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  1. Interesting video about the Amp from Throbak. 12,500USD for one of the 50 limited edition amps, sold out.
  2. sounds interesting and to the point, congrats :-)
  3. nice tone, thanks for sharing that one
  4. congrats, nice H150 enjoy it :-)
  5. Congrats H535 is a great instrument, enjoy it
  6. Welcome, enjoy your guitars and feel free to post some picture ;-)
  7. wow, that's a lot of info, interesting thread, congrats on your Mesa
  8. I couldn't comapre H150 with Humbuckers to H137 with P90s, maybe the 150 could be a better start as I think it's more versatile the search for a guitar can take a long time
  9. Nice H150, welcome & congrats
  10. Gianluca

    New 535

    lovely H535
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