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  1. At this point in production, people chose the 530 because Heritage doesn't make the 525.... But there is an issue of solid top versus multiply top as well.
  2. Congratulations! One of the most beautiful, yet no thrills, workhorse guitar Heritage makes.
  3. Congratulations on a fine guitar and your retirement!
  4. Very famous guitar Heritage made, I also remember seeing it in the shop. The black binding is hard to spot on that neck, but its a killer guitar. Congratulations, you found yourself quite a rare model. Possibly, the only one like it?
  5. Well, I've already upgraded my status to "Rookie". Moving up in the world!
  6. Here I am thinking he's one lucky fellow. Got that wrong.
  7. My advice? Pay someone else to do the work. No control cavities to get to any of that stuff. Many people damage their tops with hot solder or a scratch from the iron/wires/pickups, etc...
  8. Don't most accountants pull money out of a business's arse to make them look good for investors? 😮
  9. I'm not afraid of relic'd guitars at all. In fact, I'm a fan of the used and abused. Even repaired headstocks because that means I can probably afford them. It's hard to find a really worn out Heritage, despite the old methodology on how they were finished, but there are so many that are well loved and used. Finding one with a solid repaired headstock break is fantastic. Not that I think any "relic'd" job should include such extreme measures, but it doesn't make me shy away at all.
  10. Never heard of that. Not sure if that will work. But, if it does, awesome. I’ll learn something new!
  11. I was half-expecting to see Ace Freely stickers added to the tops.. Was there any hole drilling to get the G-Style pickguards installed or were they blank with no holes?
  12. Seeing a picture like that makes my heart sink. I'd lose it if I opened a case and found a headstock broken like that. Honestly, I'd probably contact the seller and ask for them to pay for a proper repair. Guitar is a beauty and can be cleanly repaired, save the fact it needs a new veneer. Being close to K-zoo, might even get some help from the factory on its restoration.
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