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  1. Sweet sounding playing! Thanks for sharing!
  2. Here's a video of Jake Kershaw playing his H150 at the Token Lounge in Westland Michigan. Sounds like a cross between Joe B. and Gary Clark in this video. Not bad for a 19 year-old!
  3. That DVL-1 sounds amazing! Congrats!!
  4. Love the flame on that 150! Congrats!
  5. If I could have any one designed for us I'd pick an H357. Like the people here we're a bit different and not to everyone's tastes. I love the Korina ones but the original Sunburst would be ok with me too! I like the open trapezoid markers also. I'd throw in Throbak P90 pick-ups into it. Brazilian board would be nice but I could live with ebony.
  6. Here's the blow-out H-137 I picked up - it came yesterday but they recommended I let it "acclimate" for 24 hours before taking it out of the box. Gonna play with it this weekend but my first impressions are that this guitar is a keeper. The quality appears to be very high. No finish issues and set-up out of the box is good. Here it is with my "new" Dr. Z Carmen Ghia: Close-up of the body:
  7. Dr. Z Amps is one of the only companies where when you call the factory there is a good chance Doc himself will answer. All his amps are handmade/hand wired in Cleveland, Ohio. Great service. I purchased an amp last week that was severely damaged in shipping. I sent some pics to Z amps asking if it was worth fixing the amp (it was made for Joe Walsh as a back-up amp for the Hell Freezes Over tour). Doc's top repair guy responded and said that despite the historical aspect of the amp, it wasn't worth doing the work. Two days later Doc called me personally to tell me why it couldn't be repaired. Now that's service!! BTW - the MkII is an updated Maz Jr. - just the next generation Maz. I have Maz 18 NR Jr. #001 - it's not going anywhere.
  8. The Maz Jr. is one of Doc's best selling amps for a reason. It is kind of a Swiss-Army knife. It's got some Marshall in it, some Vox chime, and Fender cleans depending on how you set the amp and what type of guitar you are using. The Maz Jr. was the base for Maz MkII. It is a Maz Jr. updated with some tweaks for reverb (if you have the reverb version), some minor tone changes. Is the amp a head or combo? The $1,200 would be on the high-side for a NR head, not a bad price for the NR combo. For reverb you can add $100-200. Doc builds his amp like tanks - so a used one is a real deal. You can always send in the amp to Z for MkII updates for a reasonable fee.
  9. I just wanted to thank the guys that showed up for Mini-ZFest - it was great getting to meet and talk to you guys yesterday! Hopefully the event met your expectations. You are all welcome to come back and try more of the amps out. Too many amps and too little time to try them all!
  10. One week left until the the event. Was cleaning up the man cave and getting everything in order yesterday. Added another Heritage H150 to the herd. Not sure I'm gonna keep it but it'll be here to try out. Here it is ... Pic with its H150 Sibling ... Still room for a few more people if anyone is interested ... Just drop me a note and I'll send the information.
  11. There are parts of it that do get recorded - I'll make sure to post some of them here.
  12. Doc has been working on a new amp - The Jetta based on a '60s Ampeg Jet. We will have one of first pre-release Jettas at the Mini-ZFest in two weeks.
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