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  1. ElNumero

    Looking for a 535, Is This A Good Deal?

    Unless your name is High Flying Bird, you don't need no dang hillbilly crowbar, unless of course you are playing rockabilly!
  2. ElNumero

    Heritage Guitar Family Photos

    Actually, no I usually have two to three out at a time!
  3. ElNumero

    Heritage Guitar Family Photos

    Good Gawd. I don't have a room big enough to display them all.
  4. ElNumero

    Heritage Guitar Values...Now and Future?

    Good luck finding those oceanfront beaches in KY!
  5. I agree. Hassellhoff is well, lets say he is not straight.
  6. And here I thought he was only an actor on Baywatch. Boy am I stupid!
  7. ElNumero

    Heritage Guitar Values...Now and Future?

    But won't you need to sell them for your retirement?
  8. Retired Car Park Attendant. Current manager of the Gate. Am I allowed to look at bikinis also sir?
  9. I would love to see their financials. Do they have a CFO or a Controller with this new regime? You cannot run a company successfully without somebody that has their finger on the company's financial pulse on a daily basis.
  10. I scored a few of these, and of course, had one signed by the crew also
  11. ElNumero

    Mr. Bill Paige Retires

    Very funny down to earth guy, I always enjoyed seeing him and chatting. Will miss him dearly and I am sure the company will as well.
  12. So when is your next custom order?
  13. Dan, I was actually directing that towards towards Dave !
  14. ElNumero

    DB II and a 535

    You got a built in cooling fan inside yours 'bird?