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  1. After some fiddling around with the original pickups I decided to go for something else and ended up with Lollar Imperial Low Winds both in the neck and bridge position. The really brought the guitar to life for me. Not the cheapest pickups, but worth every dime really excellent combination with this guitar. It realy fits the semi-acoustic sound of it. BTW It turned out that the neck pickup was not a SD Seth Lover as it was supposed to be according to most specs that I found, but a Seymour Duncan SH1N which I simply did not like. Anyway, very happy now, thanks for all the advice.
  2. Thanks for your reactions, very helpful. I will digest it and let you know what I tried and how it played out, thanks again!
  3. Hello, My name is John living Amsterdam the Netherlands. I recently bought a brand new Millenium Double Cut Limited Edition. Did not need the guitar, had to trade other pretty guitars for it but the minute I held it I wanted it. It sounds wonderful and feels wonderful and looks wonderful. Having said that, I have one thing that I am not 100% satisfied with and that is the neck pick up, a SD Seth Lover. It's a wonderful balanced PU, but it is has a tad to much bass for my liking. I like a bit more bite and transparancy in the neck position. In the bridge position I have a SD'59 which I find great. It is kind of hard to state in understandable terms what I am looking for. As I said earlier, the SD Seth Lover has too much bass for me. I like it a bit more crisp; for example like the Super 58 that I have in my Ibanez John Scofield Model. Maybe a SD'59 would work in the neck position? As I said, it is hard to put exactly into words what I am looking for, but maybe some of you experts can give me a few useful pointers based on experience. Thanks!
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