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  1. If you are going to play Jaxx, I think the flatwound 11's or even 12's are great. I like my 535 for bending and stuff and have 9's on it right now but use my 576 and L-5 with big ass flatwounds.
  2. I was not aware of them. Congrats! That is a cool amp!
  3. So is it a modern day take on a 68 deluxe or did they make a custom deluxe back in 68? Beautiful amp!
  4. I didn’t think the 535 was anymore easy on the eyes than any other 535.
  5. They are nice guitars but I find them a little too cute.
  6. I am starting an H-150 aging service for both the guitar and case if anyone is interested. Just send me your new H-150 in a case and I will return it in 20 years beautifully aged and broken in.
  7. Actually has a Led Zepplin kind of feel. Nice!
  8. Ah....I can see now that he had the looped bass going and then doubled you on that line with some cool effect on. nice!
  9. The third line during the head and then at the end you add some kind of octave device and I didn't see you move your feet or anything. What were you doing? It has a way cool sound to it.... Love your rendition of the tune too. It is one of my faves!
  10. String Change Friday 02/21/2020 It was a cold sunny day. My wife left me again
  11. Yeah. I'm three years into the Helix Rack and still scratching the surface. Have you discovered snapshots yet? There are so many new ways to use this thing. Using MIDI to switch outboard amps in one snapshot, use outboard gear and control it via Helix or even being able to hard switch an amp through one pedal board is pretty cool. However, as someone said in this thread or some other thread. I can spend more time tweaking than playing. The tweaking is fun....trying an infinite number of FX, amp/speaker combos, compressors, echos, verbs. etc is cool as hell. However, at some level I miss just being able to have me and my guitar and amp. Truth is though I have not used just a guitar and amp in a long long time once I started using distortions, phasers, etc. back in the 70s..... The plus side of the Helix is almost like having GAS but never having to buy anything as it is all in the box and then every couple of years you get the update with even more amps and FX.
  12. Again, it looks like the deadly Michigan Dr. Z/Heritage combination. What’s with you guys? Is all you care about great tone or something?
  13. Yeah....right.... dude, consider yourself hooked.
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