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  1. String Gauges?

    I've been a fan of Ernie Ball slinky's 10-46. I've tried others, Dean Markley was a favorite when I used to play a Strat, but since gone back to EB.
  2. H150 Gold Top String Change

    Her sister is just as sweet. Plays like butter. easy on the back. John knows how to pick them
  3. Anticipation

    Not it.
  4. Tell me about H157 from 1997

    Most necks from Heritage for at least the first 20 years are flat, thin D or C shape. Most love them. I do not. I mean around .815 give or take .010 or so at the first. They do vary as they were carved by hand. You may find some examples that were thicker, my guess would be custom orders.
  5. Neck/body junction Lacquer problem

    That is not normal, it appears the neck has started to separate from the body. I would set the neck may need to be reset.
  6. Vibramate

  7. Vibramate

    I’ve used one on a H150, worked great. Seemed better than LesTrem II.
  8. Heritage 157W limited ?

    The closest you'd get is to ask Pete Farmer to build it, but he supervises most of the builds and does help throughout the process. The factory is small scale and build to order, essentially every Heritage is custom shop. In this case, its the extra cost of materials that drives the price, not the labor going into it.
  9. Heritage 157W limited ?

    there is a wood package upgrade, the electronics and pickups are custom spec. Add in the special matching headstock and updated logo. Original 157's were just Black Beauties I believe.
  10. Bluesbucker vs Phat Cat P90's

    Wolftone is coming out with some nifty P90 in a humbucker route too...
  11. How to Clean a Used Heritage?

    I think Uncle Rob may have the secret...
  12. New Guitar Day

    That is a stunning guitar! Congratulations!
  13. Replacement Knobs for my 2009 535

    Personal preference though... Witch Hat Knobs...
  14. Replacement Knobs for my 2009 535

    I think you should put some of these knobs on there....