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  1. Change at Heritage Guitar

    Must post photos!
  2. How FAT Is Fat?

    The 357 that Brent used to have (I think he sold it to Big Bob) had a bat for a neck. Just about perfect in my book.
  3. Best amp ever

    That's a great combination. I played one of those for years. It liked my H-550
  4. Best amp ever

    If we're talking "wishing on a star" amps. I'd like a Two Rock. When I saw Matt Schofield he absolutely killed on one. Then I saw this:
  5. Best amp ever

    I’ve been digging my Victoria Regal II lately. The whole tube swap flexibility angle is lots of fun. With a pair of old 6V6 it sounds like a huge 5e3. With a pair of 5881 it’s all Hollywood Fats. A fun amp to be sure.
  6. Delay suggestions?

    I used to have a Carbon Copy. I'm told it's a great pedal. I could never get the hand of it and sold it to a fellow HOC member.
  7. Some very disturbing news from 225

    I'm not trying to discount what they were doing, or their commitment to what they were doing. How many were capable of making a guitar from scratch? The reality is that they were factory workers. They worked in a guitar factory. Their factory made a sexy product and there is a fair bit of status and prestige that comes with that, but it's basically a wood shop. They had a special set of skills that they learned or refined on the job. Hopefully most of these skills are transferable elsewhere. I'm hopeful that whether you're making world class guitars or bars of soap that you take pride in what you do and try to be the best (insert role here) that you can be. I'm rooting for these folks.
  8. Some very disturbing news from 225

    https://www.bls.gov/eag/eag.in_elkhart_msa.htm#eag_in_elkhart_msa.f.2 2.1% as of 12/17. See link. Jobs in 20 minutes are mostly factory work. Material Handling, assembly, fabrication, welding, maintenance, custodial, etc. Usually $12-$18/hr to start unless you have zero skills. All the restaurants, pizza shops, burger joints, etc. are hiring too. We just had a new restaurant close shortly after opening because they couldn't find workers. There are a number of wood products companies down here that serve the RV, MH, and furniture industries. There are no guitars companies other than a couple one man shops. How many that were let go from Heritage were luthiers anyway? https://www.bls.gov/eag/eag.in_elkhart_msa.htm#eag_in_elkhart_msa.f.2
  9. Some very disturbing news from 225

    I'm taking a wait and see approach. I'm hopeful I can order a custom Heritage when I turn 60. They have a few years to get it together. I've been through company restructuring activities before and have been around long enough to know they often work for the best. Yes, they're always disruptive. The last time it happened to me (2009) unemployment was 20% in my area and I was overqualified for 100% of the available jobs. I managed. Those that were released at Heritage will manage. At least they have a booming economy. Where I live (60 miles South of Kalamazoo), unemployment is under 2% now and anyone that wants a job can have one in 20 minutes (seriously). All the factories down here pay much better than Heritage too. Will the company survive? Probably. Will it ever be the same? Probably not. Is that a bad thing? Time will tell.
  10. Doyle Bramhall

    Doyle with an H-535 on the Two Rock amps website.
  11. RIP, Carvin Audio and Amplifiers

    The only Carvin amp I ever had (X60 combo) was also the worst amp I ever had. That said, it's sad to see them close. They made a number of products that were good quality and a great value. I always wanted to try one of their Nomad or Belaire tweeds.
  12. RJLII - Tone Toys

    Adult Playthings
  13. Special Invitation To New Members

    OK, I'll take my turn.............. I'm Rob. My friends call me Rob. Originally from Michigan but now South of the border (IN) I have a guitar habit (better than a crack habit) Favorite Heritage - My '94 H550 My Arsenal 90's Danelectro '56 U2 Reissue '97 American Standard Telecaster :'( (Stolen 3/20/09) '90 American Standard Stratocaster :'( (Stolen 3/20/09) '91 Les Paul 40th Anniversary :'( (Stolen 3/20/09) '06 Les Paul '58 Reissue '08 ES335 Figured Top '94 Heritage H550 '83 RJL Special Electric (Senior Project in College) Still kicks ass after over 25 years. '82 Fender F210 Acoustic '80ish Yamaha Classical '65 Blackface Deluxe Reverb Reissue '94 Tweed Blues Deville 4x10 '90 Carvin X-60 80's Pignose Spent 14 years in Kalamazoo starting with college. Degree in Industrial Design. Visited 225 Parsons Street in 1981 and had an epiphany. Wanted to design and build guitars. Made a bitchin' electric as my Senior Design Project (Belated thanks to Tim Shaw at Gibson for the advice). Wound up designing and building other stuff to finance the necessities of life (eating, living indoors, and guitars). No complaints (who'd listen?)