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NGD Heritage Eagle Classic Custom

29 Jul 2014

Posted by Jazz4me in Heritage Guitars

Attached File  A.jpg   97.41KB   8 downloadsAttached File  B.jpg   66.5KB   6 downloadsAttached File  DSC_4972.jpg   63.06KB   6 downloadsAttached File  DSC_4973.jpg   62.38KB   6 downloadsAttached File  DSC_4962.jpg   57.14KB   5 downloadsAfter a long time seeing various forum members doing the NGD and other Heritage related discussions, slobbering over the luscious guitar porn, and waiting patiently for my moment, it has finally arrived. It's my Heritage. The original owner bought it new in Berkley, CA in 2000, at Blue Note music, when he was taking guitar instruction at Berkley. It was a distress sale that made it possible for me. The guy has 3 kids, unemployed, wife's car broken down, hadn't played in years, needed cash, and I came to their rescue. It only required a 8 hours of driving, but what a nice guitar. Hog back, neck, sides, spruce top, ebony fretboard, grover tuners, and the neck PUP.

As soon as I got home, quickly cleaned her up, changed the 2 yr old flat wounds to some fresh TI 13 Bebops, and got what I was waiting for, and much more. The first sounds that came out my wife said sounded sweet and romantic. That was a nice start. My thoughts were warm, rich, and deep. It's a player. Can't believe I waited so long to get a Heritage guitar. Only needs a new Pick Guard which his baby son grabbed and broke one day. It's fixable, but I'm going with a black one, I think.

Oh, and on my way out the door he asked if I wanted to buy his Polytone mini brut IV that he bought new with the guitar for $200. In excellent condition. I did. Never played through one, but now I will.


What I'd like to know, is can anyone tell me what the PUP is from the pics? The only thing I can see with a dentist mirror is that it says 'neck', and the numbers '5 89 30', what ever that means? The other thing that I noticed is that it appears to be parallel braced.


Thanks for any info. Wow, I love this guitar.



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Heritage H5 Mandolin For Sale at PSP

28 Jul 2014

Posted by brentrocks in Heritage Goods: For Sale, Trade, Wanted

I just got off the phone with the owner, I put a roof on his house about 7 yrs ago.  This mando belonged to his father, who passed away about 6 yrs ago, according to the owner.  He says it was the 1st production H5...possibly the one in the picture.  He has the original bill of sale and a hard case....I think he said it was around $2700 new.  I would expect him to not sell it for less than that amount....he was told that it was worth about $5000, but I told him that price was highly unlikely.


I don't have pics yet...but it will be at PSP for a cash sale.  If it doesn't sell at PSP, I will be brokering the sale for him, so contact me. 



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For you overdrive pedal mavens....

Yesterday, 10:32 AM

Posted by duhvoodooman in Amplification and Effects

Unless you've been marooned on a desert island for the past 20 years or so, you've no doubt heard the legend (or hype, some would say) surrounding the Klon Centaur pedal. Originally introduced by builder Bill Finnegan in 1994, these overdrives have attained near mythical status, and command prices in the $1000 - $2000 range on eBay. But they're sought out and used by some of the world's most influential players, adding to their reputation...and price! You can read more about the Klon pedal HERE.


In recent years, a number of "Klone" circuits have appeared, mostly based upon a reverse-engineered schematic posted on the web by Martin Chittum in 2009. I've built a couple of these myself, and they sound quite good. Not $1500 good, but a very nice pedal that can be used as a boost, overdrive, or some of both. To my knowledge, all of these offerings have been in the form of a PCB, so you still have to source all the components and hardware yourself, and then solder and assemble it. Plenty of us effects DIY'ers have happily done just that, but this route is clearly not for everybody.


But that all changes as of this week. Buildyourownclone.com, a well-respected maker of DIY pedal kits, has just introduced their own "Klone" kit, the Silver Pony. This is available as a complete kit--just solder and assemble--and can be purchased either with an unfinished pre-drilled enclosure or a nice painted & silkscreened enclosure. BYOC owner/chief technical dude Keith Vonderhulls painstakingly compared the Chittum schematic to his own "silver era" Klon pedal and found a number of errors which he corrected in his own version of the circuit. He also auditioned a number of different germanium clipping diodes in the circuit, since he found the sound of the 1N34A diode that is commonly used for this duty to be a poor match to the tone of his Klon. But he found a certain type of Russian military surplus diode to be an excellent match and is using them in the kit. It's an interesting side note that Finnegan had long held that he had used "secret" diodes in the Klon that were a key to it's signal clipping character. Looks like the secret may be out! (Sorry for "geeking out" on you all here, but I'm seriously into this stuff!)


Anyway, "the proof is in the pudding", as they say, so check out this A/B test video that Keith posted on YouTube. If you can hear any significant difference between the Silver Pony and the original silver Klon, you've got a w-a-a-a-y-y better ear than I do.


The new Silver Pony kit goes for between $72 and $93 plus shipping, depending upon your choice of enclosure (none, predrilled, or fully finished). It is in stock and available as I type this, but I expect them to go quickly, since there is a lot of demand out there among guitarists who want the Klon sound without dropping a grand or more on eBay or $270 on Finnegan's new KTR Klon replacement. For those of you who are interested in the pedal but are not DIY'ers (though all it really takes is some decent soldering skills and the ability to follow detailed pictorial directions), I would expect Axeandyoushallreceive.com to shortly be offering pre-assembled versions of the Silver Pony for a modest upcharge. They are the "official builder" of pre-assembled BYOC kits for non-DIY'ers.


Incidentally, though I am a long-time moderator at the BYOC forums and a strong proponent of their excellent products, I do not benefit financially from any of this. Just want it to be clear that I have no other agenda here than to share information with other players who enjoy using high quality effects pedals!



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