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  1. I had a ‘93 that had pretty much the same shaped neck that’s in current production (more or less a medium C). It also had humbuckers and it was not a special order.
  2. If it's the black one listed on your other post, the bridge would be a Nashville style.
  3. I was thinking the very same thing!
  4. The construction of the current Firebird pickups being used by Gibson are nothing like the originals. There’s a company making very nice vintage repros by the name Q pickups. They’re out of Croatia and can be found on both Reverb and eBay. But Klein, Lollar, Curtis Novak and others make great original style FB pickups.
  5. That worming definitely should have been disclosed. I’d be pissed as well.
  6. “Now, no running around the house with those young man!”
  7. There are those who cut the lead near the pickup and splice it in with the original leads from the controls. It's kind of a hack but it'll work.
  8. I’ll bet that guitar brings the “RAWK”!!!! Do you know how many of those they made? Couldn’t have been many.
  9. Definitely a PITA of a job. Make a day (or 2) of it, and remember, blue painters tape is your friend.
  10. I had a '79 LP Custom back in 1991. It had 100k tone pots stock. Gibson had been known to use them.
  11. Man, I would love a P90 loaded 535!
  12. I actually have one of the new Katana II 50w amps. It’s does a very convincing job of sounding like a tube amp. I like it much better than Blues Cube Hot that I sold. Due to my playing situation I needed decent sounds at disturbingly low volumes, this fits the bill nicely, and is proving to be a much better option than any of the other amps I’ve tried. Unfortunately, I don’t get an opportunity to crank up a valve amp anymore.
  13. No need to be sorry Will. Different strokes for different folks. And you are definitely correct about not selling out to one of the big brands. Like I’ve stated before, it lost that “Good ol’ Days” feel. But I understand that the changes they’ve made were necessary in today’s business environment.
  14. That’s nuts! Perhaps I’ll hold onto my 157 a while longer.
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