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  1. Every mark, dent, scratch, chip... Its all a sign of the life you've made with your guitar. Each one is a badge of honor of where the both have you have been. I wouldn't refinish it either. ......BUT...... On the flip side... I had a beautiful H140 from 1985, it had the same cherry sunburst finish of which I'm not a fan. I had just the top, nothing else, refinished to a beautiful amber color, solely for the purpose of a color I like and one that emphasized the beautiful flame maple top. I say, if you absolutely feel the need, just refinish the top if you don't like the color. And if you can find someone to make it appear more age appropriate, the better. Perhaps the Heritage Artisan inspired look?
  2. You have quite the nose for sniffing out the rarest of rare Heritages Brent!
  3. Right now, the simple Electro-Harmonix LBP1 for all my amps. I stopped using overdrive, distortion or fuzz pedals....
  4. I can see you spending a lot of hours revisiting your collection of amps to find those sounds you've been looking for but couldn't find.
  5. While I've been experimenting with the Waza, I have only scratched the surface. Mr. Steiner has been tapping into the computer interface and conjured up some amazing tones. Sitting in a living room, with a cranked Soldano, Heritage Colonial, and some other spectacular boutique amps really cooking was amazing considering it was all being played through headphones. Sooner or later, I'll plug into the Waza to see what I can alter. I found the presets on the Ox to be amazing, especially when using the "Woman Tone" setting... I swear I heard Clapton's Beano tone...
  6. To me, the 535 is the most versatile humbucker loaded guitar there is. I think more ground can be accessed with that one guitar model. Congratulations on a beautiful acquisition!
  7. Got my toys in the mail today. Sadly, I probably won't be able to use them until Saturday! UGH! The Torment!
  8. We’ll test out audible differences is high quality vs. cheap headphones too....
  9. I’ll be able to make some comparisons when we do a side by side with my incoming Boss Waza Craft Tube Expander....
  10. I think the new Fenders are basically, analog solid state amps. My guess they took the idea from Peavey and Quilter, but using their own unique voicing. One of the biggest issues with solid state is the confusion between digital modeling and analog circuitry. Many agree analog circuitry does come close to tube amp tones. Digital modeling is in the ballpark, but rather unreliable, often finicky, and puts many users in tweaker paralysis. Both are often put in the same camp. To me, that's like taking a fully hollowbody with humbuckers in the same category as a solid body single coil guitar. Sure they are electric guitars, but they are not the same in sound or functionality. When everyone above mentions the different tones, articulation, bloom, etc.. of a tube amp, the problem is most people cannot turn their tube amps up enough to get the power tubes to react that way (most of what everyone is talking about is related to the power section of a tube amp). So to many solid state amps, analog or digital fit the bill because to their ears (and I will say my ears too), the non-tube amps sounds the nearly identical because we cannot turn tube amps up loud enough to really hear the difference. I think that is why solid state amps are the getting more popular, even among the pros. Not to mention, when in a band environment, I think the nuances of tube amps is lost with digital effects, compressed processing, and digital recordings.
  11. No, it does not. Also, the power cable is hard wired... not even a jewel lamp indicating it’s on...
  12. I've heard of them, but mostly because Mark Agnesi made fun at the name using a Boston/New Englander accent on a GOTD video at Norms years ago.
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