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  1. One week left until the the event. Was cleaning up the man cave and getting everything in order yesterday. Added another Heritage H150 to the herd. Not sure I'm gonna keep it but it'll be here to try out. Here it is ... Pic with its H150 Sibling ... Still room for a few more people if anyone is interested ... Just drop me a note and I'll send the information.
  2. There are parts of it that do get recorded - I'll make sure to post some of them here.
  3. Doc has been working on a new amp - The Jetta based on a '60s Ampeg Jet. We will have one of first pre-release Jettas at the Mini-ZFest in two weeks.
  4. That is a Z-Verb up there. I sold that one and picked up one of the Quantum Silver versions to match my Z-Wreck
  5. There are regular watts and then there are Z watts - Z-Watts are really loud. And there are no vermin around either - trust me!
  6. I have a number of different Zs - some one of a kind such as my Stangray GT - only 2 ever made. Also have a Super Z that was used by Joe Walsh on tour with the Eagles (only 11 made in addition to Joe's) and a Maz 38 Special - only a handful made.
  7. As I mentioned above that is a Z-Lux however it is next to a DB4 Bluesbreaker combo. The Z-Wreck is in the next room
  8. I was at PSP the last two years - the Jam just wasn't doable for me. Hopefully next year!
  9. And of course, I have these to demo the amps with:
  10. Glad to have you here! If anyone else is interested just drop me a line. Here are some of the amps that will be available to test drive (there are more but I ran out of wall in this pic 😁
  11. great looking amp! I like the sounds of the early 60s Ampegs - I have a '64 Reverborocket.
  12. Every couple of years I have an open house where I invite the people from the Dr. Z Forum to come and "demo" my Z amps (as well as the Marshalls I also have, if interested). Most of Dr. Z's present line-up will be available along with a number of Dr. Z "Legacy" amps (discontinued models). I am having the open house on Saturday, September 21st from 9-4 ish. In addition, if interested, one of the members opens their rehearsal space for a jam Saturday night with his Z amps. So far, I have 10 or so people from the Z forum that have confirmed their attendance. I live near Ann Arbor. If you are interested, just drop me a line and I can get you an address and directions if need be. Mike
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