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  1. I picked up one of the (used) Double Cut SE594 models from Dave’s a couple of weeks ago. I have to agree with you regarding that the frets are pretty tall (which I don’t care for). And the 10” radius is also something I’m not crazy about either. The pickups are pretty decent, just they lack in the punch department. Overall, it’s a very good guitar given the price point. It’s overall lack of volume is a bit concerning though. I most likely won’t keep mine for long, it just doesn’t do anything more/less than my Les Pauls will do.
  2. Yeah, just not 10k cool. Definitely for the hardcore ZW enthusiast!
  3. Definitely something you don’t see everyday.
  4. I’ve never really gotten into pedals (at least beyond a Wah). I do have some pedals lying around, but never really use them. Last year I picked up a BOSS multi-effect “dealy”, but again I never have really gotten into it. I’ve always just preferred the basic “guitar/cable/amp” approach. But then again I’ve never claimed to be even a mediocre player.
  5. No one can ever accuse me of being a “pickup licker”!
  6. The only type of pickup that I like A3s’ in are P90s’ and sometimes Strat pickups.
  7. I’d like one of these. However, I believe I would like to see them offer this color on the regular H-150.
  8. OMG- Just stop it Brent, this $hits just getting out of hand!!! I’d call dibs, but don’t think I could muster the price should it become available! 🙃
  9. No veneer on yours. Pre-Plaza refers to the period prior to early 16’ and the original owners sale of the company. Some changes have been made in the ensuing years, but essentially they’re made pretty much in the same fashion.
  10. I went through the same thing back in 2015. I had a Les Paul shipped to me from Japan, and the paperwork wasn’t filled out properly. I wound up paying almost $400 to get everything right.
  11. I’ll keep my fingers crossed in hopes that it makes the journey across the pond intact. Looks sweet!
  12. Yup, I do believe that’s what I had heard as well.
  13. My recently acquired 22’ H535 has some very light checking lines on the face of the headstock. But then again I did purchase it as an unofficial “2nd” from Dave’s Guitar Shop.
  14. I’m only aware of some checking “issues” around 2015/16. Beyond that I’m not sure about any finish formulation changes, although I would suspect that there have been some. I’ve owned many Heritage guitars ranging from 87’-22’. I’ve had some checked ones, but then again I buy used. I’ve seen many checked “H” guitars over the years though.
  15. Yeah, it wasn’t like Heritage was getting ready to reissue the H-357 anytime soon.
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