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  1. davesultra

    My Man Cave of Amps

    You sure have a whole lot of amps there. Bet it'll cost a bundle come re-tube time!!
  2. davesultra

    A 535 3 PIECE

    Great job Brent! That 535 + Marshall = “The” Rock & Roll tone!
  3. davesultra

    A test of PATIENCE! Rewiring the H535.

    I learned the hard way, and now I make sure I like the sound I get out of a semi-hollow guitar. After re-wiring more than a few, I don’t want to go down that road again!!!
  4. davesultra

    Wud have I got? Scarce Heritage-127 Custom

    That one is beyond rare!
  5. This for the win! Who in the heck would want all the headaches associated with running a business anyway?!
  6. davesultra

    Tell me....

    Don’t worry Guy I already know it.
  7. davesultra

    In Defense of Heritage 2.0

    I could never get past those ugly-@ss Schaller humbucker rings with the extra holes in them. I’d always swap those out even if we’re going to keep the Schaller pickups in. To me they just made the guitar look sloppy.
  8. davesultra

    Joyann Parker on an H-150

    I wouldn’t have a problem with the “Likes” section showing who liked or disliked a thread/response. Most every other forum I belong to operates in that fashion. And Jon, keep tellin’ us how you really feel! After all this is a forum, I like to hear differing opinions.
  9. davesultra

    In Defense of Heritage 2.0

    I believe I'm actually more interested in the new Harmony line vs. the new Heritage. Couldn't they have just used the old Kalamazoo brand in lieu of Harmony? Would have also liked to see the Harmony line built in a different area of the shop. It would have been nice to see Heritage stay in the same area of the complex, but I'm sure it had more to do with the cost of upgrading the facility. Just my .02
  10. davesultra

    Mesa Boogie Subway Series... opinions?

    I would trade it for a Jet City amp in a heartbeat. Those Subways are some great amps.
  11. davesultra

    What does SM mean?

    Not sure, but it could possibly stand for “Spalted Maple”, as there is some spalting going on there. That would be my guess.
  12. davesultra

    Heritage Bass

    Cool, definitely not many of those around.
  13. davesultra

    H-170 strap pin location?

    I had a 170 with the normal pin location. I was surprised how well it balanced.
  14. davesultra


    And I’ll bet the thread continued with 47 more pages of HHH (Heritage Headstock Hatred)!
  15. davesultra

    Change at Heritage Guitar

    I concur 100%.