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  1. DetroitBlues

    Heritage Little One

    I've never seen this link before. Is this something new?
  2. DetroitBlues

    Price check on Aisle 140

    2nd Gen Burnt Amber
  3. DetroitBlues

    Price check on Aisle 140

    1st Amber Custom.
  4. DetroitBlues

    Price check on Aisle 140

    1st Gen Goldtop
  5. DetroitBlues

    Price check on Aisle 140

    Hmm, I didn’t notice. I’ve had two V1’s and a V2.... I’ll have to look. It not the tenon, but the heel itself?
  6. DetroitBlues

    JL Fulks on Factory Tour

    When they showed Jake Kershaw’s fretboard I was thinking it was JL Fulks. Sad to say if it wasn’t for the tour, I wouldn’t of known about Jake.
  7. DetroitBlues

    Price check on Aisle 140

    Really? How so?
  8. DetroitBlues

    Price check on Aisle 140

    The V1 series have unbound necks and sharp cutaways. The V2 series has a bound neck and softer cutaway like a H150 but with dot inlays on the fretboard. Still have a thinner body. In my opinion, Heritage should of converted the H150’s to be more like a mix of the V1 and V2 H140’s. Have a sharp cutaway, but bound neck. Keep the body thinner with a deep dish maple cap and an inlaid headstock that is also bound. Just my opinion. Others will certainly disagree.
  9. DetroitBlues

    Price check on Aisle 140

    Should be under $1K
  10. DetroitBlues

    NUAD! Rivera R Fifty-Five Twelve - circa 1993

    Ninja Boost? Now that's different! Amazing how much is crammed into a small space. How much does it weigh?
  11. DetroitBlues

    Heritage Website

    I never look at asking prices on Reverb, I look at sales history. but I think on average there is an increase in used value. while the guitars aren’t made in the old basement, they still use the same machines and tools in a more climate controlled and brighter workspace.
  12. DetroitBlues

    Tailpiece Swap

    hmm.. interesting question. Never seen a 550 with that trapeze tailpiece. You'll have to first, share lots of gratuitous pictures of the aforementioned H550 then secondly, purchase the tailpiece you want, and lastly install it and let us know how it went.
  13. DetroitBlues

    Heritage Website

    They PLEK all the guitars now.
  14. DetroitBlues

    Heritage Website

    Prices will go up for sure. There is a lot of young builders in there still learning processes to mass produce hand made instruments. Right now, Pete is the only guy doing the custom work. Does appear factory direct is the only way to do a custom order.
  15. DetroitBlues

    Tube Swapping!

    The characteristics of this amp is close to a classic Marshall amp, however this reminds me more of a Bassman now. Regardless, it’s a great amp tone. I really like it. To your point, the pots are also PCB mounted so I couldn’t simply replace the pots.