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  1. RJLII

    Help with a member photo

    I looked in the Gallery and I'm pretty sure this is the one. Gorgeous!
  2. RJLII

    Help with a member photo

    This might be it. Did you have Ren fit it with some new knobs at a PSP?
  3. RJLII

    Help with a member photo

    Nope, that's not it. I'll look at some old PSP posts and see if I can find it.
  4. Greetings all - We have a member whose name escapes me with an archtop (575 I think) that is natural with cream plastics and gold hardware. It is the classiest look I’ve ever seen. I was checking it out at a PSP a couple years ago. I’ve seen photos in the gallery but can’t find them. Point me the right direction? - Rob
  5. RJLII

    10 Most Iconic Guitar Amps

    I guess it depends on what “iconic” means to you. My list would have been different. Blackface Deluxe Reverb, Marshall Bluesbreaker combo, Fender Harvard would have been included. Peavey 5150 and Roland Jazz Chorus would not. No staying power. Where is Dumble?
  6. RJLII

    Tube Swapping!

    What impact did it have on the high end? I tried a similar approach on a Blues Deville with an on/off switch for a volume control. It tamed the volume issues but I lost all the sparkle. I wound up changing it back. A volume pot with a different taper would have been a better move, but these were soldered to the PCB and not very practical for user servicing.
  7. RJLII

    A 535 3 PIECE

    I was watching a Pete Thorn video a while back and he was talking about a thinline semi he has that had a headstock break. After the repair the guitar was magical. I thought long and hard about this in the context of the Brentster. I conclude that if the repair is executed properly and the guitar does indeed become magical, he will become a great player with no more than six or eight lessons as opposed to the several hundred he used to claim it would take. I like his odds. Just saying.
  8. RJLII

    A 535 3 PIECE

    Tight bond 1 is the right call. Not as much open time as Tightbond 2 but you don’t need it. Glad to hear you scraped off the old glue. This could wind up being a great player grade guitar. The kind of thing you take to barn jams where adult refreshments might be served.
  9. RJLII

    Time to start a flame war!

    All of mine are pretty plain. Here's a homebrew I made that has some subtle flame: And a pickguard I made that adds interest to an otherwise plain Strat
  10. I played all the videos at the same time and it sounded like the last time I was at Guitar Center.
  11. Yup. I’ve been lusting after R7 goldtops for years. If I need ‘buckers my R8 will have to do.
  12. Looks like the hang tag says $125,000. Nice, but not that nice. I can get similar tones with my R6 through my Victoria Regal II.
  13. RJLII

    Change at Heritage Guitar

    Must post photos!
  14. RJLII

    RJLII - Tone Toys

    Adult Playthings
  15. RJLII

    Special Invitation To New Members

    OK, I'll take my turn.............. I'm Rob. My friends call me Rob. Originally from Michigan but now South of the border (IN) I have a guitar habit (better than a crack habit) Favorite Heritage - My '94 H550 My Arsenal 90's Danelectro '56 U2 Reissue '97 American Standard Telecaster :'( (Stolen 3/20/09) '90 American Standard Stratocaster :'( (Stolen 3/20/09) '91 Les Paul 40th Anniversary :'( (Stolen 3/20/09) '06 Les Paul '58 Reissue '08 ES335 Figured Top '94 Heritage H550 '83 RJL Special Electric (Senior Project in College) Still kicks ass after over 25 years. '82 Fender F210 Acoustic '80ish Yamaha Classical '65 Blackface Deluxe Reverb Reissue '94 Tweed Blues Deville 4x10 '90 Carvin X-60 80's Pignose Spent 14 years in Kalamazoo starting with college. Degree in Industrial Design. Visited 225 Parsons Street in 1981 and had an epiphany. Wanted to design and build guitars. Made a bitchin' electric as my Senior Design Project (Belated thanks to Tim Shaw at Gibson for the advice). Wound up designing and building other stuff to finance the necessities of life (eating, living indoors, and guitars). No complaints (who'd listen?)