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  1. How cool that is ! Ten minutes of Saturday picking at PSP, a nice find.
  2. That's a great looking top on that one .. Michigan flamed maple at it's finest.
  3. The H-140 second generation is a rarely seen Heritage. It has the shape of the H-150, but is not quite as thick and has dot inlays. There are a few old H-150 models that have the dot inlays also.. best to check the tag inside the control cavity .
  4. Very Nice !! Some tasty specs on that one... looks great.
  5. Vintage Orange looks great.... The flamed rim is sweet.
  6. Ah... nice to see that that one found a good home. A really nice Heritage with a little something extra.. reminds me of a Roy Clark model of course.
  7. If anything, it's certainly the largest of Heritage Hot Rods... ha.. But , of course, it's my 150s/157 that really get played the most.
  8. So this is a Hot Rod Super 400 or Super Eagle.. Crafted by Heritage to be the last instrument out of Parsons Street in the 20th century. Some phone pics reduced to low res..
  9. The Harmony models from Parsons Street are the only ones using a CNC machine. None of the Heritage guitars are. The Heritage models are still more handmade than Custom Shop Gibby's.
  10. Yes... a Heritage H-150 with a round switchplate is a unicorn instrument.. ha.
  11. They did post this H-157 on the Heritage Guitar facebook page on June 19, 2019... "At the Heritage Custom Shop, you get to imagine your own masterpiece. Like this stunning Trans Blue H-157. Own a one-of-a-kind instrument impeccably crafted by our master builders by getting in touch with us here: https://heritageguitars.com/pages/create-your-own"
  12. Wonderful to see... it's the cat's meow !
  13. Over 10 lbs should not be common in current H-150's , I would think. And the Gibby Custom Shop was about 8 lbs.. light weight ,even for one of those..
  14. If Heritage was interested in a race to the bottom , pricewise, they would abandon the time consuming techniques that they've always used. The hand rolled neck, the hand shaped arch to a solidbody and many others done by hand could be more automated. But they have yet to show an interest in changing to a cost effective model and many here agree with that decision. We've seen several companies have success in building high quality versions of Gibson and Fender guitars, because a true race to the bottom ends with Asian made instruments being lower cost than US made. It comes to appealing to one of the many changing markets for quality instruments, and they look to be on the right track. We've known from the start that Heritage Guitars of Kalamazoo are not the same as production Gibsons or any other large production brand. They offer something unique and .. inspired.
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