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    Once, in my...halcyon experimental youth, I ingested something adhered to a piece of waxy paper. As the entertainment progressed over the next several hours, I thought (if that's even the correct word) it might be interesting to go into an interior bathroom in an apartment, no window, and turn the lights out. The effect then was not dissimilar to logging in here for the first time, yesterday. Took my friends two hours to discover me, clinging desperately to the wall in that bathroom, convinced that if I let go of the wall I would, like the astronaut in 2001 A Space Odyssey , float off into the dark, mobius infinity of the universe....
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    Wonderful pics. There are some really interesting parts/pieces in these latest ones. It's fun to see that the Heritage sign that I had made , made it into this display ( first group of pics ) I get a bit of a thrill from that.
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    I put throbak kz-115 with long a2 magnets in my 157. My wife plays a 535 with what at the time was Seth lovers in it. The seths did not have the tone, clarity or articulation of the throbak. The 535 went out for throbak pg-102 with out a flipped magnet and long a5 magnets. They are tone monsters. I believe in these throbak. You get what you pay for. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
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    You might want to try the Jimmy page wiring. As for pickups, PK's 4 conductor Dimarzio 36th PAFs will work very well for what you are looking for. Also Seymour Duncan SH-18 Whole lotta humbucker. But if you have the cash I would go with ThroBak EdA-Custom . I have a set in a H150 , and I love them. If you need any help PM me.
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    That sure was an awesome video Paul. I saw JL Fulks lurking in the background- the hurricane apparently kept him in Kzoo a little longer. It was nice to actually see Jeff Nicholson do a little speaking, I know he is the owner of PlazaCorp but he seems to keep a low profile.
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    I just had my first tour of the factory about a week and a half after PSP-X. (Couldn't talk my niece into changing her wedding day...) Coming 1800 miles from Edmonton, I thought we'd we the furthest traveled - but there were people there from South America, France, Scotland, Italy. All this in our little group of 16 people. Heritage and 225 Parsons are ALREADY international tourist destinations. But I'll admit that after spending an hour in the guitar lounge, there wasn't really much else in the building or surrounding neighbourhood that made me want to stick around. If the new owners and everybody involved here make it an easier place to spend a whole day or evening, I see it as good for both Heritage and Kalamazoo. After the tour, my wife said "I don't know if I want you to buy anything other than a Heritage guitar again." That's the kind of feeling the tour gives, and the more people that get that feeling, the better IMO. P.S. Pete Farmer rocks!! I'd love to work beside him all day. Kevin
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    I had a couple of the AC30 cc2 models, they are fantastic amps SG classic with P90's was my guitar of choice with it....I agree with Steiner!
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    The gallery is still there. It's in the drop down menu from the "Browse" button. http://www.heritageownersclub.com/forums/gallery/
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    I hear you Richard, but I will take a site that opens immediately, downloads, quickly, saves comments immediately..... and doesn't crash every 3 days ...... over a some old pictures. Let's post some new pics for this awesome NEW HOC SITE!!!!!
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    I do remember some stories about an asian investor coming up at this years PSP.. The video certainly shows that things are progressing in the plans for Parsons Street. Can't wait to hang out on the rooftop bar....
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    Please don't tell me that you just dropped in to see what condition your condition was in.... Yeah, yeah, oh yeah.
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    The very same, Richard, passing myself on the way in, on the way out....
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    That was you in the mobius infinity of the universe!!?
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    Here's another Almond Sunburst from 1994
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    Hey Paul, nice looking lady you are with there!! I wish I could have been there instead of trying to escape Irma. My buddy JL Fulks attended as well as Marty Fine who started the "Save the Stack Foundation". The plans are very aggressive but its nice to see the face of progress without losing any of the history. If you don't change, you will never succeed!
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    Thank You for all your work Mr. C cup! It is much appreciated.
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    The last picture is supposed to be Marv. Looks like his same bench that we know him for.
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    Thank you so much for that PunkKitty! When I read white text on black background I get stripes on my retina. This is much better.
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    I figured out how to change the color scheme. - In the bottom left of the screen, there is a button called "Theme". Click that button.- Select "Default" to change back to the default color scheme.
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    Ive been pushing all the buttons to see what they do and where they take you. Im liking this. Makes me want to buy a 535 so I can talk about it. Why is my avatar pink? Looks good. Think Ill keep it.
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    Thanks so much Paul. What a wonderful celebration and great news of things to come. Way to go Heritage Family!
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    Orphans in Waiting.
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    AC 30 + P90 = heaven
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    Not that I've ever noticed the scent of tobacco; I have occasionally caught the distinct fragrance of cannabis. Cold is the very best way to destroy any odor. With guitars, one must reduce the temp VERY slowly (read hours) unless you prefer the look of crazed lacquer. You're not too far from me; I assure you that in a few short months, your garage will serve you well. Happy NGD
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    The board that started the dream. The Ticket that stared the build. The man who made it happen. All the pieces are gathered. The man again
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