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  1. Hmm, a perplexing mystery…. Perhaps if I were to zoom in on the area in question
  2. And she's done! I do wish I'd made her a little less wide... but my plan included using as much of the board as I could with minimal waste; plus it allowed room for a do-over in the event of a catastrophic error. This is something I'm correcting with the daughters cab; it's going to be much more of a tighter fit to the speaker. Speaking of using as much of the board as I could... everything except the upper panel in the back and the birch speaker baffle was made from the original board. Including the inner bracing/supports and the lower panel. Lastly... I had a pack of dress washers for the back panel screws, but had snagged the wrong size. It's a Sunday in northern Michigan, meaning it's about a 45-60 minute one-way drive to the nearest open hardware store, lol. So I'll circle back on those tomorrow. For now they are gently in place just to give the full buttoned up look. It's a 2x10 mixing a WGS Veteran and a Celestion G10; GZ34 rectifier, 2x 6P14ev power tubes, 2 12ax7's; simple volume/tone/master volume controls. Will record a sound demo sometime in the near future
  3. A little 5F1 1x12; and going to hit it with some blue dye and see what happens.
  4. I'm a long ways off from holding a candle to the work they do; but certainly trying my best to apply the lessons they've shared. Just put what I believe to the the final coat of finish on mine this morning; hopefully tomorrow can assemble and get it fired up. In parallel, my daughter twisted my arm and talked me into building her an amp too.
  5. It was terrifying, lol. Practicing with the pine was just zip-zip-zip without a care in the world; but it took multiple deep breaths and pauses before making the first cut in the maple. My hand was cramping before the end of the first board from gripping so hard. I did intentionally increase my cab dimensions a bit to leave room for a do-over in the event of a catastrophic error; but while there was certainly room for improvement, content enough with the outcome to not warrant such actions. It was the difference between going 2x10 or 1x12; it will remain a 2x10. Spent most of my free time today trimming, drilling holes, sanding, sanding, sanding, hit with the round over bit, internal support pieces cut and placed, sanding, sanding, and then more sanding. In between a few of those sanding coats I hit it with a water based dye. Final sanding tomorrow, then start in on the finish.
  6. Never enough clamps when you need them...
  7. Remaining skeptical until I can hear one in person myself; but intrigued enough that I would indeed like to hear one in person. Lightly used at $600 would be a good price point if it delivers the tone; the 1k new price tag is a little tougher to swallow though.
  8. Still moving at a bit of a snails pace, as working on a couple other things, and trying to get a decent wood shop setup going again in the garage. …But, chassis is painted, and components mounted (sans for one misplaced input Jack). Just need to start wiring everything up. Primary focus this weekend is working on the cab; but should be able to find the time to melt some solder too.
  9. ...and, well... will need to make a cab after all. Chassis finally arrived, got it drilled/punched and prepped; put the OT on to mock it up; and unfortunately the internal dimensions of the cab are slightly smaller than anticipated and the OT will make contact with the speaker frame. So if anyones looking for a more traditional 5E3 build using the above cab, let me know; else, will start ordering parts for one in the near future and probably post it up for sale later down the road.
  10. But then of course I just had to swing by a wood shop today… where this tall chunk of maple happened to follow me home… So may need to make some sawdust and rethink this amps future home.
  11. Still waiting on chassis to show up (hopefully tomorrow); but cabinet has arrived.
  12. My understanding - Its basically Gibson's frivolous trademark lawsuit against Heritage backfiring on them. Since the trademark lawsuit didn't hold water, it opens them up to an anti-trust claim. Essentially stating that their (Gibsons) lawsuits only true intent was to create a monopoly/anti-competition; and harmed consumers. I'm not a lawyer though, so someone more versed in legalese please chime in to correct if I'm wrong or missing some important details.
  13. Hey Dave! It's open for discussion if you want to shoot me a PM
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