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  1. tsp17

    New owner

    Welcome and Congratulations. the H535 is a wonderful instrument. My first Heritage was a 535. I once had the opportunity to play one through a '57 Tweed Deluxe and I'll never be the same. Sonic nirvana.
  2. tsp17

    NGD SuperLight

    Wow.... I love the build in progress pics. Great view of how it all came together, floating center block and all....super cool. Enjoy!
  3. tsp17

    NAD: Mesa Boogie Stiletto Ace 1x12 Combo

    + 1. Love my Express 5:50 head. tbone...glad you are enjoying the ride on your new amp so much.
  4. tsp17

    Incoming: KB Groove Master

    just got the tracking info...it will be a while. slow going diagonally across America in the middle of winter.
  5. 2017 Kenny Burrell Groove Master, Antique Natural, Ebony Fretboard. Single neck pickup. I've been wanting one of these for years... It'll be a while before it gets here to California from Maine. Pics and full description to come when it arrives.
  6. tsp17

    Unobtanium and the Prospect

    Yep- and that was pretty sweet on the Prospect all around.
  7. tsp17

    NHGD Sweet 16

    Wonderful and beautiful instrument! Well done and congratulations. Enjoy.
  8. tsp17

    Looking for a speaker cabinet

    I've got a couple of Earcandy cabs that I like a lot. I've got a 1x12 and 2x12 and they are solid and sound great with the speaker of your choice. You can choose your tolex snd handle configuration. Tim does a good job, but you might need to nudge him on completion and delivery.
  9. tsp17


  10. tsp17

    New, first time, owner - expectations?

    Congratulations on your H535. It is a wonderful instrument. In addition to having a great musical experience with your H535, you can expect to meet a lot of quality folks here at HOC. My first Heritage was a 535 too (I am also a jazz player), and since then I have now owned half a dozen at one time or another. I wish I'd kept most of them, but still have two, and probably always will. They make wonderful old friends.
  11. tsp17

    Special Invitation To New Members

    Nicely done! post this question as a new topic under the Heritage Guitars section and more people will see it. There are guys in the HOC who can answer your question, and you will receive a nice warm welcome to the club.
  12. tsp17

    Special Invitation To New Members

    Welcome Ollie. Congratulations on this stellar acquisition and your good taste in guitars. Welocome to HOC.
  13. tsp17

    Special Invitation To New Members

    Welcome. You've seen the light. Walk toward the light....