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  1. for all who may be interested, I contacted Mike at heritage about the possibility of having an H-357 built. I told him that there is interest from several on the forum as well. He said the topic has came up quite a bit lately but the custom shop is currently not taking orders due to trying to fulfill order's from last year but when they get caught up he would contact me about making it happen. There is hope! Josh L.
  2. thanks Josh! I was directing that to jaguarguy Mike, as he is interested also. I'll relay my findings in case others may be interested as well. Thanks again Josh Josh
  3. ...Mike, are you going to E-mail them or shall I do so???
  4. Maybe you could talk him into making a batch of those Josh. I would certainly be in on one!
  5. +1 on the H357 Mike, I would gladly have one of those!
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