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  1. How FAT Is Fat?

    No, I think Marv kept those the same. He'd need new headstock templates if he did that. I'm saying the thicknesses and shape (C,D,U, etc) was done by hand. In some cases, he carved the necks with the owner present and would hand it to the person to see if it felt just right. That attention to detail will probably never be possible again.
  2. How FAT Is Fat?

    The few I’ve played were thick and wide, but felt D shaped. But the key here is Marv hand carved all of them. Each one was made specifically for the buyer and what they asked for, so the variety is shape accounts for individual taste. As for me, I have guitars from .850 to 1.00. But the nut width and shape make the difference. I do not like most Fender necks, I find them rather thin. .900 with a rounded C shape is a good fit for me.
  3. How FAT Is Fat?

    That one is a beast. I played it briefly when Lance either just bought it or brought it up for show n' tell. Either way, absolutely a stunning example from Marv.
  4. How FAT Is Fat?

    Yes. It separates the men from the boys.
  5. Heritage Used Market Observation

    Here's Ebay's last three sold:
  6. Heritage Used Market Observation

    I've only noticed the asking price for Heritages has gone up to nearly what they cost new. The sell price is more important. The estimated price range for a used H-535 on Reverb is $1300 to $1700
  7. H-357 Love Frankie Ballard

    I know I'd love to play them but the newer 357's are massively wide and fat. I've played four of five and they are unbelievable. I played that prototype. It was wider, but thin, so it was manageable.
  8. H-357 Love Frankie Ballard

    You never see him play anything but his 157.
  9. An all too brief, yet passionate affair

    One of the rarest breeds there is. Its beauty and grace will be forever bestowed upon its former master.
  10. Best amp ever

    Fender Mustang I 1st Gen.
  11. Best amp ever

    1959 Bassman
  12. Custom Creations From Heritage

    Cute puppy!
  13. Which would you rather?

    After much thought and deliberation, I have decided to answer your question. ”Which would you rather...”? To which I say, “I’d rather not.”
  14. Support the brand

    Guess it all comes down to wait and see. We can speculate and judge, but the proof will be in the pudding in the next few months. Perhaps during PSP, we may be able to witness with our own hands and eyes if the quality has improved. Like the company or not (or their leadership for that matter) we will have a hands on opportunity come this August to finally judge for ourselves.
  15. Delay suggestions?

    there are a lot of guys here with very distinctive tastes and needs for somewhat complicated Delays. I use a very cheap, simple, quiet DeltaLabs Digital Delay.