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  1. another Heritage based pedal demo
  2. I think the Skylar cood be covered by the H90 in terms of tones, configrations and algos but the price makes an interesting difference long live the H150
  3. I am interested in the GFI Skylar, I think it's interesting too time pos'd on the Heritage H150
  4. strange they weren't playing an "Heritage H150" back then 😛
  5. I whish I could have had the half of the experiences you all described never played one and I'd like to try one....maybe when I'll buy my cottage on the highlands my2p: I think I'd mention Jimmy Page at Royal Albert Hall (1970) tone and configuration with two stacks interesting resources could be https://hiwatt.org and http://www.royalamps.com/home.html (no affil) Edit: just watched the video and noticed it's mentioned
  6. I'm tempted to bau a Fulltone Clyde DeLuxe as of now Dunlop CryBaby from the 90s I bought in New England (good times) and it delivers...at least with HBs and Ron Kirn's single coils
  7. beautiful H150 enjoy it cool golden appointments 🙂
  8. interesting cool tone loved to hear a Ge boost cool and rich approach well done 🙂
  9. got it I own one (a V2), I prefer using it with Humbuckers, nice OD but to my taste the OCD feels better - I know apples and prunes 🙂
  10. I agree, the FD2 is a nice Overdrive ...and guitar players are past borderline crazy 😄
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