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  1. Love your rules for guitars and amps. I recently came up with one....a self respecting guitar player (of course that is an oxymoron....) should have at least half his age in guitars
  2. Sky Dog, Did I miss something? Who made those nice TRCs? They are cool!
  3. So thalia has some truss rod covers and some are pretty nice. I remember that they were going to try and do some specific to Heritage guitars but I guess they did not. Anyway, does anyone know if they will fit on a Heritage? They have some Gibson covers that don't say Gibson but are really purty.
  4. Steiner, That sounds like something Beavis and Butthead would say.
  5. Both the bass and the 535 are very curvaceous.
  6. Brent, you. Are talking about that nice Heritage guitar, right?
  7. I would definitely play one with pride.
  8. Fortunately a cordovox player would never play enough gigs to wear out all of those tubes.
  9. Now why didn't I see this coming and invest in tubes six months ago?
  10. Luckily I have enough spare tubes to last me a couple of years so I am not concerned. My real concern is toilet paper.......we had all better stock up. Remember what happened a couple of years ago?
  11. Even though I am a tube freak, I am grateful for my line 6 Helix rack. I never use the amp models(although some of them are quite amazing) and only use the FX. However, if I run into tubes issues I have an acceptable backup.
  12. Cool mic! What is it? I was thinking of Cascade Audio but I don't think so.
  13. Don’t know if this has ever been posted here. I wish that I could sit with him for a few hours just to absorb his sound feel and touch. I love watching his hands effortlessly move. Maybe the powers that be at Heritage could have a contest and the winner gets to hang with Rich for a day?
  14. A couple of things about that video....unless it was just meant as a generic shot of the speaker, the Greenback was 16 ohms and the Creamback was 8 ohms. I prefer the Creamback overall. However, the Greenback had its moments. I guess the lesson here is what style are you going to use the speaker for?
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