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  1. Norman's Rare Guitars in California. Probably Mark's backup plan if he bombs at Gibson.
  2. He puts dots on there... Unfortunately, most of you probably need reading glasses to see those 7mm dots...
  3. to circle back to the OP... There was a 158 and 155 model. H158: Heritage H155: So some differences there. I think one being carved front and back and the other being a carved top only. There were some odd ball models in the early days... H120 (bolt on maple neck, single pickup) H127 (T-Style Heritage w/ stop tailpiece and bridge) H110: (Highly favored guitar that was an exceptional design in my opinion) Heritage Stat (not sure if it had an "H" designation) I'm sure there are more obscure 80's models I'm missing. Try this:
  4. I met Mark almost two years ago now at Norms. Just a regular dude who can rip anything on guitar and knows his vintage gear. I know he is the voice for Gibson, but there is a damaging image here that he helped shape. I think he needs to clarify his position and little better. I think the intent wasn't about Gibson suing anyone (since the lawsuits are rather old), but more of Gibson bringing back what people really asked for, not the crap we've seen over the past 5 years or so.
  5. It certainly didn't help Mark Agensi; He'll have a hard time going back to Norms if he doesn't try to fix his image soon.
  6. I know I was up in the air about a Millie and a 535 when I ordered one a few years ago. I knew they'd be similar in tone, but to me it was two different guitar shapes that drew my attention. I really like the size of Millie, but the fret access of a 535 is more like a SG or LP-DC. You get much further up the neck without hitting your palm on the neck heel or spreading you fingers across the top. Cost was the final determination for me. Millie's cost a whole lot more and I suspect its due to being a carved top? Older models were carved backs too, can't remember if they still do that. Not to mention the additional eye candy of multiply binding, inlaid headstock, ebony fretboards, and large block MOP inlays. I compared the Millie more to 150/157 than a 535 anyway. Just a tad larger body size and much lighter than a typical 150/157.
  7. Interesting enough, Gibson failed to gain a patent on the Flying V shape in Europe. They lost in 2010 and both appeals. Reverend may still be able to sell Volcano's in Europe.
  8. Its hard to take Chappers review for its face value. Thomann music paid Chappers to perform a review in his own methodology. However, Thomann is in the business to sell guitars. Being more of a Gibson dealer with a 195 Les Paul models compared to 5 Heritage H150's, its not surprising they want you to buy a Gibson. I'm sure my H535 would go head to head with any custom shop Gibson ES-335 and match Gibson quite fairly. Gibson has more inventory, higher prices, and probably more arm twisting by the sales rep. More reason to endorse them by Chappers. Oh, and since Chapman guitars are available too, Rob was probably more than willing to do what Thomann wanted just to be sure his own brand gets a little more love. Just my $.02.
  9. Deleting the post is probably the best way...
  10. Love the Bigsby conversion.
  11. I was completely joking.... I’d really use a bit of fine steel wool.
  12. 60 grit sand paper on a belt sander will cure it... not sure if it will be visually appealing though....
  13. The Gibson Traditional line was at that price range, the new "Standard" line is just the Traditional line being a bit more traditional.
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