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  1. I have a 2007 20th Anniversary 150 (#38) I bought from Pro-fusion. It's as good an instrument as Heritage makes, I think. Beautiful figure in the top! Not too heavy, about 9 lbs. It currently has Gibbons (I think the default changing of this spelling is silly) Custom Buckers in it, which sound more like Bloomfield's '59 than any other of the numerous pickups I've tried in that one. Feel and playability are the equal of my McInturff (the most perfect man-made object I've ever held, which may be too perfect), and my PRS DGT, which is just...perfect feel in my left hand.
  2. You two, always veddy, veddy nice, David! Thanks for posting! Always a treat to hear you testify! Your tone is lovely, of course, and the fretless is really swell! The rhythm track moves pretty well for a prefab track. Necessary evil, I suppose, but this one is not at all intrusive in that way they can be. Really helps that the two of you are so locked in. Didn't seem four minutes long!
  3. Yep..! Superb debut, VickyFl!
  4. This...is perfect! Rock & Roll Skilsaw! And great photography to boot! Cryoman, where art thou?!
  5. Used to play in a band with a guy (of questionable sanity, and not just regarding guitars...) who, at one time, had ninety-eight Historic Les Pauls. Really! His frenzy to hide them all over town, as the divorce became inevitable, was a comedy worth of the Keystone Cops!
  6. For a new topic, a new thread will attract fresh attention (no, not like that...) and likely garner more responses. As for the amp, you'll get a bunch of good advice here. I would suggest a used Roland Micro-Cube. Really small and light (Google it). You can get some good tones out of it and scarcely annoy the people in the next room. You can take it anywhere; runs on a wall wart or batteries. Indestructible. And not expensive. You can buy them all day on Reverb.com used for $100 to $150. Local music store or pawn shop may likely have a used one.
  7. "Lol God, this is so embarrassing." Nope! None of this is embarrassing. Every last one of us stood on the very same spot, at some point. Tell the potential instructor simply that it's a good Les Paul type electric. Take it to the lesson...and see what he or she says on seeing it. That'll be interesting, and a good way to gauge the savvy of a given instructor. I think I might speak for many here in hoping you'll hang with us on the forum. There's a lot of solid support here. Be fun to watch you develop.
  8. OK...now we're getting somewhere. Good follow-up post, VickyFl. Figured some info, and primarily pictures, would bring the cognoscenti, and there is a bunch here, out of the woodwork. You'll generate a lot of useful info. And value notwithstanding, that would be a very cool, quality piece to begin lessons on! Inlay looks exceptionally nicely done! And, as I've often intoned here, quoting a mentor of mine: "Just play the fncking thing!"
  9. "It is absolutely NOT for sale." " I'd say it's a collectors item...." "Just a reminder, it is not for sale!" Outside of insurance purposes, I'd say its value is a moot point. The market, which would, of course, determine value, is really soft right now. Having it appraised might be a bit disappointing. People are either selling things on the cheap because they need the cabbage, or just holding on to them. And as conventional wisdom goes, something's worth what you can get for it. I have a really high end piece I'm trying to move now, knowing I'll take a bath on it. All that having been said, you've provided no salient details nor pictures of the guitar, other than "custom maple curly top." Most 150 CM's have figured maple caps. What's "custom" about it? Not to be intentionally difficult, but you've given the many knowledgeable people here virtually nothing to go on. Details, pics, description (start with details on the label on the back side of the cavity cover on the guitar's back). The "A" serial number is interesting, but it's only a scant start.
  10. Thanks, Admin, for all of the firefighting!
  11. Been playing for fifty years, plus or minus. Have owned a pile of guitars dating from '52 on.... Gigged my 535 a lot. I haven't swapped out the p'ups in it. Mine came with Lovers. I couldn't imagine a better pickup in that guitar. Could. Not.
  12. Tremolux! Maybe THE most underrated Fender amp...ever! Tremelo to die for!
  13. One of my favorite amps! That's right! That's right!
  14. Feelin' ya! Effective, judicious application of zip-ties. Sometimes we have to work within limitations.
  15. I'm OCD with a vengeance, and I think I'd be fine with that...! Nicely done!
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