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  1. So there really is a best in you? Just kidding Dave....
  2. ElNumero

    New 535

    You just have to learn to bend the high E string upwards towards the B string and add a little vibrato, that's all, problem solved!
  3. Wow Rich, I did not know that. I wonder if that means pricing will be more flexible? If that is true, perhaps Sweetwater will begin carrying them too?
  4. I am new  here, did you sell the H150 last year?

  5. I will be happy to take a few of your other collection of Heritages off your hands so you can pay this one off! What say there Richard?
  6. Hey Rich, thanks for setting him straight. He taking jaabs at Heritage. He has never been to a PSP nonetheless the Heritage factory, so how can he make an accurate assessment anyhow??
  7. What everyone else said and then some! Was it a build under the new regime Paul? Also- I was unaware that you were having medical issues. Couldn't find a good definition of OHS through Google other than Occupational Health and Safety. I am sure that is NOT what you eluded to. Glad your feeling better and congratulations on that magnifico!
  8. How much you want for yours?
  9. Yeah yeah, you ain't never comin to Florida I can guarantee that one!
  10. And I have one. There were approximately 20-25 Skolnick models made in 2010.
  11. Very interesting Jay, thank you. I would be interested in hearing the story on Kenny Burrell as well, should you have one.
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