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  1. ElNumero

    H-535 first impressions

    Jean - Welcome to the HOC. And congratulations on your new 535, it's very pretty. I am immersed in watching the cyclists tour the beautiful French countryside. Wish I could be there! As one of our long time members loves to say, stop worrying and "just play the damn thing"!!
  2. ElNumero

    Carvin V3 and V3m Alternatives

    Don't ya know your supposed to close the tailgate before you leave the gig? Too many beers or other substances?
  3. ElNumero

    A 535 3 PIECE

    I’m not selling it. FAMOUS LAST WORDS FROM BRENT!!! LOL!
  4. ElNumero

    Pete Farmer!!!!!

    Who is he working for now?
  5. ElNumero

    My Man Cave of Amps

  6. ElNumero

    A 535 3 PIECE

    Nice job! What year 535 is it? And are you going to fill that chip with wood filler or just leave it be?
  7. ElNumero

    A 535 3 PIECE

    This is like a drama movie unfolding...... You could go to work with Dan Erlewine with all the experience you are getting. He used to live in Ann Arbor too!
  8. ElNumero

    Good Customer service

    Good to hear this. During the Golden Era it was not uncommon to have to wait for responses from the factory.
  9. ElNumero

    A 535 3 PIECE

    UPS didn't mess around this time right? IF your gonna screw it up, screw it up good! Looks like a nice project for you Brent, right up your alley. Can't wait to see the results!
  10. ElNumero

    Time to start a flame war!

    Is that a Golden Knight special edition?
  11. ElNumero

    Wud have I got? Scarce Heritage-127 Custom

    Everything that was already said! Can't beat scouring up a rarity like that, I think it will be a keeper Donner! Congratulations!
  12. All you guys have way too much time on your hands !!
  13. ElNumero

    Love the sound of this combo from the 50's

    If you did, your a better man than me. I gotta go to the Gate today, and straight! I kinda like that "other" Landreth guy from Louisiana better!
  14. ElNumero

    Love the sound of this combo from the 50's

    un "potted", hmmm, I kind of doubt that LOL !