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  1. This one? I remember that one having a couple of different names.
  2. This is great news... welcome back Katie!!
  3. Ha, it's so cool to see you all having a good time there... and the ribs etc... that's an added plus.
  4. I don't know if this qualifies as an anniversary model, it's more of a commemorative model ... but, as the certificate says.... "This instrument, #P00804, is the only copy of this design ever built, and it is the very last instrument built at 225 Parsons Street in the 20th century. " " The Heritage Eagle Centurion is a fitting tribute to the history and influence that this location represents, and a marvelous example of the Heritage commitment to quality."
  5. On one of the tours , I remember Jim Deurloo pointing out a 23rd Anniversary model with a bit of pride. It represented the rebirth of Heritage, I believe. As they moved past challenges and kept the Heritage of Kalamazoo going.. I'm a big fan of the hollow trap inlays and the signature inlays on the other anniversary models.
  6. I think this is the serial number on the one Ren was holding at the plant....
  7. Maudie Moore ? She is certainly part of the history of Parsons Street. She did the inlay on the Heritage Centurion... I love that the center of the flower has Maudie Moore's initials in it. MM
  8. Definitely an H-140 ( first edition) and with some great inlays. JP Moats may have played a part in the design of this instrument. He was one of the original owners and liked lots of bling. Have you taken off the cover on the large control cavity on the back... it may have a label that tells us more... Love the look of this one... Can we see the serial number and if there is a label?
  9. The Heritage H-150 was introduced in 1988.. The only solidbody that they made in 1984 (pre-production) was an H-140. And the few of those that we've seen were a mahogany top. Yes , some photos would help....
  10. The Great and Powerful Oz saves the day again !! I was just noticing the dates on the posts when I saw this post. The beloved Heritage Owners Club is back online and many , many thanks from those that hold it in the highest esteem... !!
  11. Great looking burst on that one. The H140 is a great playing guitar. Also... I'd experiment with pickup height and polepiece adjustment before changing pickups. But I think the JB is a hotter pickup, so that may be a factor.
  12. Ha.. you beat me to it. I was going to scan the photos etc ,but hadn't gotten around to it. Cool to see Will have a presence in Vintage Guitar with his exceptional collection of Heritages. Also, a couple of Heritage values listed in their Price Guide section updates in this issue.. 2000 Heritage Eagle at $1.700- $2,200 2019 Heritage H-137 TV yellow at $1,050 - $1,350 2018 Heritage H-150CM flamed at $1,400 - $1,800 2015 Heritage H-516 thin at $1,500 - $1,950 2019 Heritage H-535 at $1,550 - $2,000
  13. The story of Les Paul sending his 3 performing guitars to Ren.. and the photo... was pretty cool.
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