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  1. Shell pink would be rather interesting, especially if you're playing through a matching guitar...
  2. With the resurgence of KBP810 amplification, maybe we'll see a return of PSP... Its a good omen!!!
  3. If anyone can make something out of a pile of amp parts, it would be you! Looking forward to seeing the end result.
  4. Its one of those unique styles that cannot be taught.
  5. Stumbled across this on YouTube… Lefty 535 in the Royal Albert Hall with Eric Clapton… Curiously, it’s strung upside down…
  6. Just make sure it doesn't have pre-drilled holes. Often the hole placement for Gibson does not align with Heritage.
  7. Being allergic to nickel must be a real problem for a guitar player. You can't buy anything off the shelf. Congratulations though, that is a sweet guitar!
  8. Tried this method out with different guitars, I'd have no problem playing a Stratocaster and getting the "gain" I want to hear. Remarkable how this can make such a difference.
  9. The wood and the truss rod should be fine leaving under tension. That being said, if you are traveling with a guitar, it would be wise to loosen / detune your guitar to reduce any added pressure if there is a bump at the headstock area.
  10. Definitely stood out and dynamics were there. So I’d say so.
  11. Tried this last night. Gain down, volume up, reduction of tone controls. What an amazing sound I got. I was rather pleased by what I heard. Sounded much better.
  12. It’s curious about their method for cutting gain and adjusting the tone control…
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