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  1. Has participation here fallen off

    I actually like this software now that I have given it some time. While it doesn't look the same, it seems to be more stable. As far as participation goes, well... Its much lower than it was a few years ago. Which isn't a bad thing unless you are the No. 1 over-poster on this forum. In reality, I'd like to think the quantity of posts have lowered, but the quality of posts have increased.
  2. Why am I doing this?

    I have 3 (Ok, closer to 4) dozen guitars in my photobucket listed as gear of yesterday. Many if not all are guitars I wish I'd kept. Just the way it goes, perhaps its the thrill of hunt more so then the trophy it represents. For reference...
  3. 4 On The Wall

    Whoa! That's a sweet collection! Not a bad apple in the bunch. Congrats!
  4. Heritage H540… what is it?

    Um, no.
  5. Heritage H540… what is it?

    Oddly, this 540 is a plain regular headstock
  6. Heritage H540… what is it?

    A bit of history we never knew. Export models with different names. Headstock is a nice touch.
  7. Eh? Did somebody say something? Whadda say? Fudrucker? Humbuggy? Stratomacater? Kept a Strat? Ha, now that's funny; me keeping a guitar. Of course I didn't, but doesn't mean they didn't sound good. I've added the single coil size humbucker to a Tele type guitar too. Again, sounded great. Will has my last Strat with the Lil '59.... You can check with him if you'd like.
  8. I've put the Lil '59 in a couple of Stratocasters. You don't need to change the pots. But be sure you have the 2nd tone control on there else it will be really bright.
  9. Heritage H540… what is it?

    Get a picture of the label inside the F-Hole. It should clear this non-existent model mixup.
  10. RIP, Carvin Audio and Amplifiers

    This is a classic example of what happens when you build a business based upon word of mouth.
  11. Heritage H540… what is it?

    Ah, yes... the Spinal Tap approach...
  12. Heritage H540… what is it?

    Maybe the person is confused? Looks like a mid-90's 535 with matching maple pickguard.
  13. Heritage H540… what is it?

    Never heard of it... Thicker body?
  14. H-555 incoming!

    Now that's a tasty treat! Congrats! I also really like the new PG design. Very classy.