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  1. kbp810

    Guess What Amp you Play - Quiz on Reverb

    Let's see how this next merger thing works out for me; that could be my plan B, lol.
  2. kbp810

    Guess What Amp you Play - Quiz on Reverb

    I've tried and tried and tried, but not once did it give me a kbp810 as an option.
  3. kbp810

    Amp wattage vs Speakers

    Because they're jerks! lol - the amp may technically be capable of putting out 60 watts, but that doesn't mean that under load this is what it's putting out (kind of like crank HP and wheel HP). But yes, this is a condition where the amp is over powered for the speaker, and the speaker is likely going to breakup and add speaker distortion into the mix... and yes, if you were to play the amp and guitar dimed out... especially with a high gain effect in the chain... you're likely to kill the speaker. Fender might warranty it at that point... or they'll just point the finger at you and say you were playing it too loud and abused the amp.
  4. kbp810

    Amp wattage vs Speakers

    You are partially correct, in that a low power speaker will add speaker distortion into the mix, but that's walking a fine line between adding breakup and blowing the voice coil or cone. Pairing a low watt amp with a low Db speaker would be a better idea - but in this case, you're not necessarily adding speaker breakup, you're just reproducing the sound at a lower decibel level, which means you can crank the amp up into override without it being as loud. Though in my experience... playing a lower powered amp through a lower sensitivity speaker, sometimes produces a somewhat muddy sound.... Playing a high power amp through a low sensitivity speaker at high volume, however, is usually a wonderful thing! Of course, these are just generalizations - there are other variables involved. There are some speakers designed to add some speaker distortion to the mix... but my preference has always been to use speakers that can handle what you're throwing at them; and let the guitar/amp/effects shape the tone.
  5. kbp810

    Best amp ever

    When you've got both channels bridged together, the Bassman is an absolute beast of a guitar amp.
  6. kbp810

    Best amp ever

    Except maybe for that.
  7. kbp810

    Best amp ever

    Look at all those wrong answers! Sure, everything mentioned is a phenomenal amp, but there is no substitute for a 5E3.
  8. kbp810

    Support the brand

    Just because some of us have chosen to not support the new company doesn’t mean we wish them death. Maybe it just means “we” are choosing not to support them... if they’re really on the right path, they can stand alone on their own legs just fine without us (and especially without me, I barely even play any more). To some (and I realize not all), heritage was much more than just a guitar company. It was history, it was mojo, it was magic, it was guitar builders and company owners that treated us like we were family or long lost friends. Of course we knew that it couldn’t last forever, and so steps in the new owners. We knew there would be changes, and knew that we weren’t going to like all of them... but the laying off of workers was a very polarizing event. Whatever the reason, truly good for the future of the company or not, it was a moment when some of us realized that the new company... is just a company. Maybe in time they’ll find a way to earn some of us back; but it’s their job to find a way to do that. We shouldn’t all be expected to just instantly give them a pass because they have the same name and address.
  9. kbp810

    Support the brand

    I've been trying to put my thoughts into words on this for a while now... I don't need to anymore, because they were just posted. Very well said Kuz.
  10. kbp810

    New Couch Day

    That's the best looking couch I've ever laid eyes on.
  11. Where do I sign up! I'll go for the platinum level plus - as long as I'm paying for access to the bathroom, I might as well enjoy a fountain drink.
  12. kbp810

    Speaker cab question

    This is just a general opinion based on my experiences; but there is so much variation between speakers, paired with some great modern speaker designs, and all of what I'm about to say can pretty much be tossed out the window... but here I go anyways... A 10" can have a tighter bass response, and may reproduce high tones a little better... but might not sound as big and full, and bass may not sound as deep (tight, but not as deep). A 12" can have deeper bass, but might not sound as tight/accurate. At high volumes, a 12 will push more air and can give you that "feel it in your chest" sensation, that a single 10" might not push enough air to achieve. 3 10"s could potentially get you close to something that's the best of both worlds... Now again, those are just generalizations... different speakers in either size could vary in results... but my last comment I'm going to make, which is a potential big pro in my book for 3 10" over 1 12", is that you could mix up those 3 10"s and really have some fun!
  13. kbp810

    Special Invitation To New Members

    Wow, that's awesome! Have any pictures to share?