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  1. There is a public radio show that airs from here called Live From the Divide and I occasionally play on it. The studio bought one of the new Fenders and it is pretty amazing. The acts that come in from the road want a deluxe reverb and unbeknownst to them play through the new modeled deluxe. After the show it is pointed out that they were playing through a non tube amp and to a person, they have been amazed. I am stubborn and did not want to like the amp but I do.
  2. PT Barnum said it best....there's one born every minute.
  3. Monica, Go to the dollar store or walmart and buy several of these. Then buy some cheap sponges. Drill a couple of good sized holes in the top of the soap holder and voila! Best humidifier ever for around $2 each. I Velcro them into my case. They hold the moisture for longer than any of the others that I have paid up to $20 for. If you have questions, PM me and I can txt you a picture of one of them all finished. https://www.amazon.com/American-Comb-Soap-Assorted-Colors/dp/B0181LKVEE/ref=sr_1_19?gclid=CjwKCAiAzanuBRAZEiwA5yf4urgYzLL_M0SAiaDdjIMowzlXiqb9jZGMsVJVornecJu9nIU-cWiLfxoCIwEQAvD_BwE&hvadid=241934624320&hvdev=t&hvlocphy=1020859&hvnetw=g&hvpos=1t1&hvqmt=e&hvrand=13452865674820628844&hvtargid=aud-836718182849%3Akwd-315768369&hydadcr=24658_10400648&keywords=plastic+soap+dish&qid=1573613390&sr=8-19
  4. Yeah, the input jakc on the rim is a great improvement!
  5. I bought one of those in Austin when they came out. I stupidly sold it during a divorce when I needed money. Needless to say I was much more upset about losing the guitar than the wife. Mine was red like yours and just a great guitar. Not sure what it had for stock pickups. Was it supposed to be a 1958 dot reissue?
  6. Is that a 1989 Dot neck reissue?
  7. The claim of the Doyle coils is less low end mud than regular PAF's. I always thought that it was part of the sought after PAF sound and never saw it as problematic or mud.
  8. I recently watched a YouTube deal by 5watt which was a history of the 335. He spoke of all the different ones from 1958 on, mostly until th early 60s.What is the H-535 based on?
  9. So you got the wiring harness too? I’ll bet they are nice. Do they do what they say as far as cleaning up the muddy low end?
  10. Anyone seen these? I did find it somewhat paradoxical that by wanting to create vintage sounding pickups they had to change the sound of the vintage sounding pick ups. http://www.doylecoils.com/
  11. That makes sense to me as I never liked the Schaller's in any guitar that i was going to play cranked up, which is most of them. They never sounded right in my H-150 or 535 that I tended to use for playing gain-ier type of stuff. I didn't mind them in the video in a 575. I have Seth's in my H-576 and like them but when I bought it it had these kind of weird alumitones (which look kind of cool but sound kind of strange.......) in it that I didn't care for the sound of. If it had Schaller's I might have left them in.
  12. PK,I sort of got a kick out of you suggesting that he sell the Schallers. I have about six sets. Any takers?
  13. I play in an unapologetically loud rock band and sometimes we do this semi acoustic gig with two acoustic guitars, acoustic bass, keys and kick/snare brushes plus me on an electric. I use a blues cube with a Richie kotzen fly rig for fx and it is killer for that kind of gig. Wit the fx it really does feel like tubes.
  14. So this guy in the JHS pedal video....he talks about using this or that pedal. If I were to do the math it would probably take him several lifetimes to actually use each of his pedals for, say, 10 gigs each in order to really get how the pedal is. I have been really happy with the line 6 Helix rack and all of it’s pedals. However with the 25-30 pedals it emulates, plus using them in tandem for EQ and other sounds, I feel I have barely scratched the surface. Not sure if any of you have seen this where the Helix goes head to head with a couple of old analog pedals. I love the ol’ man’s expressions..... My experience has been really good with them and I will probably never go back to analog pedals:
  15. I would love a show called “gear hoarders .” I might be inspired to buy more gear in order to feel better about myself.
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