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  1. That H-550 in Trans Black is available for sale for $6,999...
  2. The Heritage Eagle Classic L-R: Standard Eagle Classic in Original Sunburst, Standard H-575 in Original Sunburst, Custom Shop Winter NAMM 2020 H-550 in Trans Black.
  3. A nice piece of work from Heritage Custom Shop....
  4. Marv talks about hand writing serial numbers.... ( and dig the Seafoam Green H-150 )
  5. FredZepp


    '92 H-150 CM Flametop ASB '00 H-150 CM Classic VSB '89 H-140 CM Trans Red '94 H-157 Tuxedo '99 Eagle Centurion
  6. That Ted McCarty article is a winner. Ha.. and this quote about Mary Ford... I had to look that one up. pulchritudinous = beautiful ...
  7. At the early and mid stages of Heritage , they were open to customizing standard models. It was not like the big manufacturers. That 140 has the banana headstock and it looks like it had a Kahler or something where that question mark is. Or here is a 140 with trap inlays.. or a 150 with banana headstock and lipstick pickups.. ha
  8. Yes, a Dunlop straplock.. probably an old version
  9. Here's a few old time Heritages...
  10. I really dig these old and unusual Heritages. A piece of Parsons Street history .... Great job in getting it fine tuned, Brent.
  11. According to the serial number, this was the first guitar made on Thursday, July 14,2005.
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