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  1. I know most of you get a kick out of seeing Heritages in the wild. Pretty good sighting here. This video (Spanish Moon and Skin It Back) is of the most recent Little Feat iteration. It features Scott Sherrard, former Gregg Allman bandleader, on a 137. He's not Lowell, but the good thing is that he's not trying to be. Very much his own man. Tony Leone on drums and vox holds a terrific groove. Band sounds great, and the video quality is just superb!
  2. That is one of The Sites for PAF research. Just about memorized it when I was buying mine.
  3. Welcome to the fold, Rusty! Nice 140! And for entertainment purposes only: A pair of vintage '61 PAF's would be, in the current market, a $5K to $10K upgrade. I just looked on eBay, and there are three sets for sale there: a pair of '61's out of a Barney Kessel (exactly what I have in my 20th Anniversary 150, plus the harness) for a staggering $10K; a set of black bobbin PAF's of indeterminate year for $10.5K; and, get this, a pair of alleged '59's, covers off, double-whites for an unbelievable $18K. At this rate, think I'll hang on to mine for another sixty-one years (I'll be 130), at which time they should be worth about $2.75M....
  4. And the mythology evolves. Told me there was a guy who worked there who put his cigarettes out in a sawdust pile, insisting they wouldn't ignite the dust. They had to clamp down on that story for the insurance coverage. Marv loved a good folktale....
  5. Will, you called "the amp experts," and you got 'em. A forum couldn't ask for two better resources!
  6. Anybody else ever talk to Marv about what started the fire in the early 2000's?
  7. Hers is chirping crickets, and if exposed to anything particularly loud or in the right (wrong!) frequency range, it will degenerate into hyperacusis, a difficult situation. She seems to have contracted it about twenty-five years ago after taking an antibiotic for an infection. It's let up for a grand total of two days in the twenty-five years. I've always played unamplified or incredibly quietly (that's why the Micro Cube works for me) in the house. She's heard me play with a band twice in the forty years we've know each other, once from the other side of a plate glass window, and once at an outdoor gig, from inside my car, parked near the stage.
  8. When we (Ed - bass, Gino - gtr. - and I ) were working up the arrangements for the twenty-five-or-so tunes for the multi-artist benefit project we spent the last two years on, Gino and I'd show up at Ed's a couple times a week with our Micro Cubes. We could get a variety of useful tones at very low volume. We could discuss while playing, and it was like taking my lunchbox to work. I really love that little thing! At home, my wife has tinnitus, but playing unamplified all of the time grew really old! The Micro Cube keeps both of us happier. Kind of miss winding up the Top Hat, though. My god that thing was glorious!
  9. Depends on what's going on. For me, as of late, that's sitting in my chair, in front of the computer. For that, the Super Champ X2 with the Eminence Ragin' Cajun or, no kiddin', the Roland Micro Cube. Probably best tone ever for the stage, a Top Hat Super Deluxe 33!
  10. Bullseye, Danny. The subtext which informs so many of the posts specifically about Heritage's instruments, past and present, right here.
  11. All of Seacup's posts are ghosted.... Always have been.
  12. You got that right, Dan! So, so glad I didn't get the jab for that ! And I suspect that once infected, nobody cares about finding a cure.
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