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  1. Looks sweet Brent. I absolutely love the ER Customs. I had a set in an H-170 about 6 years ago. Best sounding neck pickup ever!
  2. Hell, I always considered Orange Drops to be premium as well. I just put some Seth’s in my H150 this morning and went with those over the pio Vitamin Qs’ I had lying around.
  3. I’ve recently received the much coveted “Peon” badge!
  4. Ha! I went through the exact same thing. I had an incredible ‘06 Studio (pre weight relief) that was easily one of the very Les Pauls I’d ever had. Sold it cuz I just had to have a Standard. Sure regret that move, as I still think about that Studio model a lot.
  5. Just me speculating here but… I still believe that the only thing Ren changed were the magnets. He may have either changed them, or had them degaussed. The machinery used to do it is not “terribly” expensive. Our company has a small one that’s used to both magnetize and de-magnetize small parts. Perhaps Ren had a connection with someone who had that type of equipment? Who really knows for sure? Ren does.
  6. Wow! I thought I was the only one! 😚
  7. I usually use ChapStick. I also put that on the screws for control cavities, pickup mounting rings, pick guards, etc. "Lots-a thangs you can do with ChapStick". That's a fine looking 575 BTW, congrats!
  8. I have to agree. The Core wasn’t bad, it just wasn’t as good as the Gibbons. The PRS was my least favorite of the bunch.
  9. I like that idea regarding using ThroBaks. Only problem with that is it would require a significant up charge. That would likely make them more expensive than their comparable Gibbons counterparts.
  10. I’ve got some catching up to do. I’ve only picked up 2 Heritage guitars over the past month!
  11. Chalk up another nice score for Brent!
  12. I too am in the same camp as you Rich. I can’t hear a dang bit of difference between the two. But then again that could be due to my tin ear!
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