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  1. Cool. Sounds like a great amp. They're not well known in canada... one montreal area dealer though. I'll try to check one out Thanks
  2. Hi. So In another post I asked about Carr. But then saw locally, a Vintage Sound 22sc. Seem like good amps, but far cheaper $ than Carr new or used. Any thoughts as to why? Hows the build quality, and how close ly does it resemble vintage fender deluxe reverbs?
  3. Any recommendations? Ideally around 20 watts or slightly more or less.
  4. Hmmm. So tell me about Vintage Sound... curious. Prices are way below the Carr amps. How's the tone for jazz, and how is the build quality?
  5. Anyone tried or own one? Youtube vids sound great and specs are fantastic... let me know
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