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  1. Yes and maybe winning some VDL pedals 😉 meanwhile these are my pedals in UK:
  2. Hi and Welcome Great Guitars, no fear of comparison, enjoy your H150 (and great online community 😉 )
  3. Hi all, one of my preferred Italian professional boutique makers (http://www.vdlanalogics.com) makes nice pedals. His L'Overdrive (The Overdrive) is one of the solid state ODs I much appreciated. So I decided to scan Italian used ones and found this one. Arrived today, it gives my Telecaster a nice warm bouquet of tones to choose from. Tested and it's just what I expected, not too lodaed, reactive and dynamic, easy to use with guitar volume and granular defined kind of saturation, enriching the the tone with some sparkling push. Here is a video demo, the guitar player is aprofessionist, from Rome he tours with Fancesco De Gregori (mainly):
  4. welcome TubeTone, as SkyDog says this is really a good vibes community 🙂
  5. Vintage Tweed sounds interesting, congrats
  6. nice, that picture of amp and guitar is very beautiful 20W, how loud is it? the H550 is one of my favorite hollow bodies, enjoy them :-)
  7. From the FB Owners Group credits: https://www.facebook.com/groups/9283773169/permalink/10156310325343170/ we all know DBII uses a H535, that was last May 16th 2019
  8. beauty, make it sing :-) what wood for back&sides ? Maple maybe?
  9. another inviting one :-) play it in peace
  10. lovely enjoy it :-)
  11. Interesting video about the Amp from Throbak. 12,500USD for one of the 50 limited edition amps, sold out.
  12. sounds interesting and to the point, congrats :-)
  13. nice tone, thanks for sharing that one
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