up in south Florida!
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    Yesterday was my H-575's 9th birthday! I bought this guitar new in April 2010 and it instantly became my all time favorite. My first arch top and my faithful companion on my journey into jazz, I've logged at least a couple thousand hours and played her pretty much every day ever since. Love love love this guitar!
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    Happy Birthday to your nice guitar. It's fairly similar to mine and I also am very happy with it.
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    Yooper, I have apparently gone completely crazy!! I just bought a 1997 Eagle Classic that looks beautiful. And a few minutes before that I traded my 1997 Gibson L-5 Switchmaster for a 1998 H575 that a dealer I have dealt with before who I trust has played and says is a fantastic guitar. So I will soon be the proud owner of an H-535, an H-575, and an Eagle Classic all made by the old professionals at Heritage. Like I think I told you, I am 78 and just hoping for as many more good years as possible to enjoy these great instruments! I hope my kids appreciate them as much as I do after I am gone! Regards, Scott
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    Doe you feel llke this sometimes? Oh yeah, thats an H140 hanging there.
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    The bourbon's likely why it took nine hours....
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    Here is some real “relicing.” It didn’t cost anything other than 8 years of great memories, meeting new people and rocking my ass off. There is no way I’d sell it for $4k either, to me it is priceless. This relic job has actually made me money.
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    Lol! That’s too funny. I noticed them, but not knowing to much about Heritage a suppose I just assumed it was part of the design. The neck it super solid and it seems like its always been there. Im prettu intrigued now. The guy in the supermarket is a bit if an mysterious dude. He buys and sells guitars out of the basement of a violin shop outside of Niagara Falls NY. (Where the supermarket is. :-)) He just kind of shows up at gigs (& supermarkets) with sometimes amazing pieces. Legend has it that (and oddly coincidental considering this is a heritage forum) that he used to dumster dive at the Kalamazoo factory pre Heritage, and ended up with a treasure trove of parts and peices that he uses to build his stuff. He was actually in Vintage Guitar mag article for one of his Moderne replicas. Any way. He stated that when he got it it was intact but the original owner attempted to refinish it and botched it badly. He did a quick, not really awesome job of refinishing it and set it up. Now that you’s have pointed that out Im gonna try to find out more. I absolutely love how it plays and sounds even unplugged.
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    that is bizarre, I wonder why they drilled & then filled ( dowels? ) the 3 holes. there appears to have been a plate mounted there as well I can see 2 possibilities: 1. someone decided to reinforce the neck joint by installed screws & a plate. then at some point the work got undone 2. there was a bolt on neck installed, later switched back to the stock neck ok, maybe: 3. the neck broke off in the middle of a gig....so the guitarist ran out to his car & grabbed some power tools, came back into the bar, tackled the bass player, stole the bolts + neck plate off his '70's Fender Jazz bass, then bolted the neck back on, with enough time to finish off the solo in the outro to "Freebird"
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    Go for it. They are still building great guitars although current prices are higher than a few years ago. There are several threads on this topic if you do a search. Nobody got booted for posting their opinions.
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    BTW there's a genuine Heritage case available--- I just saw on their website under "accessories"!! Cheers and Welcome Aboard! Nice H140
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    I think these guys are fabulous! Great musicians in every sense of the word. And, incidentally, Becca Stevens' brother, Bill, played B-3 on the last Sedans record. She is a gifted musician and a stunning persona! Daniel Seriff, the guy I've been taking lessons with, has played with her a good bit.
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    Hi Dave. Welcome aboard. The 120s are somewhat rare. I have seen a few among members. On the H140, if the pickups have twin adjustment screws on each side of the mounting bracket, they are probably the standard Schaller pickups. Unless someone custom ordered the guitar, thats what they were putting in most everything until relatively recently. If you have a "dot" on the end of the selector switch, that might mean it has HRWs which were Rendall Wall's proprietary pickup. RE a hard shell case for the H140, a standard Les Paul case should work. My 140 and 157 have the same case. The 140 is a bit loose inside where the 157 is snug. I just checked out the Gator case that I use for my Guild S100 which is an SG type, and it fits and would be pretty secure. It doesn't hug the horn or upper bout but it does hold the bottom snugly. The headstock is fine with clearance all around. Its the Gator GWSGBrown case. You can probably find an SG case a Guitar Center. I got my from Sweetwater. I had Dontae check out the fit for the S100 and it was perfect. They are good about checking that kind of stuff if they can. A tele/strat case probably won't work because there isn't clearance for the angled headstock. Fender types have flat headstocks and are thinner cases. Here's the Gator case with the 140 in it.
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    Hi Git, Thank you for the welcome and the advice. I will surely follow it. I hope I like the guitar. I got it primarily due to the 1.75" nut width. I have a hereditary condition causing my fingers to curl and an operation only seemed to make it worse. So I thought the little extra width might help me. I did not know all about Heritage when I bought the guitar but I have learned a lot since. If I like it I may be in the market for a 575 or Eagle that is 1.75". But it would have to help my fingering. I wish I could afford a new one. The 575's are not really that expensive. But we will see. The H-535 is due to arrive tomorrow. Like Christmas, I agree. I told my wife not to buy me anything else! Scott
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    Thanks, bolero. I am looking forward to playing it. I have had to wait too many years to spend on something I might really like. Time is running low so I will try to take advantage of it. I have to mention I have had the opportunity to enjoy the hospitality of Canadians many times, both here in the US and in Canada. I was the Contracting Officer on what was called the Dew Line, the Distant Early Warning line of radars across Alaska, Canada, and Greenland. I have visited the Arctic twice and made many stops in Winnipeg and brief stops in Edmonton. Calgary and Quebec. I worked part time for a great Canadian golf pro in the Chicago are. I have taken the tour through the ethnic areas around Winnipeg during their celebration. I have always been well treated. My wife and I were once given tickets to a Blue Bomber's game, which we really enjoyed. I have always enjoyed myself there. I even sing some of Anne Murray's and Diana Krall's songs. Thanks for your post! Regards, Scott
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    I picked up a build last week. First one since the BandLab buy in. It took over 9 months to get it done after persistent inquiries on my part. It was a Custom Sweet 16 that I ordered. I went over and picked it up myself. Wanted to say Hi to people I know there but didn't see anyone I knew. Bad timing and there are a lot of new faces. Had a little snafu with the pickguard rocking. I always take my builds to Ann Arbor Guitars to have them set up to my liking. They where very impressed with the build and set up and said it was the best they have ever seen. Had to agree. It turned out nice! Plays like a dream. It's how it should be for pricing of such builds. I am not a dealer anymore because of many factors. Heritage Guitar is putting out a high quality product and I wish them luck. A few cell phone pics.
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    I can vouch for this... I ordered a (what is a '17) Super Kenny Burrell last year from Heritage through Jay...it is simply beautiful, awesome, and about as perfect a guitar as i have ever seen. Tight grain top, gorgeous back, neck and sides...etc. Plays just as well, and sounds just as great as the several earlier models i have (both SKBs and some Eagles)...Heritage is absolutely the best 'name manufacturer' of guitars in my opinion (i do have some individual luthier custom guitars which are also incredible)