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  1. I get why people like a top-wrap. I also get why we don't want strings bent tightly behind the bridge. Raising the tailpiece a bit can remedy that. I don't like the top-wrap because it's more comfortable for me the other way. I also don't know of anyone having any bridge problem because of not top-wrapping. If it is better, why don't they top-wrap new guitars before sending them out? Why did they sell guitars with the tailpieces that couldn't be top-wrapped? With all due respect to Ren, how much does it REALLY matter?
  2. I compared my favorite Les Paul custom shop '57 GT RI to my standard Heritage 150 with ThroBak SLE 101s. I traded the gold top for a 535. Win/win.
  3. Yes, weaving sonic tapestries through aural landscapes of vibratory waves make it all worthwhile.
  4. "I'm just a performer, I don't know anything about circuits." Almost all electric guitars and amps sound the same to most people. Shapes and colors are more easily noticed. But no two people sound the same...vocally or instrumentally. Individual human physical, neurological, and biochemical/electrical interface with the guitar and amp produce "tone". (P-90s are particularly resonant to my auditory pathway and neurobiology.) Or: "The player, the player, and the player." Or: "Tone is in the fingers".
  5. The more I look, the more I like this. I'm still up for adoption, dude.
  6. Churchill is credited with saying “Never let a good crisis go to waste”. Sorry our ally was not your kind of guy. Just sayin'.
  7. I'm officially up for adoption, dude. Will even play some Phil Lesh style bass.
  8. That looks just like the one I lost around there. Thanks.
  9. Good for you, Brent! And I'm sure the PRS sounded OK...(My guilty pleasure, too.)
  10. You add flame to that grain with Ronson fluid and a lighter, ala Jimi at Monterey. Not that I would suggest it for that sweet Tele.
  11. OK. Fair is fair. My other favorite amp:
  12. "I put 9s' on my 25.5" scale guitars, and 10s' on 24.75 & 25" scale guitars." +1 Lighter strings break more easily, so that would be a benefit for heavier ones. Carlos uses 9.5s.
  13. Yes, that's why we're all here. Welcome to the "addiction support group".
  14. Welcome, Paolo. It took a while for me to learn ASB and ALSB were Antique Sunburst and Almond Sunburst.
  15. Thanks, Steiner. Having married a troll and lived "Down Below" for some time now, i can almost blend in....except if there's PBR and pastys (not the strippers kind) being served. I'd be first in line.
  16. Greetings all. Dave from Michigan here. I'm a native to the beautiful maple hardwoods of Michigan's Upper Peninsula. I believe Gibson and Heritage may have used some maple from that region. Like PrairieDude, I'm hopeful of becoming a Heritage owner. I posted a Gibson ES 347 for trade in the Non-Heritage section. I imagine I'll need to sell it to buy a Heritage, since a trade is unlikely.
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