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Lemme Tell You Something You Already Know

15 Dec 2014

Posted by laowai in Heritage Guitars

I bought this new in Brooklyn 17 years ago. For 16 years plus it has been a case queen. It lives in Shanghai with me now.


Attached File  2014-12-09_20-43-03_684resize.2.jpg   203.54KB   0 downloads


Recently, I've been playing it a lot. What a fantastic guitar, even through my modest setup, A mustang III set to a super clean twin reverb, a RAT, analog delay and MXR EQ. I can not make this guitar sound bad. I kick myself for overlooking it all these years.


Attached File  2014-12-14_16-21-39_26resize.jpg   116.58KB   0 downloads


Attached File  2014-12-14_16-23-25_321resize.jpg   137.33KB   0 downloads



Holiday greetings from the Middle Kingdom.






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Mmmarshall JMP MK II

13 Dec 2014

Posted by buzzy in Amplification and Effects
Mmmmulling some fund raising and the choice for a final item was between the PRS JA-15 or the Marshall 1987. A modded 4104 has spoiled me for convenience - I can flip a couple of switches and get either crazy good Marshall loud or immensely satisfying low volume tones. This JMP head needs to be plugged into a cab and, if I want to keep my name off of the police report, an attenuator - too much trouble. In addition, years ago, I sold the 8x10 and 4x12. I never realized how long I could put off rehousing the head and building a couple of cabs; (I have a Scumback 12" M75LDC, a couple Celestion G10S-50's and the 13 ply birch). The net, net of all this is a first world problem of playing it through the combo.
So much for the boring backstory.

I can't sell this amp. I've had it for +30 years. Sure, I have too many amps; yes, nvm 50 watts is more than I need; I even admit that I'll be too lazy to use it regularly until the cabs are built. But, I can't sell this amp.
Same story told many times. I needed to know it worked before I sold it. H157LE, curly cord, jumpered channels, volumes at 12 & 1 o'clock, attenuator at -9db and the 2 old T-100's in the combo. Mmmmmm! Chewy. Nothing else sounds like it. Nothing else feels like it. I know that the tunes in my head from my youth were probably made with Fender amps - it doesn't matter. Montrose, Foghat, Rory Gallagher, Nugent, FUN.

Blending the AlNico V staple in the middle position was surprisingly subpar. It was a muted crunch almost 'blanket over the amp' type of tone that I suppose might work well for supportive rhythms held back in the mix. I'd like to sort it out though. Can there be 'bloom' with a solid state rectifier? I swear I heard it with the staple at 10 on a low note single string turnaround and again with a similar pedal tone passage. I had never noticed it with this amp before - although I might not have been paying attention since I used to play like I was being paid per note.
The bridge P90? Hell yeah. Much better than I remembered. Raw aggression tamed by a little touch, a little knob twisting. Maybe the attenuator or the speakers took some off the top, i don't know. I had ear splitting highs when I used my Flying V & hot ceramics through the 8x10 or the 4x12. This was a bite, but a nicer bite than I remember. I got definition by backing off the volume and a thickening from 7 to 10. The articulation went away, but my oh my those power chords and that singing sustain! Marshall, Marshall, Marshall.
I got carried away; can you tell? Time to quit? Naw, time for some Blue Oyster Cult.

A much too short hour before the wife and kid arrived. I should've measured the wall voltage.

Every so many years I go through this exercise. It probably hasn't been on a stage since '93. Still, I need to reject the idea of ever letting it go. Anyone else break out an old non master volume a couple of times a year just to smell the burning dust and vibrate the walls? The phrase "youth is wasted on the young" keeps going through my head.


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New camera. Same old 535.

13 Dec 2014

Posted by High Flying Bird in Heritage Guitars

After a week of learning the new camera, a Fuji X100T, I found myself comfortable enough to do some serious photos tonight.  I set up a tripod and took these in manual mode with a tripod. 


This little camera is a serious tool.  Like I said in another post if you want to check out this camera next summer in Kzoo I will be glad to accommodate. 


Full gallery here:










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