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  1. indeed he invited me up to his shop in Northampton and very kindly offered a ride from/to the station I think he really loves what he does thanks for your words Bob, that's motivational 🙂
  2. I have contacted him after your suggestion, he's really a nice man, feet on earth and head on shoulders He knows what it means money he told me about the DK 15W edition some time ago and tonight back from office, I found an email with the official 15W announce, interesting price 🙂 I can (probably) afford it, just I don't know if it is justified...though for that price I'd go with 26W for maybe more headroom, but again I'm not a Pro guitar player (don't know what to do)
  3. UA OX Box, Fryette are good choices I think I'm not comfortable thinking to use the speaker cab emulator with the OX Box but I think there's the risk to seriously appreciate it 🙂
  4. I use NU>X Loop Core Deluxe (new) at end the of the chain my current OD list (not in order): Lumpy's Liquid Lead v1 VDL L'Overdrive JRAD The Dude v1 Ethos TWE-1 Lovepdeal Eternity Burst Lovepedal Les Lius Russian Custom Muff(D'Errico boutique, new) the CostaLab EchoLab analog Delay(new) is always at the end and before the looper, the Catalinbread Talisman plate Reverb(new) is just before the delay all pedals always in front, no FX s/r (but if I'd do then only mods in the fx-loop) all used pedals where not otherwise indicated interesting is using the JAMPedals Waterfall Chorus or VDL Vibes between two OD stages, example: Guitar -> VDL L'Overdrive -> The Dude v1 -> VDL Vibes -> Waterfall -> TWE-1 -> Eternity Burst, using alternate one OD before and one after the chorus/vibes is giving me lots of interesting tones the Lumpy's Liquid Lead always at the end of all ODs, sometimes I put it between Talisman and Echolab and it's absolutely Rock Jolly Devil (amazing) interesting is the usage of The Dude v1 as a clean boost after an OD too ...so much to say 🙂 never give up playing
  5. Congrats, that's a finish that I really appreciate, enjoy your toneful 535
  6. congrats, nice demos, rich tone must a delight playing it, enjoy it 🙂
  7. one more on Robben Ford: surely instructional 🙂
  8. Bobmeyrick thank you so much for the precious info. I didn't started searchig for UK amp builders and that's a very good help The Drive King seems to be interesting, I'm interested in a Dumble Tone approach and will chek 633Eng and the others more accurately I'll learn
  9. Hi bobmeyrick I did a video with my Olympus PEN-F to test if the sound capture could be good and indeed it is, but the video is not sharable at the moment 🙂 I'll buy a tripod, or maybe 2 (one for the mobile) and make a video and share it here as soon as I can (next week I'll be off)
  10. I think I can understand, I saw him live 3 times and been at his Master Class in Rome at "La Casa del Jazz" (spectacular venue) pic is me with Him (I'm on the left 😛 ) at the meet & greet after the Master Class, nice man and guitar player (and sorry again for mis-informing)
  11. Right, May 1959 Slab Rosewood fingerboard, sorry for the wrong info. I was referring to a touch of Reverb I'd use 🙂 no pedantry at all, fan of RB here too, thanks for the corrections, story of his Telecaster:
  12. That's Robben Ford, a vintage 53 Telecaster a Dumble Overdrive Special and a boost....a touch of spring reverb and that's all needed to spend a lifetime 🙂 (compared I'm a grain of sand in a continental beach facing the ocean)
  13. right, a good vibe is always needed
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