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  1. It looks fantastic! Love the updates. My cousin bought a laser engraver. Thought about commissioning him for custom etched parts.
  2. I like the shoe sole paint. Never thought of that one. I do like the idea of saving the chrome even if it has a little patina on it. Its an old amp, so why not show some signs of being old?
  3. Go with the tan that matches the colors. Personally, I wouldn't have leather covered corner protectors because they are going to get torn up fast. If you're sticking with the brown leather corners, get the matching piping. If you go with chrome corners, go with white. There's my opinion Now show us some pictures when you get it.
  4. While not for everyone, just like a lot of opaque colors on guitars are not everyone's cup of tea. But the Goldtop Heritage paints on their guitars is really close to the original Les Paul finish from 1952 through 1957. Just a classic finish. I've had three Heritage Gold Tops, the color is just beautiful. Only models I do not like are the all gold Heritages (front, back, neck, and sides painted). I like seeing wood grain. I don't mind a solid color top, but leave the back and neck showing the wood grain.
  5. For a second, I wasn't sure if Brent was referring to Madonna Louise Ciccone being a farmer before she was famous or if he meant the Italian phrase prima donna of Pete Farmer being a a temperamental person that takes adulation and privileged treatment as a right and reacts with petulance to criticism or inconvenience.
  6. There were a lot of small mom and pop shop dealers I used to seek out to try a new Heritage. Most either didn't have any i stock or had floor models that hung around for years covered in dust and with dead, rusty strings. Not a good impression. One of the biggest problems Heritage had was zero advertising. No one outside some small circles knew about Heritage guitars. You'll read story after story of newcomers here that never heard of Heritage until they ran across it one day, usually at a second hand store for cheap. When they finally stumble upon the Heritage Owners Club or one
  7. I'd rather have a pickguard that matches the top in color and in grain. I know that's near impossible, but it has been done at least for matching color.
  8. H-140 models were great guitars. What I liked is instead of an arguably sustain sucking weight relief, Heritage just made the body thinner. Less weight but more sustain. (I can't say that is true or false, just how some feel about weight relief) A nice feature upgrade on the 2nd Gen 140 was a bound neck. I thought the 1st Gen's looked off with a bound body but unbound neck. Only think I prefer on the 1st Gen was the sharp cutaway versus the rounded, H150 style cutaway. And Bolero is right! Pics or it didn't happen!
  9. Wish we could still get the wooden pickguards. The plain, single ply pickguard that came with my 535 looks so cheap against the beauty of the 535, I would never install it
  10. Very cool article. Even mentioned PSP. Some of the words used though makes me wonder who the word-smith was that answered some of those questions...
  11. I agree, the guitars that have a fretboard that go past the neck seem to do that ski jump thing. Played an old Gibbons ES-125 that was really bad.
  12. I'm waiting for the cover and conversion to a stop tail bridge!
  13. Are the USA variants still made there?
  14. Oh yes, the good ol' days! HOC was a big part of the factory as we were nearly the only advertising arm of Heritage guitars. Nothing more satisfying then giving the history of Heritage and the custom build specifications Heritage used to be known for. They are a company looking to maintain the quality and consistency today but more in terms of market rate in getting what you ask for.
  15. You're in luck then, most 357's have finishes that you can see the wood grain. All are five piece neck-through. Rather expensive, but revolutionary idea from way back in the day.
  16. There is a 155 and a 158, both are called Millenniums. H155 on Reverb: Duncan Seth Lover humbuckers, gold hardware, Schaller tuners, Ebony fingerboard with block inlays, solid carved curly Maple archtop, solid back & rims, partial center block semi-hollow construction, real Nitrocellulose lacquer finish, white bound body/neck/peghead, inlaid peghead logo with diamond inlay, special label annotated "First Production Model", 24.75" scale, 1-11/16th nut width, weighs just 7 lbs. 6 oz. This is an optional color at Heritage. H-158 on Reverb: Neck : 17 degree peghead pitch; o
  17. I've played a few 357's and I'd have to agree, I've never experienced a nose-dive. Even the prototype Brent had was not diving either.
  18. If there was a beautiful flame top, I'd pass on a pickguard. To me, the 137 design always looks like its missing something. The pickguard seems perfect to me. My son was heavily against a pickguard, but once he saw it in person, he was okay with it. Cryoman's design is Stellar! As Paul see's it, the design is Interstellar!
  19. You'll poke your eyes out kid! Rare, killer guitar Brent!
  20. While I wasn’t brave enough to do this myself, I was able to source a Gibbons NOS pickguard from the 70’s. I think it looks perfect on the 137 HOC LE!
  21. I don’t think any of us would ever forget that unique top. Love the crazy figuring.
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