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  1. Im looking forward to seeing the progress report on the build.
  2. I have one of the HOC 137’s with Mojotone Quiet Coil P-90’s. Compared to my SG Special, they are really quiet and they still retain that snarly P90 bite.
  3. Visually, its fine. The tone and price are what I'm curious about.
  4. When I got to Guitar Center, its not for their technicians. As far as the buzz, if it just started, I agree with others on here. The ground wire may have gotten weak. Question of which ground? Does the buzz go away when you touch the bridge/tailpiece? That would be the ground wire to the bridge Do all the controls function correctly? If not, a ground could be faulty to a tone pot. If it's 60 cycle hum, it could be from the pickup or electrical interference. In some cases, a pickguard can build up static, so a dryer sheet would fix that. Just my idea
  5. Here's a curious thing about fuzz. Does it sound differently in recordings then when you hear it in a room?
  6. Stunners John! Up until Heritage and now a few others recently, I'm ashamed to admit I had never heard the word Bespoke before...
  7. To go back to the original post.... One thing that in consistent from before 2016... .NOTHING Heritage made was consistent since everything was hand-made. Every guitar was built to order, essentially, all were custom shop guitars. This includes neck shaping. Quality is debatable here, mostly because the methods used and the environment they were produced in varied week to week, month to month year to year. Between different builders and their individual interpretations of look/feel mixed in with the lack of climate/humidity controls, Quality varied. Now if you're like me and l
  8. I just confirmed the eBay listing was an employee guitar...
  9. Looks nearly identical to the HOC LE 137. Only difference is no stinger, standard Grover tuners, and possibly the neck profile. (By the way, the starting bid on is the price of a new 137 HOC LE) But that serial number! LOVE IT! As a Trekkie, I have to admire such a request. As for the pickguard, looks really familiar...
  10. And you haven't bought it yet? Or did you already sell it?
  11. Someone near me is selling a couple vintage promotional adverts for Heritage for a whopping $1500 on Reverb. So if you have one of these, you may be entitled to compensation... https://reverb.com/item/37045424-heritage-guitar-of-kalamazoo-vintage-promotional-material-1989
  12. Oh, I know who he is, just the Who were before my time... Van Halen and AC/DC were big when I was a kid in the mid-70's through the 80's...
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