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  1. Wow, did Fender ever nail this 100%! The guitarist in one of the bands I play in snatched one in brand new condition off Craigslist for $600. I’m not kidding this thing sounds every bit as good as a reissue Deluxe tube amp. And it’s prett too with a blonde to,ex and ox blood grill. I’d buy one in a heartbeat!
  2. Ron, my sympathies for you losing such a close friend. As Dick pointed out, being in the checkout lane is a sobering reality.
  3. That one might pair well with the RockHard pedal!
  4. Pretty but the color is too dark for me.
  5. I don’t think that’s listed on Reverb
  6. Considering the purchase of a Boss OC-5 Octave pedal. It is pretty feature rich and can be used with a bass guitar also. Does anyone have any experience with this pedal?
  7. There are. I snatched my H530 (new old stock) for under $1900. The retail on it is $3199!
  8. Hi JayLo, I just recently purchased a 530 (see my recent post on it for a photo) and I was wondering which Bigsby did you install on that 530 and was drilling required? Thank you
  9. Those tubes should last a good 20 years or so. By then, there will be different suppliers if the Russians are wiped out.
  10. I have a Boss pedalboard, the one that you can put 6 pedals on. I switch pedals out frequently. I was thinking about getting a Boss OC5 Octave pedal, it is pretty versatile in what it can do!
  11. I am awaiting a set from Ukraine. I might be waiting a while.....
  12. Who was the source Brian?
  13. I just bought it! My name is not Brent ya know!
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