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  1. Until we see it, I am going to assume that you bought a broken neck with a pretty headstock for $14.99 at GC.
  2. I wonder what metal top would look like on my H-137?
  3. Thanks everyone! I also see that Dimarzio and DUncan have quiet P-90s. I have played with P-90s in the past when for years I used my trusty old Casino as my main guitar. I guess I had just gotten used to turning a certain way to keep the noise down, which is easier in the studio than playing live. After the Casino I had switched to a strat for a number of years and had a Rocktron Hush IIc in my rack which worked pretty well. Then I switched to humbuckers and I suppose I had forgotten how noisy single coils and P-90s were and was wondering if there was anything new. I think I will try some new
  4. I just started dating my H-137 again. I love the P-90 sound so much....this nice kind of twang/chime/bite that humbuckers lack. The Lollars in the guitar are great sounding for sure. I know P90s hum but does anyone out there have ideas about lessening the hum? If I am turned wrong, sometimes I hear the hum over the actual guitar tone. I can use a gate to a degree but you all know how gates are.... My vintage Casino has P90s, but I guess I just learned to live with the hum. Also, has anyone had any luck with the so called silent P-90s? I know Dimarzio and Duncan make them. I have trie
  5. I was out at the Gib-son acoustic plant a few years back, hanging out with Ren Ferguson, the master builder. He was showing me some tops that were "carved" with some kind of laser tool invented by Boeing in Seattle. Gib-son was allowing him to build some archtop here, but the rest all came out of TN. He held them up and had me thump them and they sounded very musical. He said that if they try to carve a top that thin, they might lose two out of three. He kind of liked the idea. So if carving a top is important to the sound, even though it may become a lost art, there will still be archtops out
  6. Auto correct doesn’t like Rendall.....
  7. The HOC has become the moderator's personal facebook page? Somebody must have pissed this guy off or I am missing something....
  8. It said that Tim Shaw was involved. Is this the Shaw of the famous Shaw-buckers fame? If so, and along with Randall Wall, why did they settle for such mediocre pick ups early on?
  9. I picked up one of the Carvin stereo pedal amps on sale. I tried it out with the new POD GO and also with an older Digitech modeling/FX pre amp. WOW! I bought it as a spare amp to keep in the gig bag but I would have no problem using it for a gig. I hooked it up stereo with a pair of Weber 12s and it was beautiful. I can make the digital models virtually indistinguishable from tubes but the tubes still respond differently to my fingers. What the heck, though....a 100 watt power amp for around $150 that is the size of a Dynacomp? And stereo? What a great deal!
  10. Eric Johnson once said that he could tell the difference between a regular battery and a Duracell alkaline in his tube screamer. I believed him. He is just that kind of guy.. At any rate, I have been using power conditioners for years and have had no problem. I have two of these and they are amazing. However they add a little weight to the rack.... https://carvinaudio.com/products/ac120s-power-conditioner
  11. My studio is almost done. I have a couple of shelves up high and decided that as they are kind of a dark brown stain I might want to go for a 50s Gibbons GA6 or Magnatone vibe on the underside. I put some insulation under them and thought having them look like vintage amps or cabs would be cool. Anyone know any places for grille cloth? I know Mojotone is great but any secret cheaper places out there that you know about?
  12. Yes that guitar is beautiful and reminds me of my ex wife. I do believe that your guitar can be fixed where as my ex wife.....uh.... Anyway, please send pix when you get it back from the repair place. I have a friend who has a 120 year old German string bass that sounds as good as anything I have ever heard. It fell over and broke at the headstock. He sent it to this place in Seattle called Hammond Ashley and apparently it is now stronger than it was. I tell you I have seen miracles in this modern era! I also believe that the bridge pick up is unnecessary on any kind of jazz box.
  13. I still have my Leon Rhodes. You might be able to buy it off my widow someday....
  14. Skydog, where did the Stat, H-162, H-160, etc and those kinds fit in here?
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