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  1. Doing the ol' two-step

    Not that it matters much but why to the Avatars now look blurrier? Or maybe I need new lenses?
  2. And GM is 51% owned by Land Rover, correct???
  3. Who the heck is Gibbonss? Some Billy guy from ZZ Top?
  4. 100 Year Celebration

    I see what you are talking about! It all begins with the making of Heritage guitars, right?
  5. That sure was an awesome video Paul. I saw JL Fulks lurking in the background- the hurricane apparently kept him in Kzoo a little longer. It was nice to actually see Jeff Nicholson do a little speaking, I know he is the owner of PlazaCorp but he seems to keep a low profile.
  6. So is Rolling Stone Corporation same as Rolling Stone Magazine? By the looks and sound of it, Heritage is not a small company anymore, even if it is still privately held.
  7. 100 Year Celebration

    Hey Paul, nice looking lady you are with there!! I wish I could have been there instead of trying to escape Irma. My buddy JL Fulks attended as well as Marty Fine who started the "Save the Stack Foundation". The plans are very aggressive but its nice to see the face of progress without losing any of the history. If you don't change, you will never succeed!
  8. Heritage Bass

    Thats definitely a rarity. And the hockey stick headstock makes it even more appealing (for Red Wing and Lightning fans)
  9. Heritage Bass

    You SOB. I live near Tampa and didn't get there in time. Let me call that shop and tell him how stupid he was! I had a gorgeous piano black HB-1 and stupidly sold it. Congrats!
  10. Getting rid of smoke odor

    Explain how that method will work in Florida. I bought an amp rig from a buddy, and when I transported it home ( a 4x10 cabinet and amp head) my car smelled like cats and dogs!! So my question is how do you get rid of pet odors from an amp cabinet? I don't think the animals peed in it (certainly hope they didnt) but the stench is pretty bad! I live in a non pet non smoking home so all my stuff smells just like how it came from the factory.
  11. NBRD

    http://imgur.com/ESKvvle A friend of mine wanted to unload this so I picked it up for $200! Its Peavey, reliable, bulletproof and its THUNDEROUS!
  12. A Heritage video from NAMM 16

    I picked it up on FB but thanks for sharing again here!
  13. Hello!

    Gorgeous guitar! Reminds me of my 2005 cherry 535 that I mistakenly let go 3 years ago!
  14. Quilter MicroPro Mach II 8"

    They are very innovative, but like many new innovations, they typically do not replace the traditional tools (i.e. tube amps) used by musicians all that quickly. If nothing else, they seem to fill a specific niche.
  15. Where up north! Toledo?