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  1. The Golden Eagle of Paisley Park

    And it happens to be the most stylistic and beautiful headstock of any guitar maker, period. Let the jealous be jealous.
  2. Hard To Believe....?

    Unless you are the Allmans or the Dead!
  3. Hard To Believe....?

    Who is he Bolero?
  4. Hard To Believe....?

    I agree with LL on this one, there has to be hundreds of "untold" stories about Heritage, some very good, and some probably not so good, nonetheless, it is what it is and you cannot change history. I don't necessarily want to see the 4 original guys portrayed in bad light at all, as I have always respected them greatly, but being a great craftsperson does not always make you a great businessman, so the frustrations Jay experienced over the many years would be interesting to read about in print. I am a good editor by the way, so Jay if you ever undertake this project keep me in mind.
  5. Hard To Believe....?

    We could just put you in a witness protection program
  6. Hard To Believe....?

    Three years, now that makes sense!!
  7. Hard To Believe....?

    You "should" write that book Jay! You could title it "Heritage Guitar-The REAL story behind the company"
  8. What does SM mean?

    Congratulations! That is really pretty, a nice specimen. I just wish my wife would by me presents on her birthday like your wife did for you!!!
  9. Hard To Believe....?

    But do you dust your own nuts Guy?
  10. Hard To Believe....?

    Thank you Jay
  11. Amp wattage vs Speakers

    Let me dime my Supersonic 60 later on today and I will let you know how the speakers take it as well as how the neighbors react.
  12. Hard To Believe....?

    Usually, process change comes gradually so I am very curious about what specific changes in their process resulted in the "sudden" 100% increase in quality, or stated another way, the "sudden" elimination of all of the issues that were repeatedly present in all of the guitars that were delivered to Wolfe's shop. When Jay said the new owners implemented changes, what exactly did they do? Retrain the workforce? Implement a comprehensive QC program throughout every stage of production? Or did they empower the workers to halt the production process of a guitar if they noticed a problem along the way? And is this the reason for the purported trashing of 300 finished guitars ?
  13. Hard To Believe....?

    In a world where Fender, PRS and Gibson compete for the biggest share of the dwindling guitar market, does anybody really think Harmony will put a dent in the market? Most people are going to view them as "also rans" and the general public does not know who Edwin Wilson is or what his claim to fame was. I see this as just another guitar name out there, amongst the many other hundreds that are already out there.
  14. Hard To Believe....?

    I think in time we will all know what is going on there. Until then, lets just enjoy the Heritages we now own!!
  15. Hard To Believe....?

    Thanks for the great info Guy. Who owns Harmony now by the way?