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  1. A great blog Mark. Such a familiar story with variations, but your story stands out. I'm 76 and still playing 2 or 3 nights a week, but I have a bit of a unique situation. The band leader is one of my best friends, and all the other members are friends. We are all very compatible. They help me move my equipment or I couldn't do it. All of my grandchildren live 1000's of miles away. Consequently this is my retirement hobby and will be until I can't do it anymore.
  2. DB, that just warms the soft spot in my heart. You have done well my friend. What a great guitar with a great story.
  3. Carr Rambler as created by my Kemper.
  4. pegleg32

    catching up.

    Interesting comments Mark, glad to hear the band is doing so well.
  5. Thanks for reply. I wish it was a pair. Just the H150 C #17 of 25 for me. I'm not sure but think it was made in 2010?

  6. Hey Rick, be sure to post pics. Is that pair #17?? 150 and 535?

  7. Hello,

    Great looking pair! I have H150C #17 of 25 on layway at the moment. Should be getting it real soon. Don't know much info on the history of the series though.


  8. Limited Edition Matched Set 150/535 #16 of 25
  9. Hey Neil!! Welcome to HOC. I bet that was the Ebay 137!! I put in a couple of loose bids on that one also - you made a good buy. Enjoy, Enjoy!! Post some pics when you get it. Interested in a condition report.
  10. Hey Frank, welcome to HOC. Really nice bunch of guys here so don't be afraid to post.
  11. Hey Bill!!! Welcome to the HOC. Post us a web site for the Ambassadors if you have one. I love to hear Heritage folks playing the blues!!!
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