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  1. Another swell demo...of course. The three contrasting tones are a terrific demo context for any of the three guitars. Great sounding fuzz! And yep early Zep...well a lot of 60's Brit recording tones. I was trying to focus on just the fuzzy Zemaitis and immediately thought of a lot of Faces guitar dubs. And the J-45, or your recording of it, has a lot of high end presence for a Gibson acoustic! Records well in a way I prefer! It has a really nice voice here. Ryan's build looks exquisite!
  2. If you're going to cover a tune, this is how it's done. These guys have quintessential Rock-n-Roll attitude...laconic uber-competence on their instruments, and they're having fun...obviously..without giving too much of a damn! And everything sounds just great! Boy, was that ever enjoyable!
  3. Yep! Their customer service is good. It has to be. I've had three of those plastic buttoned tuners give up the ghost on me. Twice at gigs. I've owned my last Sperzel tuning machine.
  4. Walkin' straight away from that one, Tim....
  5. Vintage Bird! Good to know you're still in fine fettle! Had a quality laugh with this one! Thanks. Best to you and the girls.
  6. Wouldn't be looking for him.... Anyway, he's not Eric Rudolph. I think the clicking shutter would give him up.
  7. I do know where you, or more specifically it, lives....
  8. Tim, you'd love the Lounge! And Dale is terrific to parse his builds with...or just jaw about Scotch, brisket, Beatles remastering or '60's muscle cars! That 5E3+ is exquisite!
  9. Let me begin by saying I am not trying to sell anyone anything here! Dale Laslie, of MegaTone Amps, is my amp guy and a good friend. He's a character and an amp whiz! He does repair and restoration and builds to order from scratch, with new components, but his specialty is building vintage amp circuits into old chassis, using as many of the original components as he can. He does all my work, sells me vintage glass, I own several of his builds, and he's modified almost everything else. I thought you guys might enjoy seeing some of what he currently has in the shop. This video shows maybe a third of it. The Tone Lounge is my personal den of iniquity, in which I've spent far too much time, especially after hours. Hope you dig the tour!
  10. Veddy nice! And I'm with Polo on the blocks. Love those on a 535 (as I've lusted after Bird's Chestnut burst for years)!
  11. Heh.... Not nearly that retro-cool, Tim! I don't remember the details, but he bought a new version of a tube tester that he really likes. I'll get some details next time I'm over there. One of the real benefits of having Dale in the "inner circle" is that, in addition to being a brilliant builder, he's a Scotch fan. I regularly take things I'm working on over around closing time for a listening session, lubricated with single-malt. Tough life....
  12. I get tubes through my amp guy. He stocks JJ's, and he tests every tube before selling it. He also has an extensive selection of vintage glass. One of life's great pleasures (yeah, it's come down to this, in my sunset years) is to take an amp to Dale's and go "tube mining." He brings out a bunch of vintage tubes, and I just plug and play, taking notes, until I figure out what I like.
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