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  1. yes DB, it was the wider they could have made at the time (so I've been told) the neck profile is a sort of D (never measured honestly) and it's more similar to the standard Martin D-35 neck profile
  2. My first The Heritage guitar(Italy) H535 ALSB Custom
  3. Hi All, cool thread 🙂 My First The Heritage Guitar was a 2013-2014 Custom Order H535. Custom Specs: - Golden HW - Ebony fretboard - Push-Pull Tone pots for coil splitting - 1.75" Nut width I asked to leave all the rest as was reported on the glorious website of back then but somebody decided to use barrel knobs that I honestly do not appreciate much. Given the request of the wider Nut Width, they tried a first make but they weren't happy and I received a communication that the owners (back then the Original Owners) were not happy with it and decided to rebuild it (that's why writing 2013-2014). Good times. I received a great cool H535, the fretboard and neck profile just work great with me. Nice tone and play-ability. Please note the nice pick-guard. Finish: Almond Sunburst. Dealer: Wolfe Guitars. The picture has been taken from a friend's house in Italy, the tree is a maple.
  4. interesting would you say your guitar is more on the mid range with that setup?
  5. Hi All, as a post Covid week recovery gift for myself 🤠 it's used and in great conditions (saved £45) it's the reissue of the most known Dm-2 from the 80s made in Japan good tone, though I think an original one has some more vintage mojo but for me it's good enough the two modes make it as almost two pedals in one great for some Rreverb too, it can take an expression pedal and has two outputs, one for dry signal I put it at the end of my current pedal chain (sorry for the not so great smartphone picture) what analogue delay/reverb do you guys&gals use? 🙂
  6. @rockabilly69 interesting PBs there I wonder how that SexDrive(and not only) performs 🙂
  7. I don't, but I have developed some interest in that I could use it for recording bass lines with it - or with EHX Bass 9 being a possible alternative
  8. those are great PUs sets
  9. I have BK The Mule set on my H150 Gold Top, you can hear them here, great tone if you're in US though I'd check some more US builders for less import costs
  10. nice one, congrats 🙂
  11. building a pedal board is not trivial thanks for sharing this because it's a good interesting topic 🙂 you mention the VoodooLab PP3 or PP4 but none of them has 18V maybe a CIOKS 8 (or similar) could do better if money is first driver? (used of course) Example: used Pedal Train pedal boards are nice price on Facebook MarketPlace (just a little patience) you can find a lot of power suppliers options there too I would mock up something around that simple approach, power brick under and all power connections routed under the pedal plain too
  12. welcome, I am trying some rechargeable 9V batteries Energizer 9v HR22 175mAh (NiMH) - on a GE OC-44 based Italian made boost and I'm very satisfied, standard recharge unit DoublePow 650mAh Lithium 9V USB Rechargeable - not tested yet I think rechargeable is the way, honestly the alkaline in the FZ-1w is exceptional official product launch video from Boss: all true
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