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  1. I can finally join the Heritage owners club as I got my H-575 just yesterday! Long time lurker, realized I've been a member here since 2012 that has been close to a Heritage multiple times (H-535s, H-530s, H-575s), good to finally be an owner! It was apparently a customer return from Music Store Live and I certainly cannot find a defect or anything that someone would return it for. So I feel like I got a nearly new H-575 at a decent price for today's going rates. The store probably had it for a while as the the serial number is AJ16810, which makes it a 2019 I think, right? It's a sunburst standard model with Seth Lovers. Nickel hardware. Wood is beautiful with a slight flame. I was looking at used ones popping up here/there but I love Seth Lovers (and nickel hardware) so that ended up the main deciding factor. My first impression upon opening it is WOW! It just feels well put together and substantial in a very good way. It's a tad heavier than I anticipated and while it has a nice, solid top, it's unplugged volume is not loud. But that's totally fine with me as I bought it to be an electric guitar only anyway. Plugged in it sounds just as I'd hoped. The Seth Lovers are fantastic as I knew they would be. It came with what I think were the stock GHS Boomer 11s. They were fine and I am very used to 11s that I use on my ES-335 but honestly, I feel like this guitar needs thicker strings to get it to resonate nicely. So I've already put on D'Addario NYXL 12s...that and I swapped the knobs...makes it mine I guess. It didn't take me long to know I'm putting my Eastman AR372 (also with Seth Lovers) up for sale. The H-575 can of course nail the straight ahead jazz tones I'm looking for but it also seems like it's going to be versatile enough to use in my jazz/funk band which will cross into some rock fusion...which I was hoping the H-575 could handle some of and I think it will. So I can see this and my ES-335 sharing duties in that band and certainly be my main straight ahead jazz guitar.
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