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    The UV fade on yours, wow, it's seen some sun, looks great! This guitar arrived a PITA. The setup was such that when I tuned up there was a ton of relief, yet the nut was cut about as low as it could go so I had to fill the slots when I took the relief out, little things like that make me wonder if the seller didn't like the guitar but didn't realize how out of whack it was. Then, there was all this copper tape in the cavity which I don't dig so I peeled that mess out. I also replaced the volume pots and added treble bleeds to the modern wiring then popped an ABR on that I had laying around. Some divine voice told me to removed the covers then I set the heights/poles where I liked it best and yowzer... The decay & sustain is a notch above most lesters I've owned & played, the note attack has that woody thunk to it, these seemingly lower output t-top pickups sound very open and really complete the guitar without adding too much of their own thing, the neck set area has that petite feel where the fretboard doesn't seem too thick if it doesn't actually sink into the top a hair at that so the hands fit around just fine, it was never drilled for a pickguard, neck angle is about as shallow as one should ever set a neck, neck profile is a classic '60 style slim taper soft V, holy moly it's a deep/dense dark chocolate cut of rosewood, it sure doesn't feel heavy to me at 9lbs and in fact has a great balance to it. The guitar just makes you really slow the phrases down as it sounds so wonderful to chill out on a note for a bit as it just rings out and out. Too much good stuff.
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    If it's war... I should have started here!
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    I have no doubt that Brent will transform this into a fine functioning Heritage once again. And what a great find for him to work on... it's good for Brent to have a project to concentrate on.
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    These new travel size H-535's are gonna be HUGE at NAMM this weekend!
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    Another contribution to help keep things moving.
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    Hello everyone - new to the Forum. I've picked up two Heritages both from Brent (thanks Brent!) - an H170 and an H150CM Oh yea, here's my man cave - a bit of a Dr. Z Fan
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    The one that got away but I have this one now
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    Golden Era? I submit we call it the "Wolfe Era" since Jay practically invented the only decent models and was responsible for keeping the company afloat.
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    If I had the first idea about how to run a profitable guitar business...I'd be doing it already! Tough business, especially these days. I can't say I like everything the new Heritage regime is doing, but it's not tough to understand why they're doing it.
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    Wow, Brent, that might be one of your greatest repair challenges to date. Really a shame, since that looks like it was a beautiful 535. Any chance Pete Moreno has any parts you can salvage? I understand at one point he had a bunch of old Heritage wood remnants.
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    Nice and tight on this 1990 Heritage Johnny Smith.
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    I never liked red guitars. But they like me. The Semis: The Solid with a rare one-piece top:
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    Flame on! And some Koa:
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    This is all I can throw on the fire,
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    you win, but, here's a flamey Heritage of mine... a flamey Gibson... oh one more of those please... and one of my performing guitars, a Parkwood LE061...