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  1. Cool Rob. Hey, I tried to message you on here and it said you cannot receive messages so I sent you an email!
  2. You are correct, the "old" website began with B serial numbers for 1985. This has always confused me when counting years with my fingers because my inclination was to start with A as in the alphabet!
  3. Nobody can afford a Gibbons '59 silly boy!
  4. I know what the highest price that I paid for a Heritage guitar. I won't discuss the price, but it was an Alex Skolnick signature H150
  5. Good going. Now I need to dig my 137 and spank it a bit- after I am done at the beach!
  6. So how many total of the HOC 137 edition guitars were made ? Was it 7?
  7. I didn't notice that Tim, but I will contrast the two pickups over the next several days and see if mine exhibits the same difference
  8. I hope you are plugged into a Supro!
  9. When did they staple P-90's to the body? Wouldn't it make more sense to screw them on????
  10. There are Heritage guitars (custom core) and there are The Heritage guitars. I like to think the latter are very special!
  11. Not to mention the gift you recently received from Biden!
  12. I lucked out 3 years ago, and got me a 2012 555 Classic, trans red in mint condition for $1650. Local pickup too.
  13. Yeah, thank Steiner. Like an old bear coming out of hibernation.
  14. I checked his online inventory and you be correct!
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