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  1. And as we've seen, Heritage is still there with input from the OG's. Some thought this was a Bandlab thing when it has been the goal of Plaza Corp for the past six years. The Hotel name will be Reverb, but it has nothing to do with online shop, its just a name Hard Rock is using. And yes, there probably will be a lot of Gibbons plastered everywhere, it was their home for seven decades. But the foot traffic will bring a lot of musicians to Heritage and boost sales and brand awareness. I'm sure the restaurant and hotel itself will pay a lot homage towards Heritage. We
  2. I do remember that guitar, mostly because of the pickguard and TRC. Don't remember the stories, just the fact it was one of those guitars I absolutely loved how it looked. Congratulations on the return.
  3. We all saw the announcement all over Facebook and on here about Hard Rock Hotels building at 225 Parsons Street. What is the impact to the community? How does it affect Heritage Guitar Company? How does it affect Heritage Owners Club? How does it affect Parsons Street Pilgrimage? So many thoughts, I had to know what does this mean to us? First of all, as Paul said in a previous thread, the local community around the Factory is cleaning up. The blight that we saw around there for decades is slowly being cleaned up and the neighborhood is getting better. When I
  4. Its been a long time since I've done that.... 22 years and 120lbs ago...
  5. BTW, saw this posted on FB. There is one more HOC 137 that didn’t sell. No idea what it costs or if it’s exactly how we spec’d it. On the bottom left, next to the limited edition H150 with black binding is a 137 with a bound neck...
  6. Always my first thought before justifying locking tuners. Don't forget to break in the strings before playing, learned that lesson too. I do like pin-lock tuners Reverend uses because it make string changes super quick, not so much about stability.
  7. Curious, I never noticed. They sound well balanced to me. Much better than my old Stratocaster with flat poles.
  8. Don't forget the pickup rings and pickups must be four adjustment screws not two. As far as HRW's and not being reissued, with all the manufactures making pickups it doesn't make a lot of sense. Now the new Custom Core Models do have custom made pickups, so in a way, they might be considered the new HRW's.....
  9. That is so amazing! Absolutely love. Not a thing I'd change! Congratulations!
  10. I think one of the biggest miscue's by Heritage is the lack of separation from limited edition and standard models. While this is a rare Heritage, its rarity is hardly acknowledged on the used market. All those years of making guitars specifically tailored to a customer has made the unique, rare, and collectible Heritages no different in the market from a standard production guitar. I love these rare guitars, I just don't think they get the love and respect they deserve outside of our community.
  11. Beautiful guitars! My only burst in my current inventory is not a Heritage
  12. That Color Box is an exact opposite of a 3 Series. Crazy what that thing can do!
  13. Was he celebrating 420 on a 530 while artistically aging it?
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