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  1. Yup Heritage is now officially shut down (effective 12 A.M. Tuesday). I’m out of a job too. This really sucks.
  2. I'm on board with this. I have small-fish hands and just can't stand slim necks.
  3. Yep, I’ll admit that the Schaller stuff is pug-fugly.
  4. I've swapped stock zamak tailpieces with Aluminum in the past. For me I never found there to be a "huge" difference. However, my playing situation over the last 20 years has changed to where I seldom get to play very loud. Given that, I wouldn't be surprised to find that at rehearsal or stage volumes you could notice the change. I see you're located in TC, the Mrs. & I usually take vacation there every summer.
  5. Nice. I may miss the old days, but they are still making some spectacular instruments.
  6. Yeah, the new black label does seem strange. I also don’t like how the new label says “Made at the historic Parsons Steel factory” or something of the like. When in all actuality it’s not really made in the original plant.
  7. Wow, I was just thinking the same thing... uh-oh! 🙃
  8. I'm going to have to give Ron an "Amen" on this one. Late this past summer I picked up a very nice 2019 H535 for essentially a crack price from one of "H's" authorized dealers. It was listed as used (not shopworn), but it certainly didn't appear to be used at all. Given the proximity of the serial number date, and the date in which I purchased it, I don't believe it ever was "used". And while it is indeed a great guitar, I honestly feel there is something missing. Perhaps being so close to the old guard "H" makes me think this way, but I swear that it just ain't the same. YMMV And on a side note, the retailer who is very prolific is no longer advertising that they are a Heritage dealer. Hmmmm....
  9. My guess is that Big H wasn’t too happy about it.
  10. It seems most people are opting to use Reverb’s payment services in lieu of PayPay. I started accepting Reverb payments back in the summer. I’ve sold a couple of dozen guitars/pedals/parts etc. Not one payment has been via PayPal.
  11. I had a ‘93 that had pretty much the same shaped neck that’s in current production (more or less a medium C). It also had humbuckers and it was not a special order.
  12. If it's the black one listed on your other post, the bridge would be a Nashville style.
  13. I was thinking the very same thing!
  14. The construction of the current Firebird pickups being used by Gibson are nothing like the originals. There’s a company making very nice vintage repros by the name Q pickups. They’re out of Croatia and can be found on both Reverb and eBay. But Klein, Lollar, Curtis Novak and others make great original style FB pickups.
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