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  1. Guitar Centers in certain states are closed and not being shipped to. Therefore inventory is incomplete. I imagine it is due to the current situation and everything has to be cleaned before shipping to avoid spreading the virus.
  2. I think we're talking decades apart, post move and after the factory rat learning curve. Right after the move and for quite a while I thought there instruments were suspect or hit and miss. As for the current models, the Memphis 335 just didn't feel right as I said it was okay. On the J-45, the saddle was too high and the nut a mediocre carve. They were switched out to bone and cut the way the owner wanted. I thought it sounded good but no comparison to my '60 J-45. I had a '69 ES-335 that was to die for. I had to sell to pay for a divorce. I still miss it today and that was 30 years ago. But I am an archtop guy. Never cared much for Les Paul models, heavy didn't feel right for me nor lent itself to what I was playing. For electric my Eagle and my thinline tele is all I need or want. On the other hand my J-45 is always and arms lengths away. It's earned its keep and deserves to be kept and treated accordingly.
  3. I think the first 5-10 years after Kalamazoo many of their Nashville guitars are suspect. Most likely due to automation and the learning curve for new employees. Pete Moreno was their custom shop for at least 3-5 years after the move. That says something. I always like the Montana custom shop acoustic guitars. There were some good luthiers in that shop. I had a Memphis shop ES-335 and a J-45 in my shop over the past couple years. The 335 was so so or okay. The J-45 had such a bad set up that it would have made a Heritage look exquisite. Once it was set up properly I thought it to be very good. I wasn't crazy about its on-board electronics but then again my shop amp isn't something I'd take to a gig. So in answer to you question, yes some years they are inferior, other years on par with the old plant and Heritage. Growing up relatively close to the Gibbons Factory and playing them most of my life I would say there is nothing better that a Kalamazoo built Gibbons except that ugly headed 😉 step sister.
  4. What a bunch of Gibson they can my We had a saying in Kalamazoo after the company left. If it wasn't made in Kalamazoo it's just a cheap imitation.
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