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  1. Negative. Not even Criss Angel could get that beast past my wife 💀
  2. I dunno, I think PRS makes some SWELL amps, including the Blistertone, the Dallas (iirc, someone here at the HOC had a sweet 4x10 combo), and my personal fav - the HX/DA, which I have loaded with a pair of KT77s. 😎
  3. Q: What do guitar players need to think about when buying amps? A: How am I gonna get this into the house without the wife noticing… 💀
  4. Meh, those MGAs go outta tune more often than the G string on a Lester 👻
  5. What? Has nobody called “dibs” yet, lol. (dibs) 🤣
  6. あなたの演奏を楽しんだ~~共有してくれてありがとう!
  7. Nice! I’ve got the perfect companion cabinet…💚
  8. Had a D123 in a Carr Sportsman - at the risk of driving up the market and with a little tube rolling, it was a ‘match made in heaven!’ Low wattage applications only…
  9. My thoughts as well. Caveat emptor. I reported it to Reverb as misleading product info when I came across the listing not long after it was posted; apparently they did nothing. Seemed like a bit of a stretch at the original asking price of $850 + tax + shipping IIRC. Good luck…
  10. … said about every addict at one time or another since the term was coined 😉 Enjoy you acquisition(s)!
  11. Sure looks like a “B”..
  12. From the album: myoldfriend - My humble beginning

    H150 #2. Purchased from another HOC member who kindly facilitated my dream of owning a single-cut solid body since the late 1970's. Originally wanted mini-HB's, but I've been swapping back & forth between those and P90's. Enjoying this H150 even more than my friend's '79 tobacco burst LP Deluxe back in the day.
  13. NPD - new pickup day
  14. From the album: myoldfriend - My humble beginning

    Pickups came ready to drop into H150 #3 in a personalized boxed. Nice touch!
  15. From the album: myoldfriend - My humble beginning

    That clunk you just heard was my jaw hitting the floor. These Greenie pickups not only sound great together, but individually too. I purchased this VSB, used, from eBay and it arrived with Sheptones pickups. Sheptone Tributes sounded decent to my ear, but Duncan greenies via a Mesa 4x12 and 50 watts of Marsh Overlord Supreme are "that sound" that I've been hearing in my head for a long time. What is it they say? The third (Heritage) time's a charm?
  16. myoldfriend

    Down sizing.

    Thanks for sharing, OP. Like many others that your post will resonate with, I too have found downsizing liberating in many ways and "rightsizing" as a (attainable) goal, empowering. A reoccurring theme in life, if you will. One of my fav movies, "Into The Wild" and one song in particular from its soundtrack, Society, are poignent commentary IMHO. Even though they are merely a movie and a song; little more than forms of entertainment. Enjoy the time with your youngster before she leaves the nest
  17. GOOD LAWD! How "people" can compare today's mass-produced-computer-controlled-assembly-line Gibson with the group of artists that create masterpieces like this is beyond me. Of course one has to realized the Golden Eagle above ain't gonna be picked up at SweetWater.com for $599.99, but that's besides the point!
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