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  1. I still have a Peavey Transtube Bandit and a Peavey Transtube Express, both purchased in the 90's and work perfectly and still sound amazing. They are my go to amps when wifey is home in the evening.
  2. Me too, sometimes known as Wap Wap.
  3. Hey all, I appreciate all the constructive comments about this. The seller is taking it back AND paying the return shipping, per Reverb's policy when an item is misrepresented. I had to go through two Reverb customer support people to get this done, but I think it is fair, and as Brentley said, "he now has to pay the piper". On another note, and I may do another thread on this topic, I sold a bass guitar on Reverb, and before I shipped it, the buyer changed his mind. Fine, I already deposited his funds in my account, but had not shipped it yet, so no big deal. I refunded his money through Reverb, however. "freakin" Pay Pal kept the fees they charged me! I called PayPal this morning to complain and they said, effective October 1, if there is a refund, PayPal will still keep their fees as a "processing fee" which is an industry standard now. I think this is total bullshit, and the paypal rep is going to reverse it and put those fees back in my account, but BEWARE! If you sell something and get paid through PayPal, and for some reason have to refund the proceeds back to the buyer, the fees you paid paypal will NOT be refunded!!!!
  4. Thank you Tim, that is exactly as I see it.
  5. Understating condition is always the best bet. If you think it is excellent, list it as very good. If you think its very good, list it as good. Everybody had a different perception about what condition is. Obviously the guy I bought the Heritage from thought in his mind it was excellent. His barometer is different than mine. I would have said something to the effect of, "the guitar has the usual small nicks and dings on the top and rim, and there is some minor worming on the backside". What really irks me is I specifically asked him about the condition of the peghead, the neck, the top, and the back. And he replied, "nothing that you can see". BULLSH**!
  6. Hardly visible cosmetic issue MY *** POLO! The issue is VERY visible, but that is hardly the point. Suppose I ship you a guitar you bought from me and you get it and it has worming on the back, you didn't expect or want worming on the back, and I never TOLD you about the worming! Your going to tell me you would not be pissed at me? I know better than that! Now for some people it would not be an issue at all, EVEN if he did call it MINTY. They would have gone, "oh well, its 26 years old and it is going to have play wear on it". That is fine for them. But this guitar is NOT the example I was looking for when I purchased it in good faith. If I wanted a player guitar, I would have bought a player guitar, and paid a player guitar price!
  7. I have no idea who Mark Slaughter is, but judging by his name, he must be one of these "new" Nashville country artists! Anyhow, you always have the golden touch when finding these obscure guitars!
  8. An option for sure, but he already offered to have me return it and I am already over it! I didn't need it in the first place, and I am striving to be GAS free like you!
  9. I found a neat looking 576 on Reverb and after much negotiation, went for it. The seller described it as "minty" and overall in excellent condition. I learned a long time ago, the word "mint" or "minty" should be used very cautiously when selling anything, not only guitars. It implies that the item is in brand new condition, even it if is many years old. Case in point, most of my Heritages could be labeled "minty". The couple that are not "minty" are in excellent condition. Anyways, when I unboxed it and opened the case, I did a quick visual inspection and was heartbroken to find a 4x4 spot on the back, with worming. And the thing is, you could not detect it in his photos because they were taken straight on. You have to angle the guitar to see the worming, and it is difficult to photograph. So I sent the photos back to the seller and he claimed it was an honest mistake, that he never noticed it, and offered a return and refund. Which he should. I told him frankly, he should have listed it as Good Condition, not Excellent. And the word "Minty" should never have been in his ad to begin with. Live and learn. I don't think I will ever buy a guitar on Ebay OR Reverb sight unseen again. Too risky. I will only deal with the honest fine folks on this forum. Look at his photo which is first, and you will see no worming! Also, the color looks vastly different in his photos, which I presume is due to lighting?
  10. That is all Heritage uses, the real deal MOP !
  11. If I ever get up to the Piedmont area I will definitely pay him a visit. I also want visit Mojotone in Burgaw, and Throbak as well. Curious question- what is the significance of the little 4x6 sheet of paper he keeps picking up and tapping on the equipment ?
  12. I would just look for the only guy in the county wearing knee high white socks! You found him!
  13. You will never find him in the hills of Northern Bama.
  14. I have transistors. They don't wear out. This is almost 2020 you know.
  15. Naaa, I don't anything could have torn him away from Marshalls
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