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  1. davesultra

    Heritage Guitar Values...Now and Future?

    I have had the same experience.
  2. Attempting to (kind of) re-invent a brand name that had received very little interest over its first 30 years. I believe that’ll be very difficult, especially given the fact that they’re competing in a very crowded market. Good luck to the new owners.
  3. I think now would be a great time for them to introduce a “V” or Explorer type. If they really want to tout that they’re the Vanguards of the 225 Parsons Street tradition, that could go a long way from a legitimacy standpoint (IMO). I can honestly say that I would have some interest in one too seeing as Hamer isn’t around anymore.
  4. To paraphrase Sir Denis Eton-Hogg." I don't believe they're becoming less popular. I think that it's just that their appeal is becoming more selective."
  5. davesultra

    Heritage Guitar Brochure Before Ownership Change

    You mean the factory direct custom shop right?
  6. davesultra

    Heritage Guitar Brochure Before Ownership Change

    Wow, look at all those options, even several hollow & semi-hollow options too! Man, those were the days. All hail Meng and his glorious new regime! Thanks for posting this, it's a nice trip down memory lane.
  7. davesultra

    Mr. Bill Paige Retires

    Well deserved! Enjoy your retirement Mr. Paige. Thank you for all your contributions in creating some very special instruments.
  8. davesultra

    10 Most Iconic Guitar Amps

    What?! No Peavey Bandit?!?
  9. davesultra

    Heritage Website

    "Technically" they're still made at 225 Parsons St., as it's pretty much a block of buildings. But, No they're no longer made in the original factory they previously were. To me it's not the same anymore, to others it may not be a big deal. There are still a lot of great deals on used Heritage guitars to be had. There are many used ones out there with sizable asking prices. Take a look over at Reverb.com and you'll see many have been for sale for quite a while, and they're still sitting there. The used market is super soft these days, so I see no evidence that people are getting those big "ask" prices. I could see prices for certain big jazz boxes increasing if "H" decides to permanently discontinue some of the jazz boxes currently on production hiatus.
  10. davesultra

    Mesa "Boogie" Fillmore series

    I'd be down with that!
  11. davesultra

    Heritage Website

    Direct order a Heritage from their website? "Now made just around the corner from the real 225 Parsons St. factory"!
  12. davesultra

    Tube Swapping!

    With newer Marshall amp types I like to use a 5751 in either or the V1 & V2 positions. Helps make the DSL series amps much more manageable.
  13. davesultra


    Did you get rid of the weird noises?
  14. davesultra


    Yup, no issues with PCB amps here either.