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  1. well darn, there's a size limit per thread, so i can't attach the before and after pics. instead, here are some links: before after next up, i decided i'd buy new saddles and do a better job of slotting. i asked heritage what model bridge was on the guitar, and the response i got was "TonePros System II". unfortunately, there are multiple nashville bridges in the System II family, so i wasn't sure if the bridge was a NVR2 or a TP6 or something else. i didn't follow-up with heritage on that. due to the ambiguity of the bridge, the graph tech folks were unable to recommend a definitive saddle replacement (http://www.graphtech.com/products/brands/string-saver/string-saver-originals-tune-o-matics). i ended up ordering the Allparts BP-0305-010 Chrome Saddles for $20 + shipping. the good news is that these saddles fit into the bridge using the existing intonation screws. the bad news is that these saddles were a bit shorter than the original saddles. unfortunately, that meant i'd have to tweak the bridge and the tailpiece height up a bit. i slotted the new saddles with off center grooves. as i'm an amateur at this stuff, the job looks amateur again - i missed the mark on 1 or 2 of the saddles! i'll leave things as is. eventually i may buy another set of saddles (practice makes perfect, right?!)
  2. i think the nut spacing looks okay. see attached pic. next, i bought a "GuitarGizmos Saddle Slot File Tune-O-Matic Bridge". i decided i'd try to put an extra off center slot in the existing bridge saddle. that cascaded to "well, now i have a low E string that is too close to the A string. i'll go ahead and create new slots on all the saddles." i'll attach the before and after pics in a few new posts since there's a limit to the size of attachments per post. i've never slotted any saddles before, so my work was sloppy. it doesn't look good. i won't show you the work! next, i decided "i'll buy some new saddles, and i'll do a better job slotting the things". i'll give some more info in the next couple posts...
  3. hi all i have a 2017 H353, and the low e string tends to fall off the edge of the fretboard during bends. i was thinking of tossing a new bridge saddle in the bridge and slotting it just slightly off center to see if that makes things better. does anyone know which tone pros bridge saddle would be appropriate for this? thanks!
  4. i just got my first heritage - h530 - a used 2015 model:
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