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  1. You did great! And this HOC forum always here to help!
  2. Well, it doesn’t say Made in China! That speaks volumes!
  3. Never knew such sites existed. Are these sites similar to the Russian dating sites where the girls are fake? Thought you might know a thing or two about them, since your single.
  4. Everyone thought DB was nuts when he was going to refin the 140. Now look at what they are saying!
  5. Legendary in turning guitars!
  6. Always unplug cables when leaving on a stand!!! Especially on a stage!
  7. I’m still waiting for the UPS truck. Did you get my address wrong? Do I have to pay customs fees?
  8. I just wish they hadn’t dropped the “The” on the headstock. That bothers me.
  9. Brent mentioned that he was unimpressed with the tuners on his. He called them total crap. How can a guitar in this price range be outfitted with junk?
  10. I believe the Boseman facility is a very small group of highly trained luthiers specialized in just acoustic guitar builds. They probably couldn’t handle the volume even if they were trained in building ES guitars
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