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  1. Well played, Brent! At the second or third PSP John (Kuz) had a Chicago Blues Box take on a Super Reverb. It was completely righteous amp!!! I had a chance to buy it, later, and didn't. One of my great amp regrets!
  2. I'll say only this about "post-Corp": Did the factory tour two days ago. Very impressed with what I saw (having been through the old plant eight times). If I could only have a day to lay hands on ten or twelve of what I laid eyes on. That would be the tell!
  3. Nice (of course), David! Great to see you on the gig. Your arrangement? 575 sounds terrific...and that's probably a function of the Evans, too (they're built just a few miles down the road from me). Great low volume tone! Clear as a bell, and with that nice single-string articulation and snap, and a little of the acoustic sound as well. Nice right hand, too, chords sound almost as though you're doing the Wes right hand. Descending chords after the solo were sweet! Thanks for posting.
  4. As a former owner of a 1952 Epiphone Zephyr Regent, I have to love this! Really cool...and apparently pretty well done, too!
  5. You'll never convince me that, like a sentient being, instruments don't respond to attention like this! What you have here is the checklist for a basic setup. And I think that in doing this sort of thing, you're actually doing a setup on yourself, as the player of this piece, hence the result. The only difference in our approaches, JAM, is that for mine, a good single malt Scotch is on the list. And as a side-note, I have used .009's maybe three or four times in the last fifty years. Just last week I put a set on my Jack Dent, which has a long scale and has always been kind of "tight" to play. Wasn't expecting much.... I'll never put anything other than .009's on that guitar again.
  6. Currently favoring D'Addario NYXL's. They have really good staying power (staying bright, staying in tune) on my working guitars! 10-46.
  7. Masterful playing! Right hand is brilliant! What gorgeous tone! As for the Badger 30, Rich, I used one for larger venues. The cleans are just incredible!
  8. Nothing new there, over time, in terms of the full Gibson line and certainly not just the Custom Shop.... Brand identity's always been an issue for Heritage, relative to the "G" word headstock.
  9. Well played! That should scratch the itch for a bit! Beauty!
  10. Me, too, Lou! The only gig bag I'll use for a set neck guitar. Lots of load-ins and outs with those! Nary an issue!
  11. Missed SNAFU, Richard....
  12. The editor in me suspects this statement is what happens when what you do doesn't match your intentions....
  13. Wow! Can't have any secrets around here.... Bingo, Dan!
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