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  1. Rich, good write up but minor correction in paragraph 1. Heritage officially commenced business April 1, 1984
  2. Greg, is Deoxit the recommended spray for amplifier controls and switches?
  3. So I removed the tube protector cage to get a better look. All the tubes are glowing orange and there does not seem to be any difference in intensity. However I noticed that the two panel button switches, one for channel and one for boost seem to cause the amp to go quiet intermittently. Wondering if I should spray something in them.
  4. Plugged into my Peavey Delta Blues last night. Everything sounded normal for about 2 minutes, then the sound diminished to a faint whisper. I attacked the strings with heavy picking and there was a loud crackling followed by a momentary restoration of sound, but it didn’t last. It again faded down to a whispering level. Ruled out bad cable. Thinking bad tube(s)? Where to begin………? Tubes are 3 12ax7 and 4 EL84
  5. #1-Princeton tweed with 12” cannabis rex #2-Fender Supersonic 60 1x12 (Thanks Brent) #3-KBP Tweed Deluxe with 12” Eminence Legend (Thanks Brian) #4-65 Deluxe Reverb RI
  6. I have tinnitus too- I suppose from years of drumming without ear protection. Nonstop swishing or high pitch ringing in my ears. Did you give your wife tinnitus from your loud guitar playing?
  7. I’ve never weighed sh** but sometimes in the morning mine seems pretty darn heavy!
  8. Although this was quite unsettling to me, I enjoyed the dissertation very much! Weight makes no difference to me. Some of mine are lighter, some are heavier. I cannot tell any difference in tone or sound.
  9. And how long have you been on this forum Chris? LOL!
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