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  1. That's right. Well done!
  2. Purveyors of some of the finest Heritage guitars on the planet. Some amazing specimens and custom designs have gone through Paul's shop.
  3. Great album! Easy going, two masters blowing away on some cool tunes.
  4. 575 is a hollow body. the 150, 155, 157 are solid body LP style. I've never heard of a 156. Anybody else? Pictures would help. Was it solid or hollow? maybe the 6 was really a 5? Could be a 155.
  5. Likewise, but: Still working with it to see if I want to stick with the HRW. Trying to dial in the sound I want from this wonderful guitar. They HRWs sound excellent, clear, articulate, clean tone. Been getting close to what I want via tone and volume controls on amp and the SKB. I might try some Lollar Imperial Low Wind to get a little darker/warmer though. They sound great in my 550. @MartyGrassis right, this guitar, while 17 years old, has not gotten a lot of play time. Will be interesting to see if it opens up further with some more play. Loving it.
  6. Indeed. And welcome back MartyGrass.
  7. ah...I see. well, he'll show up in a post in his own good time. looks like he still cannot get in from his side. not sure why he was shown as logged in ....can we fix? Admin? thanks.
  8. yeah, I get that. I do like the overall look and feel a lot. nice too see some cool evolution of the brand.
  9. ah...I see. well, he'll show up in a post in his own good time.
  10. gotta love it. may I give him the news?
  11. I would hope any bad feelings had waned by now. I never quite got why that all turned so bad, but I wasn't involved, so I can't really say. I've been in touch with him here and there. We started chatting again when I finally installed that Benedetto style ebony tailpiece he sold to me on my H550. Sent him a picture via jazz guitar.be. I know he and Bob (RhodesScholar) were very close - he lost a good friend. Our world is so full of animosity right now. We can change that, one friendship at a time, one buried hatchet at a time, one bit of empathy at a time. Time to put i
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