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  1. If you need further to communicate with Sound Pure, direct your queries to Eddie Berman. Really good guy!
  2. What a beaut! May have been the first or second PSP. I heard some really glorious sound rolling out of The Barn. Really glorious! Kenny's dc Millie through, I think, Jon Gundry's Bluesbreaker clone. Good lord!
  3. That's a Dad! Well played, Brian!
  4. I remember that stunner! Congrats on getting that marvelous piece back! And Tom Short pickups! I have some of his humbuckers and some Tele winds of his. He's not been heard from in several years, and I'm afraid the news is not good.
  5. Bramhall II is as talented a writer/singer/player as anybody working right now. Anybody! His 2016 long player, Rich Man, is staggeringly good! Its music goes from Mali to Memphis, and back again. As good a record as I've heard in the last thirty years and in my top five, ever. He was touring a reformed Arc Angels with Chris Layton and Charlie Sexton earlier this year. And DB, it's not strung "upside down." Bramhall plays left-handed, but with it strung right-handed, as did Albert King, Elizabeth Cotten, Dick Dale, Eric Gales, and Otis Rush. Note also the dot on the selector switch, suggesting HRW p'ups.
  6. Given how we seem to be synched, you should have known the answer to that question: The DeFacto Brothers (Gino and me, gtrs.; Ed, bass; the late Chris Garges, drums, engineering; Doug Davis, keys and vocs.; with The Little Big Horns, Tim Gordon and Brad Wilcox)
  7. I did, Daniel. That and the fact that a serious herd thinning is ongoing. Think I'm done with everything short of sitting in my chair or at the computer (this, after having spent last week in the studio). Finishing up a project in honor of Chris, drummer, co-producer, and engineer on Be Good To Yourself, who passed away in February.
  8. It was, Rich, and I did. Pulled the harness and PAF's out of it and put those into my 20th Anniversary 150.
  9. Bingo! I had a couple of the nicest CS Lesters you could hope to find, and a Nash LP that was my go-to for years. Once I got my aged CC, they all went.
  10. What kbp 810 and zguitar71 said.... Yeah...but which one first...?
  11. Oh my...! An awful lot to dig, right there! And in the Reverb photos, note the truss rod cover. Sweet detail!
  12. Great story! Well played, DB!
  13. This is really brilliant! LOL!
  14. I think this was the idea. Probably doesn't hurt that the acrylic and its installation are likely less costly.
  15. Warrior! Some nice photography, as usual, Brent!
  16. This. Perspective. Thanks, Dan!
  17. Silverface (drip edge, I presume) what...? Inquiring minds want to know.
  18. I think they're as interesting and good sounding - separately and together - as any of the dozen PAF clones I've tried...including my actual PAF's. They'll never come out of my Custom Core.
  19. Brilliant project! Love the honest miles on the finish and the binding. And the installation of the T-tops is swell on several levels! I never fail to get a kick out of the fact that my PAF's are in a Heritage, my 20th Anniversary 150. They're very happy in there! And the Marshall pile just looks loud! Well played!
  20. Just stunning! Congratulations on a significant acquisition.
  21. Chris, there was, apparently, a '58 or '59 Burst Edwin Wilson wanted the Custom Core to emulate in its top carve.
  22. Hers is chirping crickets, and if exposed to anything particularly loud or in the right (wrong!) frequency range, it will degenerate into hyperacusis, a difficult situation. She seems to have contracted it about twenty-five years ago after taking an antibiotic for an infection. It's let up for a grand total of two days in the twenty-five years. I've always played unamplified or incredibly quietly (that's why the Micro Cube works for me) in the house. She's heard me play with a band twice in the forty years we've know each other, once from the other side of a plate glass window, and once at an outdoor gig, from inside my car, parked near the stage.
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