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  1. My three bursts, from L to R: VSB (Vintage), ALSB (Almond), ASB (Antique). My other three Heritages are a Natural H575, Trans Black H150 and Goldtop H150 Special.
  2. Definitely sprinkle as needed. Think of it as a wah-wah that goes "wah" (up) or "ow" (down) every time you hit the string. A non-guitar use can be heard in Stevie Wonder's Higher Ground, when he used it on the clavinet... Stevie in the early '70s was really into technological innovations, hence his collaboration with synth pioneers Robert Margouleff and Malcolm Cecil.
  3. I've only just got it, but it will go, like yours, in first place. I'll probably keep it separate, as I have a couple of different fx setups. Back in the days when we could gig, I often used a TC Electronic Nova System in the fx loop of the amp, with the guitar going into a wah and from there into the amp. It won't replace the wah, but I'd probably put it at the front of the chain. Another track which has a solo with some tasty Mutron action is Dear Friend by Jonathan Wilson. The solo starts just after 3 minutes.
  4. A couple of my early guitar heroes were Frank Zappa and Larry Coryell, and I particularly liked what they did with the Mutron III - Frank's solo on Inca Roads from the One Size Fits All album is a prime example. As a result, one of the first effects pedals I bought was a Mutron III in 1976/7. Years later I sold it to a bass-playing mate as I wasn't using it that much. Another Zappa track that made a big impression was Ship Ahoy from the Shut Up and Play Yer Guitar album. I found out much later that the extraordinary sound was produced by an Oberheim VCF in sample-and-hold mode. The Line 6
  5. Another one - the Mk acoustic series.
  6. Aha! It was - more info here.
  7. Wasn't the F100 G&L's very first model? I remember them from the early 1980s.
  8. I'd noticed that too. That Schaller tailpiece is basically the fine tuning version without the fine tuners.
  9. I wouldn't know for certain, but if they're using a Nashville-style set, the bridge will be metric (M5) while the tailpiiece will be Imperial.
  10. I did a quick search for archtop makers in the UK and was surprised by how many there were. A couple of the bigger names (relatively speaking!) were Case Guitars (who I mentioned in another thread) and Fibonacci Guitars (Martin Taylor is one of their artists), and for £3k to £3.5k you can get a top quality handmade archtop.
  11. I've done medium format (still have a couple of Mamiya TLRs and Bronica ETRS) but never tried large format. The nearest I got to that was making a pinhole camera which took an 8x10 sheet of paper, then making a contact print from the paper negative. What make was your camera?
  12. Does "hard stamped" mean that the serial number will be pressed into the wood rather than just inked on? I agree with DetroitBlues about the legibility of some of the ink-stamped serial numbers, perhaps that why they started hand-writing them.
  13. You're not wrong! Brook Guitars have done a fine job. Looking at the models on their website, I see they name them after West Country rivers, which is a nice touch. My namesake luthier, Richard Meyrick In Abergavenny, names his guitars after Welsh beaches and beauty spots, e.g Rhossili, Manorbier, Oxwich.
  14. Worst firm of lawyers ever...
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