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  1. I use 10s. I want the strings to fight back a little!
  2. I totally agree, but the only thing I see "wrong" in that photo is the dot is a bit off-center. To me, that is insignificant, and wouldn't bother me at all.
  3. Welcome everyone! To skbaily: I use a Mac too, and I don't have any problems. Are you sure you are doing it correctly?
  4. Thundersteel

    Thundersteel's Pics

    Heritage Guitars
  5. Is it me, or are Heritages looking better year after year? You newbies have some stellar examples! Welcome!
  6. Welcome! I hope by "conseil" you mean "counsel?" Also, Heritage doesn't make a Les Paul; rather, they are called H150 or H157. The H150 is similar to the LP Standard, whereas the H157 is similar to the LP Custom. Either the H150 or H157 should do what you want--they rawk!
  7. Welcome, Dave! I believe I'm the one that told you about us. I'm a member over there as well.
  8. There are several Heritage dealers in NY you may want to try: Adirondack Guitar 3 Layette Hudson Falls, NY 12839 518-746-9500 Axe Shop 421 Violet Poughkeepsie, NY 12601 845-485-8558 Beat Street Music Co. 219 E Seneca St Manlius, NY 13104 315-682-3311 Rudy's Music Shop 169 W 48th St New York, NY 10036 212-391-1699
  9. Hey Frank--a BIG welcome to you! I've got an H555 as well, in Almond Sunburst. I see you're in Naples--I've got family down there. We hope you enjoy your stay here.
  10. I can see EVERYONE'S warn meter! Wait, maybe that's because I am the FORUM MODERATOR! Hehe! Just don't cause any trouble, and you'll be fine! Just kidding--welcome to the cult!
  11. Welcome, everyone. Nice pics! Whew, it's hard to keep up with all the newbies! Caesar, what part of FL are you in? I'm in the panhandle.
  12. Is it me, or are there a LOT of new posters here lately? It's like an epidemic! Or is it pandemic? Never mind--it's ALL good! Welcome to EVERYONE!
  13. According to my high-tech, calibrated, cat-fur-infested bathroom scale, my LP and H150LW both weigh in at 10 pounds. My H150 P90 weighs about 9.5 pounds. My SG weighs in at 7 pounds. And I weigh ... FUHGETABOUTIT!
  14. I have two H150s. One of them is an LW (light-weight) model. It's not that much lighter than my solid-body H150, but the chambering gives it a nice, woody tone.
  15. I've probably missed a few new members, so I'd like to welcome ALL NEWCOMERS to the HOC! We are a friendly bunch, and hope you'll stick around for some interesting conversations, as well as some twisted humor. Thank you for joining!
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