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  1. Well then that tells you he is not backlogged with orders.
  2. He probably has a stockpile of them ready to ship. No other explanation.
  3. I have a great amp suitable for jazz on the FS section. It’s a Gibbons GA40 RVT. Ver warm and clean.
  4. Yup it popped up when I pushed it in, gave it a slight turn to the left and bingo!
  5. Brian, since you were the builder, I was hoping that you would chime in. The problem with "push and twist" is that there is not much to grab on to, as the top of the bulb kind of sits flush in the socket. Tips or tricks?
  6. Interesting guitar, and I too remember seeing that guitar in Kzoo. Had to have been a custom order, given the absence of fretboard markers. Well, you won't have to debate the MOP vs Pearloid topic on this one! Welcome to the Millinium club!
  7. My 5E3 clone has a burned out power lamp. I removed the jewel and the lamp looks black, and noticed it sits almost flush with the panel. What is the proper way to remove the bulb so I can replace it? And secondly, are these bulbs readily available, like at Batteries and Bulbs or is it a special bulb that I would have to source from an amplifier parts company? Cheers!
  8. Well that is interesting to say the least. Either I was mislead for a couple decades, OR Sweetwater has it wrong. Maybe Paul, Guy or somebody that sells these things as a dealer should chime in and set the record straight. I would even thing Brent would know, as many as he has had.
  9. Since the CC is truly a custom shop guitar, why would it not be possible to specify the tuning machines of choice?
  10. Unlike that company in TN, Heritage has always used REAL MOP inlays Danny and continues to do so.
  11. I have pondered multiple times, selling my 1996 Gemstone Studio model with P-90's but whenever I take it out, I quickly change my mind. Nobody can convince me that it is NOT a nice LP guitar, killer tone, and that Gemstone Sapphire blue that is now aging nicely, well, it ends up being a keeper. Don't need no dang binding!
  12. Jazz drummers were notoriously anal about NOT cleaning their cymbals. In many cases, they would bury them underground for a year thinking that it would "age" them quicker and give them more of a vintage tone. I'm not subscribing to that theory, however I don't clean my cymbals and I actually enjoy all of the fingerprints and smudge all over them. Now my guitars are a different story! I cannot stand a single mark, fingerprint or smudge on any of my guitars! Ask Detroit Blues, he played my HOC 137 right after it was bulit, and when it arrived their was some sticky substance all over the neck.....
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