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  1. Thank you all very, very much, for your nice words!! I am so glad, that you liked it!!! (I don't record that much stuff and put it online, but when I do so, I'm so super nervous if people might like it or not (and if I then get dislikes on YouTube or somewhere, that really hurts :(...), so thank you a so much for your nice and encouraging feedback!!!!) Here is another Video, from beginning of that year, another guitar (Heritage Prospect Std) and some other setup, but still, everything is looped live in that very moment, no backingtracks, nothing pre-recorded, no big editing afterwards.
  2. Hello, I did a quick Looper-Jam with my Heritage H575 and kinda liked it, so I thought I share it with you :)! Everything is played live (with my TC Electronic Ditto X4 into a Tone King Falcon Grande). Have a nice wintertime, a peaceful Christmas, a happy Chanuka or maybe just a relaxing hibernation! Kind regards, Julian 😀
  3. Hello, my name is Julian, I'm a professional guitarist from Darmstadt, Germany (close to Frankfurt Airport) and just recently bought my first Heritage guitar, a Prospect STD. Really great guitar, at the moment I rarely play my others . Amps are Koch-Amps (Multitone, Twintone, Classic SE12). I play many different styles, Jazz, Blues, Country, Rock... for many different bands and projects (live and studio). And now I'll continue sneaking around the forum...
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