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  1. 530s’ are fantastic guitars. That’s a pretty good price on that one, especially if it’s in clean condition.
  2. Welcome to the forum. It's really hard to beat the Seth Lover pickups. If you want the sound of original PAF pickups, they're where it's at. They go very well with styles of music you've described. I've never really cared for the Schaller pickups myself. Over the years I've had quite a few different Heritage guitars, and I always wound up swapping pickups. To me, at best the Schallers are just okay.
  3. ? Beyond that, at least it was a nice day for a road trip!
  4. Do you not like the pickups that are currently in there? I'd say, if you like the way the guitar sounds now, leave it alone! It's a gamble to go through all that time & effort & cash, and hope it works out. There is absolutely nothing wrong with '59s, unless you don't like the way they sound. One should use caution when chasing the pickup unicorn.
  5. The market is (and has been) slow for a while now. I really haven't seen a whole ton of "Covid" prices yet. The prices for use Heritage guitars over on "The Verb", still seem to be on the high side. But there are more than a few H137's that seem like pretty good deals.
  6. That's one sweet looking guit you have there. Welcome aboard!
  7. Great entry. Thanks for everything you did!
  8. Welcome aboard! We'd love to see some pics. of your H575!
  9. Give it a try, and you just might like it. And if so, who the crap cares what string gauge you play?! If you and the Mrs. are confident in your manhood, that's all that matters!!!!!!
  10. I put 9s' on my 25.5" scale guitars, and 10s' on 24.75 & 25" scale guitars. I've tried 8s' (Extra Slinkys) but just don't like the feel. As far as tone is concerned, I have never found that larger gauge strings have a distinguishable effect on tone. YMMV
  11. The dots are a bit off, but for me I would have never noticed such a thing. Also keep in mind that these are hand made guitars, and human hands are never going to be "perfect". I realize too that everyone's standards may be different. I'd say if it bothers you enough, contact your dealer or try the gang in K-Zoo. Best of luck with your issue.
  12. Welcome aboard! We don't see too may of those Mark Slaughter models.
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