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  1. Played at a very dear frend's funeral with my good friend and fellow musician Frank Janssen. Because we did some singing, I needed the Fishman once more. First use of the mike on that one. Mike and guitar sounded very very good! So the feedback issues must have been due to the small room and not-so-smart place of the amp. Thanks for the advice! We did the entry music, improvising around a Dutch song from the sixties (verdronken vlinder -drowned butterfly-, by Boudewijn de Groot). And we did two songs, Dutch translations: - 'De gedachten zijn vrij', Die Gedanken sind frei -my thoughts freely flower-, check Pete Seeger; - and 'Als jij me lief hebt', If you love me, check Malvina Reynolds. Used the guitar for a jazzy lead in the entry; for a steady rythm in the second, a more biting bluezy playing ijn the last one. The occasion was sad; but this 575 is great!!!
  2. Second rehearsal gig, with the big band ' Pro motion' in Amersfoort, Netherlands. Changed the Fishman loudbox mini for my Peavy classic 30. I did check out the combination at home. Payed attention the the position of the guitar and the amp. Great sound, no feedback at all, even at a volume that could deal with the big band. We're getting somewhere :-). Next challange: how to generate the best jazz sound. To be continued....
  3. What to do about feedback during a gig using my 575?

  4. Today I had my first rehearsal with the band I ocasionally join. The 575 produced a great sound, that I shall adjust at home. Any suggestion is very welcome! The only minor aspect of today is the feedback. My Epi Dot hardly ever produced feedback, this 575 does tons of it. How can I deal with that? Again, any suggestion is very welcome....
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