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  1. Looks like a 150 to me. The 140s I know (mine included) have the pointy horn. Don't let the owner see the cavity. If it says it's a 150 buy it as a 140 as it should be cheaper.
  2. Thanks Bobby! That is cool. I am amazed that nobody hit each other when they were shifting. It reminded me a little of Steve Reich’s 18 with the shifting soundscapes. You mentioned electric counterpoint by him. Was that written for guitars too?
  3. Here's a video of a piece being performed in Canada for 150 electric guitars. I spotted an H-535 at 3:27. Any others? Boy, do I need to get a life!
  4. What is the difference between a relic'd guitar and a player's guitar? $3000
  5. So what is the third knob for? Is it like an H- 170 with volume/volume/master tone?
  6. Man! That is one ugly guitar! I want it!!!! It is kind of laid out like my Stat with the mini switches, but the Stat has the extra coil split switch and one less knob. What would the third knob be for?
  7. I must have missed something as there was no video of Brent doing the demo.
  8. I forgot that you play P90s. I have a 137 with whatever Heritage put in them. They are nice but yours re better. I have a 1962 Epiphone Casino and I think the TTLs have more of that “real” sound and I plan on getting some soon. thanks Christopher for the enlightenment!
  9. Love the sound Christopher! What amp were you using?
  10. Thanks everybody for the opinions expressed. As I said I like this bridge on my heritage Leon Rhodes. It makes tuning in the middle of a song ultra simple. and after reading the article, it sounds like it works really well on most any LP, 335, style guitar. So I just ordered another one. I will let you know how it goes. You guys are great. rick
  11. I bought a Heritage Leon Rhodes from John Covach a couple of years back. It is a really cool guitar and I think there were only three or four made. It has a Schaller fine tuning bridge which I really like and apparently John said it was stock. Has anyone put one of these on any other guitars like H-150, 535, etc? I would like to hear any feedback, =/- on them as I am thinking about putting one on an H-150 or 170. thanks in advance
  12. So does anyone out there in Heritage Land have the stencil or access to a sticker?
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