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  1. LOL, it must interesting to play, enjoy it, you can make some interesting things 🙂 not the same model:
  2. congrats on the H530 and the Matchless do I see a baritone (2nd from right)?
  3. great choice, fantastic H150 enjoy it welcome 🙂
  4. that's a great example of the right H150 (IMO)
  5. Hi All, today arrived from a Shop in UK. After a very long time DSP is back in my pedals chain. I've been in the quest for long trail analog reverb for some time but I couldn't find one with real long trails and in a box. My preferred tone, trail, decay combination was from Plate Reverbs and Talisman does it, at least for me. Clearly DSP is the only way to fit a plate reverb in a stomp box, it took me some time to accept that and decide to buy it. I checked other interesting analog reverbs like: Analog real springs White Whale Headroom Element DSP: Aurora M300 Oceanic (cheap and well done) and many others, I spent some time understanding which to choose. The Talisman was the best choice for two main resons: - interesting tone and trail management - no presets switch it does only one kind of reverb and it's what I was looking for. The packages is lovely I'd say, included there are a 100% cotton pouch containing the pedal, a pick and a sticker. It's of solid construction, knobs are tight and LED is clear, only the knobs descriptions tend to not be seen easily. It's a pleasure sharing these bits of life in this online community. Never give up playing. 🙂
  6. a lefty 535 and a righty 535 interesting video thanks for sharing that lots of beautiful people, playes and guitars 🙂
  7. great guitar, the finish is spectacular, nice score, sometimes being in the right place makes a big difference enjoy it 🙂
  8. Hi All happy day, I've received from Italy another of the VDL boutique pedals I like: Vibes. Easy to understand what it does, a great quality pedal no more on production unfortunately. Two modes: on Red Vibes, on Green Phase Three selections: Vibra / Vibe / Soft And freq big knob adjustable using foot. Just unpacked and already in love with it, noise is null (I'm using 1Spot simple and daisy chain), makes the single coils of that juicy yet crystal clear shifting. L'Overdrive in front of it is making my Tele even more attractive 🙂 Never give up playing. Peace All.
  9. beauty great looking H150
  10. nice, welcome enjoy it, it's a great guitar
  11. http://www.effectsdatabase.com/type/fuzz and I think many are still not listed there 🙂
  12. (just watched the pictures) this is one of those "You can't keep them all" kind of threads....that make want to buy some piece 🙂 fantastic Heritage guitars, enjoy them and thanks for sharing the beauty
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