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  1. ElNumero

    Circa 2002 Heritage Models

    I always enjoyed HEE-HAW
  2. ElNumero

    Gibson vs. Heritage

    No politicizing Yoop. Doesn't matter which party you support. Lets talk guitars!
  3. ElNumero

    Change at Heritage Guitar

    And I don't know if you recall, but one got blown right off the Mackinac bridge decades ago to meet it's fate in the cold waters of Lake Michigan!
  4. ElNumero

    Change at Heritage Guitar

    Preventative prices? So you are saying they are not worth the money they charge? May be preventative for you, but not for the thousands of happy customers who have bought and ordered custom shop Heritage guitars, many of whom have been on this forum for years. Save your money. Or get a second job....
  5. ElNumero

    Reunited and 'It Feels So Good' NGD

    Great recovery. I see you have my ole high school pal Kenny on the tubs too!
  6. Yikes Paul, that is very impressive. Sorry to hear that their new distribution practices have basically eliminated the small (but great) dealers such as yourself and Guy.
  7. Yes Hangar, those things do happen indeed!
  8. A couple weeks ago we were over on the East side of FL and stopped by Jay Wolfe's shop in Jupiter. I had never been there before, and I was quite impressed with his inventory and selection of Heritage guitars. I took a firsthand look and feel of the 2018 models and everything Jay has said about them is true. Impeccable quality, from top to bottom. He told me setups on these are a thing of the past, they come in from the factory ready to rock!
  9. ElNumero

    Looking for a 535, Is This A Good Deal?

    Unless your name is High Flying Bird, you don't need no dang hillbilly crowbar, unless of course you are playing rockabilly!
  10. ElNumero

    Heritage Guitar Family Photos

    Actually, no I usually have two to three out at a time!
  11. ElNumero

    Heritage Guitar Family Photos

    Good Gawd. I don't have a room big enough to display them all.
  12. ElNumero

    Heritage Guitar Values...Now and Future?

    Good luck finding those oceanfront beaches in KY!
  13. I agree. Hassellhoff is well, lets say he is not straight.
  14. And here I thought he was only an actor on Baywatch. Boy am I stupid!
  15. ElNumero

    Heritage Guitar Values...Now and Future?

    But won't you need to sell them for your retirement?