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  1. I just remember the big smile she had on her face after getting that mandolin that I believe her father may have helped make back in the day. One of my favorite photos I've taken at any PSP event.
  2. That's a beauty! Welcome, Dave. I have a 535 from 2002 in Antique Natural. I think the knobs, bridge/tailpiece and pickups are more typical on mine of what their "standard" models were - mine does have the VIP pickup switching option (2 additional toggle switches).
  3. Doug

    Doug - 2002 Heritage 535 Custom

    2002 535 Antique Natural with Double VIP My First Heritage. Shot these photos in my front yard.
  4. Thanks. It was a blast for sure. A pretty loose affair.
  5. Here are a few more... I apologize for the sketchy quality.
  6. This time we were lucky enough to have Aaron playing with us - he drove up, basically from Huntington WV. He arrived just in time to help us set up on the KIA stage. We had hoped to play a couple songs at the soundcheck to dial in the sound and get reacquainted, but no dice. The powers that be rushed down the stairs when we started to play and said we had to stop playing because they were able to hear us while they were talking on the phone. Oh well, so much for that - we just decided that we'd just have a quick beer to calm the nerves and hit the stage when it was time to start. We were prett
  7. We got together on Friday and Saturday nights to practice for our upcoming gig. Aaron, our long lost lead guitarist extraordinaire lives in West Virginia. so he wanted to hear what we now sound like. He came up with the idea of getting on Skype and communicating with us while we go through the set list. Seemed like an odd idea, but we gave it a try. I repositioned my iMac to a spot that could get the whole band in frame and we dialed him up. We announced which song we were going to play, then charged into it with Aaron watching through the magic screen. After we finished we'd talk about where
  8. Pretty hard to find the energy after a long week of work and everything else. Dan just returned from Milwaukee after visiting his daughter and grandkid when I called to remind him. Joe lives in Chicago and snuck out of work a couple minutes early so he could hit the road and sit in traffic. Then drive all the way to Kalamazoo after a long day/week on his new job. John has been working all week and keeping things up at home where they have a horse farm and 40 acres to maintain. You get the point, we were all pretty spent. Somehow, though we always manage to summon up enough energy to run th
  9. Practice? You are talking about practice? No way around it. You need to do it, both individually and as a group in order to improve. Our band gets together about once a week and tries to tweak our arrangements, learn new covers, write or define compositions we are working on and generally just play together. There's really no substitute for gathering and working on our craft. What is often more difficult for me is working on my playing individually. I have a busy life - or at least I use that excuse - when Its hard to find the time to play alone. My personal practicing often strays from th
  10. That is a work of art, Scott. Thanks for posting and welcome.
  11. Welcome all you guys... glad to see you enter the fray, Dale. Scott, if you click the more reply options button you should be able to select JPG files from your desktop to upload photos.
  12. Gotta keep on keeping on. I know how it is, sometimes it feels like another job... except this job ends up costing money instead of making it. The relationships forged with other band members can be like no other. Thanks for sharing, something exciting will come around again eventually.
  13. I wish my tiny brain had a better understanding of this.
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