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  1. So i was swapping the pickups out in my 1986 H140, the original Schallers just were cutting it for me, i was stumped to see that the tone caps, and the wiring looked original , between the Vol and Tone was 2 x .01m caps tied together for each pickup? anybody ever see this before and whats the purpose behind using 2 x .01m caps tied together?
  2. The right amount of play wear as to not worry about playing or gigging it hard, but still pretty clean for an 86
  3. have owned a 90's H150 for years, and made the Pilgrimage to 225 Parsons, just pulled the wallet trigger on REVERB for this 1986 H140 ($1400) a little play wear, but hey people pay Murphy $1K's for this kind a relic job, lol Probably going to swap the pickups out, I have a few sets at home, some old Florence VooDoo 59's or my WCR American Steele set. looks like a sleeper keeper, any other 1986 H140 Owners here, comments, thoughts?
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