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  1. I still have HRWs in the case, is there a video or a sample somewhere to possibly hear a difference? edit: found something on YT (not much)
  2. I use Bareknuckle The Mule on my H150 Gold Top you can have a listen to them here (my YT video) I like them, they are A4, but I think at the Neck I should get something else lower output and a bit brighter I think the solution could be underwound HBs, for example Robben Ford says something in this video about his PUs on his LP of those times looks like the same LP he played at a clinic in Rome (La casa del Jazz, 2015) I attended
  3. cool glad to hear that 🙂
  4. beautiful H575 have fun 🙂
  5. thank you so much for watching it 🙂
  6. thank you, it does, the player is not good enough and the video taking/making/production takes efforts and lots of lessons learning I hope to improve thanks for listening
  7. thank mtpatty 🙂 for watching it
  8. thank you guys as you know those are two different Guitars and PUs but on the Tele I used the Hudson Broadcast which is a pre-amp with an interesting frequency cut not a tone control - that makes a big difference with the rest of the ODs I own at least on the H-150 I used the Snouse BlackBox 2 which is a Blues Braker kind of OD (the best one imHo) mainly because rockabilly69 showed some curiosity about it some posts ago the reverbs too are different, the Tele has more during the soloing I decided to use only the guitar volumes with both PUs and avoid interrupting the playing for tweaking the pedals' knobs clearly I missed to show you how cool the bass strings are with the BlackBox I will make some other demo, this one came out for showing the BB2 and the H-150 tone before upgrading to the push-push pots thank you so much for the precious and appreciated feedback
  9. Thank you, glad you heard it all 🙂 wow....that's cool 🙂
  10. thank you DB 🙂 I'll do my best, that's the idea thank you RB 🙂 I used the Snouse Blackbox 2 Pro Mod on the H-150 because I remembered you liked it, so I thought to demo it I didn't think of the great Etta honestly it just came easy enough to play (which was what I needed for a start) what a great piece the H-150 is 🤩
  11. Hi All 🙂 before proceeding with my H-150 push-push upgrade (please see here) I thought to save some tone samples with my H-150 and share them with my fellow HOC'ers ....it's a lot of work to make a barely acceptable video and after all that there's is to do then comes playing sorry for not great playing, please let me know what you think if you want weather was a bit unstable and some wind and clouds made the light a bit intermittent
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