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  1. Maybe we need a tinnitus story thread. My favorite was when I first started going out with my wife, a dental hygienist for year, was telling me about how she was backpacking and all of a sudden she started hearing the tinnitus sounds. It really spun her out and still does. I asked her to describe it and I replied "I have never known a time when I didn't hear that." I was relating this to a friend and he is a musician. He said "Oh, so there is a word for that sound?" I don't mean to be cavalier about it. I know that it is present and if I focus on it I could probably get spun out by it too. I have blue eyes. I am six feet tall. I have tinnitus. Oh, and I love amps as much as guitars.
  2. All I use anymore is the Randall/Egnater/Synergy stuff.......One amp with interchangeable tube pre amps that slide in and out.....currently using a Dumble clone and an AC30, a Synergy Friedman Dirty Shirley(built by Bruce himself....) and Steve Vai's signature preamp. For a smaller C&W gig, a tweed bassman and a twin or for a jazz thing, a Gibson GA50 that pairs nicely with my H-576. What could be better than taking four amps to a gig in one amp? And no GOD Damn models....tube heaven...the real thing!
  3. I am blown away by what the used Heritage's are going for. I buy to play, not to sell. Ten years ago on this forum you could get anything for a good price. Not so much now. . I have a bumper sticker on my car that says "Capitalism Bums Me Out." Oh well, when I kick the bucket my wife and or daughter will benefit but I ain't selling yet. I will have a letter to each of them in the cases to not let shady guitar guys take advantage of dead guys' families. The old ones are great. My main two gigging guitars are both old Heritages. The new ones that I've played are also great. However, you can't get the H170 or H-162s or cool guitars like that new.
  4. I am on a mac and last time there were some problems that seemed to be fairly common. Whatever the bug, they must have fixed it as it went smoothly in minutes this time. I have a question for you or anyone else with the Plethora. I s it true that I can only use TonePrints for the FX I have on the Plethora? I noticed that they have a new TonePrint sustainer pedal and was wondering if that is available for the Plethora or we wait and see? It is a cool pedal and it would be great to have. Maybe I mentioned this in the past, but I have a shit ton of Line 6 stuff and am generally really happy with their FX. However their reverbs leave a lot to be desired. Putting the plethora in the loop will make a big difference! Thanks for the heads up about the sale last month, Bob. I am not regretting getting one at all. rick
  5. Cool! I hope I don't have the same trouble downloading the new firmware as I did the last. When did they release it? I will get on it today and thanks for the update!
  6. That would be him. He is a great player for sure. He was around Austin for a while and also up in Dallas doing session stuff.
  7. I'm thinking that Jim Fielder got the idea from the Stick now that I am getting my memory jarred a little. That bari player looks pretty dorky. If a bass player used one of those bari straps it wouldn't matter as they are usually dorks anyway. The trick would be to make one for guitarists that would still allow them to look cool at all times.
  8. There was a bass player around Austin back in the day named Jim Fielder. A friend of mine was studying with him and Jim had invented a strap system for bass players that was pretty cool. It went over the shoulders and put some of the weight around the waist also. Seems like it would be great for Les Paul style heavy guitars. Has anyone heard of it? Not sure if Jim is still around or playing but I think I will ask around....I don't think he ever marketed it and only a few people I knew had them.
  9. So I have gigging guitars and studio guitars. I don't care how heavy my studio guitars are as i can play them sitting down. I never worry about weight when buying. If I like the guitar, I like the guitar and it will find its place in my life.
  10. So is a 140 and a 147 like what a 150 is to a 157? A picture is worth a thousand questions....
  11. I get that. It would be nice if they came out with some digital Distortions. Line 6, Digitech and others have come out with some killer models. It would be nice to have that option. Are you saying that you use a MIDI pedal to go between boards? I don't have one around that would work. I know that you can set FS 1/2 for a three tap thing that puts you in a mode where you can scroll the boards up/dn. For some reason mine works in that mode but then resets itself. I have not figured out what I am doing to lose it or how to save it as it should save through the settings. Same goes for FS5 and the tuner.
  12. Hi Bob, I also picked up the Plethora when Sweetwater was running the same promotion that Anderton's ran. As I said earlier, I have a few Line 6 products (HX FX, Helix Rack, HX Stomp) which I like a lot except for their reverbs which are lacking. The Plethora is far superior in that department. I also love the TC compressors too....well, I love all of the FX they have on board. It is a lot easier on the Helix stuff to change boards. I am considering running the Plethora in one of the loops on the Helix which means that I could use all of the distortions ahead of the amp and then into the loop for the Helix and then into another loop for the Plethora reverbs, etc. I can also use the Plethora when I need a really simple set up for a gig where I don't need a lot of FX. I had trouble with the new firmware as I could not unzip the file. They finally sent me an unzipped file which worked right away. I read on some forums that I am not the first person with a Mac to have this trouble. Another issue I have had with the TC folks is their forums n musictribe.com. It is hard to find much on the plethora unit and when I have asked questions I have not received an answer. A couple of times the questions just disappeared. I hope they get it together as it is a pretty nice product. I remember that Digitech had something similar to the Toneprint idea. It was called iStomp and you could take a pedal and download different FX for the Pedal. They blew it on their dealings with Mac OS and then were almost giving the pedals away with all of the downloads going for free. I have four of the pedals and all of the FX on an old iPad still and plan on using one of their very excellent distortions in front of the Plethora. I am hoping that sooner or later TC puts some distortions on their toneprint platform.
  13. SO I have an early H-170, meaning that they kept adding adding numbers? That makes sense. The H-170 is my go to guitar anymore. It is old and feels just right. I am missing something here about the H-357 and the allusion to Gibson 3-5-7. What does it mean? I would love an Academy. THere was one on here years ago for sale and I missed it. I do have a Prospect 12 String which is a beautiful sounding, looking and playing guitar.
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