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  1. Hello, thank you all so much for your nice comments!! At the moment, the world is chaotic and because I just sit at home (ok, I have some online-students and enough things to do, to keep me busy at the moment, but unfortunatelly no gigs at all :(...), I quickly made another Loop-Video. This time it is me alone and no fancy micing, just my small camera's built-in microphones. I'm intersted if you also like that video ;)...
  2. Hi rwinking, I don't add an Octaver or anything, it is my bass-player René who doubles the guitar (you can see his fingers from 6:17). I am really so happy, that you all (so far) seem to like it (at the beginning I wasn't sure, if it is worth posting at all...)). Thank you so much!! Julian
  3. Thank you very, very much for your positive comments !!! 😀
  4. Hello, I just posted a quick loop-video on YouTube of my duo Gramm Art Project (https://grammartprpject.com) looping Johns Scofields "A Go Go" (using a Heritage Prospect Std). Everything is live, just a qick and dirty recording, but I like it (and I hope you enjoy it, too!!! Sure, comments and likes are very much appreciated ;)). HERE IS THE VIDEO: A Go Go (Loop-Cover by Gramm Art Project)
  5. Hello, my name is Julian, I'm a professional guitarist from Darmstadt, Germany (close to Frankfurt Airport) and just recently bought my first Heritage guitar, a Prospect STD. Really great guitar, at the moment I rarely play my others . Amps are Koch-Amps (Multitone, Twintone, Classic SE12). I play many different styles, Jazz, Blues, Country, Rock... for many different bands and projects (live and studio). And now I'll continue sneaking around the forum...
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