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  1. Hey all, I’m about to get started on a PU changeout (new Seth Lovers) on my 94 H-150, including the wiring harness. I was just wondering, is it worthwhile shielding the cavities (PU’s, Control, and Jack)? Have any of you tried this, or is it a waste of time? By the way, the cavities are painted, as far as I can see. Have a great day Tom
  2. Thank you all for your input and experiences. It is very much appreciated. It’s fantastic to have a place/forum to ask these questions, otherwise I would be in no mans land. I’ve decided to go with Seth Lovers, thanks to your replies . They’re also slightly cheaper than Antiquities, and are more available here in Northern Europe. I can see that I can get them in 2 wire or 4 wire connector cable. 4 wire version is slightly more expensive, but it gives more options, if I wish to change things around in the future. Does anybody have experience of using these? In regards to a new wiring har
  3. Hey all. Hope you’re all keeping well in these strange times! I was considering changing out the Pups on my ‘94 H-150, as I have a little bit of spare cash from selling one of my other guitars. I was fairly sure I had Schallers, until I checked the neck pickup, and found out, I had a ‘59 SD there. I haven’t checked the bridge yet. I’m fairly sure these PUPs are installed when the guitar was made, as its a limited edition. I’ve been considering changing the PUPs to either new SD Seth Lovers or Antiquities. I mostly play blues/rock through a tube amp with or without overdr
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