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  1. I also have an old Blue H140. It is blue curly maple with a beautiful blue top and a matching pickguard. I definitely had to get rid of the Schallers and put some Dimarzio Anniversary PAF's in it and it sings. It was my first foray into Heritage. I had heard about Heritage but had not seen one. I went into an old mom and pop music store and picked up a C serial number H-170 and the H-140. I traded a Greco Les Paul(that I had paid $500 for) and $1000 for both. Those were the days. I do love the Blue H-140 but my H-170 may be my favorite guitar in my room.
  2. Wow! I just increased the value of my H-150 with that neat little trick!
  3. Still no answer as to why nobody has re released these pickups.
  4. A Golden Eagle with a high gain amp? That sounds odd....What kind of music were you playing, Steiner? It seems that the Eagle would really feed back?
  5. That's interesting that they were modified Schallers. However, it would be nothing for someone to get a set and back engineer them and then sell them. Are you listening, Heritage? Each set could then come with a white switch with a black dot on it.
  6. So I hear of these wonderful HRW pickups on a lot of older Heritage guitars and was wondering something. Why doesn't Heritage or Ren re-issue them? I have never played a guitar with them as they seem to be rare and anytime someone has a set for sale they go in a matter of hours at a price that I am not sure I can afford. I also know what pickups actually cost to manufacture and it ain't very much. What is the deal?
  7. Don't know if you have ever tried one, but I have also gotten fond of the pedalsnake. Using the pedalsnake I can run 4CM into my fx loop and have just the one cable. I have heard a few people complain about tone suck from it but either my ears are worn out from years of loud playing or it is not an issue. My stuff sounds the same with or without it. It just saves a lot of space and even has one line that sends power to the board/HX FX/Stomp or whatever.
  8. Just curious here....as a big fan of the line 6 stuff (I have the Helix Rack, POD GO and HX FX, G75 Wireless) could you not find a worthwhile compressor or something to replace the Color Box within the Stomp? I have also really gotten into using the Mission XPression pedals with the Line 6 stuff to control....well, just about everything. I have not used my HX FX with an acoustic but seeing your pedal board really got me planning! Oh, man....the Grace Felix, the HX FX with the Mission pedal....Thanks a lot! rick Sometimes I spend more time planning my stuff out than actually play
  9. Here is something I did with a friend who plays keys. I used all Heritage guitars on it...Slide and melody were my old H-170, rhythm was my H-535, the little afterbeat thing on beat two is my Heritage Leon Rhodes. What I like about the H-170 is how it has a thick LP type tone but during the second half of the song it is more screaming strat style...a truly versatile guitar. I didn't have a Heritage bass so I had to settle for my Marcus Miller Sire. https://soundclick.com/share.cfm?id=14197508
  10. I also own one of these "Vintage" 140s. Yours looks nicely worn, which is what I prefer. Mint condition makes me paranoid about gigging with them. There are a few people that don't mind the stock Schallers, but I am not one of them. I put some of the Dimarzio Anniversary PAFs in and it now kicks ass. I also really appreciate you putting what you paid for it. Don't know why but people tend to hide the price on here. I find it helpful to know what others are actually paying....not what is being charged. rick
  11. Same here...I think I spoke with you about this once. I use a Dimarzio Black angel split into the Felix orI also have a K&K piezo with a black angel or sunrise split. It is so nice on the grace to be able to eq each side from one preamp! Larry Dimarzio used the Grace at NAMM a few years ago to demo his acoustic pickups and people loved the sound.
  12. Prospects are way cool. I have a Prospect 12 string and it is amazing. Someday I will find a matching six string.
  13. Cool! How are you liking the Grace Felix? I got one last year and was really getting into it and then Covid hit. It is probably the coolest acoustic pre ever and I'll bet it sounds stunning with the National.
  14. I would much rather stand behind Tal Wilkenfeld than Roy Clark and do a duet.
  15. Love at 2:15 when the band starts grooving. Man, what a cool feel!
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