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  1. I replaced all of the Schaller's on my Heritages, but those were all solid bodies like the 150, 140, Stat, etc. My 535 came with Seth's already and sounded fine. I think if my 576 had Schaller's I would have left them on as they sound great on a hollow body guitar. In this video they had a wonderful sheen that the Seth's did not. I still really dislike the Schaller's on a solid body as they seem to lack the grit or something that I need when playing R&B or R&R. However, they are flat out wonderful on a "jazz" guitar and I am thinking of going back to them on my 576 after hearing the video sounds. Since I took them out of all of the solids, I probably have some laying around! Lastly, that guy Rich is a really great player! damn! What a nice touch, and his voicings were wonderful! I am now a fan and have subscribed to his channel.
  2. I think about how it will look in my room with my other amps.
  3. I was actually joking about this. One of my all time favorite jazz guys is Ed Bickert, who played with Paul Desmond and made an age worn Tele sound like God.
  4. Who knows? I may have to send my amps to Cleveland if my new guys doesn't work out. I live in a very expensive tragically hip mountain town and there is nobody that can repair tube amps. I just sent an amp 160 miles away to Billings as there is an old guy that apparently does tube amps. The only guy in my town is an old marine electronics guy who lives and breathes tubes and can do great work as long as the amp was designed before 1970. He admits he is lost on anything fairly modern with things like MIDI switching or FX loops.
  5. OMG! YOu got me all paranoid! I am going to look at all of my axes with stingers and see if anyone tried to cover a break!
  6. If I am reading you right, I agree. Changing speakers instead of ams makes the most difference for me right now. If an amp just doesn't sound right I am finding that there is a good possibility that swapping out speakers may be the answer. Like I said, I feel like I have a new amp! I think that a JBL clone in a fender amp is the bomb.....
  7. So I swapped out a Celestion Creamback today. After reading this thread I put a ceramic Weber California in the amp. I was so used to the Celestion, I forgot that a different speaker turns it into a completely different amp. I did that more often in my younger years but have not recently. Damn…..now I may be hooked on speakers. I give up cocaine and my alcohol consumption goes up. I give up alcohol and my guitar purchases go up. I stop that and now it is about speakers. Where will it end? My life is unmanageable.
  8. I love Webers. I have a couple of the California 12s that are their JBL D120 clones. One of them is acting up after years and years of usage. I just found out that Weber does re-cones of their speakers for only $30! What a deal!
  9. I don't know about this....clean they both sound wonderful but cranked I hear a world of difference. BTW. when I see NAD for the thread topic I can't help but think of Beavis and Butthead.....
  10. I wonder if Synergy Amps were in there? All of those boutique amp builders are involved in building the Synergy module tube preamps. They were just starting to take off especially after Vai had his signature model. Friedman, Egnater, Soldano, Bogner and Morgan all build those suckers for Synergy. What a set back!
  11. I have a suggestion....Trade the HRWs for the Seth Lovers I have in my 535. I like a little brighter pup on a 535. BTW, I have an H-576 and put a pair of Dimarzio Anniversary PAFs in it and it is flat out wonderful. I think he designed them as copies of the old Seth Lovers from the 50s and I can't tell a difference between them and the Seth Lovers on my 535. of course I would probably have to swap them out in order to truly tell the difference. i will just say that they are both really nice smooth PAFs. I am serious about trading the Seth's for the HRWs. NOt straight across as I would add some cash to the deal. Message me if you want to work it out. Of course, I would want the toggle switch cover with the black dot!
  12. Now that is bad ass and a screaming good deal!
  13. That guitar look like a Chinese fraud. As a collector of fraudulent Chinese guitars, I will take it off your hands for $500.
  14. Looking at that old catalogue makes me realize that Heritage sure had a lot of models back in the day!
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