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  1. depends on which part of Michigan/Canada. Detroit is right on the border
  2. WOW! great price on that one too. The back is stunning
  3. Yep you should just be able to drop in the new part, but I'm no tech. Maybe consult your local guitar tech for a second opinion
  4. they also look a little goofy to me as well. I like Tonepros cause they lock in place and was a simple swap Faber and Gotoh are also other popular upgrades
  5. Welcome! definitely wanting clarification on the PUPs! I also am not the biggest fan of the shaller roller bridge, tone pros is a popular, simple, and solid upgrade
  6. Amen, as shown in my profile pic! i also have a '94 550 in natural with a matching pickguard, as well as a 1 piece flame maple neck! That's the guitar I'm taking to the grave.
  7. absolutely, much better design. I tend to prefer the thinner body on the 535 as well, though the 335 body depth never bothered me
  8. Right on! Pretty cool to own a first year 535!
  9. my 535's serial dates to 1987 and I was trying to look up when the first year the 535 was produced but the best I came across was a single article stating that it started in '87 Can anyone here confirm or deny this?
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