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  1. I love Thomastik Infeld-strings, on my H575 I play 13s Jazz Swing (Flatwunds) and can highly recommend them, but I guess they are a little bit more expensive outside Europe...?!?
  2. Here are acutally two small looping-videos, where I use two of those guitars (nothing fancy, just jamming with my looper, one time alone, the other one with a friend)... Maybe you like it (hopefully ;))..
  3. The H575-finish is "Burnt Amber".
  4. I did develop GAS already long time before I joined that forum 😜... But at the moment I enjoy my little Heritage-Collection very much!! 😁 (and yes, I need also a P90-Heritage, I already looked at the H137...)
  5. Sure , the Prospect Std is my No1!! But it is also the history I have with that guitar, back then I was looking for a G-type semi, but all guitars I played here (without a price-limit) didn't feel right in my hands. Then someone suggested The Heritage, but the next dealer was 200km away. Anyways, I drove there, played that Prospect and immediately fell in love with that guitar, the sound was exactly what I was looking for, enough air and wood but still some muscles... Since when I bought it (new in 2013) we played over 1000 gigs together, so we are quite a good team (and it is my first Heritage). The other two guitars are super beautiful guitars to complete my collection (as a gigging, professional musician), but the Prospect Std is my lonely-island-guitar! Sure, all guitars sound different, and my collection is definitely not complete... but maybe for now (at least until the end of the year :))...
  6. Exactly, the H150p from '94. The other two guitars are newer (H575: 2004, Prospect Std: 2012). And with this trio (solid, semi and hollow) it feels like my collection is complete (hm...for now.. ;)).
  7. Hello, I am so happy to introduce a new familymember :)...
  8. Hello, my name is Julian, I'm a professional guitarist from Darmstadt, Germany (close to Frankfurt Airport) and just recently bought my first Heritage guitar, a Prospect STD. Really great guitar, at the moment I rarely play my others . Amps are Koch-Amps (Multitone, Twintone, Classic SE12). I play many different styles, Jazz, Blues, Country, Rock... for many different bands and projects (live and studio). And now I'll continue sneaking around the forum...
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