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  1. Well . THAT'S a great end to this story.. Who would have thought that someone would just send an '87 Heritage to you. Those old Stats are quite enjoyable and they rock. That was very generous Uwe, well done.
  2. Great looking burst on that one. The H140 is a great playing guitar. Also... I'd experiment with pickup height and polepiece adjustment before changing pickups. But I think the JB is a hotter pickup, so that may be a factor.
  3. Ha.. you beat me to it. I was going to scan the photos etc ,but hadn't gotten around to it. Cool to see Will have a presence in Vintage Guitar with his exceptional collection of Heritages. Also, a couple of Heritage values listed in their Price Guide section updates in this issue.. 2000 Heritage Eagle at $1.700- $2,200 2019 Heritage H-137 TV yellow at $1,050 - $1,350 2018 Heritage H-150CM flamed at $1,400 - $1,800 2015 Heritage H-516 thin at $1,500 - $1,950 2019 Heritage H-535 at $1,550 - $2,000
  4. The story of Les Paul sending his 3 performing guitars to Ren.. and the photo... was pretty cool.
  5. Here is another interview with the legendary Ren Wall by Kalamazoo Lively Arts. He shows some photos and tells us of some of his experiences, including some with Rem Wall , his father.
  6. https://guitar.com/news/Gibbons-and-heritage-clash-over-redacted-court-filing/ <<<<<<LINK an excerpt from the article..... According to this latest filing, which is dated 25 March 2020, after the original suit was filed, Heritage approached Gibbons to request that the original document be released without the redactions – the law dictates that both parties must agree before this could happen. Heritage thereafter asked Gibbons if it would consent to filing of an unredacted version of the Complaint. Gibbons refused without explanation. As a result, Heritage is forced to bring this motion seeking the Court’s permission either to file the Complaint in unredacted form, or alternatively to file an unredacted version of the Complaint under seal.” While it’s unclear what Gibbons objected to about the documents being released unmodified, without their consent, Heritage decided to appeal to the court to allow them to release the documents, or have Gibbons explain why they wanted them to remain redacted. “As the party who wishes to have information kept from public view, Gibbons bears the burden of justifying the need for such secrecy,” claims the Heritage complaint. Advertisement
  7. Very nice and calming to busy minds. Nice layers that go beyond just straight guitars. I have to admit I didn't recognize the song for a while and that was good. It just kept building . I enjoyed it and the effect it has ... it was a nice journey to a good place.
  8. I can't say that I remember hearing a live version of this tune before... it's very nice. Or should I say.. it's groovy, man. Looks like a 535 to me.
  9. Heritage hit it out of the ballpark with these Dirty Lemon H-150s. A beautifully designed and crafted instrument. If I had any space for more guitars.. it would be one of these. ... or maybe a 137... Congrats on the NGD !
  10. The Heritage Prospect was introduced in 1991..
  11. A headline about Heritage that we would not have guessed we'd see... EXCLUSIVE: GIBSON SUED BY HERITAGE OVER FRESH TRADEMARK THREATS
  12. statement from Heritage...
  13. Excerpts from the Guitar.com article... Guitar.com article Heritage sues Gibson Heritage Guitars has launched legal action against Gibson Brands, becoming the latest US guitar company to reveal that they have been threatened with legal action over alleged trademark infringement since Gibson came under new ownership in 2018. Guitar.com has obtained a redacted legal document filed on 13 March 2020 in the US District Court for the Western District of Michigan Southern Division, which details a previously confidential agreement reached between the two companies in August 1991, effectively giving Heritage Gibson’s blessing to continue making its guitars. The filing seeks “declaratory and injunctive relief” to prevent Gibson from making further legal threats against the brand. Heritage – which has operated out of Gibson’s original factory at 225 Parsons St in Kalamazoo, Michigan since it was founded by former employees in 1985 – claims that shortly after the company began making guitars, the two companies clashed in both federal and trademark court over the look of its instruments. In 1991 that litigation was resolved with a confidential agreement that meant that, according to Heritage’s filing, “For the ensuing 29 years, Heritage and Gibson went their separate ways, each selling its own well-known guitars into the market, with no problems or issues.” However, when Gibson was sold to hedge fund Kohlberg Kravis Roberts (KKR) following its bankruptcy in 2018 – installing a new leadership team led by former Levi’s CEO JC Curleigh at the top of the brand – Heritage’s suit claims that this long “peace” between the two was broken. In the legal filing, Heritage alleges that Gibson’s attitude to Heritage changed following the arrival of new ownership, stating, “Now Gibson, via KKR, seeks to undo the resolution achieved in 1991 and followed by both parties for 29 years, by claiming phantom breaches of the 1991 settlement by Heritage. “In February 2019, shortly after KKR took over Gibson, Gibson wrote to Heritage and essentially claimed that Heritage had been violating the Settlement Agreement for decades. Gibson demanded that Heritage essentially cease its business as the only solution that Gibson would accept.” “None of Gibson’s evolving legal theories have merit,” the filing reads. “Heritage remains, and has always been, in full compliance with the Settlement Agreement. Nevertheless, to resolve the uncertainty created by Gibson’s threats and allegations, Heritage has been left with no choice but to file this action.”
  14. OMG !! That is amazing. It's a lengthy interview and covers an amazing cornucopia of topics. Gibson Modernes , PLEK machines, the variety of jobs Ren had at Gibson and Heritage, HRW pickups, etc.. etc.. Those that have had the pleasure of spending any time with Ren have always said that we need a book of all of his stories... he never runs out of amazing tales. It's so good to see some of his legacy put into print. .. 5 stars for this one... thanks.
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