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  1. In Defense of Heritage 2.0

    If those are the new Harmony models, I'll be rather disappointed. I'd expect guitars to more or less be reissues of the more popular models like the Rocket.
  2. In Defense of Heritage 2.0

    wow! 40 different brands under one roof!
  3. NMAD

    Personally, I like the Clean and Classic Gain channels. The classic gain reminds me of a bluesbreaker amp. This is an amp that sounds best when turned up. It has a triode mode, but I think it kills the tone. Since the reverb is digital, it does get drowned out the higher the gain you use. Definitely not a Fender like reverb. Its a great amp I think, much better than the Haze series it replaced. Also more reliable than the previous Dual-Super leads from years ago. You're right Will, can't beat $399 for a 40watt all tube amp!
  4. In Defense of Heritage 2.0

    This is probably the most positive post I've seen about the Factory. We know you're not about sugar coating anything Jay, so I do appreciate it. Thanks for sharing this info.
  5. I'd consider a Super Reverb.... But that behemoth is a bit much!
  6. Friend of mine just purchased the same amp for the same deal. It got me thinking about amps and versatility. I know that many here enjoy boutique or vintage gear, but for the rest of us peasants there has to be something that is readily available and gig worthy. HRD and DSL40C seem to be top contenders.
  7. I believe you will find many forums and YouTube channels when asked about an all around amp to use for gigging, recording, practicing, and all out jams, most of which will claim the Fender Hot Rod Deluxe (40 Watt, All tube amp) is the number 1 most recommend amp out there. But in recent years, I cannot help but wonder if the Marshall DSL40C (now discontinued) is the next coming staple amp people will recommend? There are many similarities between the two amps - Multiple Channels Effects Loop 40 Watts 1x12 configuration Foot-switchable Good Clean and Dirty Tones Pedal Friendly Sub-$1000 mark - Affordable to almost anyone territory and I'm sure many other features. For those who have experienced such amps, what do you think? Is the Marshall DSL40C another "staple" amp that can be used on multiple platforms in multiple situations to great effect? I'm starting to see more people talk about the Marshall as an all around multipurpose amps for novices and pro's alike. I had one, don't necessarily feel like I missed out by selling it, but I know I really liked its tone.
  8. Tasty Amps,

    Mmmm. Low-power Twin.... now that’s tasty!
  9. Joyann Parker on an H-150

    I think the balance was way off. Her voice was ok, as was her playing... but the mix with the rest of the band was not good.
  10. NGD: All you need is a red guitar, 3 chords and the truth

    If anyone wants that GT P90 H150, it’s listed for $1450 at Guitar Center in Southfield
  11. Tasty Amps,

    First time I got married when I was 21....
  12. Tasty Amps,

    Went to check on my Jet City Amp to see if it’s been used or gaining any interest at Berkeley Music... they had a 1962 Brownface Princeton and a 1966 Deluxe Reverb. oh man, were they pretty! sorry no pics...
  13. Mesa Boogie Subway Series... opinions?

    While the amp head itself may not seem much to most, the speaker cabinet is worth so much more. After consulting with a HOC used gear guru, it’s a lopsided trade not in my favor.
  14. Mesa Boogie Subway Series... opinions?

    Yes, I'm going to play it Saturday. I'm meeting up with a guy to try it out. I have a built in 110v AC outlet in my truck. I'm going to plug the amp in there and see how it sounds. Hopefully I don't blow a fuse!
  15. Mesa Boogie Subway Series... opinions?

    Its in the same series as the Subway. Just a bigger/louder version. I love my Quilter, just wanted another amp that is grab n' go. Mostly for redundancy.