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  1. Quite a few different potential variables here - a mass produced amp might be designed around lower voltages with longevity in mind; especially taking into consideration the smaller/cheaper components likely used within. Also, the speaker used can make a big difference in volume (or at least perceived volume) too... some speakers may have heavy doping or designed to be less efficient (lower sensitivity; either intentionally to get a desired effect, or potentially due to cheaper construction). For beefier transformers; bigger transformer shouldn't directly correlate to volume, but rather more so tone potential (and some level of interactivity with the power tubes and distortion). A smaller or poorly designed transformer can crop off or fail to reproduce as wide of a range of frequencies... of course, we could be teetering into cork sniffing territory here... in some scenarios, size doesn't really matter and/or a smaller OT might be intentionally used to get a certain desired effect (so bigger doesn't always necessarily mean better). The construction/design of the transformer may have a more noticeable impact - a mass produced amp could use an output transformer with a winding ratio designed to not push the power tubes too hard (for longevity and/or less distortion), which could mean potentially lower volume (like using a 5k primary/8ohm secondary instead of a 3.4k primary/8ohm secondary). Again, lot's of variables here, just sharing some overly generalized feedback. Again though, lot's of potential variables though... sometimes it might just be some boutique goodness coaxing you into turning the volume up just a little higher.
  2. That would typically mean they are either schallers or HRW's (Rens own secret pickup recipe).
  3. It is essentially just the "bling"; think of it as a Les Paul Standard vs a Les Paul Custom (although in this example, it's far more custom than a Les Paul "Custom").
  4. Sounds like might have been a custom ordered 150. If you're able to get any pictures, including back of headstock, might help shed some light on it.
  5. Oh I agree; it was a brave yet wise decision by DB.
  6. I've seen fake 150's before; there was one of those Chinese counterfeit sites that was selling them. So wouldn't surprise me if there's some fake 157's out there too... just seems less likely then running into a Chibson or Chender as the market for them is likely much larger.
  7. Ahh yes, I do recall the story now. It was @smurph1's, I bought it from him, and was originally cherry sunburst; then I ended up passing it along to DB; DB had it refinished in amber; but then he passed it along to @Steiner I feel like this is turning into one of those ancestry lineage tracking type things?
  8. If I recall correctly, that one had a neck break long ago (well repaired and stable); I don't remember the story of how that one broke though. Happy reacquaintence, and what better way to celebrate it than with a trip to the 'zoo.
  9. These last few posts have been chocked full of missing context, lol. Hopefully someone can come alone and shed some light on the mystery soon.
  10. So they are in fact Gotoh's that come on the custom cores?
  11. Oh yes, that was a poorly written post; I didn't mean to imply that they were.
  12. That's what they look like to me as well; except Gotoh typically doesn't make junk. Schaller and Wilkinson also make a similar style (probably others too; just the two I know of off hand).
  13. That Skylar seems like it would be an interesting pedal to play around with; one might find it's way onto my Christmas wish list. The eventide H90 is intriguing too, just also comes with an intriguing price; and the two intriguing's are cancelling each other out, lol Awesome to see both being demo'd with H150's
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