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Pedals, Amps, and other Gear

12 May 2016

Posted by DetroitBlues in Amplification and Effects

Maybe some of you have noticed or maybe some of you have not, I haven't been frequenting the HOC much lately. 


I also haven't been buying any gear, but purging some of it.


I've had the same pedals for nearly a year now. 


I've stopped looking at new amps.


I've stopped thinking about new pedals.


I've nearly stopped playing guitar.


I've come to realize no matter how good an amp or a pedal may sound, my ear isn't good enough to really pick out the differences between a $50 Overdrive and a $250 overdrive.  My old Boss Superchorus I bought for $40 doesn't sound better than any of the boutique Chorus pedals.


In fact, I have come to realize that I'm not good enough to really hear the difference from any the low end bargin gear to the highly priced stuff out there.


This statement includes amps, possibly pickups.


I've got some of the most iconic instruments available.


Gibson Les Paul

Fender Stratocaster

Martin Acoustic

Heritage 535


I'm good on guitars now too. 


I'll probably hang up playing for awhile, but keep these things around for when the day comes I want to play again.


Right now, I'm too tired and too busy to really worry about it.


Just saying I guess.  I feel like I'm letting down the HOC and what its all about, but there is some truth to be told here.





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What is a H535 supposed to sound like?

18 May 2016

Posted by tbonesullivan in Heritage Guitars

So, I will admit that for years now I have struggled to "understand" my H535 and the type of sound it has. Basically, I'm on the fence over whether to try swapping out the pickups, or just selling the guitar. It has the stock electronics, which are Schaller Golden 50s. Some here really don't like them in some situations, but word in most places is that they are nice pickups. Heritage used them for years and people played them for years.


So, is the problem with me? Am I expecting the wrong type of sound from an H535? The sound I get from it is somewhat woody and bright from the neck pickup. There is a lot of definition to the sound. But something is missing. I just don't get the same type of feel that I get from other guitars like my Millennium, so of course I'm focusing in on the pickups and electronics.


But, will that solve the problem? Is a semi-hollow just brighter than I think it should be? Just listening to it unplugged, it seems to have a lot more snap. Is the center block maple or mahogany? It looks very light in color to be 'hog. It's a 1998.

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NAD ... simple tube head...

04 May 2016

Posted by FredZepp in Amplification and Effects



It's a simple EL 34 design with a master volume , tone and volume.. that's it.  Supposed to be around 18 watts.. but it does get really really loud through a 4 x 12 cab.

I just picked it up and haven't spent much time , but the initial workout was quite promising. Great sustain, punch, and nice cleans.. it goes to a nice classic rock overdrive with volume pegged but not into metal territory. It does a fine job with Zeppelin tunes without any pedals needed.  Can't wait to see what happens with some boost into it.... gonna be fun.  



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