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  1. It’s the ghost of the haunting mids!
  2. ...And on an unrelated note, when I bought this I think I paid $999 from Ed Roman. Now even in 2004 that still seemed really cheap to me. Could he charge that because he bought in bulk? The only thing on my mind was that it has a prominent wood grain 'feature' on it. I don't mind it at all and it makes it 'mine', but I wondered if it could've been a factory second? Would this class as a second and would Heritage release their seconds for sale? Not that I care of course!
  3. @bobmeyrick @skydog52 Ahh! So it's not Almond but Antique. Nice, learnt a new thing! @DetroitBlues Yeah the cream pickups go well with the rings and binding. @Gitfiddler Yes that photo of the label is from the back of the control cover Thanks for your help guys! PA
  4. Yeah the back of the guitar is just natural maoghany, not painted black or anything so I guess that's the NAT part. Didn't come with the original pickups. Ed Roman asked me what pickups I'd like in there and I just picked what I wanted ( I chose SeymourD 59 for neck and JB in the bridge) and they installed them. But they weren't F-spaced, and the bridge on the guitar is wider than usual. Since then I changed them out for F-spaced Dimarzio 36th Anniversarys, which are in the picture, and it sounds great.
  5. Hi there, This is my 2004 H150 I bought off Ed Roman back in the day. He listed it as Almond Sunburst and the inner label says 'ASB' so I guess that ties up. Anyone know what 'NAT' and 'BNR' mean? Thanks!! PA
  6. Hi there! Just wanted to say Hi and introduce myself, I live in England near London and am the proud owner of my 150 in almond burst. I bought it in 2004 from Ed Roman (yes, I know!) and to be honest, despite all the flak he got, I had a great experience, they shipped it over (yes I bought it without playing it - I could not find a single bad review on the net at the time so I took a punt - I was not disappointed!) and it's been one of the best guitars I've ever played. It's heavy though, 10lbs and 9oz! But that's fine with me, I love it. Ed Roman gave me a choice of any Seymour Duncans so I opted for a JB and a '59 but since then I've swapped them out for DiMarzio 36th Anniversary PAFs in cream to go with the binding (looks very Ace Frehley now!) Here's something I knocked up last weekend, me making up a solo to Paradise City, I think the guitar with DiMarzios sounds great. Anyhow, just checking in to say hello, hope you're all doing well. Cheers
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