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  1. That's really a great looking 150. And yes, Heritage is really putting out some stellar stuff right now..!! I love the vintage guitar look of the Dirty Lemon Heritaqes.
  2. Here's an unusual one. Marv , in the prototype room, with a Heritage Trini Lopez....
  3. Ha.. that's a blast. I had drink coasters, vinyl posters, calendars and a small hard cover book made. Didn't make many of them.... but I thought that they were cool.
  4. I've been into vintage instruments since the late 70's. It always was a treat when someone would pull out an instrument that had some years and miles on it. Particularly those fine guitars from Kalamazoo. But the vintage guitar market has taken many of these to astronomical prices, particularly those sweet old Les Paul models that I love. So the Artisan Aged Heritages really appeal to me. They are not beat up or fake looking.. just aged to give the feel of a guitar that wasn't just made yesterday. And by adding the knowledge and expertise of Edwin Wilson , they've really taken Heritage to the next level for me. A version of the unobtainable vintage instruments that are still crafted at Parsons Street, I'm a fan. Most of my favorite Heritages are the ones that have some years on them too.
  5. Perfect comment.. the last instrument to come out of 225 Parsons in the 20th century.
  6. This Golden Eagle custom made by Heritage for Prince would probably sell for a few bucks....
  7. With standard wiring it would be the red circle... but it appears that this was originally wired with a VIP (Variable Inverted Phase) system which is more complex. This chart is how a right handed VIP works.
  8. Jimmy borrowed the J-200 from Mickie Most for a few tunes, he really liked that guitar. But the Sovereign was his .. the tunes were written on the Sovereign, it was used at the shows and it's big claim to fame is that it's the Stairway to Heaven guitar. He used it on recordings on Zep III and Zep IV. The Les Paul Custom was Jimmy's guitar on a lot of his early session work and for live shows to some degree. It's the Whole Lotta Love guitar. Interesting, while the Telecaster was Jimmy's main electric on Zep I, he did borrow another electric for one tune.... an original Flying V. He said it was a real beast of a guitar and used it on You Shook Me . It's fun to picture Jimmy rocking a Flying V when you listen to that tune. It is a powerful guitar on that tune.
  9. That Chase Depot pic has always been a classic, Ron. The slim neck ( and Phat Cats) would make your old 357 especially appealing to me.. and it looks killer.
  10. It can be tricky to photograph flames through a Trans Red finish.. but this pic shows it pretty well...
  11. Love these ghost builds... and the D'Angelico's. Someone had posted the Synchromatic with serial ... M-7 before.
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