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  1. I was completely joking.... I’d really use a bit of fine steel wool.
  2. 60 grit sand paper on a belt sander will cure it... not sure if it will be visually appealing though....
  3. The Gibson Traditional line was at that price range, the new "Standard" line is just the Traditional line being a bit more traditional.
  4. I stopped trying to swap pickups to match a sound in my head, instead I like to experiment with the tone/volume controls to find that sound I'm looking for. Being a semi-hollow body user with Seth Lovers, I find those pickups to be my perfect combination. Usually the Seth Lover neck position will be a bit more on the darker/woodier/muddier tone, which when paired on high-gain amps, can be absolutely marvelous, sort of a Slash tone. If you play Jazz, roll back the tone knob on the same neck pickup and you're in prime jazz tone area. Instead of messing with pickup swap, my favorite position is the middle. I roll the volume down on the neck pickup and the sound is fabulous. I get a little bite from the bridge and a tad bit of warmth from the neck. When I'm ready for a more bite in the solo, I jump down to the bridge. If the middle position is too mellow, decrease the neck volume a small amount, if it is too bright, increase the neck volume. I get what you're trying to do, but I'd try that first. So often, we jump from Neck to Middle, but forget there is a middle position. Using that middle and the adjusting of tone controls, you just might find your happy place....
  5. Pickup rings on Heritages are prone to break because of the awesome carved, deep-dish tops they used to make.
  6. Well done makeover and nice snatch! Glad Mark called Dibs, plus the 60's thin neck just wouldn't work for me. But, wow. That is stunning!
  7. Wow, congratulations. That is a real looker too. I think you made the right choice over Gibson or Suhr.
  8. I'm rather surprised we aren't seen Heritages come in Mono gig bags.
  9. Can't go wrong with either. My preference would be for the 150, only because it seems to give you more for the money. Play them both, plugged and unplugged. Go by what sounds and feels best.
  10. Very nice indeed. While its hard to see through photos, looks like a closet queen. Congratulations!
  11. One member here brought one to PSP, to my ears, it was a magical amp in a small package. Absolutely loved its tones.
  12. Every year, for the past 10 years just about you'll see significantly reduced prices on the high-end outgoing models... I'll wager Heritage will be there too, even though there are only a handful out there. Really wish Heritage was sold at Sweetwater or SamAsh... Stores that really know the product and take care of both the customers and the suppliers.
  13. I wish I could, but I don't think they could afford me.
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