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  1. Being allergic to nickel must be a real problem for a guitar player. You can't buy anything off the shelf. Congratulations though, that is a sweet guitar!
  2. Tried this method out with different guitars, I'd have no problem playing a Stratocaster and getting the "gain" I want to hear. Remarkable how this can make such a difference.
  3. The wood and the truss rod should be fine leaving under tension. That being said, if you are traveling with a guitar, it would be wise to loosen / detune your guitar to reduce any added pressure if there is a bump at the headstock area.
  4. Definitely stood out and dynamics were there. So I’d say so.
  5. Tried this last night. Gain down, volume up, reduction of tone controls. What an amazing sound I got. I was rather pleased by what I heard. Sounded much better.
  6. It’s curious about their method for cutting gain and adjusting the tone control…
  7. I've been struggling to get some of my overdrives to sound good with the band. Been trying to get brighter, fuller tones out of my guitar into an amp. Always sounded like I never had enough gain, can't cut through and I'm using high gain pedals like the JHS AT+. Should be an insane overdriven tone. But it sounds dull, lifeless, and thin. Decided to look up how to set up overdrive pedals with a band. Some great tips I will certainly try...
  8. So they don't bevel the edges so you can visibly see the layers like most layered TRC's? That would seem better to me... I used to have a nice TRC made from maple that Stiener gave me years ago, no idea where it went sadly though. He had those custom engraved, came out nice I thought.
  9. I have a JSH 3 series analog delay and a Ibanez Mini Analog Delay. Both sound great, but I don't get more than a bit of an ambient sound from them. The Waza Craft stuff is supposed to be an amazing lineup from Boss. As far as pedal chain is concerned, the delay is the last effect in my chain as well.
  10. I have Seth Lovers in my 535, the Alnico 2 pickups have less output, but seem to have a sweeter sound to my ears. My favorite Gibson pickups were the original Gibson Burstbucker pro's, but there are so many variants of them, I don't know what is best anymore. I say play the guitar through your favorite amps and pedals. Compare and contrast what you like about it to any other guitars you have and make you decision only then to swap or keep the pickups.
  11. Dunno, if I'm going for more bang for my buck, I usually start here...
  12. I don't think I've ever heard of a lightweight Mesa amp. Pressure's Kingsnake combo amp is right up there with a Fender Twin and it was a small amp for a Mesa.
  13. One of those MKIIC sold on Reverb for $6000 a couple months ago. Wow!
  14. It might be because its being sold by Jimmy Wallace and their booth was next to Heritages. Mike Ortiz posted it, but not on the Heritage FB channel.
  15. They've long been discontinued. I think they were late 90's, early 2000's amps. Mesa has done a lot of stuff over the years, but seems only the Dual and Triple Rectifiers are what people remember or want.
  16. Guess I won't try to buy and flip. Just lose money on that deal!
  17. Yes, sounds like an ABR-1 bridge. Need a Nashville style.
  18. The studio is selling their Mesa Boogie Heartbreaker head. It's a 100W switchable to 60 Watt Tube full sized tube amp head. From what I read it's a 25th Anniversary model to a Mark I amp. What is interesting is the bias adjustment for either EL34, 6V6, or 6L6 power tubes. The 2 channels are interesting, but 4 modes? 2 Channels (1=Love 2=Lust), 4 Modes (Channel 1 =Mk I Clean, Mk I Medium Gain, Mk I High Gain, Channel 2 =Tweed Clean & British Gain) Seems like a jack of all trades amp (albeit way too loud for me). But for $1200, is it a steal or overpriced? Haven't seen any for sale on Reverb recently, but within the last 5-7 months they were between $700 and $900. Are amps going up in price that much?
  19. Hopefully, you'll keep the smoke contained so you don't lose the tone...
  20. There was an article related to the picture that was taken way back in 1987. The guitar is a one-off custom Golden Eagle thin design with a more pronounced cutaway, shorter scale, and obviously a killer paint job. Never saw this one put up for auction though. https://www.mlive.com/news/kalamazoo/2016/04/prince_special_guitar_built_in.html Tried to do a search to see where that guitar ended up. Found a list of guitars Prince owned, the Heritage is listed as a Byrdland. http://guitarcloud.org/equipment/princes-guitars
  21. Nearly every waking moment when he is home, that guitar is in his hands or at his side...
  22. I must say, while tempting, I have not played Evan's H150. I'll pull down my 535 and 137 that flank it to the left and right off the wall. Sure looks good up there though!
  23. You're welcome! Glad you are getting it all together. Your dilemma of what pedals stay and what goes is the same problem I had. That power supply was replaced because I didn't have enough power on my board for all my pedals. Some of my Boss pedals can be used to power other pedals, but I don't like to daisy chain (noise and a bad pedal can blow up other pedals as I discovered years ago). I've taken so many pedals my board even after doubling the board size, I created a whole second board.
  24. There are some good deals out there if you look. I try to find guitars with headstock breaks that have solid repairs. Good deals on those.
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