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  1. It sounds like you handled the band situation well Mark. Good luck in dealing with that guitarist. Given the fact that he ends up sincerely apologizing afterwards, I wondered if he has bipolar disorder; if not perhaps he just needs to focus on anger management. On guitars, I'm here to suggest to look into Eastman guitars. Very good quality and very affordable. Good luck.
  2. koula901

    Down sizing.

    Less is more, to quote a cliche, and in this case it's working for you. It's always interesting to read your inner meditations. As for myself, I live in 2 rooms, each 12' X 15'. In a space that small, you don't keep anything you don't use. I've been getting rid of books and putting them on kindle. I am replacing CDs with MP3s. I have 5 guitars and that's almost too many. Mostly, if I don't use it, I lose it. In this space, it's a necessity. For about a year and a half, I've been working from home, so, since that started, I save 3 hrs a day in commuting time. Like you, I have a
  3. I think you will find you're getting fatter tone with fatter strings. Billy Gibbons has a specialist that runs all these rack effects and processors backstage. He gets his telecaster to sound like a 150. They can make everyone of his guitars sound exactly the same with these electronics. Another point to consider: we're all getting older. With using super fat strings, do you really want to put that much strain on your fingers? Whatever you overuse, you usually get arthritis in when older. As a musician, we ought to protect our fingers. Plus, we've got things now called the T
  4. I'm with ya, Doug. Love the playing, not so much the practicing. It's a constant challenge but the rewards are great. Thanks for the reminder!
  5. Welcome Bluwoodsman This is a really great group, and happy to have you aboard. There's a solution to your quandary as to whether you should get a G&L or a Heritage. The answer is you need one of each. They're like apples to oranges, very different, each will add something different to your tonal pallet. If money's an issue, buy used, you can get great deals on Heritages.
  6. koula901

    White Whale

    Irreverent. I love it!!
  7. koula901

    koula901 - H 150

    2010 H 150, ALSB but with a little less red, Lefty
  8. Is this almond sunburst?
  9. Man, that's beautiful! Which finish is that? Might it be the antique cherry sunburst?
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