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  1. davesultra

    Heritage at Musicians Friend

  2. davesultra

    Fake or Real H150?

    Just another reason why I don't have a Facebook account (or Twitter or Instagram or etc.)!!!!
  3. davesultra

    Heritage at Musicians Friend

    Just another reason why I could care less about this new version of The Heritage. No thanks Meng.
  4. davesultra

    Bridge pickup?

    “Wiggle it, just a little bit!”
  5. davesultra

    PSA Rare Champ II

    Had the one on Craigslist been a Super Champ, for that price I would have grabbed it. His location is only about 5 minuets away from me.
  6. davesultra

    PSA Rare Champ II

    That’s the biggest reason why I’ve held on to them!
  7. davesultra

    PSA Rare Champ II

    I still have a couple of those 6C10 tubes lying around, from when I had my Super Champ.
  8. davesultra

    WTF is up with this?

    Is it a Cheritage?!
  9. davesultra

    H150 Stop Bar

    Looks like all ended well! Nice PRS.
  10. davesultra

    Heritage? You make the call...

    Hmmm.... Maybe it is, maybe it isn’t. Not enough there for me to make a decision.
  11. davesultra

    Finally got the 535 on a record!

    Ordered my copy of “Fourth Gear” earlier today.
  12. davesultra

    H150 Stop Bar

    Never cared for top wrapping.
  13. davesultra

    H150 Stop Bar

    For years I played Gibby style guitars, and am sure many of them had tailpieces that sat up high. Odd thing was, I never really noticed nor cared. It played well and sounded good, that’s all I cared about. It wasn’t until the age of the guitar forums, that these things, and all other forms of “corksniffery” changed the way I view guitars. Not sure if it’s for better or worse.
  14. davesultra

    Reunited and 'It Feels So Good' NGD

    Nice to see it’s found it’s way back home. I can attest to the “niceness” of that particular Millie, seeing as I owned that one once. Congrats, don’t let it get away again!!!