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  1. My iPhone still shows “Not Secure”.
  2. Don’t be afraid to post some pics of the new 150!
  3. I second it being an H-150P. Check the label under the control cavity cover.
  4. That's an impressive room full-O-amps you have there, and quite an investment. I've only owned 1 Z amp which was a 1x12 Mini-Z combo. Damn thing was super loud for it's power rating. Unfortunately my playing situation doesn't allow for me to crank amps anymore. Besides, my lousy hack playing is only accentuated more when you add decibels. And believe me it ain't pretty, but it's good for keeping the vermin away.
  5. I had a RoV about 10 years ago. I’d trade for it in a heartbeat!
  6. Yes, you can use standard mounting rings with Schaller/HRWs’. I have done that before.
  7. Weren't there 2 different "Slaughter" guitars? I remember one was a variation of an H-150, and I thought the other was kind of unusual looking.
  8. I had a set of Bobby Tyson’s P90’s from way back when he was first starting out, and selling them on eBay. I remember they were selling for an introductory price of (I believe) either $89 or $99 a pair. They were his ‘53 Wraptail low wind set. They were fantastic, and his business has done quite well since then. Wish I’d picked up a few more sets at that price. I always wondered why “H” went with the standard Lollar P90s’ as I’ve always found them to be very overrated.
  9. I believe that was the nickname of the guy or gal who assembled the pedal.
  10. Man, that was one helluva' score!
  11. Sweet! Would love to hear what kind of garage sale price you paid for it.
  12. I used to have an H-357 which had the fine tuning Schaller tailpiece. I remember not having much of an opinion about it. It worked as it was supposed to, so I guess all was good.
  13. Anything made before April 1, 2016 you could consider "Pre-Plaza", as that was the sale date to Plaza-Corp. Case in point, my H-157 has a Jan, 27 2016 date code on it. So I consider that a "PP".
  14. They’re still made pretty much the same way as they were. I believe the big firing/walkout occurred in late 2017 early ‘18 (I could be wrong). I haven’t owned any of the “Plaza-Corp” guitars, so I can’t speak of their quality. I (personally) have no interest in the newer stuff, as I’ve been to the original factory several times, and am familiar with many of the original folks. To me I’ll always prefer the “Golden era” guitars. With that being said, I cannot say with 100% certainty that, should I find a sweet deal on a recent model, that I’d pass it up. I’m sure they’re still fantastic guitars. Aesthetics aside, way you really can’t go wrong.
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