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  1. It's why they make chocolate and vanilla....
  2. Had one, but not for this. Was playing through a custom build. Dale, my amp guru, had used the vintage iron and some of the guts from a mid-fifties Bogen P.A. head to build a clone of a Fender 5E8a circuit, the low-power Tweed Twin. That was into a 1x12 Dumble-type cabinet, with a Jensen Blackbird Jet. Pedals were a TS808 and a Wampler Euphoria. It was kinda turned up....
  3. Wish I'd known, Dixie! Got rid of a Gibsom Custom Shop Robbie Krieger about two months ago. I replaced Krieger's neck mini-bucker with a Lollar staple, a la '54. Eight pounds, four onces. Used it a lot live in The Sedans' waning days, and on the last studio disc. As good a guitar as I've owned! Letting that one go definitively announced that the downsizing was on.... Here it is, on the right channel, solo's all neck p'up:
  4. Just watched the entire video, and thanks for posting that, Bob! I've always loved the vibe of the Anderton's videos. Terrific playing, knowledgeable discourse, player grade enthusiasm...just great stuff! It was all Lee and Pete could do to hang onto a shred of objectivity (they do have other brands to sell) as they enthused about all three instruments. What really struck me was scrolling down through the viewer comments. Dozens and dozens...and I don't think I saw a negative one! No headstock slagging...At All! Lots of very positive stuff from actual owners. This whole thing fanned th
  5. Brent, the Anniversary owner, and I have been going back and forth, having some fun with all of this. I saw a post about that 20th Anniversary 150 on the Facebook Heritage Guitar Owners group. The owner of the 150 and I have been going back and forth about guitars all week. Nice guy. Then...some things began to sound familiar, and I found out this guy lives in Michigan. Then some other all-too-coincidental things showed themselves. Next, there's Brent on Facebook with pictures of this guy's Anniversary...then a video of Brent playing it, having worked on it, while this other guy's sendin
  6. Forgive me. The only issue regarding the Heritage headstock is one of subliminal cognitive dissonance in those for whom it's an issue: It's not the Gibs*n open book headstock. And the hilarious irony in all of this is that it is a Gibs*n headstock. Allow me to digress. I had the Twentieth Anniversary 150 and its headstock in the studio all weekend. Two tunes, multiple tracks on each, and the 150 felt and sounded so terrific it got the call every time. One track was on a Big Rock Tune, and I got to record arpeggiated changes through a vintage Leslie, really L O U D . My first time
  7. Saw this a few days ago. He's just jawdropping!
  8. Accomplished playing, gorgeous tone, and a nice arrangement of a trad. tune! Nice home studio setup, too! Thanks for sharing that! And now that you've outed yourself, you are, of course, obligated to share more.... Best of the holiday to you, Julian!
  9. You can put chocolate and vanilla in the same bowl and enjoy them both, equally.
  10. Welcome, and congrats on the pending 535! They are undeniably great guitars!
  11. Sounds like a good plan. Hard to tell from the pics (better to see the actual raw wood at the break), but seems a "good" break for a repair, especially if the wood fibers aren't twisted. Looks as though the truss rod isn't involved in the break. Good luck with moving forward.
  12. Lots of variables in play here. Seems you may be in a kind of catbird's seat, so take your time with this. I, too, would like to see the pictures of the break and the whole guitar.
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