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  1. Thanks for the reminder of what a really terrific musician Alex is, Tim!
  2. What a delightful duet! Nice groove, and, of course, great tone and voicings, Dave! Thirds are always fun. Steve's lines are swell; love the way he fills in the holes. You two have obviously played together a lot. Dead on each other! Thanks for posting this!
  3. If there is such a thing, that's a good headstock break. Not through the veneer (?). Looks clean; don't see a lot of wild-hair wood fiber. Should glue and clamp up nicely. Also doesn't look as though it will require a lot of refin on the break. Just get a good tech to do it. In three months you won't think anything of it.... Good luck, man!
  4. It's a shared affliction! "Rob, Jim, Lyle, Brent, probably several others can back up this apocryphal tale as I believe they may have actually handled (or maybe merely laid eyes on) said ToneSucker(tm) H-170 at one of the early PSPs. I only repeat the story as it's been handed down to me. I can neither confirm nor deny the veracity of any of the preceding." Indeed, I can verify this particular bit of apocrypha. It was an unutterably magnificent Heritage piece! I would have owned it in a nanosecond! Somehow missed that it had been put on the block. Kicking myself ever since! And, in a hugely unfair series of ongoing posts, I take Dixie with me in my revisitations for what? ten years now. Sorry, Dick...sort of.
  5. Been playing for fifty years, plus or minus. Have owned a pile of guitars dating from '52 on.... Gigged my 535 a lot. I haven't swapped out the p'ups in it. Mine came with Lovers. I couldn't imagine a better pickup in that guitar. Could. Not.
  6. Tremolux! Maybe THE most underrated Fender amp...ever! Tremelo to die for!
  7. One of my favorite amps! That's right! That's right!
  8. Feelin' ya! Effective, judicious application of zip-ties. Sometimes we have to work within limitations.
  9. I'm OCD with a vengeance, and I think I'd be fine with that...! Nicely done!
  10. Showbiz, Brent! For many acts, it's all about the bottom line....
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