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  1. Over 10 lbs should not be common in current H-150's , I would think. And the Gibby Custom Shop was about 8 lbs.. light weight ,even for one of those..
  2. If Heritage was interested in a race to the bottom , pricewise, they would abandon the time consuming techniques that they've always used. The hand rolled neck, the hand shaped arch to a solidbody and many others done by hand could be more automated. But they have yet to show an interest in changing to a cost effective model and many here agree with that decision. We've seen several companies have success in building high quality versions of Gibson and Fender guitars, because a true race to the bottom ends with Asian made instruments being lower cost than US made. It comes to appealing to one of the many changing markets for quality instruments, and they look to be on the right track. We've known from the start that Heritage Guitars of Kalamazoo are not the same as production Gibsons or any other large production brand. They offer something unique and .. inspired.
  3. Best Wishes to Ren ( and all of the original owners) ... a national treasure. It's good to hear an update... hope you had a great day visiting Parsons Street, Paul.
  4. The future of Heritage Guitar is brighter than anything that could have been predicted. Who would have guessed that the company would survive the original owners retirement? And now with the amazing stuff coming out of the Custom Shop and the consistency now in the new Heritages coming off of the line. It's an amazing feat has taken place to the little company that should not have survived all of these years. And instead of that historic building just falling into ruin, it will get some much needed attention. No one would have believed it if you'd predicted it. A museum .. yes please. Rooftop bier garden .. oh yes. It'll take some time.. but Heritage Guitar is still alive and well, after many close calls on it's survival.
  5. Have you experimented with pickup height and pole piece height? That's the first thing I'd do. BTW .. that is a stunning Heritage. Congrats on finding that one!
  6. SWEET ! Flametop 157 with gibby cut, nice weight and fast 60s neck... Very nice. Another great find, Brent.
  7. Nice one !!! Check the label in the control cavity for any info there also.
  8. • THE BOTTOM LINE If you desire a single-cutaway solidbody that oozes vintage Kalamazoo mojo and don’t want to drop six figures, the Heritage Standard H-150 delivers the same thrills for a lot less bills
  9. And it's always a good idea to open the control cavity and check the label inside for details.
  10. When I got my first H-150.. I loved the pickups in it (still do). I didn't bother to check out what they are for a long time, because they worked well in that guitar. Eventually I pulled them and found a Seth Lover at the neck and a Burstbucker one (under wound Burstbucker) at the bridge. When it works , it works. No problem that one is a Gibby.
  11. That is a stunning Heritage.. Congrats!
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