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  1. That is crazy set-up of a Les Paul he has there. Lot's of extra knobs, switches, and who knows what else is on that guitar.
  2. Killer tune, so tasteful. When I grow up, I want to play like that.
  3. Got to be Pre. My 535 is 2016 and it was around that time they were making changes. My comment was based upon the LP control layout and sharp cutaway. My favorite.
  4. Come Christmas, they'll probably be priced reduced. Hanging them up high keeps them out of reach and no one will play them. Then again, you won't have a bunch of unsupervised teenagers banging them around while testing the latest Mustang 1 amp.
  5. The Wah pedal. The sound of Hendrix, Hammett, theme from Shaft, and purportedly the sound from scores of 70's adult films, is iconic. Love that sound. So much dynamic to mediocre players like myself, and up the ante on pros. But, the wah pedal seems to be the most commonly worn out and discarded pedal, nearly disposable. I've had about four or five Wah pedals in the past decade.Almost always its because of the annoying, scratchy pot they develop. Yes, you can clean the pot (sometimes it doesn't work) or you can replace it (never does quite sound the same again) I've purchased used, modified, and eventually bought a brand new one a few years ago. I've tried the Morley Optical Wah's and the Ibanez Weeping Demon. Meh. Not the same sound as a Vox or Dunlop. After trying several used models, I started buying new. Had a 535Q but didn't like it. Ended up with a Dunlop Mini (has some of the Q features internally). I love the pedal, but after a few years, the scratchy pot noise is there and drives me crazy. Is the Wah pedal a disposable pedal? I hate wasting money on gear. Is the Wah just an eventual waste? Anyone else feel this way?
  6. Another thing to keep in mind is the hardware/pickups on the early models was Schaller and since become TonePros and Seymour Duncan.
  7. Another good option is a H150P from the early/mid 90's. I held one up compared to my H150GT over the weekend, and the 150P was so much lighter and thinner. To clarify, H150P is a thinner body guitar, like a 140, but the full size bouts and waist of a 150. Instead of a mahogany body, its made of poplar. Might be a bit snapper, but still sounded great to me. (150GT means a Gold Top) Also, going back to the 170 question. Often you'll read about Generation 1 and 2 on the 170 and the 140. One significant difference is generation 1 has an unbound neck with dot inlays. On the 140's, the cutaway went to a softer, more rounded cutaway horn than the generation 1. I think the cutaway horns on the 170 remained the same.
  8. Congratulations! Those are killer guitars.
  9. PRS S2's employ the scarf joint for their necks. In all honesty, I think it works perfectly fine. While you can see the scarf outline, honestly I think more companies should employ this, including Heritage as a way to reduce costs on lower models such as 137's and 575's.
  10. Does this correct the issue with new members trying to sign up?
  11. DetroitBlues

    New 535

    I've been avoiding the discussion about setup, poor nut cutting, etc. I'm very fortunate to actually purchase a new Heritage. 2016 535. But unlike many, I picked my directly up at the Factory. There were a few issues with it which I had them fix before it left the factory. Nothing serious, just a few details they overlooked in the final setup. Thankfully, mine was built by Pete Farmer, so most of the quality issues many have seen on their guitars didn't happen to me. All of my other Heritages I either have or had over the years were second hand and had a lot of work over the years.
  12. Answering his question of Korina or not. Yes its possible its Korina, but most likely its not.
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