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  1. Got to be better than a Collins, hands down!
  2. ElNumero


    You are missing the pickup selector switch for the one on the right!!!
  3. And that's it, the HOC run of 5 is complete and no more orders (unless you pay the custom shop price now), isn't that correct Josh?
  4. Mine (number 5) arrived today! But I am at work at the beach club and the box is sitting in my hallway! At least Fedex delivered it before I left for work; I didn't want that baby sitting on my porch!
  5. Having a quality shitter is more important than a custom guitar!
  6. Well, I was informed that #5 was prepped to ship today, from Kalamazoo to New Port Richey Florida. The anticipation begins.
  7. It probably was not a big seller, so who cares if it was Heritage's easiest guitar to make (as one person on here has repeatedly said...). If there are no sales, the company logically will discontinue a model. When Gibbons discontinued the Les Paul in 1960- it wasn't because of any other reason than the sales were continuously dropping year after year. And Gibbons version of their LP Special does not have the quality that our HOC custom shop 137's have. I'm happy to have my 2005 H-137 in my stable, its a keeper.
  8. Wow, very cool device Rockabilly! And look, you really do not want to hear me play jazz, or even attempt it!
  9. Ditch the pedals, who needs em! Plug straight in and play the dang thang!
  10. That's expensive firewood for your chimenea
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