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  1. Tim, I think the center one in PK's photo is a 150 not a Millie. Or maybe I am wrong.
  2. I have a void for one of those too, I never had the opportunity to find one used that I liked. I know I should have custom ordered one a few years back when I could afford it.
  3. Have they gone to a bone nut as Heritage has? Or still using a synthetic nut?
  4. Now they are shifting from confrontational, to collaborative https://www.guitarworld.com/news/gibson-to-shift-from-confrontation-towards-collaboration-following-recent-trademark-lawsuits
  5. What's to cringe about? Other than his dialogue seems highly scripted.
  6. For some reason Rich, I thought you only made it through the second grade. Guess I was wrong!!
  7. Yeah, seems like an utter waste of time and expense. This is 2019 not 1975
  8. So they are just getting their finances back in order after bankruptcy, and then this? Are they out of their freakin minds?
  9. So it is actually an acoustic 150 at this juncture!
  10. I am so happy that I own a 550 and now I just need to brush the dust off it and play the darn thang!
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