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  1. Those Prosonic 60W are sweet amps. I've played a few of them and like it every time.
  2. It comes stock with 6v6 but can also take 6L6. Requires re-biasing; but the layout is very user friendly and even I can do it. VS says that 6L6 will sound cleaner with more headroom, but lose 6v6 color/warmth. That's ok, especially if I get a little back with 5881 vs 6L6. I'd like it to stay a little cleaner at volume anyway. I'm going to order some 5881s to put in it and I'll report back.
  3. I am so glad I didn't sell this one. especially given how much time we'll be spending indoors and semi-isolated now. thinking I might put 5881's in my Vintage Sound 20 now since that is what I gig with. I think the Mesa 5881s have a 6L6 pin pattern (do all 5881s have the 6L6 matching pins?)
  4. LOL The 5881 do sound a little different from the standard 6L6's. A little darker/warmer?
  5. I recently posted my MB 5:50+ head for sale to try to fund another Heritage arch top purchase. I fired it up yesterday to verify its working condition since it is now for sale. I was sure that it was fine, but just to make sure... I noted a lot of background noise that had never been there before. (Lesson learned- always check gear before posting for sale.) I hadn't played through it in a long time since I've fallen for my Vintage Sound 20 Jazz amp (love it!). So today I re-tubed and upgraded it with MB premium preamp tubes and MB 5881-6L6s. Played it through an Earcandy closed back, front ported 2x12. WOW. SO BIG and WARM cleans. Haven't tried the other channels yet. Meant to just test it, but couldn't unplug my H550 for over an hour. I might have to take the "For Sale" sign off.
  6. Over the last few years, corporate IP infringement cases have skyrocketed as a new enterprise "profit center" in addition to a traditional method to intimidate smaller competitors. Possible that G sees an opportunity to hold Heritage hostage for some ransom and cash flow as well as a deterrent to Heritage's emerging and more public market position. I'm glad to see Heritage stand its ground.
  7. fantastic! thanks for the post.
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