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  1. Wow, I didn’t bother driving out there as I figured that last CC would have been gone! My wallet is happy though.
  2. I would guess they were swapped out. However, just because I’ve never heard of them using them, doesn’t mean it didn’t happen! Heritage (like Gibson before) has been known to use whatever was on hand when necessary.
  3. While Heritage used many of the parts left behind by Gibson (including the bodies & pickups used for the H-120s), I don’t believe they ever used Gibson Deluxe tuners.
  4. Much appreciated! Didn’t want to have to rip a new set of strings off just to find out.
  5. I’m contemplating picking up a set of the Faber Tone-Lock studs for my ‘19 H150. Anyone know offhand if the stud threads are metric or imperial? They’ve used so many different types of hardware over the years it makes my head spin!
  6. Hmm.. I’m beginning to think I may have to make a road trip real soon. 🤔
  7. Did they have any other CCs available, or any other H-150s?
  8. It’s too early in the morning for Dibs.
  9. That’s actually good, because I really don’t want, or need to be spending that kind of coin right now anyway! 😆
  10. And I don’t understand the appeal of Anal Bleaching. But there are people doing it. 😜
  11. I once had a dog named “Mojo”. He passed away.
  12. If Musicians Friend had any of the plaintop Core models w/15% off, I’d have one on the way!
  13. I noticed the same thing. In fact, I almost pulled the trigger, almost. I like Sweetwater, but I’ve received more than a few duds from them, even with their 55 point inspection. They’re also starting to charge restocking fees for non-defect returns. MF & GC don’t do that.
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