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  1. Hope you got your chocolate cake from the Mrs. might be all you’re getting for awhile! πŸ˜‚πŸ€£πŸ˜‚πŸ€£
  2. I noticed that my local Music Go Round has removed all their inventory from online.
  3. There are some things I'll do: clean the fretboard polish frets lubicrate the nut adjust intonation adjust pickup height adjust bridge height But I don't like playing with the truss-rod nor do I adjust nut or saddle slots which sometimes needs attention. For what it costs, $35 is nothing, especially when it comes to strings.
  4. My biggest change besides switching from EB Slinky's to D'addario NYXL is string gauge too. I've experimented going up a string gauge. My Strat also had NYXL's, but they are 11's. Because the guitar is set up so well, I really haven't noticed. Playing my acoustic seems easier now though.
  5. It was $70 at Berkley Music, but Music Castle its $35 and he gets it done in 1/2 hour. Turn around time is a couple of days.
  6. But of course! Ugly Basement Lighting!
  7. I've had my 535 Custom for almost 4 years and it occurred to me recently, I never had a setup on the guitar since bringing her home. I have been ignoring my 535 for a few months, playing other guitars that have gone in for setups and other changes. On the occasion I'd actually play my 535, I found when I bent the strings, my fingers would go underneath the other strings when it dawned on me.. That's when I knew, perhaps its time for a setup. A month or so I go, I decided to try a Berkeley Music for a good cleaning and fresh setup. (Usually go to Music Castle in Royal Oak). Per Berkley Music's recommendation, I even decided to try some new strings, D'addario NYXL. While I didn't like waiting nearly 2 weeks, I found the wait was worth it at the end. Just amazing how low the action is now and how effortlessly it is to play. Jamming away last night, the harmonics were there, the sound was there. I played for a couple hours and it didn't wear me down a bit. The guitar rings so loud acoustically with the new strings and my fingers just fly across the fingerboard. I don't think I changed the strings in nearly 2 years, shame on me! I know a lot of people perform their own setups, but I don't mind spending $35 for a fresh setup and a new pack of strings once a year.
  8. I just received word, as of today, Heritage has ceased production for three weeks per a mandated State Government policy.
  9. Those are custom shop, are they not? They still believe in the carve.
  10. If it wasn't for the pressure from the State Government and UAW, I doubt Auto Plants in Michigan would have closed.
  11. This is because Gibbons doesn't do as much of a deep-dish carve anymore. Heritage, for a long time, had some spectacular carves. They've gone away from that in recent years.
  12. I've asked for the very same thing, more than once. I had the idea of a 50's and 60's neck profile option a few years ago. Now Gibbons has run with the idea and I think its a good one. I had to special order my 535, .900" at the 1st and 1.00" at the 12th because I like the larger necks too. I've only run across a handful of Heritages with large necks, but was never in a position to buy one. I really appreciate sellers that include neck specs on their guitars. (Best one to date is Trogoly's Guitar Show in my opinion)
  13. Even if it was the very first one, which most likely went to the artist it was meant for, there is no collectible value for it. At best its a travel guitar, otherwise a novelty guitar. If you want to sit on it for a few more year, you can try to ask $1000+ for it; pricing it to sell would be under $800. With everything going on, its a buyers market, inventory for sale is going up as people need the money and buyers are few and far between, low-balling as much as they can in the meantime.
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