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    NGD H-162

    hobokenheritage - Today, 04:18 PM

    I just bought the white one that was also on reverb: https://reverb.com/item/3315307-heritag...

  • hobokenheritagePhoto

    hobokenheritage - Today, 04:07 PM

    I use an evaporative console humidifier like the following: http://www.sears.com/kenmore-hum...

  • KuzPhoto

    Kuz - Today, 02:41 PM

     All it takes is for one of your precious guitars to develop a split top (yes, I've seen one...

  • TalismanRichPhoto

    TalismanRich - Today, 02:00 PM

     I know many who don't do any humidifying at all and they never seem to have any problems......

  • pressurePhoto

    pressure - Today, 01:57 PM

    I never humidify and have been leaving Heritage Johnny Smith guitars out of their cases, arms dis...

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NGD H-162

29 Nov 2016

Posted by rwinking in Heritage Guitars

So I scored this one:




for quite a bit less than asking price. I have a Stat and this is a lot different. It is so 80s looking and feeling....really light and a fender-ish neck. It has a nice ring to it acoustically and the Schallers aren't too bad. I have some new pick ups coming which should put it over the top. I am about three years into the Heritage stuff and I have yet to be disappointed. As a matter of fact, I am blown away by every one of my Heritages. It is like Heritage has given me the ability to own all of the classic guitars I've always wanted for a fraction of the price. This one feels and looks like some kind of 80s classic. At some point in the near future I will make some clips of each guitar doing what it does best.

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Yesterday, 01:58 AM

Posted by Heritage1970 in Heritage Guitars

Hey everyone!

I apologize, up front, as I guess this isn't immediately to do with Heritage, well..sort of..but- just wondering- with the cold weather moving in and all- curious what everyone uses for humidifiers and on what? I use Oasis- I know they wear out every few years, but they're worth it to replace IMO. Very easy to use and to tell when they need to be refilled. I use them in my Acoustics only (primarily Martin's) - I have never used humidifiers in solid body guitars. Anything like a H-150 I have found to be fine through the Winter. I know it varies depending on where you live. I'm in Chicago. But- wondering too- does anyone with a hollow body guitar ever find a need to use them? Have never had hollow bodies, but have my eye on a couple, so wondering about the whole humidifier thing. I always use them in my acoustics, but not solid bodies- so- wondering what everyone's take is on hollow bodies and what they are using? Thanks everyone for all answers in advance! - Todd

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JL Fulks new Heritage 535

Today, 12:03 PM

Posted by monabassanova in Heritage Guitars

posting error, please delete. 

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