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  1. Thanks. Most of them I ordered from Custom Inlays. Great people to work with. Custom Inlay, Inc. - Custom Inlay, Truss Rod Cover, Gibson The maple one is from our very own Steiner. He does nice woodwork!
  2. I still have mine along with many others.
  3. I remember this one. In the shop photo.
  4. Can't believe he's graduating from high school. Time flies! Congratulation on Both!
  5. Nice One! I like how you think. H-530 is a great platform IMHO.
  6. That is a Great Deal. Cost or below. Guitar Czar sold theirs too. I thought it might be You.
  7. Nice Will! Guitar Czar? I had my eye on that one with my finger hovering above buy it now.
  8. Welcome aboard! Your wife is a Keeper for sure. Congratulations on both "acquisitions".
  9. Beautiful! Nice playing. Can you tell me what strings you are using?
  10. Here's Haley with a Great Backing Band.
  11. I had dibs. I fell in love a few years ago when I first saw it.
  12. If I go with a solid color it will be something like this. Graffiti Yellow
  13. I have seen other aged pelham blue models before but they had a tint of blue in them. Not this one. Yes it is definitely green. Not my favorite color for sure.
  14. I am going to wait and see what’s under the hood. I have a few thoughts rolling around in my confused mind. ; )
  15. Received this one today and it's off to be refinished Friday so this is a before picture. I've been looking awhile for one that was the right price to do what I want to. Next post will be after pictures.
  16. Ready to Rock. Nice job Dave I'm glad you brought that rare bird back to life! The H-357 is still looking mighty fine. I remember that build.
  17. I don't remember if this was posted before but it's worth revisiting if it was.
  18. Don't know about that. I just know that the 2019 order form had it on it and the 2020 had it off. I remember them contacting me sometime in between and stating they are discontinuing the standard H-137. Wasn't that a special run?
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