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  1. DetroitBlues

    Fake or Real H150?

    I had even offered to talk to the guy over the phone to explain it, but he never called. Why is social media such an easy way to slander without repercussions? I was rather peeved when the OP told me to stop because I was embarrassing myself. grr... I think the thread was deleted because the OP embarrassed himself. Side thought... has anyone actually seen a realistic fake Heritage?
  2. DetroitBlues

    Fake or Real H150?

    I stated the same thing... no way that’s laminated because you can match the grains up.
  3. DetroitBlues

    Fake or Real H150?

    Yes he was. But I gave it right back to him.
  4. DetroitBlues

    Fake or Real H150?

    Seems I haven’t been banned from the Facebook page, “Heritage Guitar Owners”, the thread was deleted. Guess Sam didn’t like being wrong. Thank you Mr. Steiner for a most excellent explanation!
  5. DetroitBlues

    Fake or Real H150?

    I know, I’m probably going to get blocked because I’m losing my cool with Sam myself.
  6. DetroitBlues

    Premier Guitar on the H137

    If I didn’t build my own LPJ, I’d have one on my radar too.
  7. DetroitBlues

    Fake or Real H150?

    Ridiculous debate on Facebook. Is this a fake H150 or simply router marks? I say router marks.
  8. DetroitBlues

    Heritage at Musicians Friend

    Wait for the four years interest free...
  9. DetroitBlues

    Premier Guitar on the H137

    I rather like the review and the comparison to a 50’s Junior.
  10. DetroitBlues

    PSA Rare Champ II

    Hefty price tag, but I'm sure its fair market value in this day in age.
  11. DetroitBlues

    Looking for a speaker cabinet

    I found my Quilter sounds huge through a 2x12. I used a Jet City JCA 24S+ for mine.
  12. DetroitBlues

    Three of my favorite things

    My favorite bourbon; that’s a factory tour I’d highly recommend. Get to dip your own bottle!
  13. DetroitBlues

    Heritage Academy

    There is a member here that custom ordered one in recent years. Entirely possible.
  14. DetroitBlues

    New terms

    Just the next selling point to make you believe our Heritages are worth more because they were pre-Plaza Corp guitars. The only reason why prices have gone up over the years is inflation and increase in materials and labor cost
  15. DetroitBlues

    Looks like my H-170

    Ugly headstock...