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  1. How to Clean a Used Heritage?

    Naphtha works great on nitrocellulose finishes. Get the grime off with that, then use a good non-silicone based polish. Naphtha is good on fretboards too.
  2. 2002 H150

    Dig it!
  3. What about the back ones ?

    I’ve had 3 Black Heritage Guitars. An H-170 an H-157 LE and an H-150 w/P90s (really miss that one). I’m planning to do a Custom order for a Black H-535 real soon! Black guitars are ‘da bomb!
  4. 2017 H150 vs 2005 H150

    I don't know all the differences between 2017 & 2005 models, but don't believe they're all that drastic. However, I do know that I'd suck playing on either one!
  5. The search has ended! NGD!

    That’s purdy. HNGD!
  6. NGD - Cat's Out of the Bag

    Funny, I always thought of it as more of a GT P-90 cult than a club!
  7. NGD - Cat's Out of the Bag

    How about... ”Tone up the heinie, spew from those P-90s”. Sorry, that’s all I’ve got.
  8. Yeah, wood is cool. Where's my wallet?
  9. Good to know. So I won't have to be in a big hurry to get a custom order going!
  10. Has any of this made it's way down to Heritage? You know, the no more Rosewood stuff. Was any of this addressed at the last PSP?
  11. IIRC- The original host site (or whatever you’d call it) used to have a number next to your user name (in the user profile section) that was consistent with the order in which you’d registered. I seem to remember being either #31 or #33.
  12. Has participation here fallen off

    I concur. I also don't like that birthdays are no longer listed on the side of the screen.
  13. Rebuilding Relationships

    Looking at that picture makes me wanna' say... "Git a job you longhair"
  14. Rebuilding Relationships

    Yes, this. ^^^
  15. Perhaps we'll see a new line of low-end import "H" guitars. I can see it now, "Parsons Street Guitars".