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  1. The one I used is copper coated, but I can't remember if that was what was recommended or just what was available.
  2. An interesting alternative to the wet cloth or sponge I came across was to use a metal scouring pad which I put in a small glass ramekin (from a Gu pudding*). This has the advantage of cleaning the tip without cooling it. * If Gu puddings are not available in the USA you have my sympathy...
  3. You've joined a select band of British Heritage owners. Well done that man!
  4. I thought you were, but any excuse for some Jim Mullen...
  5. Here's a more recent video where he explains how and why he plays that way, plus a few other words of wisdom...
  6. Absolutely! Although he uses an archtop these days, back in the '80s one of my favourites, Jim Mullen used a Tele and a Twin...
  7. Interesting bridge on that Les Paul. A bit of Googling reveals it to be a Stars Guitars brass model, as used on Alembic guitars. How did we manage before the internet, eh?
  8. OK, so I know it's a demo of the Fender Tone Master Super Reverb, but what does Danish Pete use to put it through it's paces? A red H530. Nice...
  9. Very nice! Looks very much like my 535 which is an Almond Sunburst with HRWs.
  10. My 1998 VSB H150 is very much like the one on in the pic. I replaced the bridge and tailpiece with a Tone Pros Nashvile set up and the SD 59s with a set of Bare Knuckle Stormy Mondays. It's my go to guitar...
  11. I've just measured the HRWs in my H535, and the neck is 7.3k while the bridge is 8k. I don't know what magnets were used (does anybody?), but I believe the Schallers, on which the HRWs were based, used Alnico 5 magnets. I also just checked a pair if Schallers (taken from an H150 a while ago) and they are neck - 7.7k, bridge - 8.3k. While I have the multimeter out... Burstbucker 1 - 7.7k, Burstbucker 2 - 8.2k, Seth Lover neck - 7.3k, Seth Lover bridge - 8k (these are both Alnico 2). According to the SD site, the 59s are neck- 7.6k, bridge 8.2k (similar to the Schallers). Looking at the Bare Knuckle site, the Riff Raff humbuckers are Alnico 5, neck - 7.4k, bridge - 8.2k. I'm sure if you contact BK they'll be able to advise you on the options. There are also a fair number of winders in the UK who will make a custom pickups - Radioshop, Creamery, Oil City, Catswhisker etc.
  12. Apologies for the pedantry, DB, but shouldn't that be 'Artisan'? I seem to remember from Geography lessons that Artesian was something to do with wells...
  13. This may be of interest. The Captain and Danish Pete from Andertons compare the H150 Custom Core with a PRS Limited Edition McCarty Singlecut 594 and a Gibbons Custom Shop 1959 Les Paul Standard Reissue...
  14. Only one screw per side of the pickup? The HRWs in my H535 have two... (Yes, I do know that Schallers/HRWs can be mounted with sigle screws. 🙂) Nice guitar, by the way!
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