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  1. +1 on the H357 Mike, I would gladly have one of those!
  2. I set up all of my guitars also and I'm well aware of how to adjust a truss rod and raise and lower a bridge and move saddles to intonate. I do not replace string nuts and bridge saddles that were very obviously slotted with uneven string spacing and depths and I believe nobody should have to do so. That being said, when these problems were corrected for the guitars became great. I currently have 3 and absolutely love them all. I have a 14, 15, and 17, and all of them had issues with the nut slots and bridge saddle slots being cut unevenly and sloppy. The 2015 gold top has orange-peel, cloudy clearcoat on the back, and many obvious imperfections on the front of the guitar. I realize many great guitars came out of Heritage and I know many came out with the same issues I've had. Thank goodness for the PLEK machine and better quality control. Two of my friends won the guitars at the last two PSP events and the guitars are perfect in every way. I'm new to Heritage as of 2017, as I was taken on a private tour with Archie Leach's friends. After learning about Heritage as far as what it was from the beginning and what it's become I have a deep appreciation from start to present. I love the guitars, this forum, and the people on it. I wouldn't hesitate to buy a current Heritage or a pre-2016 but given the experiences I've had I would expect to have some nut/bridge work done to the pre-2016 and again, I know many great guitars with no issues were put out prior to 2016. I love these guitars, old and new, and I hope more people continue to discover and appreciate them and their story just I have. Josh, Ohio
  3. I get mine from Eurotubes. They have a very nice and thorough website. They are also nice guys that answer the phone when you call.
  4. I got to do some work with my buddy Dave Kerr recently and we took this picture of our 150s shortly after the session. He's holding his black 150 that he won at PSP 2018. He's used it for every gig and every session since winning it. He favors it over a very nice lot of Les Paul customs, standards, and PRS guitars that he used to play regularly. He assures me he'll be joining this forum, as soon as I guide him through it.
  5. Thanks Mike! I'm beginning to like it a whole lot. I recently acquired it. I never thought I would step outside of the Les Paul (150)/tele box but the 535 is certainly a welcome addition!
  6. I just recently learned to post photos so I figured I may as well contribute to the topic as well. I need a few more
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