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  1. beautiful, one of my favorite colors ever 🙂 nice thread 👍
  2. noice! cool PBs design and look 🙂
  3. interesting, Rockboard.de does a good job too, I like their swappable patch bays approach
  4. Pressure: fab burst and guitar, Sir :-)
  5. hi, those are beautiful, what is the PickUp on the Eagle?
  6. the RAT and the FT Fulldrive are cool, not boring at all 🙂 interesting signal path there to me the Klon historically is unique, what Bill Finnegan did was something like Wozniak did with Apple IIe (at the Homebrew Computer Club I mean) but with the power and visions of Steve Jobs combined Finnegan knew what he was doing, great cool US culture at work, he was doing something that will always be unique, a true game changer clearly after the Chittum reversed circuit was published now everybody is good at doing the Klon Centaur clones, honestly I do not think it pays respect to the r
  7. in the previous version those are dip switches accessible from the inside it took me some time before finding one (when I wasn't expecting to find one) at a decent price from eBay I didn't have a Blues Braker kind of OD, maybe the Lovepedal AMP11 Big BlackBox does it a bit but not really the same thing, it's a cool comparison though I think the Snous BB2mod introduces some extensions to the typical BluesBraker I checked the Fab Suisse on YT, it sounds interesting my list of ODs is growing, I have some cool pieces I think the Klon KTR is very, very well done
  8. very interesting Boss RE-20 is great, I could be asking questions for days VoodooLab Tremolo too another good candidate, I'm trying to get where a Tremolo could add some depth at times but still my VDL Vibes seems to satisfy me I am not a full time musician last addition to my pedal (un)board has been a Snouse BB2 mod a few days ago, excellent I must say thanks for the explanations
  9. interesting Tremolo, surely going to be on my list(I'm still acquiring ODs ...never have enough) I guess you know about pedal switchers with program sets banks, cheap and doing their job with a touch of single button pressed you change program(I know you know it so I'm wondering why not using one?) cool recording, that Tremolo ins interesting :-) have you ever compared the DOD Rubberneck to the Way Huge Echopuss? good staff as usual RockABilly69 :-)
  10. cool, have fun, if you want please do let me know if you have a recording of it online we can listen to :-)
  11. sounds interesting, thanks for the explanation and enjoy it :-)
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