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  1. Rich Severson compares Scallers and Seth Lovers in Heritage guitars here: https://youtu.be/9mURVofPTnY I read through the comments on the video... some preferred the Schallers and some preferred the Seth Lovers. Worth a listen before swapping.
  2. I do not have advice on bridges but I would like to hear how things go for you. Sometimes on the 2nd fret of the high - pitched e string my 550 will slip, when playing a B7 or something. I think this is because the bevel of the frets is way too long . For now, I just focus on playing my chords in that area more precisely and it is not an issue.
  3. I saw a Summer NAMM interview with Eastman the other day. They are asking 2,300 for a nice looking Korean built jazz box. Wow! For that kind of money I would rather find a Heritage or Gibson.
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