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  1. I kept looking and found this just now. Hopefully it is accurate: https://www.chicagomusicexchange.com/products/heritage-stat-hss-cherry-sunburst-1987-1577832 It said that this stat was a 14" radius.
  2. Anyone have any idea on what the radius is on an H-162 Or H-160 might be? I have and play both and have one of those Thalia capos which come with a series of rubber pads that you can use for differents radii. I'm thinking 14 or 15? Thanks rw
  3. Sorry, I meant tailpiece not bridge....
  4. I love the TP-6 and have one on my H170. They are pretty expensive from Gibson though. I ordered one from a Korean company and it turned out it was for an Epiphone Korean Les Paul which is a slightly different size. Anyone know of any reasonably priced TP6 style bridge that will work on an American guitar?
  5. I have had those little saddles fall out. Luckily I was always at home changing strings and it didn't get far. it would be a real bitch if I were trying to change on a gig and it happened. I guess that is why I always have a spare guitar at a gig.
  6. I don't have my H140 handy today but it seems like it has one of those weird tailpieces that has those little saddles that you put the ball end into and then over the bridge. I have never top wraapped my strings but I am now intrigued by it and may have to get a new tailpiece for the 140.
  7. Now I can legitimately justify using nines. "Ren said so...."
  8. I looked at Sweetwater and the Psvane's are definitely cheaper but the reviews are not so great...
  9. I was looking at 12 AX7's and wow! They are still high! I heard an american company was ging to start making them and also a chines plant was maybe going into the biz. Anyone around here know of any tube news?
  10. And I see the Mission engineering FX pedal on you pedalboard. I have found some great wahs on there and the Mission pedal works wonderfully.
  11. Things have come a long way since the RP350 15-20 years ago.
  12. I use a variety of Helix products for FX. I do not use them for amp modeling as I love my amps. What each of them has is about ten way models. Each one is slightly different. Or, you can take one way model and adjust the sweep for each patch. So if I am using a Strat and want a particular way sound I set it up that way. if I move to a LP and that way is a bit dark for the new guitar, I can easily adjust it. So every time I switch guitars, I hit a button and a different way is assigned to that guitar. You may scoff at this butI find it pretty amazing. It models pretty much every way out there and you just use the same FX pedal for all of them. I hated digital stuff but no longer….
  13. Whomever above sort of compared it to a twin had my experience. I have a vintage twin with EV SRO coffee can magnets. 1) in order to get it to break up, my ears would bleed. 2) The break up was far from smooth 3) It sounded great at three with a tube screamer and that was my rig for 20 years until I could not carry it. I still have it. That was pretty close to my HiWatt experience. It was a classic and it did do well with a tube screamer.
  14. My limited experience of them was that the break up was somewhat farty and blatty.....not smooth like a marshall.
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