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  1. Very well put. I couldn't agree more. I had to put money into all 4 that I've owned to fix or replace poorly cut nuts, unevenly cut nuts, and unevenly cut string slots in the bridge saddles. The most recent being a 2017, and none of them should have gotten out of the factory the way they were but after getting these issues taken care of I really love the guitars. My friend has a 2018 that he won at last year's PSP raffle and it was perfect in every way. You won't have issues with a new one but be prepared to dump some money into an old one If you go that route. Good luck with your search
  2. That is absolutely beautiful!
  3. I got to do some work with my buddy Dave Kerr recently and we took this picture of our 150s shortly after the session. He's holding his black 150 that he won at PSP 2018. He's used it for every gig and every session since winning it. He favors it over a very nice lot of Les Paul customs, standards, and PRS guitars that he used to play regularly. He assures me he'll be joining this forum, as soon as I guide him through it.
  4. You can't go wrong with a 150. I've had both and still have the 150s. The 137 seemed like a lot of money for no more guitar than it was. Also, I would be cautious of anything built prior to the factory changes. All of the Heritage guitars I've had needed new nuts and the bridge saddles re-slotted because of being cut with uneven spacing one of them had some not so good fretwork.. After these issues were fixed the guitars are excellent. My newest is a 2017 and it had these issues. My friend has a 2018 H-150 and his was perfect without any of these issues from day one. Good luck in your search. Josh
  5. I wasn't a fan of the headstock but it's certainly grown heavily on me in the past couple of years and I don't mind it. Still, when I take mine out I hear the negative comments about the "ugly headstock" and comparison to Gibson.
  6. Thanks Mike! I'm beginning to like it a whole lot. I recently acquired it. I never thought I would step outside of the Les Paul (150)/tele box but the 535 is certainly a welcome addition!
  7. I just recently learned to post photos so I figured I may as well contribute to the topic as well. I need a few more
  8. JRL

    New 535

    It's rosewood. It came out much darker in the pictures
  9. JRL

    New 535

    I think I have it figured out...….I hope this works
  10. JRL

    New 535

    Right on! I'm not sure how to post pictures, as I'm not too good with a computer aside from checking my e-mail and various guitar related websites, but I'll try to get on that ASAP!
  11. JRL

    New 535

    I have no pictures from before these issues were fixed. I certainly wish I would have taken a few though.
  12. JRL

    New 535

    My new (2106, mint condition, rarely played) 535 showed up last week. The guitar was beautiful in looks and terrible in playability. The string slots in the nut were cut unevenly spaced and of different depths, the bridge saddles were slotted unevenly as well, and I couldn't get clear notes without quite a bit of relief and/or jacking the bridge up. Today, I took the guitar to a repairman. After a new nut, fret level, and setup it plays like a dream. I have 3 Heritage guitars, all from 2015-2017 and all three of them have needed new nuts due to uneven spacing that was obvious to the eye, and two of them have needed bridge saddles re-slotted evenly. I'm not sure how any of these guitar ever got out of the factory (I bought 2 used and picked the other up factory direct) but with the repairs/new, properly slotted and cut nuts these guitars are unbelievable! I was totally against the "new changes" and PLEK machine but in hindsight that machine is probably the best thing they ever did. Again, I love these guitars!
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