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  1. You should talk to Millennium Maestro about some of his NOS Heritage Custom Shop guitars he has...
  2. Never heard of stainless steel jumbo frets as a Lester Custom standard feature. Usually I've only seen that on boutique builders and options for after market replacement necks.
  3. Only way to know those answers is to contact Heritage for custom specs. The only item I've never heard of was a scaf-joint headstock. Usually that's budget guitar item to save costs and reduces mahogany waste. Gibbons's Epiphone line does that as does PRS S2 Models. Heritage uses Tone Pro's Nashville Style Bridge and Tailpiece and the same Grover tuners Gibbons uses on their Les Pauls. Pickups are typically Seymour Duncan 59's or Seth Lover's (I'd take a Seth in the neck and 59 in the bridge)
  4. You'll find more consistency on today's Heritages since production shifted under new management. Nuts will be cut correctly, less finish flaws, wood will be more stable. A lot of new processes have changed. Humidity and climate controls to prevent wood from warping/shifting, enclosed paint booth to prevent dust contamination, and Plek machining to proper nut cut and fretwork leveling. Since Heritages are still handmade, there still might be some inconsistencies and minor flaws, but nothing you wouldn't see from any manufacture.
  5. You can convert it, absolutely. But it will take extensive modifications. You'll have to cut into the pickup cavities to fit humbuckers in there. I have a LPJr with a Seymour Duncan Mini Humbucker in there. Dimarzio makes a P90 sized humbucker as well. Wrap-around bridge posts are wider apart (same separation as tailpiece), meaning you'll have to plug the wrap-around bridge holes, redrill for a normal bridge, and then drill the posts for the tailpiece. I looked into this myself for my LPJr. and found this to be the case. Couple of ideas that require no mod's: Schaller Signum (I love this bridge, lower mass than most wrap around fully intontatable bridge) https://schaller.info/en/bridges/351/signum?number=12350100 I also had one of this in an old Reverend guitar, DiMarzio DLX Plus https://www.dimarzio.com/pickups/soap-bar/dlx-plus-neck
  6. No, you'll have to do a conversion yourself or place a separate custom order.
  7. Yes they are, they will be available for a couple more months. See the original posting in the PSP XIII* for the specs and pricing.
  8. Here's the pedal layout in order: Voodoo Labs Micro-Vibe MXR Phase 90 JHS Bonsai (using the Ibanez Metal Screamer from the 80's) JHS PG-14 Calalainbread Calisto Chorus Supro Analog Delay Catalainbread Topanga Spring Reverb JSH Prestige Boost
  9. I think the Harmony's are Harmony Rebels that will get a Flame Maple veneer in natural finish... https://www.sweetwater.com/store/detail/RebelFMVN--harmony-rebel-flame-maple-electric-guitar-vintage-natural
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