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  1. davesultra

    WTF is up with this?

    Is it a Cheritage?!
  2. davesultra

    H150 Stop Bar

    Looks like all ended well! Nice PRS.
  3. davesultra

    Heritage? You make the call...

    Hmmm.... Maybe it is, maybe it isn’t. Not enough there for me to make a decision.
  4. davesultra

    Finally got the 535 on a record!

    Ordered my copy of “Fourth Gear” earlier today.
  5. davesultra

    H150 Stop Bar

    Never cared for top wrapping.
  6. davesultra

    H150 Stop Bar

    For years I played Gibby style guitars, and am sure many of them had tailpieces that sat up high. Odd thing was, I never really noticed nor cared. It played well and sounded good, that’s all I cared about. It wasn’t until the age of the guitar forums, that these things, and all other forms of “corksniffery” changed the way I view guitars. Not sure if it’s for better or worse.
  7. davesultra

    Reunited and 'It Feels So Good' NGD

    Nice to see it’s found it’s way back home. I can attest to the “niceness” of that particular Millie, seeing as I owned that one once. Congrats, don’t let it get away again!!!
  8. davesultra

    H150 Stop Bar

    I've had a few Heritage & Gibson guitars with the neck angle set in a little off, which made the stopbar sit up higher. It's actually fairly common to find, and setup properly it still can be a great player. It doesn't necessarily mean it's "wrong", but it certainly isn't preferred.
  9. davesultra

    Heritage Guitar Values...Now and Future?

    I have had the same experience.
  10. Attempting to (kind of) re-invent a brand name that had received very little interest over its first 30 years. I believe that’ll be very difficult, especially given the fact that they’re competing in a very crowded market. Good luck to the new owners.
  11. I think now would be a great time for them to introduce a “V” or Explorer type. If they really want to tout that they’re the Vanguards of the 225 Parsons Street tradition, that could go a long way from a legitimacy standpoint (IMO). I can honestly say that I would have some interest in one too seeing as Hamer isn’t around anymore.
  12. To paraphrase Sir Denis Eton-Hogg." I don't believe they're becoming less popular. I think that it's just that their appeal is becoming more selective."
  13. davesultra

    Heritage Guitar Brochure Before Ownership Change

    You mean the factory direct custom shop right?
  14. davesultra

    Heritage Guitar Brochure Before Ownership Change

    Wow, look at all those options, even several hollow & semi-hollow options too! Man, those were the days. All hail Meng and his glorious new regime! Thanks for posting this, it's a nice trip down memory lane.