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  1. NGD

    I saw this one. I think it was fairly local to me if I recall. Congrats on the pickup.
  2. NPGD

    Any pics of it without a pickguard? That's some nice looking wood.
  3. Anticipation

    Don't leave us hanging on the details here.
  4. '87 H-357 At Work...

    Nice pic. I didn't think the hat would match the 357 either.
  5. Your "swiss army knife" Heritage

    I'd grab my 150 before the prospect i'd say.
  6. 2002 H150

    Quite the stable!
  7. 4 On The Wall

    Jeez that's a collection! You've quickly become quite the devoted heritage fan. A couple of those look familiar
  8. Heritage H540… what is it?

    H530 with H555 inlay and appointments perhaps? Definitely sounds made up though.
  9. AC30 Heads

    So, I'm not a vox guy, but always seem to think that one day they'll grow on me or I'll figure out how to tame one to fit my sounds. Anyway, I'm wondering why no one ever seems to play AC30 heads? Almost all vox players seem to employ combos despite the fact that they're known to weigh a TON. Is there something special about getting one in a combo? Some mystique? Is it aesthetic? For a lot of other amps, the head version seems to be the more commonly used (Marshall JCM800, Mesa Recto, Peavey 5150). Looking at this list, I'm also wondering, do people just associate cleaner amps Twins, Vox...etc. with combos for historical reasons? What's your take? What's your reasoning vox players? Thanks!
  10. Mesa Transatlantic 15 head.

    Hah, nice! Glad you got it fixed for relatively painless cost.
  11. Repaired Values for Heritages

    I think your original suggested pricing is in line with what I would expect.
  12. Mesa Transatlantic 15 head.

    This is well said! The amp is super sturdy and super portable! It can't be beat in that regard. I did like the tweed and vox settings a bunch with some light overdrive. I think part of the reason I moved on is I'm generally not a vox guy and the "MESA" option wasn't close enough to emulate my Recto-verb. Generally, a great little amp though.
  13. Mesa Transatlantic 15 head.

    I owned one! It was a nice amp. Pretty loud! It's actually 25 watts, not 15. I ended up switching it out for an Orange Dual Terror, because I wanted just a little more gain available on hand. The dual terror also does not have reverb or an effects-loop. If you use pedals for dirt or even a tubescreamer you'll probably be fine though. I'm not sure I should've made the swap and am normally more of a mesa guy. I bought and sold mine for about $500. I actually bought it from a professional musician who used it for recording, but would also play some massive stages and just mic-it. Definitely check it out!