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Quick review: Quilter 101 Mini Head

21 Feb 2016

Posted by LK155 in Amplification and Effects

This is not a NewAmpDay post.  


Shane, my instructor, has been praising his new Quilter amp to the heavens recently.

Amps, plural, because he has two of them:  this 101 Mini Head, and a Mach 2 8" combo.

He let me borrow the 101 and I've been rattling the dishes with it since yesterday.

It's a tiny thing, only 8" wide, 3" high, and 6" deep; looks like this:




The sound, however, is anything BUT small.  It's rated at either 50 or 100 watts RMS depending on the 'voice' you've chosen, and I'll tell you, this little sucker packs a big punch.

I've been using it with my Vox 2x12 open-back cab (Celestion G12H 70th Anniversary speakers).

To my complete surprise, it's full and rich and crystal clear, and will get louder than you could imagine, should you be so foolish as to crank the master knob a bit too far.  At the 2 watt setting, I need to dial back the guitar's volume quite a bit to avoid getting blasted out of my chair.  It even sounds good with single coils.  Really good. With humbuckers, it's really, really good.


The controls are, um, interesting.  There are no conventional bass/mid/treble tone controls.  Instead, there's a 'TRI-Q' control, which determines whether it plays flat, with a midrange scoop, with a low-end rolloff, or somewhere between.  There's also a 'HI-CUT' control, which seems to do exactly what its name suggests.  In addition, you have five 'voices' to choose from.  I've spent most of my time in the 'FULL Q'  (allegedly the amp's baseline sound with no tone shaping) and 'SURF' (think Blackface Fender) settings.  There's also a gain control, and the amp stays clean up to about 5 on the dial, and gets downright snarly beyond that.  Thanks anyway; not my thing.  


It's a Class D switching amp (which means almost nothing to me).  Got power and projection like a big tube amp, but no tubes.


So how's it sound?

In a word, utterly amazing.  OK, that's two words. 

On the SURF voice, it easily out-blackfaces my BF Vibrolux Reverb (using the same 2x12 cab).  Gasp!  I was absolutely not prepared for it to sound better than the VR. 

On the FULL Q voice, with the TRI-Q and HI-CUT both set flat, it sounds just about identical to my Trinity Tramp, but with a great deal more headroom.  Again, using the same cab.


For $299 USD, this thing's a bargain.  That's IF you can come to grips with the tone controls, or lack thereof.  There's also a head version of the Quilter Mach 2 amp, which does have conventional tone controls as well as a lot of other stuff, and double the power (as if it needed that).  I'm inclined to try that one out next.  


And the best part?  If you take a pen and rap the top of the 101's metal case, you get an almost perfect COWBELL.  Excellent.




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Considering a 2001 H-157, but concerned about the Schalle...

Yesterday, 04:26 PM

Posted by minervadreaming in Heritage Guitars

Hello all!


I'm in the market for an H-150 or H-157, and found a black beauty H-157 for $1599 - not a bad price!  


However, after looking into the deal and at the guitar, I'm a bit concerned.  Turns out that it's a 2001 and has the Schaller pickups and tailpiece (see picture for tailpiece).


I won't be able to play this guitar before purchase.  I just played a brand new one and it took my breath away, but that was with either SD or Seth Lover pickups and the tonepros tailpiece that I believe they now use.


Any advice?

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Pickup Shoot Out

22 Feb 2017

Posted by koula901 in Amplification and Effects
ReverbNation sent this to me to day, and I thought it was pretty cool.

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