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  1. nice looking, I saw a model with belly cut like that in Lodon a while back interesting configuration too
  2. congrats on that masterpiece, enjoy it 🙂
  3. very cool too bad I was out of budget
  4. Congrats and welcome, nice H-150 ?
  5. welcome, and if you can show your 575 ?
  6. Ciao Nico, I shared the computation replying to some other post in the HOC forum somewhere, anyways, the amount onto wich the taxes and customs are computed is given by: declared cost of the goods + cost of shipping + cost of insurance(if any) you will have to pay: customs + taxes + some other legal one-time importing docs last time I could extimate around 36% added to original price you might want to have a look at: https://www.adm.gov.it/portale/dogane/cittadino/acquisti-su-internet you'll find your way around it you might want to consider buying from ConEU too, that'd m
  7. Ciao Nico, benvenuto! Nice guitars there ?
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