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  1. The Leon Rhodes that I now own and love dearly......
  2. Interesting....my Stat has a "D" Serial number which means it was the year before but the headstock is like the Gibson Firebird. My H-162 has the pointy headstock like your Stat. They are cool guitars for sure.
  3. That was from a PRI Radio show called Live from the Divide so they do some. It was a Tom Petty tribute show after he died and a bunch of artists came out and song some stuff. So yes, they do some post work on the sound but that is pretty much how the band sounded. They do a live feed from the show.
  4. Makes me wonder if the AARP monthy magazine would be a good place for Heritage to take out a full page ad?
  5. Old guy playing a fire engine red Heritage H-162. And that must be Bill Payne from Little Feat on Keys..........
  6. I remember having to replace tubes about once every five years in my old fenders back in the day. Now they tend to fart out or go microphonic within a year. I have been using tube depot.com lately. I heard about using NOS Telefunken’s in the Phase Inverter spot but they were really expensive. So I found a new Telefunken and it was also a lot. I then found out that the new ones were re-branded JJ gold pins which were half the price. Now all of my amps are sporting them in the PI spot
  7. Do you use it live? What do you use for a monitor and power amp? The issue I have had with using something like this live is how to get the sound out to the audience and also my stage sound.
  8. I agree with you on the Helix ease of use issue. The hardest part is remembering certain things and how to get there. It’s one of those things that if I don’t use it, I lose it. It is somewhat daunting to have 15+ distortions, God knows how many amps and speaker combos, etc. If I were an 18 year old I am sure it would be easier.
  9. I use a HELIX Rack but not for amp sounds. I use it for all of my FX (4CM) including wah wah. I find it simply amazing. The amp sounds are great, but I still like my tube pre amps. The LT has all of the same things in it but not as many FX sends. The bass player in one of my bands uses the Helix LT for some of his amp sounds and is totally thrilled with it. I could see using a Helix full time at some point but would really have to have a killer engineer and monitoring system.
  10. Say you married someone when you were 30 and you have been married for 35 years. Would you want her to get a face job and a boob job? Wait....with some of the stuff I have seen here, maybe I don't want an answer to that......
  11. If you're going to play it, then play it. If you're going to hang it on the wall, refinish it.
  12. Keep playing it and ask us again in ten years.....
  13. I could geek out in there for days! The Tone Geek Lounge!
  14. SO the way I understand the new Fender's is this.....Yes, they are a one trick pony and they do that trick well. Unlike other modeling amps, they used all of the processing power to emulate just one amp instead of several....you get either the deluxe or the twin and not an AC30, Plexi, etc. It is for people who just want the sound of a Deluxe or a Twin and nothing more. They are lighter and you don't have to deal with tubes. I was at a rehearsal and one guy was using the new deluxe. My tube amp started making preamp tube noise and I said to him "Can your amp do that?"
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