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  1. Pyramid Electric Guitar Chrome-Nickle Flatwounds .011 - .050 They also have an .011 - .048 set. Welcome to the forum, JazzyPete!
  2. Beauty, indeed! Congrats! Though I really don't need to be looking at these things!
  3. Sorry Josh, but as someone who used to teach technical writing, to clarify: Remove the pickup from the bezel, or ring. Move the pickup ring back and forth parallel to the neck, over the sandpaper secured to the top. Press down lightly on the center of the ring's two thin sides to give the back side of the ring the same contour as the carve of the guitar's top. There's no room to move the ring back and forth above the neck pickup cavity, and the cavity itself will not provide a solid surface on which to sand. I'd secure the sandpaper on the top, between the pickups and work on that. Also, being judicious, I always get a little head start by shaving just a bit of plastic from the middle 2" of the roughly 3 1/2" wide ring with an X-Acto knife (not cutting, but shaving the plastic, with the blade perpendicular to the ring's edge).
  4. Delicious! Both of them! Thanks for the post, Fred!
  5. It's not what ya know, it's who ya know. When Gitfiddler speaks....
  6. Well...wasn't that just marvelous! Great demo! The p'ups sound really good, especially the neck, and those are some tasty chops, no doubt! Thanks for that post, LeBaron!
  7. Wow! Hadn't thought about those Tech 21's in a while. Had one maybe fifteen years ago (?). It was terrific! Even gigged it in a horn band.
  8. Congrats, and welcome to the table!
  9. He doesn't need my "grade" anymore than I need to give him one, Will.
  10. Thanks, Bird! Was on my way to post about this one. You've saved me some trouble. Congratulations, Scott! This is me, with my custom spec Super, in the buffing room at Parsons Street. Ordered it in 2006. A long time coming, and worth every minute of the wait. It's a spectacular piece of craftsmanship! You'll love it! And kudos on your forward-thinking generosity to your kids!
  11. Let's put a committee together to design a guitar....
  12. Appetite whetting video! I am particularly fond of Lesters and That Tone. Have been for decades. I love the fact that George begins the video on the down low. No stomping, and the guitar's turned down. But...being familiar with "the real thing," you can hear what's coming, sho' nuff. When he begins twiddling volume knobs...There. It. Is. Then when he engages his foot: Boy Howdy. That's it! Great example of what I think people mean when they describe an amp as "singing"! The "'65/'66" button takes it where angels fear to tread. Oh...and there's a Royer 121, of course.
  13. I think Heritage is the genus, and 530 would be the species.... Uh..no, wait.... What?
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