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  1. Very, very nice. I believe that you made the correct choice. I know you wanted a blues guitar, but judging by your screen name, you'll have the heavier tones covered as well. Great guitar!!! I hope that you play it in good health for years and years to come.
  2. Great amp!! Play it in good health. Roadsters are monsters. I love mine!
  3. Maybe for the archtop/jazz peeps. Absolutely not for me. Truthfully, on the solidbody front, I'm back to PRS. I still search used Heritage and will keep the two that I own. But, I will NOT be buying a new one.
  4. Agreeable to a point. I've seen Kenny Burrell mentioned already. I'd vote Alex Skolnick.
  5. Cool beans! We all like what we like. I'm glad you found what you wanted. Play it in good health.
  6. Since you have good cabs already, I would stick with a head. That's just me though. With that said, here is my vote: Now, if you really want a combo and can come down a few watts I'll suggest something else by Orange. I'll also say that I own this amp, have played and gigged it extensively, and it absolutely slays! Here you go. The one I own, "Rocker 32" starts at around 9:55. Hope this provides some help. Good luck in your search!!
  7. Well, that sucks, but doesn't suck as well. If it went down like that on this side of the pond, there's a good chance it could have been on a television show called COPS. However, move forward with positivity and good vibes!!
  8. Awesome 157!! It looks great. Welcome! Others may say different, but I say good move on replacing the Schaller bridge and TP. Also, I may be wrong with this, the pickups installed in your guitar don't appear to be Schaller pickups. I'm under the impression that Schaller pups have two screws per side holding them to the ring while yours only have one per side. Enjoy it!!
  9. Welcome! Beautiful guitar. Play it in good health!
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