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  1. kbp810

    Help with a member photo

    Probably not me, as I haven't been to a PSP in a while (and I'm usually not referenced in conjunction with "classy" LOL)- but I had a natural 575 with cream pickup covers (over Phat Cat HB sized P90's), and gold hardware. Can't seem to find a picture of it at the moment, but will scour my archives when I get home tonight (curse you photobucket!).
  2. kbp810

    Fraud with a Heritage H575 (in Germany)

    Very common scam here as well; also get them when you are trying to sell something too. They either try to get you to pay a fee of some sort before they send you payment... or you get a fake check... or some sort of attempt to obtain your bank account information.
  3. Just add some glue, and wallah!
  4. Correct - they will also sell a new "kit" guitar that people will buy thinking they are getting a DIY build it yourself kit, but will be surprised when they instead receive an advanced crime fighting talking guitar. It's a well known fact that plaza corp is a front for knight industries.
  5. kbp810

    Guess What Amp you Play - Quiz on Reverb

    Let's see how this next merger thing works out for me; that could be my plan B, lol.
  6. kbp810

    Guess What Amp you Play - Quiz on Reverb

    I've tried and tried and tried, but not once did it give me a kbp810 as an option.
  7. kbp810

    Special Invitation To New Members

    Wow, that's awesome! Have any pictures to share?
  8. kbp810

    Special Invitation To New Members

    Mmmmmm IPA's.... Welcome Dave!
  9. kbp810

    Special Invitation To New Members

    Welcome Jack! Make sure to put up some pics of the 535, we must have our porn! That's a great looking wish list as well, not much unlike my own (and several others here for that matter)
  10. kbp810

    Special Invitation To New Members

    Welcome Michelle! Great story, your Uncle Norm sounds like one heck of an awesome guy! We would love to see some pics of the guitar, and we can help you with that whole make and model thing too
  11. kbp810

    Special Invitation To New Members

    Very nice guitar, and welcome to HOC! I found the site back in November and haven't looked back since; its a great place to learn and share everything Heritage (and a few other non-Heritage things as well) I'm pretty sure the ALM refers to the finish - though I'm not sure what finish that is (Almond Burst?) I'm sure someone while chime in momentarily and let you know for sure - the regulars here have an amazing wealth of knowledge on Heritage guitars
  12. kbp810

    Special Invitation To New Members

    Thanks for the welcome, and happy to be a new member Here are a couple of pics - and while the pics are of it sitting in its case... I can assure you it has spent very little time in there! The other pic's I wanted to share is of a recent project of mine (before and after) - I came across a vintage silvertone tube amp at a local shop in my area; it's cabinet had long since seen better days, but still sounded like a dream - so I built it a new home. It pairs very well with the H535
  13. kbp810

    Special Invitation To New Members

    Hi everyone, and greetings from a proud new owner of a '90 H535 just picked up earlier today! I am so ecstatic I just had to join this forum ASAP to "shout it from the rooftop", so to speak. With the Antique Sunburst finish and matching maple pickguard, this is one guitar that truly looks as good as it sounds; in my opinion, this is just an absolutely amazing guitar and I couldn't be more pleased!