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  1. The H-157, which is currently not in production.
  2. I have to agree. Having just purchased a brand spankin' new LP Special, I can say the "G-brand" are making some great guitars. All the posturing from their end just seems silly, and almost seems desperate. I suppose it will get them more attention. And as much as I hated to see the golden era at "H"pass. I guess as long as they keep making great guitars, I wish them the best. It's the same, just different.
  3. 60 grit?! Damn you’re shootin’ for bear!!!
  4. Keep playing and the Nitro should wear nicely. Some folks like to use 0000 steel wool on the back of the neck, but I wouldn’t. Again, over time you’ll get the “glossy” off just by playing. Just another part of making it your own.
  5. Some say the ‘50s wiring adds clarity. I have tried it a few times but didn’t like it. I found that it mostly changes the sweep/taper of the pot. My impression is that if you manipulate the volume and tone controls a lot, then I can see where that would be useful. For me I typically run things pretty much wide open, except when using the neck pickup. For me the ‘50s wiring didn’t add much. But it’s worth trying out, you may like it. Worst case is that if you don’t care for it, it’s an easy mod to reverse.
  6. The standard for humbuckers is .022. Although some like a .022 for the bridge and an .015 for the neck. The higher the value the more high end you’ll roll off when turning the knob. I’ve tried.033 in a humbucker equipped guitar before, but didn’t care for the results. Normally when the tone pot is on 10 there’s very little the cap value affects.
  7. It could very well be stock wiring, as I’ve had a few “H” guitars that had stock CTS “dishback” pots. Most notably my old ‘89 H-357.
  8. The Schaller pickup rings were especially prone to cracking on carved tops. I’ve drilled out a barrel jack hole 1 time. I used a forstner bit on a hand drill. It went “meh”, so it can be done.
  9. It did have the original hardware, Brent added the TonePros stuff afterwards. I'm sure the original stuff is still around. It is a good one!
  10. The definitely haven’t had an issue with the stamper since around 2011! 😆
  11. Nothing to worry about on that one. That serial number is legit.
  12. I had an ‘01 H-170 (that I really miss). It weighed in at 8.5 lbs.So it was not much, if any lighter than an H-140 or H-150. My current ‘93 H-137 weighs in at 7.9lbs.
  13. Yup! Original PAFs’ were horribly inconsistent sounding. I just prefer lower output humbuckers which usually have names that go along with something PAF-ish. It sometimes amazes me how powerful the placebo effect can be when dealing with vintage gear. Some will say even the worst sounding gear sounds like an angel just because it’s old.
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