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  1. Thanks again for the kind comments! I am definitely loving the H-140!!
  2. Thanks for the nice replies! This 2001 H-140 has had some updates over the years before I came along. The Schaller bridge pickup was changed to a Seymour Duncan JB and the original Schaller bridge was replaced with the Tonepros bridge & tailpiece but the original Schaller bridge and tailpiece is in the case. I recently sold a Gibson Custom Shop SG Elegant that had Gibson 57 Classic pickups and I kind of miss those. The guitar wouldn't stay in tune but I loved the pickups and am considering buying a set of 57 Classics to put into the H-140.
  3. So I went to Wolfe Guitars in Jupiter, Florida for some Plek work on another guitar and somehow came out with this Heritage H-140 from 2001. It has a Seymour Duncan 59 in the neck and a JB in the bridge (had earlier replaced the Schaller PUP). I wasn't even looking for a Heritage Les Paul style guitar but couldn't put this one down. So now it's mine! I owned a Heritage H-150 Goldtop with P-90's a few years back but sold it because of the weight and the P-90 hum that came from the guitar. It was beautifully made though.
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