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  1. Man, I would love a P90 loaded 535!
  2. I actually have one of the new Katana II 50w amps. It’s does a very convincing job of sounding like a tube amp. I like it much better than Blues Cube Hot that I sold. Due to my playing situation I needed decent sounds at disturbingly low volumes, this fits the bill nicely, and is proving to be a much better option than any of the other amps I’ve tried. Unfortunately, I don’t get an opportunity to crank up a valve amp anymore.
  3. No need to be sorry Will. Different strokes for different folks. And you are definitely correct about not selling out to one of the big brands. Like I’ve stated before, it lost that “Good ol’ Days” feel. But I understand that the changes they’ve made were necessary in today’s business environment.
  4. That’s nuts! Perhaps I’ll hold onto my 157 a while longer.
  5. With a properly cut nut, standard Grovers really work just fine. However if you prefer the locking style, I’d go with the locking Grovers as they’ll be a drop-in replacement, and won’t require drilling extra holes. I’ve used them and they do work great, and I use 10-46 (I wouldn’t consider that gauge thick). Don’t have much experience with the Schallers, but I do remember Heritage did on occasion use Schallers as OEM.
  6. I have a black plastic “G” style guard you’re welcome to, if you’d like it. It has some light scratches on it.
  7. I’d wager it’s legit. There’s not much of a market out there for counterfeit Heritage guitars. Have you pulled the control cavity cover off and look for a sticker?
  8. Yup. This is why I no longer have an emotional attachment to the brand. They’re just really nicely made guitars.
  9. No, I picked up my 3 month old slightly used '19 H-535 for just over half the price of new.
  10. Unfortunately, it won't ever be the way it was. As flawed as it was, I miss the old days a whole lot. Although I see "H" as a more corporate entity, they are making some spectacular guitars. Too bad the pricing structure and go the way it has, but I suppose that's the price of business. We had a good run though, didn't we. Again, the new stuff is of stellar quality. Great guitars, but it doesn't feel like home to me.
  11. And let’s not forget about all the Heritage headstock hate threads over at TGP!
  12. My understanding is that it varies from state to state. However every Sweetwater purchase I’ve made in the last year or so has had sales tax added in. It sucks, but knew the internet tax free train was going to come to a halt at some point.
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