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  1. That's real imitation Motehr of Pealr Seriously though, can the Gotoh buttons be substituted?
  2. Cool. Thanks a lot. Stew Mac had replacements for schallers but not Grover’s. I do like that these are listed as “Motehr” of pearl......
  3. I was able to answer part of this already. The H-150s use the large size buttons. I have a Heritage Prospect twelve string and it has the smaller buttons for sure. srill wonddering if I can use the Gotoh or Schallers on a Grover...
  4. I'm wanting to put some pearloid tuner buttons on my H-150s. Both have grovers and I was wondering if Gotohs or Schallers will fit on them as Grover doesn't seem to have replacement buttons.? Also do I order the large ones for an H-150? I am not wanting to replace the tuners, just the buttons. thanks
  5. I bought a Carvin Alan Hodsworth a couple of years back with a single pick up. My question is this: The taper on the tone pot is amazing.... there is the full on tone and then the really dark tone at the other extreme. Most tone pots have this but what is unique about. this tone pot is it has so many nice middle tones that it is like having a second pick up. I would like to add this kind of pot to my various heritages but not sure what it might be. Any ideas? thx in advance rick
  6. Thanks everybody! Let me know if one comes up in anyone’s collection.
  7. What would be the Heritage Equivalent of a Gibson Les Paul Custom? The H-150 seems to be the Standard, but what is the Custom? A friend is looking at getting a custom and I turned him on to one of my H-150s. He loved it but was wanting a Custom so I thought I would check. thx in advance
  8. I put SD whole liotta humbuckers in but the bridge pick up has a lot of high end. I have a seth coming and will probably put it in the bridge position. I really like the added high end on the neck pick up though. Has a nice warm bite.
  9. I picked up John Covach's Cherry Burst H-150. Pics are still up on the Heritage goods for sale tab. It is the second guitar I have gotten from John. It is easy to do bizness with him. In the future if he is offering something, he is to be trusted. I love the guitar even though at this point I do not yet have pickups in it.
  10. Now that is a beautiful tone! Damn!
  11. That that is that Blue one from Parkland music one that was here last week. That is the best $1300 one could spend! Have fun with it!
  12. Really liked this guys lick at 0:48.
  13. Again.....the headstock thing!
  14. Uh, June Cleaver in a Pearl necklace?
  15. Hey Rockabilly, Loved your tone. That amp had a nice break up with the H-150. What was it?
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