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  1. Speaking of.....I found this today. $89! https://www.thomannmusic.com/harley_benton_custom_line_thunder_99.htm
  2. Looking at these pictures....I felt movement down there.... That is one gorgeous guitar!
  3. PK, Can you say a little more about the Vox? It sounds intriguing.... Are you guys actually gigging with these things? What is your set up?
  4. Yep. Your Gibbons LP "Junior Special" with P90s has a totally different range of tones than the H-530. I have a Heritage H-137 with P-90s which is probably similar to your LP. I also have a vintage Epiphone Casino which is basically what the H-530 is. These are completely different guitars. The Casino, like the H-530 is hollow and will feed back in a beautifully controlled way where as the LP or H-137 will not. The P-90s on the Epi or H-130 give it a cool kind of "twang" without being a country sound. I have had to stop myself from buying a 530 since I have that tone covered. The H-530s are totally cool.
  5. Yep. I have a few of those silicon tube rings around. Usually they work really well. thx
  6. Ah Ha! I did not swap out the pre amp tubes. I have one of those Orange tube testers so when I get in the studio, I will focus on them. Thanks so much. It sounds like I will be happy once more and I didn't have to deal with crazy people to get there. you guys are the best!
  7. Yep. Strat or H-150. Yeah, my choices of tech are not good. The best one is the Alex Jones fan. He truly knows what he is doing but has a tiny little shop and since "covid-19 is fake" you can't wear a mask in his shop. It was hard enough to deal with his Alex Jones ramblings but I am not about to put my health at risk by going into his shop. CAn tube sockets get dirty and do this? I have not tried spraying the contacts on the tubes yet.... If I have an idea what it is, the kid that doesn't get tubes might be able to help. Otherwise I have to take it up to Missoula Montana. At least Christopher AKA zguitar from this forum lives up there.
  8. I am having a tube noise issue in a combo amp I turn the amp on and there is no noise. After it is on and heated up, I hear this microphonic noise when I hit certain low notes, usually on the neck pickup. At first I thought it was the speaker making the tube sound microphonic but then I realized that it did not do it until after it is warmed up. Of course the first thing I did was change out the tubes and put a brand new pair of EL84s in. Same thing, same noise. I also tried bypassing the speaker and used an extension. No noise there. So the speaker is somehow rattling the tube and making it do the microphonic thing. But then, why is it it only does it after heating up for about 15 minutes? And why two different sets of tubes? Can a tube socket do this? I would love to hear opinions on this. I would love to take it in to a tech but I live in a small town. One guy (an old marine electronics guy) will not work on any amp made after 1970. Another guy is really young and doesn't get tubes at all. The third guy has Alex Jones on the radio and yells about Hillary running a child sex ring out of a pizzeria and Sandy Hook was phony. rick PS if anyone knows a good tech that would like to relocate to the mountain west, there is a lot of work here!
  9. Interesting....my H-160 has a serial number of E20207. They must have been building them at the same time. I thought they may have developed them over the years....like I said, mine has the 5 way switch and also a maple fretboard.
  10. Hey, thanks....mine must be an H-162. It has the pointy headstock and the strat style 5 way switch. It is really light so it must have a poplar body with a Kahler trem. My Stat is a super strat style but mahogany body and maple top with binding. It has the 4 mini switches for the pick ups and set neck.
  11. I guess I am a little confused. I have what I think is an H-160 (fire engine red!) but it has the traditional strat five way switch. My Stat has the four mini switches like you H-160. So is mine just a later version?
  12. Yeah, I did that too. I told her that from here on out I would only get a new guitar after selling two. That lasted about a month.....I sold two, bought one and then bought two more.
  13. Houndhome, When I said ten guitars, that is just my ten Heritage guitars. I have plenty of others as well as other instruments. It truly is a disease.... A few years back I was lying in ICU at the hospital unsure if I would make it through the night. I realized that I could not take my guitars with me if things went south. However, I realized how nice it was to have had them here on earth. A good friend of mine who was the artists relations guy at the Gibbons plant here told a story of having an aneurysm and the last thing he saw and thought about was his guitars. As he was telling this story, his wife chimed in "Honey, you told me that I was the last thing you thought about...."
  14. I can sponsor you. The ten guitars are in my past. I admit am powerless over the next Heritage and my life is unmanageable.
  15. This is like encouraging someone to do heroin and once hooked telling them that there is a lot of solid support for them to continue their heroin use. This is how I started out here....I bought a used Heritage and had a question. Then they urged me to stick around and now I have ten Heritage guitars. Beware.
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