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  1. nice tremolo and playing congrats 🙂
  2. I bought my 2007 H150 Gold Top in Belgium, I couldn't pass on that one - came with BareKnuckles The Mule installed and the HRWs in the case (and some natural relicking). I prefer translucent finishes with wood that looks alive. But this Gold Top bought me (nicknamed Jessica, obviously). I think there is something interesting, if you look at the picture, just above the neck you can see some green-ish under the gold. Isn't that the way Gold Tops were made back un the days? The finish should contain some bronze? (I don't think it's copper)
  3. Maybe not exactly news for all. They have introduced the CC H150 Gold Top: https://heritageguitars.com/pages/custom-core-h-150-gold-top what do you think?
  4. very nice guitar, great colours
  5. welcome very nice Sweet 16, which is a great guitar from The Heritage I never found one I could at least try enjoy it 🙂
  6. just came across this article, could that be a good thing? https://guitar.com/news/industry-news/gibson-heritage-legal-battle-over-settlement-dismissal-trademark-antitrust/
  7. incredible build, congrats great guitar
  8. I whish I could have had the half of the experiences you all described never played one and I'd like to try one....maybe when I'll buy my cottage on the highlands my2p: I think I'd mention Jimmy Page at Royal Albert Hall (1970) tone and configuration with two stacks interesting resources could be https://hiwatt.org and http://www.royalamps.com/home.html (no affil) Edit: just watched the video and noticed it's mentioned
  9. I'm tempted to bau a Fulltone Clyde DeLuxe as of now Dunlop CryBaby from the 90s I bought in New England (good times) and it delivers...at least with HBs and Ron Kirn's single coils
  10. beautiful H150 enjoy it cool golden appointments 🙂
  11. Gianluca

    Gianluca - 2014 Custom H535 ALSB

    My first The Heritage guitar(Italy) H535 ALSB Custom
  12. Gianluca

    H157 Goldtop

    Beautiful, not my preferred knobs but nice Gold Top.
  13. interesting thread depends on many things, one amp I'd like to enjoy is Cornell Plexi 18/20 (image from the web) my interest on amp, which lives in my dreams would be something around that Dumble-ish tight/fast tone and drive
  14. it's good to see new users joining 🙂 a belated welcome you all to the best guitar/music forum on Sol3
  15. welcome, and if you can show your 575 ?
  16. Ciao Nico, I shared the computation replying to some other post in the HOC forum somewhere, anyways, the amount onto wich the taxes and customs are computed is given by: declared cost of the goods + cost of shipping + cost of insurance(if any) you will have to pay: customs + taxes + some other legal one-time importing docs last time I could extimate around 36% added to original price you might want to have a look at: https://www.adm.gov.it/portale/dogane/cittadino/acquisti-su-internet you'll find your way around it you might want to consider buying from ConEU too, that'd mean only: cost of goods + shipping (in Italy there are good Heritage guitars on the used market) I think you get the picture ?
  17. Ciao Nico, benvenuto! Nice guitars there ?
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