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  1. I think we will always be concerned with our love for music and our love for guitars. Our purchasing decisions may be altered going forward. Gigs and music production may take much longer to return to a level of normality. And you are correct, China will be forever on our chit list.
  2. So you are saying this is NOT a good time to maximize my sale prices on the Heritage collection????
  3. Do those NY XL's need quarantining for a couple weeks since they came from NY?
  4. So we got our answer as Josh was tight lipped!
  5. Beautiful. Did they ship it with a bottle of "artesian water"?
  6. Biggest crock of sheet I have ever read! Are they delirious or something? Heritage has done nothing different since 1991. And to say that Heritage made "direct copies" of Gibbons guitars when they went into business is totally FALSE. The headstock was radically different right from the get go. Perhaps Gibbons does not consider the headstock to be a part of the guitar design.
  7. You can't have messy diapers "while" you are expecting a child...unless of course you are wetting your own diaper in anticipation!!!
  8. I caved. Sold it locally, got a little more than I paid new for it. Its ok though, I have enough guitars to get me by
  9. So you would have given him an "A" on his dissertation?
  11. How do Reverb payment services work?
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