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    Among my interests are music.I have a great record collection going back to the 1920's (original discs ),Jazz & Latin,early Rock and Roll.Photography,walking in the country,watching old films,especially English film from the 30's,40's & 50's.Visiting old English cities & towns,art,cooking,& I still enjoy performing.

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  1. I would say it's ideal. Many of the 1950's jazz guitarists used ES175's with P90's ( check out Kenny Burrell's early stuff), and sound fantastic.I have used a Gibson ES225 in the past,and that sounded great,although it's a thin body.I currently use a stock H 575,strung with Ernie Ball .012" - .054",set no.2206.Sounds great to me through any tube amp,and even my Fender London reverb,solid state.
  2. I generally don't do much recording now. I know I should, but I prefer a live performance, and it's done, however good or bad. I was asked by a pal to do a jazz rhythm track to compliment his Hammond B3.He's making a C.D., so when he sells it, shortly, he'll have a record of how great it sounded. All the instrumental work was done, even an original guide track I'd put on, but it was an ad lib track that was O.K., but could be better. So, I listened & wrote a chart, that I hope compliments the arrangement. What to use ? Well, I was going to take my 575,but at the last minute, I opted for th
  3. Well,nice to be back where I started from.Hope you all had a great New Year's Eve. I was playing bass with a Rock a Billy band.It was one of those gigs where the young 'uns are telling me how the songs they are about to perform go,I was thinking 'No they don't ',but I was all ears,because I have to know how THEY do the songs I have been listening to for over 50 years. All went well.We were playing a venue that I've played on & off for over 50 years.It's about to close & become yet another supermarket.Another gig vanishes into the mist of time.I left the gig limping.I'd been paid,and sa
  4. Well,guys...I don't believe it !I finally hit 70 years of age recently.The cards arrived.I thought they were for my dad ! I looked in the mirror...I am my dad !! How did I get here so quickly ? I started playing guitar in 1957.I'd been shipped off to a private school by my dad.It was like 'Tom Brown's School Days' .( An English book about private schools ) What was I going to do ? The answer revealed itself when I went into a small common room,used by the boys at the school.There was a roaring fire,a crowd of boys being entertained by 2 guys,playing guitars, who were about to become my frien
  5. Paint it Black ! I recall the only time I played that live with my band of the day. It was the first time I'd used a slide live on stage.The owner of the venue came up at the end and said 'If you ever play that f*****g song here again,I'll see you never work again,ever !' Now,was it the song,did he not like the Stones,or was it my slide playing ? I'll never know,but I've never played it since,or used a slide.True !!
  6. I am in contact with Brian Jones,the sax player with the Undertakers,via Facebook.Brian recently underwent a hip replacement operation,and is progressing well.This happened to coincide with my discovery of a full set of autographs of the band I collected on the night my group & I played support to the band,50 years ago !They also unfortunately lost their drummer recently too.
  7. Sad to report another death.Jackie Lomax,who was singer & bass player with the Liverpool group 'The Undertakers',sadly passed away on 15th Sept,2013.I remember Jackie well,as my band,'Tony Martin & the Mods' supported the Undertakers in Hull,England,on November 19th,1963, at the Gondola club..They were a great band,played well,looked great,and had a superb stage presence.They should have risen higher up the fame ladder,but competition was fierce in those days...Beatles,Stones,Kinks,Who...we all know the ones that made it.I notice in my diary entry that our band got a £4 (about $10) fe
  8. Sad to report the death ( 21st May,2013 ) of Bowie's bass man from the 'Spiders from Mars',Trevor Bolder.Trevor had been suffering with Pancreatic cancer for some time.His younger brother,Andy Bolder also died only a couple of months ago with a throat problem.I got to know Trevor when he played & produced some tracks with his brothers & friends at Fairview studio in Willerby,East Yorkshire,U.K.( the same studio that demo'd Heatwave's first album,Boogie Nights etc ),in the 1970's.His later playing career was with U.K. band 'Uriah Heep'. A very sad loss.
  9. Did a gig this week at our local City Hall ( Kingston upon Hull,East Yorkshire England ) I decided to take my Heritage 140 (1986) as it looks great,plays great,and sounds mega ! It handled the mostly rythmn guitar gig excellently,adding a snap to the very limited soloing that was required for the gig. I had to laugh.The 10 piece band,(piano,bass,guitar drums + 2 trumpets,2 saxes & 1 trombone + singer ) were only required to play 6 tunes.We'd had a band rehearsal,as we needed to shorten the scores to fit in with some dancers that were performing their routines to our music.Of course,there w
  10. I have long been a fan of rocker Charlie Gracie.I recall going to my local record store around 1958 time,and buying his then current E.P. ( Extended Play, 7" vinyl disc,usually with 4 tracks for those newer members to the planet !) Not only did I constantly play the 4 tracks of the E.P.,but I oggled the Guild guitar on the cover,with It's 3 P-90 style Pick ups,and a row of tone switches to die for ! Charlie had many hits both here (U.K.) & in the U.S.A, and he was right up there with Elvis,Buddy,Eddie & Gene.Fast forward to 2012 ( Time DOES fly ! ).I never,ever in my wildest dreams tho
  11. Thanks mars_hall.At the time it took place,I didn't think it would be as important session as it was.I was,however pleased to see some guys in our studio who could play well,and knew exactly what they were doing.The studio went on to do many more people who had success.I decided to continue down the gigging road,and I've had some fun,and met some great people.Long may it continue ! Peter Alton Green
  12. Today ( 3rd March,2011),I heard from an old friend that a local bass player (Hull, East Yorkshire,U.K. ) had passed away at about 63 years old.When I hear news like this,I generally think over how our lives interacted.Stan Saye was the bass player in a local band called the Hammer.I made a couple of records with this outfit,before Stan was a member.When the original band split up,it reformed with Stan,singer John Parker,Another John on drums,and probably,most importantly,Rod Temperton on Keys.This unit toured the U.S.Airforce bases in Germany,and there,Rod met Johnny Wilder,whose band , Johnny
  13. Just realized I haven't added anything to this blog since last August ! Must be the fact that I joined Facebook ( As Peter Alton,with the same cartoon badge.There's a million 'Peter Greens' & they all play guitar ) I have a collection of old band photo's from the 50's 60's etc.of groups & entertainers in my area of the U.K.,and I wanted to get them into cyber space.If anything happens to me,they would be lost forever,now anyone can view them.They have been widely viewed by many people,memories have been activated,and I've had loads of nice comments from both new viewers & older pe
  14. I want one ! Peter Alton Green
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