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  1. Wow, that's a beautiful guitar you managed to get your hands on! Congratulations and welcome to the HOC
  2. Sounds like you're having fun. H150s rule Welcome to the HOC!
  3. Welcome You picked a nice guitar as your first Heritage (notice the implications of "first"). Hope you'll stay on HOC
  4. Wow, that's a stunning 157!
  5. I like that cover you made Matt. Good luck finding the inspirado!
  6. yuominae

    yuominae - Guitars

    Photos of various Heritage guitars I had or still have.
  7. I like the thinking man! I've been thinking the same myself of late. According to Slash's biography, he only had a crappy guitar, but skipped school and spent 12 hours or more playing every day. I also often ask myself how many guitars I really need considering that I can only play one at a time. So I have decided not to buy any more as well. But it's hard not to look and want... Good luck with it!! Stay strong!
  8. yuominae

    Heritage fan

    Wow, that is a cool story!
  9. yuominae

    '92 H150CM

    Amber on quilt or flame maple rocks!
  10. Hi all, I live in Japan and just got my first Heritage last week. It's a 535, very beat up, but which still cost me an arm and a leg. Worth it though I reckon, anways I'm happy I didn't buy a 335 as I originally wanted to Now if I can only get to stop it from buzzin I'd be completely happy with it...
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