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  1. I have a pickin' buddy who has some serious vintage guitars. Heritage made him a special archtop back in the (early?) 90's too. He still has it, thinks very high of it and it appears to get better and better every year.
  2. Alas, this beauty will be for sale soon at a shop in Clarksville TN (Mom & Dad Music). Incredible 157, I of course kept the t-tops but it still has a nice tone with the original pickups. If anyone here gets it I have the old hefty hardware too if interested, forgot to put it in the case. Traded it in at no fault of the guitar itself, something called to me and it took letting a few nice things go to get it. Great weight, great neck, great guitar.
  3. That's a perfect 150 IMHO. Enjoy!
  4. There was one of these at Gruhn's a few years back, decent price too but even at a decent price it was out of my league. I got to play it, hell of a guitar, congrats!
  5. Oh man, I'd have it recovered either way!
  6. I didn't have to take out much wood, just a little bit where the legs go in, no danger of going through. I have a router but did not use it, lol. I carefully used a hand drill and made a couple circles then just gently chiseled out around those circles.
  7. The head is a '72 50w, the cab is a '69 with the original (and original cone) bass spec speakers. It's loud. I've been thinking of getting one of the re-amp thingys like the Boss tube expander.
  8. So far it's great, waiting on another gold cover to come in the mail, here it is with the old boat: Lots of little work, frets needed some typical ebony board finessing along with swapping parts, wouldn't ya know t-top legs are longer than the schallers but the neck cavity route is only deep enough for the schallers, lol, wood was scraped! Just got a few generic things like the typical tailpiece, knobs, pointers. Bridge is a tone pros over the abr conversion posts I had leftover. I believe the year is '99 but haven't double checked CME's spec list, apparently when they measured the radius that came out as 10" too, they're all a little different. Final weigh in for fun is 8lbs 11 ozs which is light as far as custom styles go. Funny thing, these pickups really want the cover. I had both uncovered because I just plain forgot about the chrome factor. The screws are so faded a gold cover still looks fine yet having no covers something in the sound changes, so I used the schaller neck cover (which is 49.2 & perfect fit) yet the schaller bridge cover is a larger spacing. Can't wait until the new cover comes in, shame both schaller covers didn't fit cause that bridge pickup is dialed in. The schallers are not bad pickups tbh, nice clarity in a world where 80's/90's humbuckers can be dark/generic sounding. Probably some of the better pickups of their era. I'm still adapting back to playing a single cut. I sold my custom shop LP years back after I had back, arm tendon/muscle pain & spasms building up when I played that guitar. Phys therapy made it way better but I still haven't had a single cut LP style since I bought this, everything seems okay as long as I stick to the exercises every single day. Really miss the tone/feel of them, you just can't get it without the real deal.
  9. So far a solid guitar as is, but can't resist some changes. Got the t-tops waiting, bought a bunch of little 50's/60's type parts (I know...I know...) for retrofit. Neck size is normal, maybe medium if not a hair bigger but I'm not a big neck dude, neck on my Jazzmaster is just bonkers big. Should get to the "upgrades" this week pending proper shipping (looking at you VIPots) along with hitting down a couple high frets. Before swapping the bridge/tailpiece out it's 9lb 2oz, that alone will likely put it in the high 8's for better or worse.
  10. I've always liked'em road hard and hung out to dry.
  11. Oh no, something was listed at CME and I could not resist, hopefully it will arrive before the weekend! 'dat dish!! ^^^^ I will be digging through the parts bin later to see the additions/subtractions I'll likely make on it for the funs. I've been saving a favorite pair of 60's T-tops for years who need a good home. The wait begins.
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