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    I spot ya, Skinslammer...
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    I happen to like Antiquities, but the Seth's are great as well. I have a set of 59's in a Sheraton that are OK. If it wasn't such a pain to swap them out I would. We all know a given set of pickups will sound different in each guitar ~ even another of the same brand/model (2 les pauls as an example). different wood, yadda yadda. Then there's the amp used... Ultimately subjective.
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    I have Throbaks in My 335, Scatterbrane in a Les Paul. I decided to try Seth Loved pickups in a SG. I swapped out the stock pots for CTS and the Seths sound amazing- In my opinion equally as good as the "boutique" brands. For what it's worth... would also highly recommend Manlius pickups. I had read good things about them so I decided to try them out. I called and spoke to the owner and he was very accommodating. I asked for unpotted with lower than stock output and he had no problem winding a custom set with no added cost. I have that set of his Landmark pickups in a Custom Shop Les Paul - the guitar sounds amazing. His prices are great. Anyway good luck!
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    I have antiquities in my h150. It came with 59's One day when I get time can be bothered dicking around with it the 59's are going back in. A friend thought he was upgrading my H150 for me and snuck a set of antiquities in. I tend to just buy guitars I like and never have to swap out pickups. I guess the 59s just work for me in that H150 and the Antiquities dont.
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    The Seths sound very authentic in my Heritage.
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    I'm not a fan of '59s. Seths, Antiquities, or just about any decent A2 or A4 pickup is a better choice. I have Throbak SLE-101s in my 150. They are A5 but sound fantastic. I'm also a big fan of Mojotone '59 Clones.

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