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  1. So I have this wonderful 70's Ibanez Concord 12 string which looks like a Gibbons SJ-200 and has an amazingly warm and jangly tone. Unfortunately I have never been able to find a capo that works on it. I had tried ever kind of capo known to man except one, the Thalia capo. Another guitar player in one of my bands had one on his Ibanez 12 and it worked like a charm on mine. He paid $82.50 for his. These capos start at $65 and go up to $200 as they are inlaid with all kinds of exotic stuff. I found one on their site and bought it as it was on sale for $52. Unfortunately it has the Gibbons logo on it. Oh well.....at least I have a capo for the 12 string. I have to admit, pricey as these capos are, they are really nice. I wish someone would come out with a more utilitarian version.....same design but no inlay.
  2. We have the Gibbons Acoustic division here in Bozeman so we are used to having a lot of Gibbons stuff in our local store. There are a lot of wealthy folks here so the owner of the store gets every boutique builder in the country trying to get him on board. He is pretty picky. He called me up as he knows my affinity for the big H and said that he got an H-150 and will soon have one of everything Heritage makes. He has a room called the vault with some crazy expensive one of a kind guitars and mandos and that's where he has the Heritage 150. Hopefully I will be seeing more of them around in the next few years. https://musicvilla.com/collections/villa-vault/products/heritage-artisan-aged-collection-h-2403
  3. Sounds like a cool rig! I was not sure what the Rocktron/Egnater Velocity is. I have a Velocity 150 around here and found it to be a pretty cool solid state power amp, but not sure what you meant about it with 6L6's until I looked it up. Damn! that is cool. I was unaware of them. I used to run my stuff through a Carvin stereo power amp which was killer but I couldn't do the stereo rig any more as band members always complained about my taking up too much real estate. I still don't get why people have had never heard of Bruce Egneter's modular stuff and now SYnergy. It is a dream come true for tube lovers and allows so much tonal freedom. I have been using this stuff for 15 years and would never go back.
  4. I have a single Ecstasy modded by Rob from Jaded Faith in NJ. It has a switch that goes between blue and red. I have not checked out the Synergy Version. I also have a Dumble clone from Rob. The Vai mod I started this thread about has the most amazing tweed sound, The different thing about the Vai mod is how each channel has a separate EQ. To my knowledge the others don't. Mars_hall, which platform are you using? My main rig is an Egnater M50 with a SYN 2 in the loop which gives me for different modules in one amp. I got rid of some of my dual modules as having 8 channels wea a bit confusing and excessive for me. For a typicl R&R gig, I use a Friedman DS, Fender Deluxe or Twin, A Vox AC30 and either the Soldano or Dumble. For a jazz gig I have a 20w combo that I use the Gibbons GA50 preamp with, It sounds really nice with my H-576. THe cool thing is for the price of one boutique amp I can have four boutique amps and then add another( and another, and another...) for only $3-400!
  5. I remember playing through one of those. It was so cool...almost like a phase shifter but more (and I hate this f#cking word!) organic.
  6. If you get this Synergy system all of the old Randall and Egnater modules will work in it. I have a Ken Fischer Trainwreck module that is killer. What I had to do was buy an old Randall Stock module and then there is a guy on the east coast who modifies the stock modules into whatever you want pretty much. You can find the stock modules for around $100 and then the re-mod costs $185. https://jadedfaithmods.com/mts-modules The one you are looking for is the Wrecked mod which is a clone of the Trainwreck Liverpool.
  7. I'm a little confused about the difference between an H-160, H-160V and the Stat, which is a 162?
  8. Because this is not a pedal. It is a part of a cool system. Here is an interview with him on it....I guess he went this route because he actually uses it now.
  9. I remember those Duncan amps but never owned one. This stuff is a whole new game though. I have a couple differenct configurations. I have a 1 X 12 combo that holds one preamp. It is nice for a simple gig. Synergy has something called the SYN 2 which has two bays and then it goes into the loop of any amp with a loop. When it is used that way it byasses the preamp secion in your amp and uses the preamps in the SYN 2. So if you have a Mesa with an FX loop, you can still use your Mesa preamp or bypass it and have a Twin or AC30 module in the same rig.
  10. So I have mentioned here that I have been using the Egnater modular system for years. I have a lot of the amps you guys mention here but as all tube cloned preamp modules like a Dumble or Ken Fischer Trainwreck, etc. These are not digital models but wired preamps with 12AX7s that you put into a slot into the amp and then the power section has the choice of using different power tubes. Synergy came out with the newest version of this but it can still use the older preamp modules. The modules are designed and made by the real guys like Friedman, Bogner, Soldano, etc. Being bored and stuck at home I ordered the Vai module. Channel I is a Tweed Bassman that sounds spot on and Channel II is pretty much a clone of hs Carvin Legacy. The thing is unreal and Synergy has this stuff down. You can also buy the old stock modules and have them modded. I have a Gibbons GA50 clone that sounds stunning with my L5 or H-576. But for a Rock and Roll preamp, I could not be happier than with the new Vai. As Vai said “Why have one amp when you can have every amp you ever dreamed of in one rig.”
  11. I still have a standing offer for you guys....Send your guitar to me for the next 15 years and I will relic it the correct way for only $500.
  12. Get a bunch of tube amps and turn them on at the same time. That always makes me feel arm and fuzzy. The champ sounds nice but one needs more tubes than that in order to keep one warm.
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