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  1. DetroitBlues

    Change at Heritage Guitar

    So that explains what happened to you. LOL! As for the rest of this thread, some of you need to relax. Stop spewing hate towards owners and other members. If Harmony is made side by side with Heritage, does it really matter? Are we expecting Heritage value, quality, or perception to decrease? Heritage ghost built for other manufactures in the past, doesn't anyone remember the prototype room? If they can make a high quality guitar for less than $1,000, more power to them. If you don't like what they are doing, don't buy them. Let your money speak for you. Heritage should be making something for $1000, like a single dogear, wrap around tailpiece H-137 but they don't. So they will make Harmony guitars. It doesn't cheapen my 150 or 535. Let's get back to being civil and respectful shall we?
  2. DetroitBlues

    H150 Stop Bar

    There have been a lot of deep dish carves come and gone through my hands via ownership or other owners collections. I would not expect to see something like that one bit. Of course, I've only been playing Lesters for 20 years, so I know even less.
  3. DetroitBlues

    H150 Stop Bar

    Well, IMHO, that bridge is way too high. If that’s the factory height, I think the neck isn’t set correctly. the tailpiece being that high is because of the bridge. Top wrapping is a great way to fix that.
  4. DetroitBlues

    Thinking of building my own Heritage guitar

    First Heritage Uke
  5. DetroitBlues

    H575 control pots not working?

    I agree with Rich, time for a bit of maintenance. Swap some electronics and a fresh setup, you'll be happy you did.
  6. DetroitBlues

    Heritage Guitar Family Photos

    Just post the ones you play. Oh wait...they’re all in the closet...
  7. DetroitBlues

    Heritage Guitar Values...Now and Future?

    Between inflation and the rise of new prices, the used value will go up. Now if we compare this to the the G-line of guitars, the new and used values of Heritages have not gone up as quickly. I believe the quality of exports going up and the demand for USA goes down, Heritages are a tough sell on the used market. Too many small "boutique" builders reinventing the wheel along large manufactures pumping out more guitars supply then demand calls for. Import quality is going up and cost is staying down. We can ask $2000 for a used 535, but the sold price isn't even close. High end (or is it just higher cost?) guitars are slow to sell. Not many younger people have $2000 of disposable income to buy an American guitar, their demand further diminishes when an import guitar's quality is high and cost is low; not many are lining up to buy an American Guitar.
  8. One bit I did remember hearing is Heritage now has a distributor for Australia, so the folks Downunder can buy Heritages new. Not that I think they will since the import taxes are insane.
  9. DetroitBlues

    Heritage Little One

    Yep, that guitar player should wear a T-shirt quoting Yoda, "Size matters not. Look at me. Judge me by my size do you?"
  10. DetroitBlues

    Mr. Bill Paige Retires

    I'd love to be on that tour!
  11. DetroitBlues

    Heritage 12 Strings

    Very, very few ever. We've seen a couple of 535's in recent years as well as a H140. All of which I'd assume are one-off custom orders. Your incoming Prospect is the first I've heard of. Share pics when it arrives and let us know how it sounds.
  12. DetroitBlues

    Heritage Little One

    I've never seen this link before. Is this something new?
  13. DetroitBlues

    Price check on Aisle 140

    2nd Gen Burnt Amber
  14. DetroitBlues

    Price check on Aisle 140

    1st Amber Custom.
  15. DetroitBlues

    Price check on Aisle 140

    1st Gen Goldtop