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  1. Saw this a few days ago. He's just jawdropping!
  2. Accomplished playing, gorgeous tone, and a nice arrangement of a trad. tune! Nice home studio setup, too! Thanks for sharing that! And now that you've outed yourself, you are, of course, obligated to share more.... Best of the holiday to you, Julian!
  3. You can put chocolate and vanilla in the same bowl and enjoy them both, equally.
  4. Welcome, and congrats on the pending 535! They are undeniably great guitars!
  5. Sounds like a good plan. Hard to tell from the pics (better to see the actual raw wood at the break), but seems a "good" break for a repair, especially if the wood fibers aren't twisted. Looks as though the truss rod isn't involved in the break. Good luck with moving forward.
  6. Lots of variables in play here. Seems you may be in a kind of catbird's seat, so take your time with this. I, too, would like to see the pictures of the break and the whole guitar.
  7. Dammit, man! Have you no compassion, no mercy!
  8. And it "appears" again, like Hamlet's ghost, a shadowy phantom, to haunt my sleep....
  9. "The Heritage" what, or of what, Mr. Seacup? (Covering both noun and adjective possibilities here.) And are we addressing the heritage of The Heritage, or Heritage's heritage, or the heritage of Heritage's heritage, or perhaps the heritage of The Heritage at The Hermitage? I'm confused.
  10. A recipe for personal crisis!
  11. How many times, in any of the myriad conversations any of us has had about the brand, have we referred to "The Heritage" guitars (or The The HOC)? And I agree with Tim, a bound headstock would be awfully nice! In a rack full of guitars, the one on my 20th Anniversary is a standout delight! Itching to get a hands-on look at one of the Core pieces.
  12. So...I've been working towards serious downsizing of my pile. Not playing out anymore; likely won't. Have found things to satisfy almost all of my urges. So lucky to have had some great pieces. Been making difficult decisions regarding unloading superb instruments I love. And I'm good with all of that. May have to throw this concept into reverse, now!
  13. "Fairly" makes this statement a piece of quality ambiguity, Paul! Well done!
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