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  1. You're not wrong! Brook Guitars have done a fine job. Looking at the models on their website, I see they name them after West Country rivers, which is a nice touch. My namesake luthier, Richard Meyrick In Abergavenny, names his guitars after Welsh beaches and beauty spots, e.g Rhossili, Manorbier, Oxwich.
  2. Worst firm of lawyers ever...
  3. A relic'd Strad clone?
  4. HRW pickups have a sticker on the bottom...
  5. Or it could be an HRW - even better!
  6. I'm not sure exactly when Heritage stopped using Schaller pickups, but I believe it was some time in the mid-2000s they switched to Seymour Duncans, so the pickup may originally have been a 59 or Seth Lover. The unbound neck is standard on a 575 - bound necks would have been a custom option. A properly done neck repair shouldn't affect the tone.
  7. They're not exactly readily available, I grant you! My H535 was bought new from High End Guitars in 2009, who I found were only about 15 miles from Nottingham. They've subsequently ceased trading, while the H150 Special Gold Top and H150 Trans Black were new old stock from a guitar shop in West Bridgford - they'd been sitting unsold in the store room for around ten years and were available at a very reasonable price... My favourite, the H150 VSB, was from eBay - I took out the SD59s and put in some Bare Knuckle Stormy Mondays. A bit of trading with a mate of mine landed me an H150 ASB and
  8. Westside in London's Denmark Street appear to be the UK distributors, and MusicStreet in Huntingdon stock them. Guitar Guitar have them too.
  9. Just had a look at the Jester online, and it's only slightly larger than the Quilter, so I'd agree the Jester falls into the pedal amp category. I think the Duchess is pushing it a bit, with a footprint area of 63 sq. ins (9x7), compared to the Jester at 26.25 sq.ins (5.25x5) and the Quilter at 20 sq.ins (5x4). Also the height of the Duchess is about twice that of the others. Still a nice amp, though.
  10. Ha! Just checked the UK retail price - £699. However it's an impressive piece of kit, having reverb and tremolo. It's a bit large for a "pedal amp", though - 9" (225mm) x 7" (175mm) x 4" (100mm). That's quite a bit bigger than the Quilter Interblock 45 - 5” (127mm) x 4” (102mm) x 1.75” (44.5mm). Good demo here...
  11. I think there's a fundamental difference between the Strymon and the the Quilter/SD Powerstage and the like, in that the latter are actual amplifiers which can drive a speaker cab, while the Strymon is designed to simulate amps and needs additional amplification. If you want to drive a speaker straight from the pedal, I don't think the Strymon is able to do that - you would need the Quilter or SD Powerstage. This from Strymon's FAQs - Connecting from Iridium’s Outputs Iridium is an amp modeler and IR cab processor that can be used in a variety of ways. With both the amp and IR c
  12. I bought a Quilter Interblock 45 on a whim. I think it cost around £180, cheaper than some overdrives, and for that you get a 45W into 4ohm/33W into 8ohm amplifier with a headphone/line out and an fx loop. It sounds good clean and with a reasonable crunch if the gain is turned up. Ideal as an emergency back up, or as the basis for a compact rig - just add reverb, delay, chorus and o/d pedals and you're done. Plenty of videos out there showing it being put through its paces.
  13. One possibility might be to have an arrangement similar to that on Gretsch guitars. Have a master volume where the switch currently is, put the switch in the neck tone position, keep the separate neck and bridge volumes and have a master tone in the bridge tone position. If you did something like that I would suggest having a new wiring harness made and keeping the original so the guitar couldbe put back to original spec if desired.
  14. Jon Herington (guitarist with Steely Dan) has done something similar to Gitfiddler's suggestion with his CS336 -
  15. VickyFl, you're welcome. I seem to remember reading an interview with Jeff Beck where he said that when he first got an electric guitar he didn't realise you needed to plug it into an amplifier, he thought you might just plug it into the mains supply. Luckily for us (and rock music!) he didn't... The great thing about this forum is that the folks here will try to answer questions, no matter how silly they may seem, as we've all been there to some extent. We look forward to hearing about your adventures with your Heritage H140!
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