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  1. Going overseas?

    I believe there was some sort of prototype made a few years back, but nothing became of it. Didn’t the recent post from “Meng” state that they weren’t planning an import line?! I certainly hope they just stick with the Kalamazoo made line only.
  2. Source for Replacement Pickup Rings?

    Gibson rings only come flat. However they are made with a plastic that is much more flexible. The trick is tightening the rings down a little bit at a time, and doing so over a period of weeks to allow the plastic to flex. The Schaller rings almost always crack regardless. The plastic used just seems to be a bit on the brittle side.
  3. Source for Replacement Pickup Rings?

    Lots of places, and different types of pickup rings to be had. A pic of the type of rings you’re looking for would help. I want to think that they were just using the same ones that are sold by Allparts.
  4. Heritage Guitar at NAMM

    I like to think of mine as “Pre-Plaza era” Heritages.
  5. NGD

    Nice gold can opener!
  6. Fun game: spot the errors in this listing!

    Tailpiece/studs, TRC, pickguard. I’d also say pickups, not because of the height adjustment screws. More because the baseplates look silver in color and not brass like Schallers.
  7. Heritage Guitar at NAMM

    Things sure are beginning to look and sound a lot more “corporate”. What I always loved about the golden age of The Heritage was that they were anything but corporate. I’m sure they’ll be just fine... maybe. (IMO) Trying to re-invent the brand in a flooded market is going to be quite a task.
  8. Does my Heritage Prospect need a humidifier?

    I use a humidifier in my music room. Don’t really “need” it as badly with solid or semi-hollows than you do with acoustics. I still use one anyway, and keep the humidity around 40%.
  9. String Gauges?

    10-46 for me. Not super picky on brand either.
  10. 575 or 525 for live higher gain setting

    Yeah, definitely this. And when your only tool is a hammer, you see every problem as a nail!
  11. How to Clean a Used Heritage?

    Naphtha works great on nitrocellulose finishes. Get the grime off with that, then use a good non-silicone based polish. Naphtha is good on fretboards too.
  12. 2002 H150

    Dig it!
  13. What about the back ones ?

    I’ve had 3 Black Heritage Guitars. An H-170 an H-157 LE and an H-150 w/P90s (really miss that one). I’m planning to do a Custom order for a Black H-535 real soon! Black guitars are ‘da bomb!
  14. 2017 H150 vs 2005 H150

    I don't know all the differences between 2017 & 2005 models, but don't believe they're all that drastic. However, I do know that I'd suck playing on either one!
  15. The search has ended! NGD!

    That’s purdy. HNGD!