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  1. I'll keep eyeing older Heritages. Who knows I may even pick one up. If I'm buying new? PRS all day.
  2. I use a boost, in my case the CAE Line Driver, as the last pedal in the chain of my effects loop for the push up into "solo" mode. If I'm playing through an amp with a dedicated solo mode (Boogie) it doesn't get touched.
  3. I find it hard to get to the bottom and middle pedals if they are stacked three high.
  4. Look Jaguar, I think its really weird for you to invite internet people into your home. BUT! If you must, Steiner and Yoop are some class a peeps. I would suggest having some class scotch and 1.5 papers handy. Super cool thing you are doing. Great amps. Great people. Love it!!!
  5. Dang man. You absolutely smashed it, flubs and all, X2!! Great job. I think it's a fantastic thing that you've found your tone with a minimalist pared down set up. I've been trying to do the same as of late utilizing an Orange Rocker 32 2x10 combo vice my usual 1/2 stack setups. I still have the pedalboard, mics, blah, blah, blah. I too have been looking for a solution albeit coming up empty. Kudos on finding it. You know, I've found that when gigging you actually end up playing music for free. It's the load in and load out that you get paid for. Glad you found a solution. Again, great playing and thanks for sharing. Do you think he'll get fired for having to small of a rig? 😉😁🤣 LOL!!
  6. Well, that sucks, but doesn't suck as well. If it went down like that on this side of the pond, there's a good chance it could have been on a television show called COPS. However, move forward with positivity and good vibes!!
  7. Awesome 157!! It looks great. Welcome! Others may say different, but I say good move on replacing the Schaller bridge and TP. Also, I may be wrong with this, the pickups installed in your guitar don't appear to be Schaller pickups. I'm under the impression that Schaller pups have two screws per side holding them to the ring while yours only have one per side. Enjoy it!!
  8. Welcome! Beautiful guitar. Play it in good health!
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