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  1. I'm with these guys. Looks amazing as is.
  2. +1. Wow. Great artifact of the Heritage history. I love that hummingbird headstock inlay!
  3. worth the try, especially since the Thorns were free!...you can always go back to the Schallers. Let it settle in a bit to your ears and then decide. The Thornbuckers might be more marketable... just my two cents....
  4. Any users out there? Thoughts on ease of use? Accessible quality tone? Other options that have an easy learning curve? I don't have the patience for anything that takes hours to figure out. Thanks and Happy Holidays to all. Tad
  5. I get tubes from the places mentioned above and direct from Mesa Boogie.
  6. Good eye FZ!. Might have been. I didn't think of that. It played like a dream, and it did feed back. Controllable, but definitely a factor. Once I got the levels right I could hover right on the edge of howling and fly. Was an amazing match between that amp and guitar. Like they were made for each other. I don't mean to over-romanticize it, but man, it was very cool.
  7. Yes it was. A P90 loaded 535 though a 50's Tweed Deluxe. Maybe the most fun I've ever had playing guitar. It was sublime. Other-worldly. They were both for sale in a long-gone local guitar shop. It was a great place. They let you play anything in the shop for as long as you wanted in these little lesson/demo rooms that were full of gear. I took that picture in one of those rooms. I stayed a while....
  8. I will defend the unfairly maligned solid state amp. Caveat 1: I am a jazz player for the most part. Caveat 2: I currently gig with a tube amp. I go back and forth depending on the room and situation. I've had very positive experience with solid state amps in various contexts, both in terms of my own tone assessment and feedback from bandmates/jam-mates and audiences. I've occasionally used my solid state amps with pedals to play rock, R/B, etc. It works. When playing solid state, I play a Acoustic Image Clarus 2R (on-board delay and reverb) into an Earcandy 1x12 or Raezers Edge 2x8. I get a big warm clean tone with a lot of touch sensitivity. Many pro players (I am not one) use similar configurations. Good solid state amps can give you a great platform with unparalleled clean. You can hear more of your actual guitar sound, uncolored - other than by EQ and your speaker and cab. I'll suggest that clean tone from a solid state amp may be a truer representation of your guitar's actual tone. If you just want to hear your guitar and pick attack, solid state delivers. Solid state amps are also typically lighter, smaller, and more reliable/less impact sensitive and lower maintenance in my experience. I've successfully gotten tube like warmth without pedals, and organic overdrive with pedals. But it is not really an apples to apples comparison. If you want that added organic and dynamic element that a good tube amp brings, then that's what you want - and tube amps are the way to go. I love it. I'm currently gigging a Vintage Sound 20 Jazz tube amp and dig it, and my bandmates love the sound it brings, but they also loved my solid state rig. Now and then I still use my solid state rig depending on what I want/need for the situation. In a louder venue I can control feedback way better with my solid state rig. I can plug a singer in to my rig. It weighs 4lbs and fits in my gigbag/backpack. I can go DI. ..... It has a lot to offer. I also have a Mesa Boogie Express+ 50 into a 2x12, and that thing is amazing. Like I said- I really don't see it as apples to apples. They're different animals with different things to offer. Nothing does what a great tube amp does, and vice versa.
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