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  1. Mesa Boogie Subway Series... opinions?

    I would trade it for a Jet City amp in a heartbeat. Those Subways are some great amps.
  2. What does SM mean?

    Not sure, but it could possibly stand for “Spalted Maple”, as there is some spalting going on there. That would be my guess.
  3. Heritage Bass

    Cool, definitely not many of those around.
  4. H-170 strap pin location?

    I had a 170 with the normal pin location. I was surprised how well it balanced.

    And I’ll bet the thread continued with 47 more pages of HHH (Heritage Headstock Hatred)!
  6. Change at Heritage Guitar

    I concur 100%.
  7. 1987 Heritage Guitar H207DD

    I passed on one of these about 3 or 4 years ago for $799, listed on gbase. I believe one of our banned HOC members bought it.

    Looks awesome Brent, I love Black guitars. Can I call a preemptive DIBS?!?!?!
  9. How FAT Is Fat?

    FWIW- The '89 H-357 I used to own was closer to the size of the first one you had listed. It had more of a "D" shape to it.
  10. Best amp ever

    Marshall 2203 50w (w/5881s). Gawd! Do I miss that amp.
  11. Support the brand

    Too bad to see you pull out. I always love hearing your perspective. Anyway I see you around on a couple of the other forums, so I know where to find ya’.
  12. Support the brand

    Kip, I want to go on record here, for clarification purposes. I did say Meng could “shove” his CNC machines, however I never stated “where” he could/should shove said CNC machines. And BTW: I am glad to hear that as of now, there are no plans to utilize such machining.
  13. Which would you rather?

    Very well thought out. I would absolutely love for option “B” to come to fruition. To me that would be the best, and most dignified way to sunset the Heritage name. It would also mean the continuance of guitar building at the legendary location.
  14. Heritage Nitro Finish Question

    I’m not exactly sure on that issue, and would be curious to know as well. I have a Silverburst H-157 that has a serial number indicating Jan 27 2016.
  15. Heritage Nitro Finish Question

    I’d love that too, but I thought our good friends at the EPA outlawed most all of those old lacquer formulas years ago.