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  1. Little Crow Guitars and Achillies Amps are homegrown Aussie companies. Little Crow uses native woods and Achillies makes amps based upon old Fender designs. http://www.littlecrowguitars.com.au/ http://www.achilliesamps.com/
  2. You have excellent taste in guitars! Congratulations. I watch Shane from InTheBlues on YouTube. There are a lot of nice boutique amp and guitar builder in Australia. You definitely have some great options!
  3. My oh my!!! Look at that! Whoa!
  4. Good Morning Zumsteel! Welcome to the Collective! Its always nice to get new members so enthusiastic about Heritage guitars! Congratulations on a fine specimen of a Heritage. H150 are the bread and butter of Heritages. (As we say here frequently, PICS or it didn't happen!) You play a Zumsteel? That's a bit different to buy before you try since its not about neck feel or comfort since its a pedal steel guitar. I'd love to hear more about that. That being said, Mike does a great job as a spokesperson to Heritage guitars. He really loves the product and the care and quality controls there are fantastic. I'm glad you trusted him and trusted the Heritage would meet your expectations. Congratulations! One more side note, I think you might be the only one on here that plays pedal steel guitar, which I think is awesome. I've never played one let alone lapsteel, but it looks like a lot of fun.
  5. Neck pup does look replaced. Without that special switch tip, I believe the bridge is a Schaller pickup.
  6. Do notice the 1st Gen, I replaced the bridge and tailpiece with Tonepros. It originally came with Schaller. The 2nd generation has a lovely bound neck and stock Tonepros hardware....
  7. Bingo! The 1st generation of the H140 had a sharp cutaway and an unbound rosewood fretboard with dot inlays. The 2nd generation of the H140 had a 150 cutaway, but bound neck. Still had dot inlays. On both models, the body is thinner and the upper bout is slightly narrower. I've had both models. I'll try to dig up some pictures of both I've had.
  8. Absolutely beautiful! Wolfe does get some of the best Heritages out there, they are also, by their own account, the number 1 Heritage dealer. There was another company that used to be in business that had nothing but the highest wood packages and designs, unfortunately, they closed their virtual doors. The wood packages on their were off the charts. American Classic Guitars. You might find them on Reverb.
  9. I should have on the spot... But wasn't sure about the model, then did some research. By the time I finished, it was too late....
  10. I’ve heard Mesa’s are hard to fix...
  11. Damn.... too late... guess it was a deal.... oh well. part of me thinks someone knew it was lopsided deal, can’t help but wonder if there was an issue with the amp.
  12. Was offered one of these 50 watt 1x12 combos in exchange for my Jet City. should I do it?
  13. While looking up pictures, it seem Ed Roman in Vegas created his own version of that guitar. If you cannot find a Heritage, there is that option as well.
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