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  1. Somehow, in fifty years of playing, I managed to miss the Wah-Wah bus. My shortcoming, not the pedal's! Then, in September, as we were working up material for the new record, we took on a Jeff Tweedy tune he'd written for Mavis Staples, Who Told You That. The tune spoke to me: "Wah-Wah...here...now!" Though I've never used one, I've had one stuffed in a box for most of those fifty years. It's a Pats. Pending Vox Thomas Organ Clyde McCoy wah-wah. Made in Italy, no less. Tried it out...pretty scratchy, and there was no pedal resistance in the pot. Around this time, in passing conversation with John (Kuziak - Kuz), he mentioned he had an old Ibanez wah he didn't use. And, typical of John's generosity, he insisted on sending it to me to do with it whatever I wished. So I used it at rehearsal a few times.... I didn't find it as easy to use tastefully as I thought I would. But the Mavis tune was just begging for it! Gino takes the first solo, and I have the second. Solo's live, with the band, in the studio. Nash Strat with Tom Brantley Rewinds p'ups and harness, on the neck pickup. Wezo's singing in the booth. The only overdub is the backing vox. So here's wah-waht happened. I hope you dig it: Who Told You That
  2. I can't tell you how glad I am to hear this, John! So glad it wound up at your house. So glad you enjoy it! Should you ever want to move it.... The circle could remain unbroken. Hope you're thawing.
  3. Thanks, Franz. And you know, the thought of taking a cheap shot at the headstock issue did cross my mind, but I chose not to for exactly the reason cited by the esteemed Mr. Seacup, above. Too easy. Too pointless. And that unfortunate scab is plucked at regularly. Welcome to the fold, by the way.
  4. Congrats, Franz. Nothing new here, but this thread addresses core "issues" among the faithful, and you've managed to draw out some of the HOC "heavyweights" to respond. Though nothing new's been plowed up, there's a lot of essential truth and insight, as well as a bit of scar tissue, on offer here. Thread's a pretty fair distillation of the alpha and omega of The HOC since the transition to the new ownership. And my $.02 regarding your question: "I'm simply curious as to why they don't seem to want to talk about any of the recent improvements that have been made to the build process, it just seems to me like it would be a smart thing to do towards clearing the air with anyone who's previously had a not-so-great impression of Heritage guitars." When I joined The HOC twelve years ago, Q.C. (and build time) was perhaps the "Big Issue." Pretty basic stuff (like bad nuts) was a consistent gripe with new guitars; little things do mean a lot. However, I can't imagine a potential customer responding positively to an ad campaign which is based on the idea that, "The new guitars are better (and more expensive) because we're not screwing up the easy stuff anymore!" I don't think a new Heritage is necessarily better than an older good one, but I suspect that high quality is much, much more consistently achieved. And, as has been stated above, as the the boutique builder market expanded (and boy has it!), Heritage guitars were underpriced. And that simply wasn't sustainable.
  5. I'm simply considering the source in assuming this is just wonderful! Thank you Mr. Admin! Now, I'm going back outside to smash up some more textile and farm equipment....
  6. Just trying to shoulder a little bit of the weight.
  7. Give me a little credit, Chris. At least I didn't write: "Your nuts if you don't employ some sort of strap lock." And Hangar, isn't your Rube Goldberg assembly a strap lock?
  8. Awesome! "Vintage Sunburst" thread. Twelve different guitars...one of them in Vintage Sunburst.
  9. The following is an editorial comment: You're nuts if you don't employ some sort of strap lock.
  10. Bird, to this day, I think that Chestnut Burst 535 is one of the best looking Heritages ever!
  11. Condolences! I've been fortunate in having done only a short stint, in the early '80's, as a night shift data entry clerk in a windowless room with about a dozen other people, all of whom smoked. Just horrific! I really dug the funk of the old Parson's Street shop. But I can see, having worked in a large machine manufacturing facility, the improvements in the new shop as positive.
  12. At risk of being dismissed as a Heritage "fanboy," and I don't think I am what's implied in that term, I take issue with the Parsons Street/Office Depot comparison. Not to engage in enthusiastic "serve-and-volley hairsplitting," which usually goes nowhere, but Office Depot is a retail site. Parsons Street is a manufacturing facility. Apples, oranges?
  13. With all due respect, dey', yes, there is that notion of truth in advertising...but, as Danny said, this is marketing. And you've stated yourself: "...yes, we've all heard the same folks with their shtick of how much improved everything is, this ain't about that (which I assume you mean the shop "looking like Office Depot," which, in fact, it doesn't)." And no, it isn't about that, at all...obviously.
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