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  1. Conneazoo

    New Heritage Pricing vs. New Gibson Pricing

    Maybe for the archtop/jazz peeps. Absolutely not for me. Truthfully, on the solidbody front, I'm back to PRS. I still search used Heritage and will keep the two that I own. But, I will NOT be buying a new one.
  2. Conneazoo

    Red Hot Heritage guitar at PSP

    Black binding. Grrrrrrr........
  3. Conneazoo

    Circa 2002 Heritage Models

    Agreeable to a point. I've seen Kenny Burrell mentioned already. I'd vote Alex Skolnick.
  4. Conneazoo

    H150 Stop Bar

    An absolute beauty!!! Play and enjoy it in good health.
  5. Conneazoo

    H150 Stop Bar

    My comment was not directed towards you Rich. The good "local" dealers have been effectively smashed.
  6. Conneazoo

    H150 Stop Bar

    I see everybody talking about what is wrong with this guy's guitar and possible ways to fix it. NOT THE POINT. This poor dude bought this guitar "Factory Direct". Yup. Go back and reread it if you must. Factory Direct. From the time that he opened the case it should have been right. If this is the route that is going to be taken by Heritage, then they should have checked themselves. That DID NOT happen. We all know of the stigma that we put on the "G" QC. Bullshit excuses and all. I stand by my previous statement. Send it back. Buy a Paul Reed Smith.
  7. Conneazoo

    H150 Stop Bar

    Send it back. Buy a PRS.
  8. Conneazoo


    Beauty. Play in good health!
  9. Conneazoo

    Mesa "Boogie" Fillmore series

    My take on the three Nomad - Very picky. However, if you take the time to learn it, it is very rewarding. I think the thing that helped me the most is to draw back all three setting of the EQ (on all channels) a touch as the master volume went up. It'll cut the heads off of people in the room in a second. Also had very good results either tilting the amp back or placing it back to the room. .50 Cal+ - Very smooth and easy amp to play with. The graphic EQ helps a lot. This amp is any Corrosion of Conformity record or Metallica's Black album with no other effects needed. Cleans are so/so. But, see my previous statement. Roadster - This amp is a beast and to my ears does all tones well. It loves gain though!! Again, an absolute truck! When it comes to the power conditioner, you said it yourself above: "The Concert II doesnt seem to care too much about the power it receives but the mesa's did. Low power creates a stiff uninspiring feel and thin tone, almost like a preamp tube is dying or the fx loop has dirty connections" This is absolute truth. I don't worry too much about it at home, but you never know what'll happen when playing in a club. I'm sure it's saved me a few times when the club popped a breaker due to a fryer or something else. I also use them on my PA. One at FOH and one in the mains rack.
  10. Conneazoo

    Mesa "Boogie" Fillmore series

    I own three MB's. A Nomad 55 combo, a .50 caliber +, and a Dual Rec Roadster. None of them are currently running Mesa branded tubes. I'm an avionics technician by trade. I can and have biased amps. However, I dig the fact that I can (although I know I'm not supposed to) just slap my preferred tubes into my Mesa's and play. I do make sure that I have matched pairs or quads. As far as the power question. I use a pedal board and a small rack in my gig set up. The only thing that the little rack houses is a power conditioner.
  11. Conneazoo

    Mr. Bill Paige Retires

    Yay Bill!
  12. Cool beans! We all like what we like. I'm glad you found what you wanted. Play it in good health.
  13. Since you have good cabs already, I would stick with a head. That's just me though. With that said, here is my vote: Now, if you really want a combo and can come down a few watts I'll suggest something else by Orange. I'll also say that I own this amp, have played and gigged it extensively, and it absolutely slays! Here you go. The one I own, "Rocker 32" starts at around 9:55. Hope this provides some help. Good luck in your search!!
  14. If I did? I would not have moved the factory out of 225. There would have been a hiatus (which would not have been advertised) while 225 was cleaned, remodled, and modernized. with no CNCs at all. Apprentice program. Keeping workers and training others. With safety and benefits being key. I would cut the model line up. Sorry, solidbodys sell. The only "fat" semi to stay would be the Eagle The other would be the 535. 357 would be there. I would NOT cut wood selection or EVER cancel an order once it had been agreed upon. I would not stop trying to mix new colors to create one offs. (For custom orders) Plus would use black binding and Pelham blue. I would take care of my dealers and not allow myself to become pigeonholed by one or two. You buy guitars from me for MY price. If you wanna sell them for 5 dollars? Who cares, It's your loss. I'm the factory, your ideas are moot. I would CAPATALIZE on the HERITAGE. This is where these guitars CAME FROM. WE ARE STILL DOING IT!! Artists. Modern, pop, metal, country, all. Let's talk. But this is all just fantasy. Aldo Nova. Fun to talk about, but will never be. Then again, I don't have walls of axes that I've already paid for and need to recoup. If that were the case, I'd be scared and on the forums bigtime.