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  1. What differentiates a baritone guitar? Just the tuning? Longer scale? More frets? Enlighten me please.
  2. Excellent Heritage guitar porn! You should be proud of that beauty!
  3. I'll second or third it, welcome to this HOC community. Buncha good folks here that love sharing tales about their Heritages, as well as their other brands. As far as NGD (new guitar day) pics are not only encouraged, they should be mandatory! Would love to see your new purchase. Have fun, and stop by again. And by the way, I found the Hawkeyes/Cyclones game last Saturday very entertaining. Not sure if you pulled one way or the other, but it was one heck of a game!
  4. Maybe we will have to recruit him to the next PSP and he can show us how it is done with that pedal steel!
  5. Exactly what I meant, the width of it. Thanks for clarifying. Now, is one better than the other? Or is it just personal preference?
  6. Thanks for the education. You mean the width, correct?
  7. Nice snatch indeed! Is it a brand new one? I know Wolfe sells both new AND preowned. How in the world can Rockabilly69 tell that it has the ABR bridge without a close up photo? He must have much better eyesight than I do!
  8. Good job. Just out of curiosity, I have never heard of oiling the pots. Oiling the fretboard, yes! What exactly does that do?
  9. Can we talk you into bringing it to Kalamazoo next August so we can all take a peek?
  10. Love that VO finish, such a cool color, and the guitar looks alot like my VO 574 with the single cut. I like ike the PG too, is that a replacement by chance? My 574 has the contoured Heritage PG.
  11. You got ripped off bro!! Highway robbery!
  12. If I wasn't endorsed by PRS amps, I sure would own one too....................🤣
  13. Old group? What old group? Group of old guys you mean?
  14. Years ago, I bought a "road worn" strat from GC, looks like an old 57, swapped the pups out from a set of Fralins I bought from Martygrass, and it plays and sounds great. Dan, you played it once when I brought it to your home. The nice thing about it, I don't worry about bumping, dropping, banging, or anything else. Heck, I even put a few new dings in it myself on purpose!!! That works for me!!
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