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  1. You could always ban green guitars from this forum forever!
  2. The conundrum I was facing, has been solved. I had been debating for months, even years, do I purchase a high end acoustic guitar amp, or go another route...? I have a small Crate acoustic amp, it is called a CA30, has a nifty 6" speaker, and it is great for bedroom play, small room, jamming etc. But I needed something to take out on small stages, when I do my acoustic thing. I decided on the Peavey PVXp12 powered speaker. This is going to work out perfectly as I can use it when miking up my Cajon, for vocals and for acoustic guitar. I might even start playing keyboard again and I can use it f
  3. I get enough HEADstock every day when I look at my gorgeous Heritage guitars. No bent out of shape here.
  4. Did you ever receive that Mark V that you ordered from Sweetwater back in November?
  5. Good job! Glad you are healthy again
  6. You must be hiding your head in a sandtrap!!!
  7. I am going to hold out for Yooper to sell me his Mesa/Booogie.
  8. I think it was more like the 550 Rich, but I could be wrong. The rim was wider than the 555 I believe. Maybe Skydog52 can weigh in on this!
  9. How is that humanly possible! I guess seeing is believing. As weird as it looked, it was amazing.
  10. Especially since they built a signature ES-345 based on his original 1962
  11. While MK is incredible in his own right, he is not a pure blues player like SC was. Marcus will be the first to tell you he is not a blues guitar player, although he was weaned on blues through is guitar playing Father. I am not about to compare the two, as they seem like apples and oranges to me. I admire tremendously SC's body of work the short time he was on this earth. I still remember when I met him at the Northside Tavern in Atlanta - the guys in my blues band at the time said, "you gotta hear this guy, he will blow you away". And that he did!
  12. He doesn't endorse Heritage, he is by Gibbons. Has his own signature ES345 based on his original he inherited from his Grandfather
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