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  1. likewise here. plus- after playing 12s for a while, those 10s feel soft as melting butter and you can smoke 'em.
  2. there are some sweet ones on reverb right now and not selling. prices coming down. highly recommended. now that I have one, I wish I had done it years ago.
  3. Right on! I've always wanted one, or the Cluster. Well done!
  4. yes i do indeed. it looks just right.
  5. played first gig with her last night. band loved it. I loved it.
  6. thanks. I'm also interested in the new California Tweed.... I love my 6L6 poweredExpress 5:50+, looking for something smaller/lighter to gig.
  7. Thanks...I agree! Tone is big and sweet too. Taking her to the gig tomorrow night for our first outing together.
  8. Any users out there? How are the cleans? the low gain dirt?
  9. more pics. figured out that adding high res pics is easier on Chrome than Safari. seems like Chrome auto adjusts resolution so it will fit forum file size limits.
  10. happy to say: see my two NHGD posts for pics 575 550
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