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  1. Oh man, that one got my attention, I’ve always had a bit of a thing for spalted.
  2. Sounds like an awesome trip! (A visit to the zoo always is!)
  3. Also seeing the same now, perhaps it was I who needed to clear my cache.
  4. I just looked out of curiosity, and still see plenty of used Heritage's for sale. Might just perhaps need to clear your browser cache? Or you might be inadvertently set on a "distance from me" filter.
  5. For once I don’t want to see pics... I’m worried what this mess might look like 😩
  6. I would answer this, but it just dawned on me that I'm a counterfeit composite of my mom and dad, and now I'm depressed.
  7. Isn't Throbak technically a counterfeit of the old PAF's? 😜 (I kid, I kid)
  8. Looking forward to seeing how the vision turn out. Expecting a pic heavy update sometime in the future.
  9. Need pictures... or have a scotch glass out and ready, because I'm heading over to verify in person! You know, for the good of the HOC.
  10. Yeah, I owned it for a while, bought it from Brent I believe. Or at least one just like it (if it were not a one-off). I really regret letting it go, would buy it back in a heart beat given the opportunity.
  11. Eh... if it sounds good to your ears, that's all that matters; and in the hands of someone who has things dialed in, and hitting all the right notes, it's probably going to sound good to most others as well. Myself, however, am one of those cork sniffin' tube aficionado types. My ears are sensitive to details and highlights. When I'm playing for myself, or listening, and I mean really listening, to what's coming out of someones amp... my ears long to not only hear the note, but what happens immediately after the note. That harmonic, bloom, chime, after note, momentary decay, etc... that tiny little, blink (with your ears), and you'll miss it detail, that happens in that instant after a note is played. And while I have heard some amazing sounding SS amps (which were also conveniently paired with amazing playing), I have yet to hear one that legitimately reproduces this effect in the same way that a tube does (to my ears). Then there is also the way a guitar can interact and manipulate a tube amp... you sort of become one with the amp, and figure out how to strike a note of chord just so to either get a tight accurate sound, or heavier attack to get some grit or sag. Yes, you can get some interaction with an SS amp, but not at the same level of character you can coax out of tubes. That's not to say I think anyone else should think or feel the same way I do on the matter... it's just the way my ears work and what they want to hear.
  12. Wow, that's awesome! Have any pictures to share?
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