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  1. 2007 H535 Almond Sunburst with HRWs. When I visited the dealer (the now-defunct High End Guitars in Kirkby-in-Ashfield, a small town in Nottinghamshire) I initially tried a 535 with SD59s, which was good, but not quite right for me. Then he brought out the one with HRWs, and that was the one...
  2. Friends in the music trade used to refer to the Heartbreaker combo as the "Backbreaker"...
  3. The Doug and Pat Show Pickup Shootout #2 has a set of BK Stormy Mondays reviewed at around 15'30"...
  4. Forgot to mention that because the Faber ABR is narrower than the Nashville, the tailpiece can be lowered right down without the strings touching the bridge.
  5. Faber hardware has received good reviews here, so I thought I'd give it a try. I ordered the Nashville/ABR bridge and iNsert kit, plus their aluminium tailpiece and studs from DV247 - like Thomann they have a UK branch, but the order was shipped from Germany. The guitar I chose to upgrade was the H150 VSB, on which I had previously replaced the Schaller hardware with a Tonepros set. Installation was straightforward, though there are a couple of points worth noting. When I had removed the bushes into which the bridge posts are located, I found that one of the holes was not deep enough and required careful drilling to extend it. The other point is that the Faber tailpiece studs were slightly longer and so I removed a couple of mm from them. The new posts are a snug fit, and the bridge feels very solid. The Faber tailpiece weighs 28g, compared to 75g for the Tonepros. Playing the guitar, it feels a little brighter (though that may be due in part to the new strings!) and more resonant, and is a worthwhile upgrade. This video nicely illustrates the difference between the Nashville and Faber hardware.
  6. Many years ago I built a pedal board inspired by an article I'd seen in a music magazine. It involved one of those metal coated equipment cases like this - Remove any foam lining, and modify or replace the hinges so that the lid can be completely removed. A piece of wood is cut so it fits snugly inside the lid, and this becomes the base on which you attach your pedals. I secured the wood inside the lid by screwing four rubber/plastic feet onto the lid, with the screws going through into the wood. The main part of the case now becomes the lid, with your pedals attached to the old lid (which is now the base). I hope that makes sense... I also found this video which may be of use -
  7. Interestng comment when he's playing the floating pickup, that he's just thinking aout the music!
  8. "Celebrated amp designer Howard Alexander Dumble passes away." I'd seen a post from Robben Ford on Facebook about Dumble's passing, and a search revealed this to be the case. This video from the above article has Mick Taylor from That Pedal Show spending some time with an Ovedrive Special.
  9. These days he seems to be using Little Walter amps in preference to his Dumble, particularly in the studio and on smaller gigs. I seem to recall reading that he feels the Dumble only comes into its own in larger venues where it has room to 'breathe'. I think a lot of guitarists are finding that low-wattage amps give you the tone you want at sensible volumes, in both the studio and on small gigs.
  10. Since the Plethora is based around the Toneprint system, I'd answer yes to the first question, but bear in mind that you can use the Toneprint app to create your own. Then again, there are so many Toneprints already loaded into the Plethora you have plenty to choose from. Also the "Hot Knobz" facility is worth investigating, since it can give you real time control over whichever parameter you choose. I've set up one of the delays so that the middle three knobs control delay time, feedback and mix. Given that the Infinity Sustainer has only just been released, I'd expect it would take a while before it's available for the Plethora. However TC seem like a company that listens to user feedback - hence the ability to reverse the order of the pedals. I expect even now folks are emailing them with requests to add it!
  11. Yesterday - there was a post on Facebook with a video describing the update. This time I updated the firmware using a Windows 10 machine, again with no problems.
  12. Quick update. TC have released v1.3 fo the firmware, which adds the Alter Ego vintage echo pedal among other improvements and tweaks. They also responded to user feedback in adding the facility to reverse the order of the pedals. By default the pedals in the Plethora are arranged in order from left to right, while separate pedals go from right to left. Now you can arrange the Plethora's pedals as you would as if they were separate pedals.
  13. That reminds me of the harness that baritone sax players use... Also the Chapman Stick has a hook which fits into the player's belt.
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