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  1. Started with the Quilter Microblock 45, very limited pedal. Sounded good, but limited. Now I have a Quilter Interblock 45. Played it through headphones, 2x12 cab, and even as a line out to a PA. Sounds great.
  2. Thanks! Not really feeling the HOF Reverb though....
  3. Black binding? What model has that as a stock feature?
  4. Not exactly an "Anniversary" model, but a very limited edition made recently...
  5. Nice pair of Heritages! Both hollowbodies w/ humbuckers.
  6. Maybe one day... that's a mighty find looking 137 though....
  7. owning 65 guitars??? Storage is a problem you're lucky to have.
  8. Got that sorted out. The numbering machine for serial numbers was always suspect. Most likely the reason newer models are hand printed serial numbers.
  9. Ron Kirn does a killer job on his guitars. As for the others, if you like them who cares if the are MIM or whatnot. They are tools and make the noises you like the most.
  10. Best advice is to place it. See how it feels, how it reacts to you. Play it like you want, don’t hold back. See if it speaks to you. Heritages are fine guitar, but not cheap. Let us know what you decide.
  11. I'd like to objectively play a Collins to really say if it is a superior instrument. One of those does the cost justify the means questions to me.
  12. The final decision comes down to what you can find and what features you want. If there is a quality/tone difference/style, take your pick. They are all fantastic guitars. You can't go wrong with any of them. Of course, why not collect them all???
  13. I have a feeling it was probably purchased 2000 or earlier.
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