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  1. It's a humming eagle.. rare breed.
  2. Dig it.. Played a couple of these and liked it's un-Strat like attitude. Made to rock..
  3. I was under the impression that the work inside the old plant ended up being more extensive than anticipated. I don't know that anyone has been through that building recently....
  4. Oh, that seems likely to some degree. Jim, Marv, Floyd, Teddy etc would have been in the plant, ( I don't think Bill or Ren would be hands on involved)
  5. Yeah... I agree that it would be a nice addition to their upcoming museum at Parsons Street. .... they spent a long amount of time gathering the individual parts to make this . A long time back, I was talking with Pete about it... he said..... "I was notorious for hoarding wood.Necks,tops,backs,fingerboards,etc..That guitar is a 1% guitar.Most of it came from my stash.The top is Michigan maple,Larry insisted. Inlays, I picked from 100s,the best. Every detail is top of the line.We put a lot of extra care into that guitar.The inside of your guitar,is nicer than most outsides. "
  6. Yeah... I really dig my Quilter combo... amazing features and sound. And as Josh recommended , it sounds great into a 4x12 cab also... really full. But I have a bunch of awesome tube amps that I'd never get rid of and a couple of hybrid amps that can dial in a good tone also. I like the lighted face and small size of the Quilter, but it has so many different sound possibilities it takes a bit of thought to dial it in. The master volume tube amps are just second nature to dial in to that warm overdriven tone.
  7. Excellent ! That was really enjoyable and sounds ( and looks) like the audience really dug it too ! Tight , fun and great sound.
  8. And a Fantastic New Year to you, Chico ! It's good to see you post. I got great details of the making of this guitar from Larry Perkins and Pete Farmer... a great guitar with some great stories of it's creation. Thanks all for the kind comments.....
  9. For playing on a regular basis, I think I'd pick the Sweet 16 over the big archtop. Lately I've been enjoying the L-48 from 1950 , I picked up in Kzoo. I did change out the flatwounds on that one.
  10. ha... yeah, Pete talks about how they went through every piece of ebony at the plant and every piece of of abalone that they could get their hands on. The neck was one Pete was holding back for something special. And the wood on the back is insane.... I tend to pull out this guitar on holidays ..... seems right to grab this for a special occasion.
  11. Yes... I was playing this around midnight. It could use a new set of strings , but always a delight to play and hear that big 18" archtop. I don't know if I could do my Townsend windmill's if it had a pickguard.... actually it's nice to show the wood and this thing don't need no more bling.
  12. Thanks. Pete also signed the certificate for this ... as he was very involved in creating this with Larry Perkins. He's got great stories of the process.
  13. The Centurion was designed and created to be the final instrument out of the historic Parsons Street Plant in the 20th Century. New Years Day seems like a good time to post some pics. So it's now reached 20 years old. Here's a few new pics...
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