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  1. Going overseas?

  2. Heritage H-158 Millenneum

    Its a stunning guitar, absolutely love it, enjoy it and play it in good health!
  3. Tailpiece Replacment Suggestions

    TonePros unequivocally. They have set screws which are good and don't look goofy. Standard equipment on Heritages and other fine guitars.
  4. Maple fingerboards

    Once you go Ebony, you never go back....
  5. Do you think the new owner would appreciate a small jar of Florida sand?
  6. I have a custom 550 and a 574 and I am happy I have the two of those. They both scratch the itch when I want to play jazzy stuff.
  7. NGD

    Its pretty apparent its an ebony FB. Goes nice with the rest of the guitar.
  8. Heritage h357

    Is it time for a Certified Fraud Examiner to jump in? If so, ship it to me and I will very the authenticity of it. It might take a few months, I am swamped with work.
  9. I was wondering myself if it could be due to inexperience on the part of the newer employees. Making an archtop is much more labor intensive and requires a considerable increase in skill level, versus making a solid body guitar. Also, not sure how much involvement the original guys like Marv, Jim and Bill are working hands on anymore. In the meantime, I think I might place an order for a Marv-Bird!
  10. Stolen Heritage

    I am Yooper, I am ~!
  11. I finally own a Heritage guitar

    Wonderful Heritage 150! You seem so appreciative of what you have, that is a great attitude! Which dealer did you go through?
  12. Finally Qualified to Be a Real Member

    Vintage Wineburst perhaps? What an adorable pair! And for what its worth, the member on this forum with the all time record number of posts was Heritage-less for quite some time himself.
  13. Heritage Guitar at NAMM

    Sweet Lee and Kuok? Is he related to Kuz??
  14. Stolen Heritage

    SCUMBAGS!!! I hope they get returned to you. Nothing is as sickening as finding your shit gone at the hands of low life druggie thugs.
  15. Pete Traynor

    So there actually is a person behind that logo on those amps!