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  1. Yooper has a point when he says that different guitars have different applications. I currently have six Heritages - four H150s (VSB, ASB, Trans Black and a Goldtop Special), a 535 ALSB and 575 Natural. If I had to choose one it would be the VSB. I got it via eBay for a very reasonable price, and it needed a little bit of cleaning and setting up by my local luthier. It has a nicely flamed top with interesting mineral streaks. After using it for a while I replaced the SD 59s with Bareknuckle Stormy Mondays, and the Schaller hardware with a Nashville bridge and tailpiece. Incidentally Doug and Pat's Shootout #2 featured the Stormy Mondays. Here's the VSB, firstly when I'd just got it and was giving it a clean, and secondly after all mods...
  2. It's a Schaller STM - https://schaller.info/en/bridges/328/stm. As ShredAndDestroy said, the rollers for the wound strings have a wider U-shaped profile and the rollers for the plain strings have a narrower V-shaped profile. I've just had a look at a Schaller bridge in my box of bits, and with the wound string rollers in the correct place, the screw heads would face the tailpiece - it would be worth checking the rollers on your bridge as it is. If you don't want to pop ot the rollers, you could just reverse the whole bridge and reset the intonation. Let us know how you get on.
  3. I've always liked the modular amp idea. I used to have a Seymour Duncan Convertible 2000 combo with a few spare modules. Some of them were DIY, using circuit boards bought from eBay. I found that once I'd settled on a configuration I liked I didn't change it, which rather defeated the object of the amp. I eventually sold it, as it was a heavy beast, a bit too heavy to gig. An interesting amp, though, and ahead of its time - two separate channels, variable power (5 to 100W), switchable triode/pentode.
  4. Wouldn't have thought so, unless Gibson have a line of bolt-on neck guitars.
  5. They weren't put off by the so-called "ugly" headstock? 😀
  6. It is possible to wire the guitar so that turning down one of the volume controls does not turn off the sound completely. More information here. There are pros and cons to each method.
  7. In the UK (at least) copyright belongs to the creator of the image. When I post images on the web, I usually resize them to a maximum of 800 pixels longest side. Since most of my photography is of jazz musicians, who are mostly decent human beings, I often get asked if they can be used on their websites or social media. Since there's very little money on jazz*, I'm OK with that as long as I get a credit. Ronnie Scott's once used a picture of Wayne Krantz of mine without asking, and when I contacted them they were apologetic and offered me free entry to the gig. As it happened I couldn't get to that one, but got to see George Duke there instead. Occasionally I get asked for a hi-res image, for which I ask a nominal fee. I keep the copyright, but give permission for the artist to use the image. *As the great jazz club owner Ronnie Scott once said, "If you want to make a million running a jazz club, start with two million."
  8. It's a major UK music store. i believe the name derives from Guitar Amp Keyboard. Not to be confused with "gagh", the Klingon "delicacy"
  9. When I've replaced pots it's usually when I've been changing pickups, and I just get "ordinary" CTS 500k audio pots which work fine for me. I'm fortunate that Hot Rox is located in Nottingham, and while they do much of their business online I can pop in whenever I need a pot, capacitor or exotic pedal! My most recent adventure in pickup replacement was fitting a pair of Gibson Bill Lawrence "The Originals" (which came from my '89 335 Dot Reissue) into my Squier Esprit, along with a couple of CTS push-pull pots for coil splitting each pickup.
  10. When I've replaced pots on my 150s I've used short shaft pots, but you can check by measuring the ones already installed in the guitar when you remove them. For setting up and general maintenance, I've found the CruzTOOLS GrooveTech Guitar Tech Kit to be very useful, and it comes with a booklet explaining how to do various setup jobs. For setting the pickup height, Throbak have a video which goes into great detail on how to set pickup height for your particular guitar and style of playing. Have fun!
  11. A Goldtop with a set of BK Mules... Nice! I have a pair of Stormy Mondays in my VSB 150 and they sound great.
  12. A good source of information is The Doug and Pat Show pickup shootout videos. In one of my H150s (yes, it's inevitable you'll end up with more than one) I have a pair of Bare Knuckle Stormy Mondays (see Pickup Shootout #2) while in another I've kept the Duncan 59s. In a third H150 (a Special) I've had a pair of Duncan P-Rails with the Triple Shot rings, which give the options of humbucker (coils in series), P90, single (rail) coil and humbucker (coils in parallel). Have fun with your search!
  13. I know Cliff has occasionally done in-store demos - that's how I got to try out the prototype Drive King - but if you can get up to his workshop he has a demo room with a few choice amps for you to try. I realise Northampton is a fair distance from Brighton, but it would be worth spending a bit of time playing through one to get a feel for it. He can also tweak the amp to suit your playing. For example, after I'd owned the Drive King for year Cliff got in touch and asked me to bring it down to check it over and make any adjustments. As it happened there were a couple of things I wanted - reducing the maximum reverb level and reducing the drive a fraction. If I didn't already have the 50W head, I'd be in the market for the 26W combo - for the sort of gigs I do that's plenty of power!
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