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  1. I think they'd LIKE it if I had heavy boots and layers under a large overcoat. It makes it easier for them to say, "You need to watch your weight".
  2. Bathroom scales are best for simply indicating weight loss or gain. It's that damn scale in the doctor's office that will matter.
  3. Too bad they couldn't find a jazz guy to demo those guitars. And what's with the flashing red numbers?
  4. A crown jewel in the H-150 line.
  5. Wonderful! If you want to really learn how to play the guitar, learn some standards. You don't have to be Joe Pass to make beautiful music.
  6. Dibs on your current 525 when you get your new one.
  7. Yes. Stock Schaller pickups.
  8. I was lucky to play Rhoads Scholar's American Eagle. Beautiful sound, even unplugged. I miss him.
  9. A stunning beauty. Congrats on that sweet Kalamazoo masterpiece.
  10. I've heard that about the hemp speaker. Thanks for the comparison notes. A Princeton is next on my list.
  11. Daniel, that's a nice catchy little twangy "Surf-Funk meets Dire Straits" vibe. Thanks. I keep telling myself I don't need a Princeton because I have a 5f1, 5e3, Champ II, and DR. But it's the missing link. They all like my Klone, Timmy and Kalamazoo.
  12. Curious how the sound of a Princeton 12" compares to a Deluxe Reverb.
  13. Good choice. I have a Weber 12A125 in my 5E3. My '73 Silverface DR has a '67 Jensen C12P.
  14. Not to mention they're intelligent and have very good taste in men. Yooper musicians are a special prize.
  15. No. Just a Yooper in exile, married to a nice troll from Ann Arbor. My bumper sticker says, "My heart is in da UP, but my ass is stuck here".
  16. The people we play for are serious music fans. Several bands will be playing there as well, so a lot of musicians will be there and even a club owner or two. Since our lead singer left, we had to drop the country tunes.
  17. Sadly its not up in da UP. It's by the Muskegon River at a large private party. The band is called Karmic Haze. We play a bit of blues, classic rock, Grateful Dead, Coltrane and Sun Ra, to give you an idea of how far into group improv we go.
  18. I had one of those of those handy little guys too. I replaced it with an '83 Champ II. That little monster handled some sessions so well I was asked to turn down. I like my Mustang III v. 2 for the array of sounds, and for a back up. For recording I like my Silverface DR and 5E3. I'm using the 5E3 with my H-535 for an upcoming gig since I used it for all the practice sessions. A sweet combo for classic rock mixed with some fusion with fun feedback.
  19. OK. Different guitars and pickups don't sound the same. I like the '57 un-potted LP sound, as in "While My Guitar Gently Weeps" and Robben Ford's Soul on Ten. My '57 Goldtop RI was very close to that sound. Then I put Throbak SLE 101s in my H150. It is exactly the LP sound I want. Besides the one with P-90s, of course.
  20. OK. This thread presents an interesting case. It is indeed far from open and shut. In fact, it's wide open for interpretation, and questions. I'm afraid there seems to be no silver lining here. Could this be little more than an empty promise? Or does nature abhor a vacuum? Watch this space, just in case.
  21. So I scrolled to the photos first...
  22. Unless you're a jazz guy, or even if you are, the 535 is the more versatile tool for the job. Guitar maestro John Scofield plays his semi-hollow for everything from jazz with the legends, and rock with Govt. Mule, to country. Yes, he has a country music album, or at least an album of country tunes jazzed up. Country for Old Men.
  23. For some reason, no matter how much checking and dings appear on my guitars, I'm still far more reliced.
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