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  1. I got the 355 bug in '79 and picked up a new one. Over the years, I've acquired 19 of them. I love them all, but sometimes when buying used, I have to "re-do" the wiring modifications (done incorrectly) to go from stereo to mono. Then, earlier this year, I thought I'd add an H-555 to my collection. My current Heritage line-up is an H-575 Custom from late 90's as well as a THE ROSE/Johnny Smith, a Roy Clark model, a Kenny Burrell Groove Master, and a Sweet 16 (and formerly owned an H-550 now gone). So of course........adding an H-555 made sense right? That's when I discovered that Kalamazoo has discontinued that model. Guess I'll have to go on a deep search to find one to bring into the fold. But I know I'll find one, and based on my other Heritages, I'm sure it'll be great.
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